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Bernal-The role of digital
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Bernal-The role of digital


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. “The role of Digital.CSIC in the buildingof a CRIS at CSIC”First International Workshop for Transfer of Informationfor InnovationValencia, November 3, 2011 Isabel Bernal Unit of Scientific Resources for Research (URICI) Digital.CSIC Technical Office Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) 1
  • 2. Institutional data management and dissemination: a complex landscape Programación,VICEPRESIDENCIA DE Seguimiento VICEPRESIORGANIZACIÓN Y y Documentación PCO DENCIA DERELACIONES Científica ÍNVESTIGAINSTITUCIONALES CIÓN CIENTÍFICA Y TÉCNICA SGAI 2
  • 3. • Digital.CSIC within “Frames” Action Line, Vice- presidency of Organization and Institutional Relations• A part of CSIC System of Scientific Information (SIC)• A tool to monitor CSIC research outputs• A role in the institutional research evaluation exercise• 75% of CSIC outputs accessible through the repository by 2013 3
  • 4. Digital.CSIC: Content growth through manual input • Nearly 40,000 items • 85% deposits through Mediated Archiving Service • Fully dedicated Technical Office • One repository librarian in each of 77 CSIC libraries • 900 item deposit monthly on average 4
  • 5. Automated deposits: first experiences and challenges• Batch imports from CSIC • Not that automated..: centers web sites: Metadata crosswalks Robotics and Industrial Syntax differences Informatics Institute (IRII), Institute for Cross- One time imports Disciplinary Physics and No synchronization in Complex Systems content population (IFISC) Missing fields: manual input• SWORD: BioMed • 1400+ collections in Central, arXiv Digital.CSIC 5
  • 6. CSIC scientific informationmanagement system: mergers, sinergies, automation OUTPUTS External sources INSTITUTIONAL (Scopus, WoK, others) INPUT SOURCES Reports, analysis, exports etc BDC Scientific Activities CSIC NBDC Annual Report Entities and staff ConCiencia CVN Enriched CVN CSIC Action Plan Productivity by Objectives Accomplishment Productivity by Objectives Digital.CSIC Accomplishment 6
  • 7. Challenges on the way: CSICaffiliations cleaning and Scopus APIs functioning 7
  • 8. Digital.CSIC integration into ConCiencia 8
  • 9. ConCiencia, a new deposit process for Digital.CSIC?• Metadata of 130,000+ research outputs• Monthly content updates through APIs and batch imports• 4,500+ full texts uploaded in 3 months• A substitute for DSpace submission process? 9
  • 10. Making ConCiencia and Digital.CSIC interact ISSUES: Autenticación CAS CorrectaDigital.CSIC SO L R BUSCADOR (1) SOLR Conciencia • Items duplicates RESULTADOS -Exportar excell (2) • Synchronization of DUPLICADOS data upload in both SI VALIDACIÓN DUPLICADOS (3) platforms NO ¿Fichero? DC (SI) Registro Validado - Log actividad • Metadata validation - Grabar handle CC DC (NO), CC (SI) EDICIÓN (4) • Author identities PENDIENTE GRABACIÓN check-up SWORD ?? - Log actividad SWORD - Log actividad • Copyright verification - Marcado pendiente - Grabar handle CC 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. Where are we heading to for enhanced access to knowledge?• As a preliminary step for enhanced transfer of knowledge, long standing issues for efficient internal workflow remain:-What metadata schema and granularity for CSIC research outputs-A unique persistent author identifier-Discipline in CSIC affiliations names-Inner dinamism and own initiatives within CSIC centers-The challenge of CSIC mixed centers and institutes-Linked data 12
  • 13. Thanks for listening! Isabel.bernal@bib.csic.esUnit of Scientific Resources for Research (URICI) Digital.CSIC Technical Office Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) 13