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Perfecting a user experience research with eye tracking lior yair_orenshtang2
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Perfecting a user experience research with eye tracking lior yair_orenshtang2


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. User ExperienceUser interface & graphic design Academic Research Universities and collegesMobile & TabletsAll platforms and devices Netcraft Academy A User Experience schoolWebEcommerce, social media Usability studies Users research, Eye Tracking
  • 2. In the next 25 minutesPerfecting a User Experienceresearch with Eye Tracking
  • 3. Our Challenges
  • 4. Our ChallengesIt was hard to explain to our customerswhat is the end result of our process.Mainly because we did not know what it is.
  • 5. Our ChallengesHow to present a combination ofvideo, audio and graphical elementsas part of a document analysis?
  • 6. We needed to find theright way to present our research results
  • 7. The right way has to be …Easy to read and to understand By high level By people who executive weren’t part of the research process
  • 8. The right way has to be …Multimedia supportedA document who can present:Video, Audio, Images and more
  • 9. The right way has to be …Innovativewith a unique experience
  • 10. Our Solutions
  • 11. Our solution sreA fully interactivecustom designreport
  • 12. Introduction to the processStudy overview• Our goals• The lab• The team
  • 13. Introducing our participants
  • 14. Eye Tracking terms
  • 15. Using Video
  • 16. Graphic elements
  • 17. Layers tool
  • 18. RTA comments
  • 19. Custom design
  • 20. Customer Experience in Eye tracking projects
  • 21. Introducing customers to eye tracking
  • 22. Introduction to Eye TrackingGuidance and glossary
  • 23. Introduction to Eye TrackingMilestones Results Preparing the Define the test Test day presentation test script objectives Analysis Preliminary Selecting our Results interviews participants
  • 24. Testing days
  • 25. Testing daysIdentifying decision makersMapping the customer’s organization, and making surethe relevant decision makers are present at the testingdays.
  • 26. Testing daysCustomer meets UserEye Tracking provides an opportunity to meet the user inseveral interfaces:- Audio- Video- Observation- Verbal- Behavioral
  • 27. Testing daysThe surroundingsWe supply the users, the customers a clean & quietresearch environment which means all necessarymultimedia, ability to conduct executive meetings,professional team to answer any question that mayarise.
  • 28. Testing daysKeeping ourselves agileDuring the testing days, often new questions arise onthe go that we did not anticipate. We acknowledge thatthis is a unique opportunity for the customer, and so, wekeep a team ready at hand. We are able to pause thetests, create new design prototypes, and immediatelyexamine them with the users.
  • 29. PresentationMethodology
  • 30. Testing daysSmart analysis & presentationSince Eye Tracking creates enormous amount of data, wemake sure to present only the conclusions. It will beaccompanied with a video and a heat map, and will bebacked fully by gigabytes of data. However, the customershould be able to process and comprehend the researchresults easily and quickly.
  • 31. Testing daysKeeping track of the specificquestionsGeneral usability conclusions are often supported by EyeTracking research. However, we believe in focusing onthe concrete research paradigms that were raised by thecustomer, and withholding the more obvious conclusion.
  • 32. Testing daysPresentation MethodologyOur research documents are triple layered:1. The full data gathered by Netcraft2. The Interactive Custom designed report3. Executive summary presentation
  • 33. Testing daysCreating a roadmap for the customerWe make sure to understand the future targets of thecustomer. According to the big picture he presents us,we may offer a “rolling research methodology”, on goingtesting or any other professional solution we believe willserve the customer right.
  • 34. Thank You :-)