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BestSoCal Business Sale Services

BestSoCal Business Sale Services

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  • 1. Business Sales January, 2009
  • 2. Company Profile Help business people to buy, grow and sell companies Serving Southern California owners and investors Headquarters in Seal Beach Experience in U.S., Europe and Asia Expertise in mfg., distribution, retail and services Licensed for business and real estate transactions Partners in legal, financial & other areas Professional member of CABB, IBBA, CAR, and NAR
  • 3. Services Company Partners Sales Corporations & LLCs Acquisitions Trusts & wills Expansion Leases & contracts Start-up Accounting & taxes Real estate Insurance & benefits Loans & lines of credit Valuation Escrows Check-up Investments Marketing Relocations Planning Other services Custom services
  • 4. Team Approach Business Advisor Customer Advisors & Assistants Marketing Manager
  • 5. Owners/ Sellers What is the history of you & your business? What are your key products & services? What is your annual gross & net? Who are your suppliers & customers? Who are your employees & competitors? Who are your partners & advisors? What are your risks & opportunities? How could the business grow faster?
  • 6. Your Sale Opportunity Why are you considering selling? How do your partners, family members or advisors feel? Have you tried to sell your business before? Do you already have a price in mind? If so, what is the price & how did you arrive at it?* What are your annual sales & income? How are the lease, operations, employees and market? Can you suggest potential buyers or how to reach them? How would you train the new owner? * Some accountants use the “don’t want to lose the account” valuation method
  • 7. Your Role in the Sale Stay committed to the sale Keep it absolutely confidential Disclose all aspects of the business Keep managing and growing the business
  • 8. Price Factors HIGHER PRICE LOWER PRICE •High sales & profit •Losing money •Financial growth •Financial erosion •Reported income •Unreported cash •Books & records •Few documents •Long lease/ low rent •Well-established Your •Short lease/ high rent •New business •Loyal customers •Strong employees Job •Unhappy customers •Employee turnover •Good systems •No systems •Seller financing •All-cash required •Adequate marketing time •Short listing period •Strict confidentiality Our •Word gets around •Strong business advice •Weak agent or FSBO •Effective marketing Job •Token advertising •More qualified buyers •Few typical buyers •Effective negotiation •Poor negotiation •Experienced escrow •Inexperienced escrow
  • 9. Preparation + Execution = Results Preparation Execution Results! Marketing Plan Buyers
  • 10. Preparation Business Profile Price Analysis Photographs Marketing & Ad Plan Financing Plan Business Preparation Information Industry Research DVD Growth Plan (large businesses) Tour Video Tour
  • 11. Execution Marketing Marketing Escrow Plan Execution Results! Contact our Ads on Ads in Letters Buyer Leads Internet Print to Owners
  • 12. Marketing Businesses with Real Estate Business Business Marketing Escrow Results! Real Estate Real Estate Contact our Marketing Escrow Buyer Leads Buyers
  • 13. Buyers will Want to See Historical financial statements Tax returns Employee lists Accounts receivable aging Facility and equipment leases Environmental reports Pension, profit-sharing, and all other benefits Union contracts or organization activity Pending or threatened litigation Customer lists Other important agreements
  • 14. We prepare better Your Typical Typical Business Business Real Estate Sale Preparation Advisor Broker Agent Business Profile Price Analysis Photographs and Video Tour Marketing & Advertising Plan Financing Plan Growth Plan (for larger businesses) Industry Research
  • 15. We execute better Sale Execution Business Typical Typical Advisor BizBroker R.E. Agent Maintain strict confidentiality Return your calls promptly Provide written progress reports Explain the process to you and the buyers Contact buyers in our database Advertise on business brokerage websites Advertise in print media Direct mail to potential buyers Qualify buyers face-to-face Help buyers prepare offers Facilitate due diligence and escrow