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Teaching Listening to College Students
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Teaching Listening to College Students


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a slideshow created to help college teachers acquire the skills of teaching listening in the english class, using both written and audio texts.

a slideshow created to help college teachers acquire the skills of teaching listening in the english class, using both written and audio texts.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. m n RAJU
  • 2. Hearing Listening m n RAJU
  • 3. Classroom Listening Real Life Listening m n RAJU
  • 4. m n RAJU To make classroom listening more like real life listening Teaching Listening - Objective
  • 5. m n RAJU A Good Listener
    • Pays attention
    • Recognizes the main ideas
    • Organizes ideas
    • Taps into prior knowledge
    • Interprets meaning
    • Interacts and responds
  • 6. m n RAJU
    • Be attentive
    • Maintain eye contact
    • Watch nonverbal cues
    • Keep an open mind
    • Don't interrupt or impose
    • Summarize, Visualize and empathize
    • Seek clarifications at appropriate time
    • Provide feedback
    Effective Listening – Tips
  • 7. m n RAJU
    • Listen for the main idea
    • Listen for specific detail
    • Predict
    • Infer
    • Identify emotion
    • Listen for opinion
    • Recognize context
    Listening Skills
  • 8.
    • Purpose for Listening
    • Pre Listening Activities
    • Appropriate Material
    • Response from Listener
    • Several Chances to Listen
    • Follow-up Activities
    m n RAJU A Good Listening Lesson Has
  • 9. m n RAJU Listening Lesson Stages
    • Pre-listening
    • While-listening
    • Post-listening
  • 10. m n RAJU Pre-listening Stage
    • Make familiar with topic
    • Introduce structures & words
    • Describe situation
    • Activate schema
    • Clarify cultural information
    • Know what type of text
  • 11. m n RAJU
    • Interact with the text directly
    • Multiple listenings
    • Interactive tasks
    • From global to specific
    • Questions & clarifications
    • Vocabulary and language
    While-listening Stage
  • 12. m n RAJU
    • Reinforce understanding
    • Expand on the text
    • Personalize the topic
    • Use other language skills
    • Reinforce new vocabulary
    • Reinforce new structures
    Post-listening Stage
  • 13. m n RAJU
    • See the picture.
    • Where are the people?
    • What are they doing?
    • What are they saying?
    • Listen to the dialogue and check your answers.
    Audio Listening Lesson Pre-listening
  • 14. m n RAJU
    • What is the woman’s problem?
    • What does the man advise her to do?
    • What is the woman’s request?
    • Why does the man ask her to step aside?
    Audio Listening Lesson While-listening 1
  • 15. m n RAJU
    • How many requests do you hear?
    • How do the speakers make requests?
    • Jot down one or two of the requests?
    Audio Listening Lesson While-listening 2
  • 16. m n RAJU
    • Write a brief biographical sketch of the two characters.
    • Extend the dialogue.
    • Act out the dialogue.
    Audio Listening Lesson Post-listening
  • 17. m n RAJU Woman: Excuse me. I’m not able to take out any money. Can you please check the machine?   Man: Sure. Can you just step aside? Let me take a look at it. Well, it seems to be all right. Can you insert your card and try again? Woman: Okay. Let me try. There it goes. It has accepted my card this time. Wonderful. Thank you so much. Man: You’re welcome. Audio Listening Lesson
  • 18.
    • Pre Listening – Prediction
    • While Listening
      • First Listening – General Comprehension
      • Second Listening – Specific Detail
      • Third Listening – Grammar Focus
    • Post Listening – Creative Writing
    • Suggest more Post Listening Activities
    m n RAJU AV Listening Lesson - Review
  • 19.
    • Listen for meaning
    • Study/use Vocabulary
    • Analyze Grammar
    • Discuss theme, emotion
    • Compare
    • Write your own
    m n RAJU Using Music
  • 20.
    • Tom’s Diner
    m n RAJU Using Music
  • 21.
    • What is a diner?
    • Where do you find diners?
    • What kind of people can be seen in diners?
    • What kind of food is served in diners?
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: Pre-listening
  • 22.
    • Where does the song take place?
    • Who is the narrator?
    • What is she doing?
    • How is the weather?
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: While-listening 1
  • 23.
    • How many people does the woman see?
    • Who are they?
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: While-listening 2
  • 24.
    • What tense is used?
    • How is the present continuous tense formed?
    • Snap fingers whenever you hear a verb in the present continuous.
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: While-listening 3
  • 25.
    • Complete the cloze.
    • Compare with partners.
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: Post-listening 1
  • 26.
    • Write a biographical sketch of the woman. Name? Age? Home? Job? Family? Likes? Dislikes?
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: Post-listening 2
  • 27.
    • Write 10 sentences in the present continuous describing things happening around you.
    m n RAJU Tom’s Diner: Post-listening 3