Sight first hospitals in present perspective a doctor’s approach


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Sight first hospitals in present perspective a doctor’s approach

  1. 1. Sight First Hospitals in Present Perspective - a Doctor’s Approach Dr Soumen Chakraborty
  3. 3. The need to introspect  Lions eye hospitals do more than 300 000 cataract surgeries annually  But still does not receive the importance it deserves  Not rated at par with premier eye care institutions  Is something being missed ?  Does something need a change ?
  4. 4. The Lions’ motto  Of service to the under privileged  Has brought down the cataract backlog from 80 to nearly 60%  Perhaps the right program for a country like India  Inclusive of majority of the population  But with the growing economy, advent of the insurance sector and new technology, perhaps expectations of some are being left unfulfilled
  5. 5. The need of the hour  To diversify  To adapt  To upgrade  But at the same time consolidate our roots
  6. 6. Areas of focus  Advertisement  Patient comfort  Diversity of services  Up gradation of diagnostic equipment  Staff and doctor amenities  Training of manpower  Contribution in scientific forums  Professional hospital management team
  7. 7. Do we need to advertise?  Makes your presence felt – creates an impact on the society  Creates a brand image of the organization  Dissemination of information about the services offered/ available
  8. 8. The hospital is for patients …  Patient comfort and confidence should be ensured. Some suggestions are  Comfortable waiting room  A general sense of cleanliness     Reading material to avoid boredom of waiting period LCD panel showing hospital information and entertainment programs Availability of amenities like drinking water and clean toilet Helpful and courteous supportive staff
  9. 9. The hospital is for patients  Periodic PR exercises –     Calling up the patient to ask how he is doing after surgery Reminding his FU date Informing him of his TPA processing Under no circumstances treatment should be refused to any patient
  10. 10. Diversification of services  Basic cataract surgery services should be continued and consolidated  At the same time hospitals should evolve from cataract surgery centers to eye care institutions  In addition, phacoemulsification should be encouraged and publicized  More revenue  Positive impact on service quality
  11. 11. Diversification of services  Additional sub specialties like retina, squint , oculoplasty etc should be made available  Choice of sub specialty shall be dictated by the demographic requirement of the area and hospital statistics  Special clinic of the sub specialty and general OPD should run in parallel, and single doctor system for OPD should be abandoned
  12. 12. Up gradation of diagnostic & surgical equipments Diagnostic  Advent of instruments like OCT have changed understanding and approach to many clinical entities  Instruments like OCT, AP, USG etc are presently considered basic and should be made available  Sending a patient for a common diagnostic procedure elsewhere usually results in a loss of clientele  Equipment up gradation is therefore mandatory
  13. 13. Up gradation of diagnostic & surgical equipments Surgical  Surgical outcome depends on quality of surgical equipments  Good equipments can be expensive – cost / quality balance  Care and maintenance funds  Uniform protocol of instrumentation in relation to cataract surgery  Financial returns from investment on medical equipments ?
  14. 14. Staff and doctor amenities  Emphasis on quality of manpower and retention as well.  Attributes of appointment should be precisely set, and an in house team should be formed to look into the selection process.  Reward retribution system should be there for the quality work done  Social security in the form of PF, ESI scheme etc should be arranged for staff  In house canteen should be there in every hospital. Wastage of time incurred due to staff travelling elsewhere for lunch should be avoided  For doctors  Rest room  Library with internet
  15. 15. Training of manpower  More important for people working in OR  Appropriate knowledge of asepsis / sterilization mandatory  Periodic in house training by hospital consultants  Off site training at larger Lions’ hospitals/ LAICO
  16. 16. Contribution in scientific forums  Academic contributions in national conferences and international  Publication in national / International indexed journals  Periodic guest programs and workshops with visiting faculties from reputed institutes  Yearly academic conference of Lions’ eye doctors
  17. 17. Professional hospital management team  An intra hospital team comprising of a Lion member, hospital doctor and full time administrator – preferably a professional administrator  First two members to be changed periodically  Objective shall be to build a co-ordinated approach on the priorities of hospital development and channelize resources accordingly Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Henry Ford
  18. 18. Conclusion: the way ahead  UPGRADATION – both of perceptible and less perceptible aspects  Spectrum and variety of services should be widened  Quality of services must be ensured  Incoming technology must be assimilated
  19. 19. THANK YOU!