Roku 3 - The Latest And The Best Streaming Player From Roku


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Roku already has gained a large user base with their excellent streaming players. It recently came out the Roku 3 which is easily the best streaming player that you can get in the market today. Find out what the Roku 3 has and why you should be buying the excellent little gadget.

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Roku 3 - The Latest And The Best Streaming Player From Roku

  1. 1. Roku 3 The Latest And The Best Streaming Player From RokuMake sure you read this extensive highlight and frequently asked questions (FAQ) on thenew Roku 3 if you are looking to buy this excellent streaming player. A. Dent “Aragorn” hasprovided very comprehensive and easy to understand information on the Roku 3. You shouldbe able to find most of your answers with regards to the Roku 3 with the informationprovided.If you need more information, then you should also check out this excellent article inSquidoo: The Roku 3 Is Even More Amazing Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fast, enormous channels selection, major user interface upgrade(hands-on plus FAQ), March 6, 2013By A. Dent "Aragorn" (Minas Anor, GD)NOTE: After a few days with Roku 3 I decided to upgrade my initial 4-star rating to a 5-star.I still wish Roku supported Youtube natively but the lack of it is mitigated by the majorimprovements this new Roku has over its predecessors. Amazons reviewing guidelinesuggests that 5 stars means "I love it" and I absolutely do love Roku 3. Indeed, I can easilyswitch to my PS3 or Blu-ray player if I wanted to watch Youtube but theres no other devicewith such a great selection of channels and the better, faster user interface alone is worth oneextra star._______________________________________________________________MY EXPERIENCEFor anyone new to the Roku world, I would recommend the Roku 3 over any other previousmodels mainly on it being so much faster to operate. If cost is an issue and 720p only is not abother then the LT should be a great pick for half the price.True for all Roku models: theres an enormous amount of channels to choose from, includingmost popular ones. And if theres something that you cant find in the official store you canalways check the private channel listings (I included the URL of my favorite site) which iswhere I found things such as streaming CNN, CNN International and BBC World.The streaming is exceptionally smooth. Quite impressive considering that I set this Roku onthe second floor, some 60-70 ft. and two floors away from our Wi-Fi router located in thebasement.This model especially, due to the more powerful processor is easy to operate through Rokusvery basic remote control.Roku 3 and all Rokus are stable. I didnt have the Roku 3 for too long (will update) but myexperience with a Roku LT was that it almost never crashes and I only had to manuallyreconnect to my Wi-Fi router once over a 6-months period.The universal search feature is quite amazing. You simply type in the name of a movie orshow even an actor and you will see all you options on all channels and you will know inadvance whether its going to be free or exactly how much it was going to cost. On the Roku3 all information appears almost instantly._______________________________________________________________ Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. THE FAQI will try to keep this section as objective (factual) as possible.Q: Why would I want a Roku?A: Roku has, by far, the largest number of channels vs. any other competing product. If youlike exploring content beyond the popular services (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) you shouldconsider a Roku?Q: Why would I want a Roku 3?A: When compared to previous models, this one has a much faster processor, 5 times faster.The faster processor allows you to quickly navigate the new and much improved userinterface but if speed is not an issue, the new interface will appear on the older models byApril, 2013. This model also adds a private listening capability through a provided pair ofheadphones that plug directly into the remote control. In addition it supports Dual-bandwireless for faster streaming when connected to a router that supports the feature and has aUSB port.Q: When I shouldnt pick a Roku 3 over other Roku models?A: Roku 3 does not support standard (non HD) TVs but earlier models do. You should selecta lesser model such as the Roku LT when price is the issue and/or your HD TV is limited to720p and speed is not an issue.Q: What can I play through the USB port?A: Video: MP4 (H.264), MKV (H.264); Audio: AAC, MP3; Image: JPG, PNG.Q: Is the Roku 3 expandable?A: Yes. There a MicroSD slot for additional game and channel storage memory.Q: Can I use a Roku 3 with any TV lacking an HDMI port?A: No.Q: What are the best screen resolution and audio supported by Roku 3?A: 1080p, 7.1/5.1 surround sound.Q: Is the Roku 3 energy efficient?A: According to Roku, typical power consumption is 3.5W when streaming HD video.Q: How do I connect a Roku 3 to the Internet?A: You can do it wither via Wi-Fi or through the wired Ethernet port. Technically speaking:802.11 dual-band (a/b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 support (wireless) and10/100 Base-T Ethernet for the wired connection.Q: What is not included but I must have to make my Roku 3 work besides a TV and an Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Internet router?A: An HDMI cable.Q: Can I control the Roku 3 with a universal remote?A: Yes.Q: Do I need line of site to control the Roku 3?A: No if you use Rokus own remote, yes if you use a universal remote control.Q: Can I play games on the Roku 3?A: Yes, it comes with Angry Birds Space preloaded and you may add more games from thestore.Q: Are the Roku channels free?A: Many of them are but Roku also streams premium channels for which you will require aseparate subscription.Q: What are private channels.A: These are channels that, for whatever reason, are not listed by the channel store. You caneasily make them appear on your TV by picking them from one of the sites that lists suchchannels. See the first comment to this review for the URL of one such site.Q: How much it costs to use a Roku?A: Once purchased, it could cost you nothing. Or you may subscribe to one or more premiumservices.Q: Can I search for a specific movie or show across all of Rokus channel?A: Yes, you can. Even better, Roku will not only tell you which channel carries it but youwill know in advance if it will cost you and how much it will cost to view or rent it. You canalso search for other related information such as movies featuring one specific actor.Q: Can I watch Youtube on the Roku?A: Roku does not offer native Youtube support currently but certain channels such asVideoBuzz do provide a round-about way to stream it.Q: Can I get live news channels on the Roku?A: Yes. The private channels site will allow you to add channels such as CNN, CNNInternational and BBC World, among others.Q: Are non-video streams supported?A: Yes, radio stations and music streaming channels such as Pandora are supported. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. What other Roku 3 owners thought of their streaming player:5.0 out of 5 stars Roku 3 Love it, March 7, 2013By LisaI was able to preview the Roku 3 before final release and this product is amazing. This is myfirst time testing a product like this before and I love it. It has a search feature to find outwhat services are playing your favorite movie or TV show. The streaming was rock solid,didnt have any glitches that I saw. You can also play angry birds on it which was fun on my65 in tv. It comes with a remote / gaming remote similar to how the wii controller works.There are also headphone jacks that plug into the remote for listening to Pandora or a movieand not disturbing people around you. When you plug in the headphones the tv sound will gooff. It was quite fun and entertaining.The only issues I had was for my sound system there was no optical audio out, it does haveHDMI so I just plugged it direct into my tv for sound and video. You can plug in a USB stickand it will play most media files but as of writing this it does not play avi fles.All in all I loved this and it worked like a charm.5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING, March 7, 2013By franedwards76I truly love this little streaming device in my house. Not only is this small, lightweight &portable, but it comes with hundreds of channels to watch, including Amazon Instant Video,Hulu Plus, Vudu, Netflix, Pandora and lots and lots more channels. This also has the coolpurple ear buds that plug right into the remote, so you are not bothering anyone else whenplaying movies, games or listening to music.So many games to play on this unit but only a few I truly enjoyed and they are Jepordy,Wheel Of Fortune and Angry Birds. The remote is motion censored, leaving you with the feelof the Wii Remote.I love the fact that if you are travelling, you can actually put this in your pocket, take it to 1 ofhundreds of hotels that offer free wifi & connect it, watch all the movies you normally watchat home.The downfall to this Roku is ....... No YouTube Channel, Screensavers are not very good &HDMI Cable that comes with unit is cheaply made.I would recommend this product to anyone, especially if you have children. This is a huge hitin our household and we cannot live without this little guy.5.0 out of 5 stars Greatly improved speed and user interface over previous Roku devices,March 8, 2013By M. Clipper (Phoenix, AZ)I own four of the 1st generation Rokus, and Ive purchased / configured several 2ndgeneration Rokus as gifts. We still use the 1st-gen devices in our home, but their specs arent Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. keeping up with channel enhancements from Roku (in terms of memory space or hardwarerequirements). So I was excited when I saw the Roku 3 product announcement, and Iimmediately ordered one on the first day of availability.Overall, Im very pleased with the speed enhancements and improvements to the userinterface. According to one article I read, the processor inside the unit is 5 times faster than inprevious generations, and you can tell. Browsing through the channels is very quick andfluid, which was one of the biggest drawbacks to the previous generations. The new unifiedsearch tool is probably my favorite feature. You can use it to search for a movie title, actor,etc., and it will search across all the major streaming services for availability. Then, you justclick on which streaming service you want to use, and the search tool takes you right to thatservice and the title you were looking for.The new remote is nice. Its not much different from the 2nd-gen remote, except that it nowhas a headphone jack, and it uses Wi-Fi Direct instead of Bluetooth to communicate with theRoku. (The latter change means you cant use a 2nd-gen remote with the Roku 3, and vice-versa.) I havent used the headphone jack yet, but I can see that as a nice feature to use whenthe spouse and kids are asleep. My only complaint with the remote is the position of the OKbutton. Instead of it being in the center of the directional pad, its now below the D-pad. Thiswas done in the 2nd-gen to optimize the remote for gaming, but for a 1st-gen user whodoesnt plan on using the Roku for gaming, its hard to get used to.Because of its tremendous improvement in speed, the Roku 3 would be a great upgrade foran owner of any previous generation Roku. And for those new to streaming players, the Roku3 is definitely the one to go with (as of March 2013). Roku has by far the best selection ofstreaming services available. If a movie or TV show is available on a streaming service, youcan be sure youll be able to watch it on a Roku.The best place to buy the Roku 3 is from Amazon. Click on the button below to buy it nowand start enjoying your entertainment. Click on the button above to buy Roku 3 from Amazon. Page 6 of 7
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