Intro to FOSS & using it in development
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Intro to FOSS & using it in development



This presentation talks about the following:

This presentation talks about the following:
- Quick intro to FOSS
- Why we should use it in development.
- A proposed strategy overview



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Intro to FOSS & using it in development Intro to FOSS & using it in development Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to FOSS and using it in Egypt's Development By: Ahmed Mekkawy Ahmed @
  • About the Presenter
    • Ahmed Mekkawy AKA linuxawy
    • Free Software Advocate.
    • FSF member.
    • Admin in EGLUG.
    • Member of ArabTechies.
    • One of the founders of OpenEgypt.
    • Founder & CTO of Spirula Systems.
  • What will talk about
    • Introduction to FOSS
    • FOSS concepts
    • Why FOSS is suitable for Egypt
    • How to use FOSS in developing our beloved country
  • How it all started
      • Richard Stallman (RMS) and the printer driver.
      • Left MIT to create GNU (Gnu's Not Unix).
      • Stop companies monopoly of the users (us).
      • Linux Trovalds, the Finnish guy.
      • Kernel + GNU tools = GNU/Linux OS
  • Concepts
      • Unix
      • GNU tools
      • Linux kernel
      • GNU/Linux
      • GNU OS (GNU/Hurd)
      • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
      • Distributions.
      • Free != Free from charge, Free == Freedom
      • Open Source is a development methodology
      • Free Software is a social movement.
  • 4 Freedoms
      • Freedom 0: The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
      • Freedom 1: The freedom to study how the program works and adopt it to your needs. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
      • Freedom 2: The freedom to distribute copies.
      • Freedom 3: The freedom to improve the program and release your improvements to the public so that the whole community benefits
  • FOSS Examples
      • OS: GNU/Linux
      • Programming languages: C/C++, Ocaml, PHP, Python, Ruby, Lua, … etc.
      • Servers: Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Postfix, … etc.
      • Desktop application: Firefox, Chromium, LibreOffice, VLC media player, … etc.
  • FOSS outside the Software world
      • IMHO, FOSS is the father of the concept of crowd sourcing , which is used in lots of projects, most notable one is wikipedia.
  • Strategic View Why FOSS and Egypt ?
  • Why we need FOSS
      • Financial:
          • Reduced Cost.
          • Foreign currency.
          • Local companies.
      • Security:
          • Backdoors.
          • Foreign Specialists.
      • Strategic:
          • Losing foreign companies/countries control over our infrastructure.
      • Eduction:
          • Rising the technical knowledge.
      • Socially:
          • Decreasing the digital gap.
          • Rising freedom concepts.
  • Why Egypt?
      • Human Resources.
      • Freedom (hopefully).
      • Geographic Location.
      • Arabic Market.
  • What to do
      • We are trying to figure this out in OpenEgypt.
      • The keyword is ' ecosystem '
      • Make these entities interact and be in mutual benefit mode:
          • Education and Training
          • Private Sector
          • Government
          • R & D
          • FOSS Communities and Non-Profit Organization.
  • Thank You