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Linked in testimonials 0111

  1. 1. Bryan R. Adams Founder/Publicist, FAB Communications, Inc. 10 people have recommended Bryan R. "Bryan Adams is my go to person for publicity. He is well connected and has innovative approaches. His tenacity evident in the media coverage his clients receive. I will continue to refer and employ Bryan whenever opportunities arise." — Robyn Greene Arrington, was Bryan R.'s client "Bryan is the model for other PR professionals in the field. He is one of the few Publicists that I know that has embraced the crucial aspects of new media along with traditional methods that his clients are in need of. His enthusiasm and his ability and willingness to pay it forward, make him an outstanding business partner, vendor, prospect and client to be in contact with." — Ruben Quinones, Senior Account Manager - VP, Path Interactive, was with another company when working with Bryan R. at FAB Communications, Inc. "Whether working for a major record label or heading his own venture, Bryan Adams has always remained humble, generous and professional, going out of his way to share, nurture and educate. He inspires me to be a better person." — kris ex, Cultural Genius, kris ex, ink., was with another company when working with Bryan R. at Tommy Boy Music "Bryan says, "Exposure is not indecent, it's FABULOUS!" and he's a man of his word. He has connections with many colleagues in the entertainment and public relations arenas, and can be instrumental in getting his client's projects "out into the world" for people to discover. He's also a lot of fun to be around, and knows how important it is to "always be present" in word and deed." — Marc Silverman, Owner,, was a consultant or contractor to Bryan R. at FAB Communications, Inc. "Bryan is a detailed oriented, creative publicist who is well connected. Highly energetic, dedicated representative, Brian gets your product, service, or business in the spotlight in ingenious and resourceful ways." — Sabrina Lamb, was Bryan R.'s client Page 3
  2. 2. "Bryan Adams is an awesome professional and great friend. Years ago, Bryan and I worked on a collaborative project and I learned much from his approach-- strategic thinking, creative analysis, phenomenal networking skills and easy going disposition. Many people are unaware of Bryan's influential magic as it relates to delivering for his clients." — Karen Taylor Bass, Media Strategist/Founder, TaylorMade Media, worked with Bryan R. at FAB Communications, Inc. "Bryan is a consummate professional. He makes deals happen , through networking into the right relationships, strong follow through, and the ability to close the sale. - Highly Recommended" — Terrence Alexander, Consultant, Sterling Interiors Group, Inc., was with another company when working with Bryan R. at FAB Communications, Inc. "In the short time I have been working with Bryan, he has proven to be intelligent, focused, capable and willing to explore new ideas. We consulted Bryan about rolling our a new application both digitally and online, and Bryan really did his due diligence, testing the application, asking questions, offering suggestions and putting us to task in really defining our objectives and justifying our plan of action. Bryan is highly professional and possesses a great deal of personal and professional integrity. I would definitely recommend him to other individuals, entities or businesses interested in working with someone who works hard, and thoroughly understands his industry and how to impact the bottom line of his clients." — Stephen Chukumba, Partner, DOT.TUNES, worked with Bryan R. at FAB Communications, Inc. "I'm very fortunate to have met and worked for Bryan Adams at his company FAB communications. He has a certain zeal thats hard to come by. I learned a lot about PR and communications through my short tenure at FAB. His positive disposition towards business and ability to speak to everyone on their level about his vocation are two things I took away from my time at FAB." — Eric Tash, PR intern, Fab Communications, reported to Bryan R. at FAB Communications, Inc. "Bryan was great. He handled publicity for my WC album back in the day and knocked it out. Got us some covers and TV appearances." — Josh Levine, Artist Manager, Rebel Music, was Bryan R.'s client Contact Bryan R. on LinkedIn Page 4