Skills for Future

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a presentation on soft skills and employability skills for youth.

a presentation on soft skills and employability skills for youth.

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  • To find the right job and to succeed in our career, we need various sets of skills, some of which are specific to the career that we choose and some useful to us whatever career we choose. The technical and professional skills sets that are needed in our career may vary depending on the work we do, our clients, the location where we are working, the requirements of our job, the level and hierarchy at which we work. They are career specific, each career demands a different set of them. But communication and language skills are fairly common to all careers. So it is crucial for us to learn them as they are going to be helpful to us irrespective of the career we choose.
  • To have a successful career, we must build strong communication and language skills apart from the analytical, interpersonal, professional and technical skills. The scope of this presentation is limited to a discussion of the first two – communication skills and English language skills. Communication skills are language neutral and refer to our ability to communicate our ideas confidently, correctly and fluently. English language skills refer to our ability to use – listen, speak, read and write – English language or all our career needs. Let us discuss some useful tips to develop these skills in the remaining slides.
  • Success consists in being successful, not in having the potential for success. Any wide piece of ground is the potential site of a palace, but there is no palace till it is built. (Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet)


  • 1. Skillsfor Tomorrow mnRAJU
  • 2. Champion the Change A presentation to prepare youth for future and to equip them with a) Adaptation skills b) Global skills c) Building Self Esteem mnRAJU
  • 3. What Kind are YOU?Some men are born great,Some achieve greatness,Some have greatnessthrust upon them. mnRAJU
  • 4. Primary Passions Passion to succeed Passion to Prepare Passion to Change mnRAJU
  • 5. Ever Changing World mnRAJU
  • 6. Global India38% Doctors in the USA are Indians36% NASA employees are Indians34% Microsoft employees are Indians28% IBM employees are Indians17% Intel employees are Indians13% Xerox employees are IndiansHalf the world’s outsourced IT services are IndianA $47 billion dollar industry (Rs 2,35,000 crores) mnRAJU
  • 7. Proud to be Indian• Indias tech capital, Bangalore, has more Grade-A offices than Singapore• In three years, up to 25% of the worlds new workers will be Indians• Indias GDP per capita will quadruple from 2007 to 2020. - Goldman Sachs mnRAJU
  • 8. The Top Ten 1. L N Mittal - Arcellor Mittal- 2012 – Economic Times & IMRB International 2. Indra Nooyi - PepsiCo 3. Nikesh Arora – Google 4. Vikram Pandit – Citigroup 5. Harish Manwani - Unilever mnRAJU
  • 9. The Top Ten 6. Anshu Jain - Deutsche Bank- 2012 – Economic Times & IMRB International 7. Ajit Jain - Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance 8. Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems 9. Vinod Khosla - Khosla Ventures 10. Rakesh Kapoor - Reckitt Benckiser mnRAJU
  • 10. Be Ready  There is place for all at the TOP  Tomorrow is waiting for you!  Be ready to adapt  Opportunity is big and global Secrets of Nations mnRAJU
  • 11. Rules Are Changing We’re being judged by a new yardstick: not just by how smart we are, but by how we handle ourselves and each other. - Daniel Goleman mnRAJU
  • 12. Unacceptable! Highly Qualified X Unemployed/underemployed Highly Talented X Low value assignments Highly Experienced X Low challenges Highly Industrious X Insufficient rewards Highly Talented X Unnoticed Warren Buffet mnRAJU
  • 13. Dream BIG Attempt things never tried Try out challenges others gave up Go beyond common expectations Trust your wings The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. - Michael Angelo mnRAJU
  • 14. Your Success Depends on  Your Self-esteem  Your Dreams  Your Plans  Your Actions  Your Determination  Your Perseverance mnRAJU
  • 15. Success Management Plan for Success Achieve Success Sustain Success Utilize Success Apply Success Invest Success mnRAJU
  • 16. Optimize Success If we do not optimize what we have within… It is as good as we haven’t much within. The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them. Things to Bring Life mnRAJU
  • 17. Sustain Excellence People Lead to Profits. Profits must Lead to Reinvestment. Re-investment must Lead to Re-invention.It is only Re-invention that is our Future Success. mnRAJU
  • 18. Global Skills Stay with the flock and be the crowd.Reach beyond the flock and be the leader.Experience the Pain to Gain Experience mnRAJU
  • 19. Global Skills Be flexible and open-minded  Be ready to live anywhere Be willing to work with others mnRAJU
  • 20. Skill Sets for Success mnRAJU
  • 21. Successful Career Needs . .  Communication skills  English Language skills  Soft skills  Analytical skills  Technical skills  Professional skills mnRAJU
  • 22. Creative Thinking mnRAJU
  • 23. Reasoning SkillsYou are running in a race. Youovertake the second person. Whatposition are you in?In the same race, if you overtakethe last person, then you are in whatposition? mnRAJU
  • 24. Mathematical SkillsDivide 32 by half and add six.What is the answer? mnRAJU
  • 25. Questioning Skills Open-ended / Closed-ended HOT / LOT Inference / Facts Application / Knowledge Information / Yes - No mnRAJU
  • 26. Time Management1. Clock time  uniform2. Real time  relative mnRAJU
  • 27. Self EvaluationHow do you rate your abilitiesand values?Attempt a SWOT analysis mnRAJU
  • 28. Communication SkillsWhy only 5% to 10% are found fit to be employed by Top Rated Companies?1.2. Poor Communication Skills3. Poor English Language Skills4.5.6. mnRAJU
  • 29. You have a Bright Future  Plan it today  Constantly dream  Be passionate  Embrace change  Review your personality  Hone skills Responsibility mnRAJU
  • 30. Today is the BeginningToday is the first day of the rest of yourlife. mnRAJU
  • 31. You CAN do it Let’s Do mnRAJU It
  • 32. Thank You Send your comments to This slideshow is available mnRAJU