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Oxfam hk pr project report

  1. 1. Public Relations Plan 2011 OXFAMHONGKONG Done by: Lionel Ng, Sarah Chong Martin Lau, Jaky, Simon Fung, Felix Landgren WorkingWithPeopleAgainstPoverty
  2. 2. Contents 01 Executive Summary Background Research 03 Organization Profile 03 Current Projects 04 Building Support in Hong Kong 05 Current Media Coverage Situational Analysis 06 SWOT Analysis 07 Competitor Analysis 08 Financial Report 08 Primary Reseach Planning 11 Target Audience 11 Key Message 12 Objectives 12 Strategies Tactics 14 Oxfam on Facebook 15 Oxfam’s Xmas Wish 16 ‘Art with a Heart’ Competition 17 ‘Say NO to Poverty’ Carnival 17 Oxfam HK Charity Dinner 18 The Big Picture 18 Media Plan 19 Timeline 19 Budget 20 Expected Donations 21 Campaign Evaluation 22 References Appendix 23 A: Detailed Survey Results 24 B: Concept References 26 C: Media Plan Key Targets 28 D: Timeline 29 E: Budget 30 F: Expected Donations Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 2
  3. 3. Background Research Organization Profile Oxfam Hong Kong (Oxfam HK), one of the 14 affiliates in the Oxfam international confederation, traces its roots back to 1976, when a group of volunteers passionate to eradicate poverty, opened up a second hand shops and began raising funds for anti-poverty projects. The organization first realized its mandate in the 1970s and 80s, when it was an advocate for justice in the Vietnamese refugee crisis in Hong Kong, and when it helped save Ethiopian lives during a 1984 famine. Since then, Oxfam HK has come a long way to its present status; having work spread out over 70 countries/states and having staff based in 10. Oxfam’s Mission “Working with people against poverty.” Oxfam’s Vision “Oxfam Hong Kong envisions a world free of poverty where women and men enjoy well- being and rights. The ultimate goal of Oxfam Hong Kong’s work on poverty and development is for poor women and men to achieve responsible well-being primarily through enabling them to claim and enjoy their basic rights.” Current Projects The essence of all of Oxfam’s work is to work toward the eventuality of eradicating poverty. Through a deep understanding of the complexities and causes of poverty, Oxfam fights poverty on many fronts. Some of these actions involve long term economic development projects, emergency relief aid and public education to increase global awareness. Oxfam HK has a stronger focus on poverty in the region. In the past year, the organization has conducted 1,388 projects in 27 countries, whereby more than half of these were in China. Some of these projects are: • Bringing public awareness about climate change and gender equality in Vietnam Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 3
  4. 4. • Disaster relief and recovery plans to rebuild and improve impoverished rural communities hit by earthquakes or droughts in southwest China • Imparting sustainable farming techniques to the poor and conflict affected people of Mindanao in Philippines • Community-based development in Yunan and Guangxi • Enhancing disaster preparedness and raising incomes in the villages of Udaypur district, Nepal • Advocating a minimum wage bill to benefit Hong Kong’s low wage workers and families • Increasing public awareness about poor people in Hong Kong • Fundraising for those affected by the Haiti earthquake, typhoons of Ketsana and Parma, displaced people in Pakistan Building Support in Hong Kong As Oxfam HK is funded neither by its international headquarters nor the Hong Kong government, gaining support for its fundraising events are absolutely crucial to be able to sustain its efforts. Their fundraising and awareness building efforts in Hong Kong include the Oxfam Trailwalker, Oxfam Rice Sale, Oxfam Unwrapped, and Oxfam Club. Oxfam Trailwalker An annual event reaching out to thousands in Hong Kong who will trek 100 km to raise funds for people in poverty. This is Oxfam HK’s flagship event, garnering over 10,000 participants and raising over HK$30 million. Oxfam Rice Sale Another annual event, this unique event sees hundreds of volunteers joining Oxfam staff in selling packets of rice all over Hong Kong. This meaningful act serves to remind the public that the many people need their help, and that their donations are essential in order for survival. The event raised nearly HK$3 million to fund emergency relief and development programmes in Mainland China. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 4
  5. 5. Oxfam Unwrapped A corporate gifting initiative, this fundraising tool lets companies give donations - goats, fishing equipment, or training courses - in their client’s name. Oxfam Club To encourage youth involvement in Hong Kong, Oxfam Club was established to provide annual training, through field trips, workshops and camps, to educate Form 3 to 5 Secondary students about poverty issues and how to take positive action. Current Media Coverage Flagship events coverage: Oxfam Trailwalker, Oxfam Rice Sale, Oxfam Musical Marathon, Make Trade Fair and Walk for Our Winter. Print TV Online 2009 Awards Posters on buses, trains stations, and magazines Short television documentaries Oxfam HK’s • Official Website • Facebook • Twitter • Flickr • Gold Prize, Award for Arts Education, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2009) • China Awards Charity Achievement, China Report (Zhongguo Baodao) and Hongqi Huakan (2009) Company leaflets, bi/monthly e- book and newsletters, O.N.E and Mokung Short television documentaries Oxfam HK’s • Official Website • Facebook • Twitter • Flickr • Gold Prize, Award for Arts Education, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2009) • China Awards Charity Achievement, China Report (Zhongguo Baodao) and Hongqi Huakan (2009) Sources of Media Clippings: Hong Kong Newspapers including Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, and The Sun, BBC, Time Out, Asia One, Yahoo, MSN, BloomBerg, Business Week Short television documentaries Oxfam HK’s • Official Website • Facebook • Twitter • Flickr • Gold Prize, Award for Arts Education, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2009) • China Awards Charity Achievement, China Report (Zhongguo Baodao) and Hongqi Huakan (2009) Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 5
  6. 6. Situational Analysis In recent years, the number of natural disasters in the region has seen an upward trend. Furthermore, countries affected have reported experiencing some of their worst disasters in decades or worst, in their history. These natural disasters are resulting in increased loss of life, human suffering and economic losses. This regional trend is even more alarming as many of the world’s poor reside in Asia, and the scale of disruption that natural disasters bring not only aggravate poverty in the region, it also impedes any development activities aimed at sustainability. As an non-profit organization with a vision to eradicate poverty, there is an urgent need for a PR campaign to raise awareness among more segments of the population, and to increase donations. Secondary Research SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Strong global presence Cause - eradicating poverty - is easily understood Rise in social consciousness in society Located in an affluent country Rise in monthly donations since 2008-2009 Expertise in campaign planning and fundraising Awareness among youths is low Perception that Oxfam Hong Kong does little for the local community Poor online presence Opportunities Threats Improve awareness amongst youths Economy on the mend Possibility of increasing use of social media in fundraising and awareness building efforts Competitors are competing for the same charity dollar Increasingly poor air quality may affect participation of Oxfam Trailwalker Increasing number of natural disasters in the world, particularly in Asia Negative media publicity about training programmes in China Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 6
  7. 7. Competitor Analysis Brief Competitor Bio Po Leung Kuk Po Leung Kuk (PLK) was founded in 1978. In the year 2009-2010, the public donated $160,624,415. The organization focuses on providing welfare, educational, recreational and cultural services to the local community and has set up over 230 units to achieve this. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Founded in 1870, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals focuses on helping the Hong Kong community. Its services include funneral services for elderly, medical and health services, and education servics. The group also opened a social enterprise, iBakery. An opinion survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong found Tung Wah to be the regarded as the ‘most well-known and trust-worthy charitable organization’ in Hong Kong. Recently, the NGO even obtained the ‘Hong Kong Outstanding Citizen Award’ - Gold Award. The Community Chest of Hong Kong The Community Chest of Hong Kong was founded in 1968 with a goal to help needy people in Hong Kong. Its strength lies in a strong donation surplus of $ 188,976,235, despite not being funded by the government and assuring a 100% allocation of donor funds to the Chest’s beneficiaries. The Chest’s main fund allocation for the year went to rehabilitation services, family and child welfare and community development projects. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 7
  8. 8. Financial Report Key insights: • Monthly donations increased from $123 million in 2008 to $129 million in 2009, with Hong Kong community contributing to 93.1% of Oxfam’s income • Programme expenditure 08-09 was $191.6 million • Recorded deficit of $5.5 million, but financial sustainability is maintained with $309 million of accumulated reserves Primary Research Hypothesis Our team had two hypothesis about Oxfam HK. 1) That Oxfam HK’s reputation and message had not sufficiently penetrated the younger segments of the local population. 2) Due to Oxfam HK’s frequent work in Mainland China, many people were unaware of the organization’s contribution to reducing poverty on an international and local level. Methodology In order to get a measurement of how much the younger segments of the local population knew about Oxfam HK and their attitudes toward the organization, we conducted a self- administered online survey. This survey method was chosen because it was efficient, cost-free and suited our target audience well, as they spend a large amount of time online. While the reliability of the results are weak due to a small sample size of 60, it nonetheless gives us a clearer picture about our hypothesis. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 8
  9. 9. Key Findings Awareness of Oxfam Hong Kong is low among youths as only 48% indicated that they have heard of Oxfam HK. Participants highlighted that they did not donate because: a) They did not know how to donate b) They did not know what Oxfam HK did c) They perceived that Oxfam HK did not help the local community Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 9 56% 44% YES NO HAVE YOU DONATED TO OXFAM HK BEFORE? 52% 48% YES NO ARE YOU AWARE OF OXFAM HK?
  10. 10. Visibility to Public 81% of respondents learned about Oxfam HK through the television Other mediums of publicity - internet, newspapers, posters and events - were similar in their effectiveness at around 60%. Activities by Oxfam HK Among the respondents who had heard of Oxfam HK, most of them knew that the NGO ‘help[ed] people in need’. This qualitative result might be unreliable as most NGOs help people in need, thus we are unable to determine the respondent’s extent of knowledge about Oxfam HK. Please refer to Appendix A for detailed survey results. Conclusion on Findings The findings reveal that a primary concern for Oxfam is its lack of awareness among the younger segment of the population. Furthermore, those who did not donate often did not know about Oxfam HK’s work. The results also indicated that Oxfam HK is not among the top three choices when it comes to making a donation. These findings, together with the need to reverse the deficit through increased donations, are reasons why we believe Oxfam HK needs to work on a public relations blitz. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 10 0 20 40 60 80 100 Where have you heard of Oxfam HK from? TV NEWSPAPER INTERNET POSTERS FAMILY/FRIENDS FUNDRAISING EVENTS SCHOOL
  11. 11. Target Audience Youths and young adults aged 18-25, likely to be studying in a tertiary institute, avid users of social media, but are passive audience to issues like poverty and climate change. Based on our survey, a large majority of them would not have donated to Oxfam HK, might not have heard of the NGO, or would only have vague knowledge about the organization. Working adults, usually earning at least HK$25,000 a month, keen interest in current affairs and social issues. Many of them might have heard of Oxfam HK but maybe not have joined any events due to lack of interest in activities, such as trail walking. They might be donating to other NGOs currently. Shoppers, families and tourists, these people would be out in the streets of Hong Kong during the festive season, and would enjoy a visual PR stunt. This group has no particular demographic but are instead linked by a common interest in hanging out at Causeway Bay. Wealthy individuals, celebrities, philanthropists, Oxfam HK sponsors and businessmen who are keen in giving back to society in a meaningful way. These groups might attend events by Oxfam HK also because it allows them more media exposure to enhance their reputation and at the same time network with individuals of similar stature. Key Message “With your contributions, Oxfam Hong Kong strives to make poverty history.” We believe that as a non-profit organization, we only need to have one simple but powerful key message that impacts and sticks. The message should give our target audiences a shared goal to work towards. One that can be easily understood and passed on. We would be conveying this message consistently in all our PR efforts. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 11
  12. 12. Objectives 1. Increase total public/private donations by HK$4.5 million from the newly planned PR activities 2. Increase awareness among target audience about the current situation of poverty around the region that might be caused by various reasons, such as disasters, and state of economy; and what Oxfam HK is currently doing to alleviate the problem, by reaching an additional 50,000 key target audiences and increasing share of voice by 10% 3. Improve Oxfam HK’s image and reputation among publics and be ranked top 3 Hong Kong NGOs in future opinion surveys The overall goal of these objectives is to enable Oxfam HK to further increase the growth of its number of projects in impoverished communities around the region. Strategies In order to achieve our objectives, our strategies are to increase public awareness, and stimulate interest, desire, and action both online and offline. Creating a PR stunt to increase publicity, public knowledge, and involvement from shoppers, families and tourists A PR stunt is important because many of our audiences are passive audiences. We need to attract them in a creative and visually engaging way while at the same time conveying knowledge and Oxfam HK’s message. People will be inclined to be involved as they can publicly show their compassion through donations. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 12
  13. 13. Holding a PR event to improve reputation through positive associations with well-known for-profit organizations To help Oxfam HK get its name out to the publics, we recommend partnering with well- known for-profit organizations that are seeking CSR opportunities to hold events that increase awareness and motivate our target audiences to donate. Securing important accounts/network with high status individuals to increase private donations For any non-profit organization, it would be naïve to be too dependent on public donations. Hence, it is crucial for Oxfam HK to attract big donors who would offer big, and most importantly, frequent donations. Securing and maintaining these key accounts are of utmost importance. Social Media Strategies Increasing awareness and communicating the need for Oxfam HK's work among target youth and young adult audiences through social media Reinforcing recall about methods of donating and maintain mindshare among target audiences through social media Currently, around 3.5 million people in Hong Kong are active on Facebook; half of that are users between 13 to 25 year old. We believe having a solid presence on Facebook will help Oxfam HK gain a greater online presence, raise awareness and involvement from its audiences. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 13
  14. 14. Tactics With clear objectives, and strategies to achieve them in mind, we will demonstrate how we will employ a variety of tactics to carry out the strategies. Oxfam on Facebook The brief Gather 7,000 fans on Facebook and increase web traffic by 100% Target Audience Youths and young adults The Plan Currently, Oxfam HK has many groups and pages that confuses our target audiences and dilutes the company’s credibility. Having fans scattered at different places impedes the organization’s ability to consolidate their supporters and communicate with them through a single voice. Also, Facebook users often use the number of “likes” on the page as the gauge of the organization’s credibility. Oxfam Trailwalker fan page is presently the most successful with 1,900 fans. However it fails to deliver Oxfam HK’s key messages and provides no information about the other ways for the public to get involved. We will be creating an official Oxfam HK Facebook page with customized tabs and an attractive landing page. Since the Trail Walker is Oxfam HK’s flagship event, its page will be kept but linked directly from the official page. The official page will be a platform to educate the public about poverty and keep them updated with the latest happenings such as projects or fundraising events. Visitors will be welcomed with educational but engaging videos, photos, and fun facts. The page will be media heavy and updated everyday. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 14
  15. 15. Oxfam’s Xmas Wish The brief Set up an outdoor PR stunt in Causeway Bay - Times Square - to engage and educate the target audience, motivate them to donate, and to gain wide reach media coverage among traditional media channels and social networks. Target Audience All three target audience segments, in particular shoppers, families and tourists. The Plan Very often, donors do not get the chance to see how their donations are helping the needy. Our idea is to have an installation that 1) represents visually how our target audiences’ giving can make a difference, and 2) stimulates immediate action by them. The outdoor installation will work like a traditional weighing scale placed just outside Times Square for three days in mid- December. This is intentional to coincide with the festive season. Please refer to Appendix B for concept reference. On one end of the scale, there will be a huge translucent ‘present’ dangling above the reach of the poor, and on the other end, there’s another weight bearing down on the shoulders of the poor. Tokens can be bought for HK$50 or HK$500 each, and they are to be slotted into the ‘present’ box. The higher priced token will be heavier. The act of slotting in the token to lift the weight off the shoulders of the poor, and dropping the ‘present’ into their arms, symbolizes the difference every donor can make in reducing poverty. Shops and companies in the vicinity are also encouraged to donate a percentage of their sales to help reach our target donation amount. To create a sense of anticipation, there will be a ticker to show the weight of the tokens in the ‘present’ box and how much more is needed to lift ‘poverty.’ Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 15
  16. 16. Volunteers will be stationed around the installation to educate our target audiences about what Oxfam HK does and why it is important. All our social media channels will be updated live with photos, videos, and performance updates. Besides the novelty of this stunt, we hope to generate even more hype and media attention by having Oxfam HK celebrity ambassadors support our event. Radio stations, journalists, reporters, bloggers and television crew will be invited to cover the PR event. With so much expected media coverage and buzz, we will be asking for corporate sponsorships to fund the costs of the entire installation. ‘Art with a Heart’ Competition The brief Cooperate with MTR Corporation to exhibit artworks by college or university students that fall under a relevant theme, to create involvement and raise awareness. Target Audience Students and MTR commuters The Plan Everyday, almost 4.5 million commuters enter into Hong Kong’s MTR system. During their journey, commuters are faced with an onslaught of advertisements seeking their attention, so much so that rarely, does anyone take the effort to notice them. However, we think that if commuters are faced with art, instead of advertising messages, they will pay attention. Please refer to Appendix B for concept reference. Therefore, the idea is to co-organize an art competition with MTR Corporation, to let students submit 2D artworks of photography, illustration, or paintings, that are relevant to Oxfam HK’s work. This could range from climate change, fair trade, community develop or disaster relief. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 16
  17. 17. Several winning entries will be selected and exhibited within the MTR stations for all of Hong Kong to appreciate. Because of the visual appeal and social message behind the artworks, the media is likely to want to publicize it. Through art, Oxfam HK will be able to involve students and raise awareness about its efforts, in a visually appealing way. ‘Say NO to Poverty’ Carnival The brief Hold Oxfam HK's 'Say NO to Poverty' Carnival with press coverage in October. Target Audience Working adults and their families The Plan To be co-organised with an Oxfam HK partner or corporate supporter such as Unilever, this carnival will feature guest speakers on the fight against poverty, the latest on sustainable development efforts in impoverished communities, and exhibitions showcasing Oxfam HK’s work in the region. For the kids, there will be educational games and hands-on activities to enrich their knowledge of issues such as climate change and poverty. Oxfam HK Charity Dinner The brief Hold a charity dinner with celebrities, important philanthropists, businessmen, etc to attract media attention and raise money while advocating our message. Target Audience Wealthy individuals, celebrities, philanthropists, Oxfam sponsors and businessmen The Plan As a culmination to our efforts and to thank our sponsors and supports, we plan to hold a charity dinner to raise funds for Oxfam HK. The charity dinner will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and aims to sell 200 seats, raising HK$600,000. During the Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 17
  18. 18. event, Oxfam HK will be able to inform our supporters on the progress of our projects and our achievements. Getting these influential people to be aware of Oxfam HK’s work can have the effect of gaining more awareness among the general public. The Big Picture OBJECTIVES Raise Funds Increase Awareness Improve Image STRATEGIES PR Stunt Co-organise events Secure network of people Social Media PR Stunt Co-organise events Social Media PR Stunt Co-organise events Secure network of people TACTICS Oxfam’s Xmas Wish Charity Dinner Oxfam on Facebook Art Competition Oxfam’s Xmas Wish Oxfam on Facebook ‘Say No to Poverty’ Oxfam’s Xmas Wish Charity Dinner ‘Say No to Poverty’ Media Plan To increase awareness about the issue of poverty and the work and events of Oxfam HK, we will focus on pitching to newspapers with high circulation, and will choose to be reported in the features, local news or social issues sections. Also, we will be targeting media (TV news channels, magazines, online) that reach to our target audiences, which include youths, young adults, white collar working adults, and the upper working class. With adoption of social media on the rise, and being prevalent amongst the younger generations and professionals, we are also focusing on encouraging target audiences to generate online content about us. Please refer to Appendix C for our media key targets. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 18
  19. 19. Timeline Our events are planned around the year as follows: • “Art with a Heart” Competition - Mid Jan - End Jun • Oxfam’s Xmas Wish - Mid Nov - End Dec • “Say NO to Poverty” Carnival - Mar - Apr • Charity Dinner - Nov - Dec • Facebook, Twitter, Blogging - Throughout the year Please refer to Appendix D for the Campaign Timeline Budget Based on the public relations activity breakdown, our budget is estimated at HK$348,000, with the bulk of the budget originating from our PR stunt and charity dinner. By seeking out partners and sponsorships, we will be able to reduce our expenditure significantly. Please refer to Appendix E for detailed campaign costing. Estimates of costs were based on online secondary research, experience and logical estimation. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 19 19% 10% 49% 17% 6% Breakdown of PR Budget Art Competition PR Stunt Charity Dinner Social Media Carnival
  20. 20. Expected Donations The PR campaign is expected to 1) increase donations 2) raise awareness 3) improve reputation. While tactics that build on awareness and reputation may not raise donations much in the beginning, its effect will help fund raising in other tactics. Using social media heavily will encourage support and keep us in our target audience’s minds. It is thus one of the chief ways to collect donations, especially when natural disaster occurs unexpectedly. With this in mind, the breakdown of donation sources is expected to look like this: We predict that we will be able to achieve our objective of raising HK$4,680,000, whereby every HK$1 dollar spent raises HK$13 for the poor. Please refer to Appendix F for projected donations. Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 20 1% 43% 45% 11% 1% Expected Donation HK$4,680,000 Art Competition PR Stunt Charity Dinner Social Media Carnival
  21. 21. Campaign Evaluation BasicBasicBasic Measurement Target Method Media Impressions 1,000,000 Print clippings, TV features, online mentions Place, time, tone of every media coverage 50 positive media coverage from targets in media plan Content analysis, systematic tracking Share of Voice 5% increase from previous year Industry statistics Facebook Page “likes” 7,000 increase Number of “likes” Website Traffic 100% increase Website analytics IntermediateIntermediateIntermediate Measurement Target Method Awareness of Oxfam 30% increase from pre survey Pre & post opinion survey Awareness of Oxfam’s work 30% increase from pre survey Pre & post opinion survey AdvancedAdvancedAdvanced Measurement Target Method Donations HK$4.5 million from newly planned PR efforts Donations from Oxfam X’mas Wish, Carnival, Annual Dinner, painting competition, and website donations that were directed from Twitter/Facebook/ Blogs People who would choose Oxfam HK to donate to 20% increase from pre survey Pre & post opinion survey Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 21
  22. 22. References Oxfam. (2010). Annual Report 2009/10 Retrieved 15 Oct 2009, from http://www.oxfam.org.hk/en/annualreport.aspx Oxfam Hong Kong. Retrieved 15 Oct 2009, from http://www.oxfam.org.hk/ Suzuki. (2010). Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics. Retrieved Nov 18, 2009, from www.statistics.gov.hk Wikipedia (n.d.). Newspapers in Hong Kong Retrieved Nov 18, 2009, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspapers_in_Hong_Kong Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 22
  23. 23. Appendix A: Survey Results Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 23
  24. 24. B: Concept References for: Exhibiting ‘Art with a Heart’ Competition in MTR Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 24
  25. 25. Oxfam’s X’Mas Wish Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 25
  26. 26. C: Media Plan Key Targets NewspapersNewspapersNewspapersNewspapers Publication Circulation Brief DescriptionBrief Description Oriental Daily 1762000 Focuses on soft news and targets more mature readers Top 3 most popular newspapers in Hong Kong. But also have the lowest average public credibility scores amongst all newspapers (6.12, 5.51, 5.42 respectively) Apple Daily 1633000 Known to focus on celebrities, daring and sensational news style, and politics Top 3 most popular newspapers in Hong Kong. But also have the lowest average public credibility scores amongst all newspapers (6.12, 5.51, 5.42 respectively) The Sun 537000 Most of its readers are youngsters and bourgeois. Top 3 most popular newspapers in Hong Kong. But also have the lowest average public credibility scores amongst all newspapers (6.12, 5.51, 5.42 respectively) Ming Bao 447000 Take a more serious news style, targeting students, middle class professionals One of the most credible newspapers in Hong Kong (7.24, 6.84) Sing Tao 339000 Take a more serious news style, targeting students, middle class professionals One of the most credible newspapers in Hong Kong (7.24, 6.84) am730 623000 Targets youths who just started working. Pledge accurate and simple news. Free Headline Daily 1093000 Targets busy, on the go working adults Free Metropolis Daily 616000 Targets busy, on the go working adults Free Nielson Data 2008 and "Public evaluation of media credibility" research conducted by the Center for Communication Research within the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006 Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 26
  27. 27. MagazinesMagazinesMagazines Publication Circulation Brief Description Next Magazine 160000 One of the most popular magazines in Hong Kong. Targets middle classes East Week 150000 Content driven and focuses on accurate report of news HK Magazine 100000 Target audiences are graduates, and working population that earns more than HK$30,000 per month. Features about social issues AC Nielson RARD Report Television News ChannelsTelevision News ChannelsTelevision News Channels Company Reach Brief Description ATV 6,800,000 people Target mass audience, including middle class TVB 2,300,000 households Target mass audience, including middle class TVB, ATV Websites Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 27
  28. 28. OnlineOnlineOnline Platform Reach Brief Description Blogs 4,800,000 internet users Bloggers are influential, and thought leaders. Their readers are mostly from the younger generations, intellectuals and professionals. We will build blogger relations via emails and event invitations, and get them to promote Oxfam HK on their blogs. User generated content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. 4,800,000 internet users The social issue advocates, online media savvy people who would produce videos about, tweet, like and share Oxfam HK’s messages. Audiences are people in their social circles and networks. Internet World Stats D: Timeline Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 28
  29. 29. E: Budget Art Competition Publicity Set up Media Space PR Stunt Set Up Volunteer allowance Venue Lease Exhibition Equipment Rental Charity Dinner Food Venue Publicity Activities Social Media Facebook Website Blogs Twitter Carnival Set Up Volunteer allowance Venue Lease (shared) Equipment Publicity Exhibition BUDGETBUDGETBUDGET HK$10,000 HK$10,000 SPONSORED Subtotal HK$20,000 HK$50,000 HK$10,000 SPONSORED HK$2,000 SPONSORED Subtotal HK$62,000 HK$75,000 HK$50,000 HK$40,000 HK$10,000 Subtotal HK$175,000 HK$25,000 HK$10,000 FREE FREE Subtotal HK$35,000 HK$25,000 HK$3,000 HK$15,000 HK$15,000 HK$10,000 REUSE Subtotal HK$68,000 Total HK$360,000 Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 29
  30. 30. F: Expected Donations Art Competition Participants Commuters PR Stunt Accomplished goal of lifting weight Charity Dinner Sale of all seats Private Donations Social Media Public Donations (1 year) Carnival Donations from participants Expected Donations From PR Activities Expected Donations From PR Activities Expected Donations From PR Activities HK$0 HK$50,000 Subtotal HK$50,000 HK$500,000 Subtotal HK$500,000 HK$600,000 HK$1,500,000 Subtotal HK$2,100,000 HK$2,000,000 Subtotal HK$2,000,000 HK$30,000 Subtotal HK$30,000 Total HK$4,680,000 Oxfam Hong Kong Public Relations Plan 2011 30