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Sf outreach camps    sri sai lions netralaya
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Sf outreach camps sri sai lions netralaya



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  • 1. B-144, P. C. Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna- 800 020
  • 2. A Presentation On Community Outreach Development
  • 3. “Is there anything worse than being blind? Yes, a man with sight but no vision’’ - Helen Keller OUR MISSION : VISION FOR ALL
  • 4. SSLN proudly shares its experience of "Expanding the Community Outreach activities throughout Bihar and providing its ‘Quality Eye Care Service’ to the poor & needy people since 12th Dec, 2007"
  • 5. Sri Sai Lions Netralaya (A Brief Introduction) • • • • • • • It started with a 10 bedded Eye Hospital and Serving people continuously & tirelessly since 12th December 2004. In December 2007, it became a 25 bedded Eye Hospital with modern diagnostic and surgical equipments. On 10th December 2011, it again expanded and became a 70 bedded multi-facility Eye Hospital with modern diagnostic and surgical equipments. On December 2012, it developed and became a 100 bedded multifacility Eye Hospital with many specialized services and advanced diagnostic equipments. It provides Outdoor and Indoor facilities of Eye Check-up, IOL and Glaucoma surgeries to the poor and needy patients free of cost throughout the year. Its Outreach Programme provides comprehensive Eye Care Services, in the Rural and underserved areas. It also runs fifteen Vision Centers to provide Eye Care Services at the doorsteps of suffering humanity with the latest technological advances in Ophthalmology.
  • 6. FACILITIES AND SERVICES HIGHLIGHTS The 100 bed 'Sri Sai Lions Netralaya’ provides following services and facilities: Well Equipped OPD          Routine Vision Check-up Refraction Contact Lens Clinic Diabetes Clinic Computerized Eye Testing Slit Lamp Examination Glaucoma Clinic Cornea Clinic Squint Clinic
  • 7. FACILITIES AND SERVICES HIGHLIGHTS Diagnostic Facilities  Visual Field Analyzer (HFA)  Non Contact Tonometer (NCT)  Pachymeter  Biometry (A-scan)  ND-YAG Laser  Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscope  Pathology  Synotophore
  • 8. FACILITIES AND SERVICES HIGHLIGHTS Surgical Facilities  Micro Surgery with Foldable Lens (MICS)  Phaco Emulsification Surgery with Foldable Lens  Small Incision Cataract Surgery (IOL)  Squint Surgery  Oculoplastic Surgery  Glaucoma (TRAB) Surgery  DCR/DCT  Pterygium (Auto grafting)
  • 9. Our Outreach Programmes  Free Outreach Screening Camps  Vision Centers  Community Eye Care Centre  Students' Vision Screening (Sight for Kids) Programme  Industrial Eye Screening Programme
  • 10. Free Outreach Screening Camps (The Main Tool of Mobilizing Growth) Through the Outreach Team, “Sri Sai Lions Netralaya” serves the rural community by providing eye care-service at the doorstep of the poor and needy. During the diagnostic camps, patients are examined with medication and those needed surgery are brought to the Hospital for required surgical. The Outreach Programme has also helped the community by promoting awareness about Eye Care.
  • 11. Outreach Camp Activities
  • 12. Outreach Camp Activities Free Outreach Screening Camp Organized by Local Lions Club:-
  • 13. Outreach Camp Activities Our Transport facility for Outreach Camp:-
  • 14. Outreach Camp Team Details Structure Outreach Team Outreach Team Manager Manager Team Team Coordinator Coordinator Team 11 Team Team 22 Team T1 T1 T2 T2 ……….... ……….... Total Dedicated Total Dedicated Outreach Camp Team Outreach Camp Team staffs = 27 staffs = 27 Team 55 Team T5 T5 T Ophthalmic Asst. (1) Team In-charge (1) Counselor (1) Supportive Staffs (2)
  • 15. Our Outreach Achievements The Details of the Magnitude of Free Outreach Screening Camps are given below:No. of Camps No. of Outpatients No. of patients referred to Base Hospital Actual no. reported to Base Hospital 2008-09 310 49324 4006 1865 2009-10 501 54267 7168 3772 2010-11 569 70145 12861 7425 2011-12 667 90892 20734 14854 2012-13 595 80118 23777 15297 G. Total 2642 344746 68546 43213 Year
  • 16. Our Vision Centers • Predicated on the need to make Primary Eye Care Services easily available to the rural communities where the need is utmost, Sri Sai Lions Netralaya gets on the concept of VISION CENTRES. Vision Centres, in concurrence with the Vision 2020 Action Plan, are Primary Eye-Care Rural Service Centres with the basic objective of making Primary Eye Care Services available to the people of rural and underserved area of Bihar. • At present, SSLN has 15 Vision Centres in different parts of Bihar; viz. Fatuha, Bakhtiyarpur, Barh, Mokama, Paliganj, Dhanarua, Ara, Barahiya, Rajon, Barahat, Bounsi, Banka, Koteshwarnath, Jandaha and Buxer. These Centres provide low cost primary eye care services including refractive error detection and correction.
  • 17. Vision Centre Cont…. Inauguration of vision centre at Belagunj, Koteshwar:-
  • 18. Vision Centre Cont…. Inauguration of vision centre at Chand Sarai, Jandaha:-
  • 19. Vision Centre Cont…. Our Tele-Ophthalmology System started at Chand Sarai, Jandaha Objective: primary eye care in rural area  Exploiting IT for rural eye care service delivery  Tele-consultation : Vision centre technician with ophthalmologist  Available on permanent basis  Refraction and school screening  Community participation
  • 20. Community Eye Care Centre Community Eye Care Centre in the remotest area is being run by Rural Medical Practitioner operating in the Informal Health System. After getting 15 days training by our experienced Medical Team: they are duly Certified by the Consultant Ophthalmologist of Sri Sai Lions Netralaya at its Base Hospital. Thus these Medical Practitioner operating in the informal Health System are being trained and skilled to become our Partner into the formal eye care system; which will felicitate the sustainability as well as incorporate new actors in order to expand the reach and improve the quality of Eye Care Delivery in the remotest and underserved population.
  • 21. Community Eye Care Services Service Provided  Vision Screening  Basic Eye Care services  Cataract screening  Basic Glaucoma Screening  BP & Sugar Check-up
  • 22. 'SIGHT FOR KIDS' • It has been observed that diseases like Amblyopia, Vitamin-A deficiency etc. may easily be treated during childhood, but if go undetected, may lead to partial or complete blindness. By an early detection of various such prob-lems/diseases, we may be able to help a large number of children. • Keeping this in mind, SSLN is running 'SIGHT FOR KIDS' Eye Care Programme for children. This ambitious programme is sponsored by Lions Clubs International in collaboration with Jhonson & Jhonson Vision Care. The programme covers children of 5 to 15 years. These children are screened in their schools and treated for eye problems. The programme has been going in and around Patna since last one year very successfully. It includes: • (i) Distant and near vision check-up. • (ii) Free distribution of spectacles with Carl-Zeiss CR-39 plastic lenses.
  • 23. Sight for Kids
  • 24. Sight for Kids Cont..
  • 25. Industry Eye Screening Programme Through the dedicated Outreach Team for industry camp, “Sri Sai Lions Netralaya” serves the corporate community by providing eye care-service at their working place. During the diagnostic camps, patients are examined with medication and those needed surgery are brought to the Hospital for required surgical procedures. The Industry Eye Screening Programme has also helped the corporate community by promoting awareness about Eye Care.
  • 26. Industry Eye Screening Services Service Provided  Vision Screening  Refraction  Color Blindness  Cataract screening  Glaucoma Screening  Hypertensive & Diabetic Retinopathy check-up
  • 27. OUR ACHIEVEMENTS By the herculean efforts of the Team of above mentioned 5 Community Outreach Development Programmes “Sri Sai Lions Netralaya” has achieved the extra ordinary mile stones, as given below :Free/Subsidized Year OPD Paying Indoor OPD Total Surgery Indoor New Review IOL* Others New Review IOL* Others 2008-09 4755 3138 1865 25 3987 1037 2229 37 4156 2009-10 6856 4525 3660 54 4626 1203 3353 52 7119 2010-11 14035 9263 7210 108 8780 2282 2376 36 9730 2011-12 16418 12492 14774 126 9000 6214 3045 320 18265 2012-13 15312 11563 16546 269 8476 5807 2866 168 19849 *IOL includes ECCE/IOL, SICS, Phaco Grand Total 59119
  • 28. THE ROAD AHEAD • To strengthen the Outreach Program and to increase the intake of cataract surgeries, we are focusing on reaching more old age persons as well as women and children. • To strengthen the Hospital by developing and implementing the medical audit system and other evaluating strategies to deliver Quality Eye Care. • Addition of a modern 'Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic' and a 'Low Vision Service Wing'.
  • 29. The Road Ahead Cont…. Development of ‘Mobile Ophthalmic Unit’ which’s purpose is to make available medical eye treatments to the public in far and remote places where such facilities are few or non-existent.
  • 30. How SSLN makes a difference in Bihar • • • • • • It provides free and low cost quality treatment to thousands of needy patients of Bihar. Facilities like free pick-up and drop services encourages the poor and needy patients of remote and rural areas to come to the Hospital for necessary eye treatment. Dormitory Facility - where attendants stay while their relatives are being treated. Apart from holding free Outreach Screening Camps, Hospital also provides free IOL cataract surgery, accommodation, food, medicines and quality optics to the poor and needy patients throughout the year. Our Vision Centers also play an important role to fulfill this goal. These centers identify and screen needy pa-tients from different corners of the State. These centers are serving a large number of eye patients. Presently 15 Vision Centers are functional. We hope to open another 20 in 2013. Above all, SSLN is bound to raise the standard of Eye Care in Bihar. The people of State would not have to travel long distances to outside the state for reliable treatment, as they will have state-ofthe-art facilities provided by expert ophthalmic consultants and specialist surgeons here in Patna itself.
  • 31. Our Mission : “Vision fo All” Community Outreach Development Program Team of “Sri Sai Lions Netralaya” is committed towards its mission to prevent blindness, restore eyesight, promote eye health and aims to provide low-cost affordable access to high quality eye care services for all, especialy for those living in poverty.