Linzi Stoppard Swarovski


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Linzi Stoppard & Swarovski violin break world record.

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Linzi Stoppard Swarovski

  1. 1. Linzi Stoppard And Swarovski Violin Breaks World RecordBespoke jewelery brandSwarovski Crystal join forceswith the world leading electricviolin duo FUSE to create anexclusive one-off pair of milliondollar violins, never seen beforeand to be repeated.FUSE are virtuoso violinistsLinzi Stoppard, former modeland daughter-in-law of Sir TomStoppard, and Ben Lee, the 2-time Fastest Violin Player in theworld Guinness World Recordholder. Linzi and Ben formedthis dynamic violin duo in 2008.Both classically trained for the age of 4 and 5 respectively Linzi and Ben explored the boundaries ofthe acoustic violin but both by different routes decided the electric variation of the instrument waswhere they wanted to be. At the time classical cross-over was just being born, it was the naturalextension for the acoustic instrument but it wasnt long before both of these world leadingmusicians coincidentally decided the boundaries needed to be pushed. More and more violinistswere switching to cross-over and ultimately ended up performing the same unimaginative music.this was too mundane for Linzi and Ben and hence lead to their fortuitous meeting.Linzi had carved herself a special niche performing around the world at A-list events with herdance/club variation of the cross-over sound andwithin a short few months was in global demand.But her passion lay more towards the world ofrock. However the instrument of choice for rockmusic was the guitar but Linzi was convinced theviolin could be as versatile as the more commonplace guitar. In order to really prove theimpossible Linzi knew two was better than one toproduce the harmonies, light and dark,arrangements and of course the performancenecessary to accompany this more dynamic, highimpact and ultimately more powerful musicaldirection. Welcome Ben Lee.Ben had come from the indie session world, he was the first pick for cool bands who wanted to addthe string flavour to their tracks. He was also the "fastest fingers" at the Royal College which wouldcome to prominence later in FUSEs meteoric rise. Ben understood the value of affecting the violinsound that Linzi was after, taking it away from the monotone drown other violin acts were using.Linzi and Ben locked themselves away rehearsal rooms, beg and borrowing whatever equipmentthey could lay their hands on to develop a sound that was way beyond anything before. After two orthree months of experimenting with guitar analogue valve amps, processors and the obligatorydigital wizardry the FUSE sound was born. It was fresh, exciting, high energy and took the violin toa place never heard before.
  2. 2. Six months later and the eponymous debut album was demoed and in the melting pot with some ofthe major rock labels. A deal followed shortly and FUSE were label mates with the likes of Prince,Simple Minds, The Police, Stevie Wonder and Kiss. The album is a collection of rock anthems, butLinzi and Bens classical routes and influences are still there to be heard woven into tracks like LedCarmina, Fix You, Beat It and the lead track Glorious. FUSE had aligned themselves with music royalty - so“Exclusive to world leading electric far such exclusive collaborations with Swarovski hadviolin duo FUSE the one-off pair of been limited to artists such as Michael Jackson,Swarovski Crystal Signature violins Beyonce, Madonna and Taylor Swift. With this sort ofare worth over $1,500,000 each...” exclusivity the new Swarovski Signature Violins were in need of a special introduction and where better than Harrods, the most aspirational store in the world.Once Linzi and Ben presented their "Swarovskis" to the directors of Harrods it was forgoneconclusion; they adored them. It was straight to the drawing board to organise a launch to coincidewith the release of FUSEs new album. There were many options in-store for FUSE to present theirSwarovskis to the media but take one look at the Egyptian Escalator and it was clear this is where itwould take place. It is iconic within Harrods and the main artery connecting all 5 floors. FUSErevealed their Signature Violins at a media call in-store and then the instruments were displayed ina bullet proof glass case at the top of the escalator for the public to view. Linzi Stoppard of FUSE said, "These violins are incredible, just stunning - the light explodes off the Swarovski crystals. We love the fact that whilst they have become pieces of art, we can still play the songs from our new album FUSE on them. David Miller, Director of Harrods Home commented "We are delighted to welcome FUSE to our world-famous store to celebrate the launch of their debut album." He went on to say "Harrods is renowned for enhancing its customers shopping experience and added On this occasion, our customers will have the chance to catch a glimpse of these extraordinary masterpieces which will beexhibited on the fifth floor of the iconic Egyptian Escalators until 2nd June."In the violin world FUSE were catapulted to a completely new level, the package was irresistible -Beautiful looking violinists, a new and modern sound, the twist on a classical instrument now cladin thousands of crystal creating a new world record in doing so, along side Bens two Violin SpeedWorld Records, no violin group had managed to create such a wealth of interest, angles andattention when first bursting on to the scene.
  3. 3. More power to their elbows!