Music video pitch everything2


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Music video pitch everything2

  1. 1. Music Video Pitches <br />ByShanice, Sabina, Emma and Tasha<br />
  2. 2. Acoustic Genre<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>The Genre</li></ul>So what is the Acoustic Genre exactly?<br />Well, acoustic music comprises music that solely or primarily uses instruments which produce sound through entirely acoustic means. The retronym "acoustic music" appeared after the advent of electric instruments, such as the electric guitar, electric violin, electric organ and synthesizer. Following the increasing popularity of the television show MTV Unplugged during the 1990s, acoustic (though in most cases still electrically-amplified) performances by musical artists who usually rely on electronic instruments became colloquially referred to as "unplugged" performances.<br />Writing for Splendid, music reviewer Craig Conley suggests:<br />"When music is labelled acoustic, unplugged, or unwired, the assumption seems to be that other types of music are cluttered by technology and overproduction and therefore aren't as pure.”<br />
  4. 4. How we would structure the video: <br />
  5. 5. Example Video: <br />
  6. 6. Questionnaire<br />1. As a group, we are planning to use a mixture of scenes throughout the music video, including scenes with the artist and a girl and the artist on his own. Would you agree that this setup will be effective or do you think that this does not follow the genre convention of acoustic music?<br />2. Do you think that a strong storyline is needed in a acoustic video? (for example, a love story between the artist and a character)<br />3. What do you think the clothing of the characters in the video needs to be?<br />4. How many locations do you think are needed in our dance video to keep the audience interested?<br />5. Do you think the main character should be the artist in our acoustic video? (this genre generally follows this convention)<br />6. Do you think the lyrics of the song need to relate to what is happening in dance videos?<br />7. Do you think a romantic theme follows the type of music video we are doing?<br />
  7. 7. Dance Genre<br />
  8. 8. Bo – Rescue Me<br />Lyrics <br />“The water is shining, Rescue me.<br />The water is freezing, Rescue me.<br />Rescue me<br />Rescue me<br />(instrumental)<br />Rescue me<br />Rescue me<br />Rescue me<br />(instrumental)”<br />
  9. 9. Introduction of one character with headphones. Music begins as she puts headphones on.<br />Stop motion of different scenes/backgrounds.<br />Dancing!<br />Advert from generic characteristics, however some still present eg dancing.<br />Idea of drug use associated with dance genre<br />Our Ideas<br />Use of club lighting throughout. Helps keep audience.<br />Use of colour!<br />Match on graphic : <br />Cartoon walking turns into girl walking down underpass.<br />
  10. 10. Structure and Breakdown<br />In our hip hop/dance video, our various ideas have been inspired by some of the music videos we have gathered such as, “Rock Your Body” by the black eyed peas and “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida. In “Rock Your Body”, the aspect of the performers influencing other people to dance around the area is another initiative we will defiantly be using in our music video. <br />In the introduction, we will be using a bit of stop motion to match the beat of the music. At the start the music will be quiet while Grace, walks down an underpass and as soon as she puts her headphones on, the music immediately starts and the music video begins. <br />
  11. 11. Example Video: <br />
  12. 12. Goodwin’s 6 Point Analysis<br />From dancing in the distraction factory.<br />Genre Characteristics-<br />Dance music is composed explicitly to aid or accompany dancing. In our music video we aim to have dancers throughout it.<br />This music is usually played in clubs and other party atmospheres. We are hopefully using a club scene where we will transform the drama block into a club.<br />Interestingly, a lot of this music doesn’t make it into charts and is sometimes not released .<br />The Ministry of Sound play some of the most popular dance tracks in their clubs and on their CD’s.<br />Lyrics and Visual Relationships- There aren’t many lyrics in the song so the focus is on the musicality. However we are developing ideas with the lyrics rescue me which could be a theme throughout.<br />Music and Visual Relationships- The dancers will be dancing to the music therefore making a relationship as well as the club scene.<br />
  13. 13. Mise-en-scene<br />Possible Locations<br /><ul><li>We came up with the idea of using an underpass full of dancers.
  14. 14. We can also use some of the school facilities. For example we can transform the drama block into a club setting by the use of lighting.</li></ul>Editing<br /><ul><li>We would use lots of short takes to add to the fast pace of the video.
  15. 15. We’d make it obvious it was being filmed to add to the disorientation of the video.
  16. 16. We’d try to blur the shots of the club to add to the atmosphere and have dark lighting.</li></ul>Shooting<br /><ul><li>We will have a few stories going on at the same time and cut between them.
  17. 17. We would use canted angles to add to the idea of them drinking and feeling a bit disorientated.
  18. 18. We would use extreme close-ups contrasted with long takes of a whole club scene.</li></li></ul><li>Do you think a ‘clubbing’ setting is a suitable location for a dance video?<br />Would you prefer one scene running throughout the music video or would you prefer a mixture of different scenes?<br />Do you think stop motion (the use of photography, one photo after the next) would be a suitable editing technique in our music film? <br />Do you think a theme of drug use will be appropriate in our film?<br />Do you think that a strong storyline is needed in a dance video?<br />What do you think the clothing of the characters in the video needs to be?<br />How many locations do you think are needed in our dance video to keep the audience interested?<br />Do you think it is necessary for the artist to be featured in the dance music video?<br />Do you think the lyrics of the song need to relate to what is happening in dance videos?<br />We are planning to have a main character in the music video, do you think a main character is needed in dance videos?<br />Do you think our video should show a positive or negative representation of the main character/artist?<br />Would you agree that strobe lighting is needed in our video?<br />Questionnaire<br />
  19. 19. THE END!<br />