Ielts Training Brochure


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Ielts Training Brochure

  1. 1. IELTS TRAININGGuranteed for a minimum Band 7 Lion Wave Education
  2. 2. Train Yourself in the best wayWe believe in continuously reinventing itself with an aim to get as close to perfection as possible. We believe in setting new standards for the industry and before others can even attempt to reach them, we move them further higher. We compete with ourselves thus offering a better value proposition to all.
  3. 3. We want you to maximise your successat the IELTS exam. Our experts have put together apreparation package that really GETS RESULTS.What You Get•Interaction with The Best faculty of theIndustry•Speed Reading Softwares and Techniques forCracking IELTS Reading Section•Highly Invaluable course Material provided•3 months intensive training ,6 hours a day•Flexible & Regular Batches as per yourconvenience
  4. 4. Admission procedurePlease apply online or come to the office and fillthe form to enroll for the forthcoming batchEligibilityMinimum 12 th pass and minimum 45% marksin English in 10th and 12thDuration12 weeks course5 classes of 1 hour each every day , 5 days aweek
  5. 5. FeesTotal fee for the course : INR 45000The fee includes:Course booksStudy folderUse of study centre with teacher supportProgress reports for students studying 8 weeksor moreEnd of course report and certificate ofattendance (min. 85%)Free standard and Wi-Fi internet accessFree unlimited Library and Laboratory accessAudio Visual Equipment aids
  6. 6. Mode Of paymentThe payment can be done in cash or Draft orCheque on the name of Lionwave ConsultantsPrivate Ltd.Payment ScheduleRegistration Amount INR 15000 while takingadmissionAfter 15 days of registration INR 20000After 30 days of registration INR 10000
  7. 7. We prepare our students with a study plandesigned specifically for them individually.Thestudy plan is based on their skills and learningcapabilities. We ensure that enough time andresources are provided to every student to gethis desired results.Benefits of planningSubside your nervousness and fear as exam approaches.Monitor the progress and identify the weak areas.Can use the limited time for study properlyStep by step approach and work load is properly balancedCan cover all the key areas before exam date.Has enough time to manage exigencies
  8. 8. ResourcesThe Learning Centre has a large range of books and kitsavailable to students, covering topics such asgrammar, reading, writing, listening, dictionaries andIELTS. There are also major dailynewspapers, magazines, journals and general readers.LionWave publishes a range of IELTS preparationmaterials which are also available in the LearningCentre.Full-time students can either borrow theseresources or use them in the Learning Centre. In additionwe have computers, videos and DVDs as well as audiocassette material and head sets. The Learning Centre isequipped with high-quality audio facilities andcomputers.
  9. 9. IELTS TutorialsEvery Wednesday from 1.30pm to2.30pm there is an IELTS teacher inthe learning centre who can assiststudents with any IELTS questions orconcerns they may have. To see theIELTS tutor you must make a bookingin advance. Please see the learningcentre staff to assist you.
  10. 10. StaffThe Learning Centre administrator works full-time andcan assist you to find books or answer any generalquestions.We also have a teacher who works in theLearning Centre. The teacher’s role is to assist you withany English or class work you may have. The teacher isavailable from 10.00am to 6.00pm to assist you.Discussion GroupsFor those students who are interested in improving theirspeaking skills, the learning centre organises discussiongroups, six times a term. The groups are run by thelearning centre teacher and they cover a different topicevery week. They are run in weeks 2, 3 and 4 everyTuesday and Thursday at 11.00am and 2.30pm.
  11. 11. Computer Assisted Language Learning(CALL)To assist all students with English language learningwe also have a number of programs and associatedwebsites on the student computers - ComputerAssisted Language Learning (CALL). There are anumber of programs on the desktop which studentscan access and from there you will also find otherwebsites which cater for students who are learningEnglish. There are activities and programs for alllevels of the Academic English Program. The learningcentre computers also have the Cambridge AdvancedLearners’ dictionary and the Longmans dictionary -very powerful dictionaries which can checkspelling, give a range of vocabulary choices for yourwriting and which also provide grammar exercises.
  12. 12. Thanks!For any queries please feel free to mail us at