The Four Seasons Of Michigan


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This is an interactive powerpoint about the four seasons in Michigan.

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The Four Seasons Of Michigan

  1. 1. Quit
  2. 2. Winter  Spring  Summer  Fall (Autumn)  About me  Why do we have seasons?  Winter activities  Spring activities  Summer activities  Fall activities  Resources  Quit
  3. 3. When the temp. outside is cold enough, usually around 32  degrees Fahrenheit, water freezes into ice crystals called snow. Snowflakes are usually less the ½ inch across.  No two snowflakes are alike.  All snowflakes have 6 sides  Winter is officially from Dec-March, but it usually snows before  and after that. Very cold temperatures…anywhere from -10 to 32 degrees.  Quit
  4. 4. Spring is officially from March-June  “April showers bring May flowers” is a common phrase  because in April we usually see lots of rain storms, and all the water from the rain helps the flowers to bloom around May. The temperature starts to warm up from winter…usually  from 45-65 degrees. Quit
  5. 5. Summer is officially from the end of June-Sept.  Sun shines the most in the summer  Rains very little in the summer…although some thunderstorms  do occur. Mores hours of sunlight than darkness  Since there is not much rain, the earth can get very dry and  hard, and we get droughts. Our plants and grass die from the lack of water. Quit
  6. 6. Fall is officially from Sept-Nov  The temperatures start to cool down from the summer..usually  in the 60’s-50’s The tree’s leaves start to change colors from green to bright  yellows, reds, and oranges. The leaves also start to fall off the trees.  Fall is also called Autumn.  Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Michigan  Quit
  7. 7. My name is Sarah Lipka. I currently attend  Grand Valley State University and am studying elementary education, with an emphasis in integrated science. I would like to teach third grade someday. I hope to graduate in 3 years. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, and my favorite Michigan season is summer because it is nice and warm, and I enjoy not having school and being able to go to the beach and eating ice cream!  Feel free to email me with any questions: Quit
  8. 8. Here is a video clip explaining why we  have seasons. Click on the picture to find the video. Quit
  9. 9. Sledding   Drinking hot chocolate  Building snowmen  Snowball fights  Skiing  Snowboarding Quit
  10. 10. Bike riding   Planting flowers  Running  Baseball  Golf Quit
  11. 11. Swimming   Running  Going to the beach  Golf  Basketball  Bon fires  Mowing the lawn  Eating ice cream Quit
  12. 12. Leaf raking   Bon fires  Drinking cider  Picking pumpkins  Hay rides  Bike riding Quit
  13. 13.  er/winterfacts.shtml  mer/summer_fun,_facts_and_suggestions .shtml  o.php?viewkey=27f8f67ad4d487ea2c47 &page=1&viewtype=&category= Quit