Everything is a Game

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My presentation in "ICT in our lives" in Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University, Dec 2013 …

My presentation in "ICT in our lives" in Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University, Dec 2013

Trying to understand the IT industry trends in the lights of the game theory, with a focus on cloud computing and FOSS.

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  • 1. Everything is a Game Ahmed Mekkawy ahmed@linuxawy.org
  • 2. About the Presenter • • • • • Free Software Activist. Founder of Spirula Systems. Admin in EGLUG. Co-founder in OpenEgypt. Independent consultant in MCIT.
  • 3. Disclaimer This presentation is discussing the analogy between specific cases in the game theory and IT evolution. This isn't a scientific research, though it depends on popular theories.
  • 4. Everything is a Game? • Could games contain the wisdom we seek? (yeah it sounds crazy). • Let's assume a strategy, multiplayer, not zero-sum (the world actually grows).
  • 5. Games • Start all alike. • Differentiate, innovate, take different paths, be unpredictable some times. • As the world gets more mature, best actions are the similar to your opponents, not the individually most beneficial move.
  • 6. So I can't innovate? Of course you can. Just tell the others what is the good things you are doing so you can all help each other (you do want that to happen).
  • 7. Computing • • • • Mainframe + terminals. PCs and similars. Open Internet. Mobility and Cloud.
  • 8. Proprietary Vs. FOSS • • • • Software was free/libre. Open letter to hobbyists. Proprietary software. GNU, Linux, and FOSS.
  • 9. Is this theory about Games? From Wikipedia: Game theory is a study of strategic decision making. More formally, it is "the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers". An alternative term suggested is interactive decision theory. Game theory is mainly used in economics, political science, and psychology, as well as logic and biology.
  • 10. Conclusion Work Casually and Play Hard Ahmed Mekkawy ahmed.mekkawy@SpirulaSystems.com This presentation was made using 100% FOSS: LibreOffice / LXDE / Debian Jessie GNU/Linux