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NACT's IVR System (Customer Service IVR)
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NACT's IVR System (Customer Service IVR)


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For more information on our products and services, please visit

For more information on our products and services, please visit

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. Description The Customer Service IVR allows companies to decrease the need for customer service staff. Retail customers can now call a customer service hotline and automatically receive credit for problem calls. Because of this, NACT’s customers have reported an 80% decrease in customer service needs.
  • 3. The Customer Experience The customer will interact with the IVR from their phone. The IVR voice prompts the customer interacts with are customizable and can be made to say anything, in any language. (Click the links underneath the slide for our demo system)
  • 4. The IVR Portal The rest of the presentation will focus on the web based IVR portal, which Customer Service Representatives (CSR) can use to determine if a customer should be credited. The portal also includes numerous reporting features which help analyze automated credits authorized by the IVR.
  • 5. Widgets The widgets provide an overview of customer complaints. The IVR credit widget provides information on calls that were credited. The IVR access widget displays all calls that were credited for access list problems.The destination number widget displays all calls that were credited due to destination problems.
  • 6. Setup – Credit Filters The Credit Filters section determines the thresholds which will be used to automatically credit a call. For instance in the scenario pictured above for India Proper, a call under 30 seconds will automatically be credited by the IVR system. Additionally, the maximum credit is determined. In this case the maximum credit is 1.2.
  • 7. Setup – Credit Filters (Continued) The credit filters are easily setup/edited via the web gooey.
  • 8. CSR Pin # lookup The IVR system does not automatically credit a customer. Instead, the customer has the option to contact a CSR. The CSR can then search the customers pin number to investigate. The above two screen shots display: A) pin # search tool B) General Information about the pin that was generated as a result of the pin # search tool.
  • 9. CSR Pin # lookup (Continued) The CSR has the ability to drill down into the call records. The system shows if the customer received a credit via the IVR or a CSR. It also gives the CSR the ability to credit the customer.
  • 10. Reporting The CSR report lists the granted CSR credits.The report is searchable via date ranges. There are 10 field options to narrow or broaden the data output.The report can also be exported to a CSV file.
  • 11. Reporting (Continued) There are several different IVR reports available. A CSR can generate a report via the customers Caller ID, DNIS,ANI or PIN.
  • 12. Reporting (Continued) The call log report will display all calls made.
  • 13. Reporting (Continued) The credit call report will display all credited calls.
  • 14. Reporting (Continued) The uncredited call report will display all uncredited calls.
  • 15. Reporting (Continued) The destination call report will display all calls with destination issues and access call report will display all calls with access number issues.
  • 16. Thank You for viewing overview of the CSR IVR system. We invite you to contact our sales department to view a full live demonstration of our system. About NACT: NACT is the world’s leading provider of prepaid application solutions, having sold and installed more than 650 switching platforms – in 26 countries – that control more than 12 billion minutes of traffic annually. NACT’s prepaid solutions represent the industry standard for highly reliable and cost effective Class 4/5 hardware and software solutions. NACT’s Vinci, and Vinci Softswitch Solutions insure that service providers can deliver the latest in VoIP and Next Generation network services, while maximizing profits using real-time billing, routing and rating. For more information please contact: Eric Goodstein Office: 801-802-1306 Mobile: 516-322-8936