12th Grade Environmental ScienceInstructor: Ms. Lindsey La Barge                          Practice and Presentation: Colle...
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12th Grade Environmental Science


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12th Grade Environmental Science

  1. 1. 12th Grade Environmental ScienceInstructor: Ms. Lindsey La Barge Practice and Presentation: Collecting and Purifying Water This is the last assignment of the class and I will divide the class into five groups of three. All of theplanning and preparation must take place within the sustainability discussion group folder. I will let you knowwhat group number you are in and you will be required to join the discussions within that number folder.Within this discussion, it must be evident that each of the group members is contributing equally. If you haveany questions, please e-mail or page me and I will respond within 24 hours. You can also call me on thephone between 8:00AM and 6:00PM Monday through Friday.Project: Each group is to create an apparatus to collect and purify water. Be creative. This is the time to tryany theory that you might have about effectively collecting and purifying water that might otherwise beunusable. First each group will design a collecting and purifying plan. Then describe the plan in a short essaywith diagrams if needed. Post this essay within the sustainability discussion group folder so that each groupmember can read it. The last part of the project is to put the plan into practice. At least one member in eachgroup is required to build the collecting and purifying apparatus. Extra credit will be given for each extragroup member that builds the design that has been agreed upon. It is required to take measurements of thewater collected and state how the water will be used. Also, take pictures to add to the final presentation.Presentation: Each group will be required to load a PowerPoint presentation into the sustainability forum byMay 12, 2009 at 5:00PM. This will give everyone a chance to look at and respond to each group’spresentation by May 19, 2009. Each student is required to respond to all projects, except their own. ThePowerPoint must have notes at the bottom of each slide describing each group member’s participation andthoughts that were not added to the actual slide. Citations must be added to the slide using MLA format. Thiswebsite: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/ will help you properly format citations. Go to thebottom of the page and click on the type of source that you need to cite.Project Grade: Each group member will receive the same grade on the project, so make sure that you doyour part to the best of your ability. I will ask each of you to review the other two members of your group, sothat you can let me know if each person participated equally. Remember that you can get 5 extra credit pointsfor each extra group member that builds the designed water collecting and purifying system. This project isworth 10% of your final grade. This project is worth 100 points, but you can get as many as 110 points if yourproject meets all the requirements and all team members build the water collecting and purifying system. - Each member must be involved in designing the collecting and purifying apparatus.  Include evidence of this in the notes in the PowerPoint. - The amount of water collected, from the apparatus, must be monitored for at least 2 days.  This information must be included in the PowerPoint. (worth 20 points) - The research, building, collection and purifying process must be described in the PowerPoint presentation. (worth 20 points)  Be sure to include pictures. (worth 20 points) - Notes must be added to each slide of the PowerPoint to describe each members input. (worth 10 points) - Make sure to use citations where necessary. (worth 10 points) - Include a bibliography as the last slide of the PowerPoint. (worth 10 points) - Student evaluation. (worth 10 points) - Remember the extra credit offered.Due Date: The final project is due May 12, 2009 at 5:00PM and all discussion is due on May 19, 2009.