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  • 1. Structures and bridges By hospital 991
  • 2. The arch bridge is used for heavy weight objects. When a heavy object applies on the bridge all the weight pushes to the supporters on the left and right. Arch bridge
  • 3. Beam bridge A beam bridge has two supporters on each end A longer beam bridge may be supported by additional piers[vertical supports]
  • 4. Truss bridges A truss bridge is light weight but strong and made of trusses[triangle – shaped frames] along its sides.
  • 5. Suspension bridge The to end s of the bridge may be hung by trees. A modern suspension bridge has tall towers on either end that support the main cables holding up the bridge. The main cables are anchored to concrete to hold up the bridge.
  • 6. Solid structure A solid structure is formed from a solid piece or a solid combination of pieces of strong material. A solid is not halo. A sold structure is more stronger than a frame and a shell structure. A solid has little space or none at all.
  • 7. Frame structure A frame structure is made up of a rigid arrangement of parts or structural components, fastened together. Example is an a skeleton.
  • 8. Shell structure A shell structure has a solid outer surface, witch may be rounded or a flat shape.
  • 9. shear Shear is a force that acts to push parts that are contact with each other in opposite directions. Structures with parts that must resist shear in clude doors, airplanes, and scissors.
  • 10. Tension Tension is a force that acts to stretch and pull apart something
  • 11. Compression Compression is a force that acts to squeeze an object or push parts within an object together.
  • 12. Compression, tension and shear Internal forces can be classified by the direction in witch they act within an objects.