PostgreSQL Conference: West 08
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PostgreSQL Conference: West 08

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Keynote for PostgreSQL Conference West 08

Keynote for PostgreSQL Conference West 08

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  • 1. PostgreSQL – Since East 08 Joshua D. Drake PostgreSQL.Org PgUS Command Prompt, Inc.
  • 2. Could we do any more in 6 months?  New development model  Non profit structure continuing  Better tertiary project interactions  Certification making milestones  PostgreSQL with Replication  What about the next 6 months?
  • 3. New Development Model  Don't worry, we are still meritocracy based.  However we have increased distributed efficiency • Commit Fest • 2 months of development • 1 month of review and commit • Increased transparency
  • 4. More Reviewers!  Increase in development transparency • Increased number of patch reviewers • Not all are hard core developers • If you can develop in Python (or ahem Perl), you can likely read (and understand) many patches. • Participating in feature proposals allows for better perspective for the developers
  • 5. Release schedule shift  Historically releases come out around December • Creates a dry spell of development and testing in July and August  8.4 has a slightly longer development timeline to push release until March 2009 • Creates a larger beta cycle allowing for better testing and higher quality release
  • 6. Non profit infrastructures continuing  PgEU – Europe as a whole  PgUS – United States  PgBR - Brazil  PgIT - Italian  PgFR – French Speaking  PgJP – Japan (longer than anyone)  SPI – For general International support  Did I miss any?
  • 7. PgEU  PgEU • Moving forward nicely • Has own conference in conjunction with in a week • Has begun process of committees and appropriately organizing • Here, now – Wave Magnus!
  • 8. PgUS  PgUS • Moving forward nicely • Elections, NOW! • Four additional board members to be seated after election • Platforms : • Is speaking at Northern Arizona State in a week (hopefully the first of many engagements)
  • 9. Tertiary project interactions  The community is starting to have more proactive interactions with developers who support PostgreSQL outside of the core software • SQL Alchemy (Wave Jek) • Catalyst, DBIx:Class (Wave MST) • Drupal • Not here but has set up a list specifically for ensuring postgresql (and others) have a communication channel:
  • 10. Certification!  The PostgreSQL Certification Project • A project by the community, for professionals who need certification  Isn't certification overrated? • Yes  Then Why? • Because it is a base level requirement for many positions as well as entry into government.
  • 11. Certification Milestones  Determine delivery method • Done: Paper (for now, it's cheap)  Proctored or not • Proctored (let's keep it honest) • Ideas include working with Professors from Higher Education  International Effort • Europe, South America and North America are all well represented
  • 12. Certification Status  JTA – Job Task Analysis is open • We need to know what to certify on before we can certify •  Many thanks to the BSD Certification Project who has helped us tremendously.
  • 13. PostgreSQL with Replication?  In the beginning there was Er-Server and we were afraid  Then there was Replicator but it was closed  Then there was Slony-I but it was complicated  Then there was log shipping but it was limited  Then there was an announcement... and we waited, and waited, and waited... Was it a joke?
  • 14. PostgreSQL Replicator  A PostgreSQL distribution with integrated replication.  BSD licensed  Open Development  Works with 8.1 and 8.3 • Replication between versions also supported  • /public/replicator
  • 15. Replication for 8.4  Possibly.... • 2ndQuandrant is working on a patch that would allow synchronous/hot standby functionality • Read-only slave is still up in the air • Partial replication is out • Great for directly connected fail over capable machines.
  • 16. What about the next 6 months?  More work with Higher Education  Continue to court developers  Further Advocacy to tertiary groups  Release 8.4!
  • 17. More work with higher education  Develop .edu contacts  Determine .edu needs  Identify .edu conferences and workshops  Interact with students
  • 18. Develop .edu contacts  Start a dialog • Find out what technology they teach • Provide information to them • Don't “sell” them, they are busy • Get information about their programs from their perspective
  • 19. Determine .edu needs  Talks with Staff, Professors and students  What bugs them the most?  What problems can PostgreSQL solve for them? • Remember, it isn't just using PostgreSQL in curriculum it is using PostgreSQL to solve technological (and budgetary) problems for the school
  • 20. Major conferences and workshops  The professional world is easy • OSCON • OpenSource World (prev. Linuxworld) • WEST/EAST (*flex*) • PgCon (Ottawa) • Ohio Linux Fest • Southern California Expo
  • 21. Major Conferences part two  Education is different • PostgreSQL does not currently present at: • Educause • SIGCSE etc...  Convincing the future is proactive and helps build our base, growing from the ground up.
  • 22. Interact with Students  Host workshops at schools  Conferences where students get in free  Provide resources that are directly applicable • Best practices for relational design are not necessarily best practices for PostgreSQL design  Free Curriculum  Internships at PostgreSQL Companies
  • 23. Continue to court developers!  We can never have enough developers • We want more C hackers • We want more Perl hackers • We want more PHP hackers • We want more Python hackers • We do not need more LOLCode hackers • Hi Josh!
  • 24. Court developers part two  Reach out! • We want every utility, application, framework, and language driver  Educate developers, with use cases why PostgreSQL is the best FOSS database.  Insuring we are the most versatile and developed for platform benefits everyone in this community.
  • 25. Further education of tertiary groups  Convicing users of Drupal to use PostgreSQL is a good thing  Finding more active developers to participate with pdo_pgsql is a good thing  Participating in the DB API 3.0 (Python) specification is a good thing
  • 26. Release 8.4  Hopefully with in place upgrades! (and then go to EAST)