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  1. 1. Corporate SolutionsLinkedIn Talent PipelineGet Ready ChecklistHit the ground running with this handy checklist to assess your current talent lead management process and understandhow you can make the most out of Talent Pipeline. Find the leads you want in your pipeline Take a look around the places you store talent leads before they formally apply for the job. Do you have folders of resumes? Do you use spreadsheets? Are there candidates in your ATS that weren’t hired, but may be good for future roles? Gather these together. You’ll be able to add contacts individually, import folders of resumes (Word or PDF format) and import spreadsheets into Recruiter. Identify the sources of your leads In addition to finding great candidates in the LinkedIn network, where else do you find great people today? You will be able to add a “Source” to all of the profiles you import and any profiles you are already tracking in Recruiter. For example, if you meet a promising candidate at a conference and then add that person to Recruiter, you could use “Conference” as their Source. Examples: LinkedIn, Job board, ATS, Conference, Referral Decide what to name each Status You probably go through a process today, even if informally, to evaluate prospects before they apply or are asked to apply for a job. How you describe those stages? What stages would your entire team want to track? A candidate’s Status for a project can be added to any profile and then used in reports to track progress. One best practice customers have found is that using fewer statuses is often better because it’s easy for the team to learn and adopt. Examples: Contacted, Screened, Applied, Future Prospect Create great tags Are there particular attributes or skills of candidates that you want to highlight? Or maybe there is something that doesn’t necessarily appear on a profile, but is important information to track. Tags can be added to profiles so you can easily spot these essential attributes. Additionally, you can search by Tags to immediately find the type of people you are looking for. Examples: Will relocate, Languages, Senior Accountant, HTML 5
  2. 2. Suggested SettingsBelow are suggested settings for Sources, Tags, and Status based on feedback from early users of Talent Pipeline.When Talent Pipeline becomes available, the suggestions below will be pre-populated in the Admin activation screens.If the options look just about right to you, then we suggest you start with these and make changes once you becomemore familiar with these new features. If you have your own process already, then adjust the options to match yourworkflow. Settings can be changed any time from the Admin screen.LinkedIn’s Suggested Setting Sources Status Tags ATS Not Contacted Accounting Infrastructure Conference Contacted Administrative Manager Email Screened Architect Marketing Job Board Applied Board Media Networking Declined Business Development Networking Referral Do Not Contact C-level Operations Agency Future Prospect Director Product Management College Engineer Product Marketing Online Resource Executive Project Management Finance QA *LinkedIn (this default can’t be removed) HR Recruiting Infrastructure Sales Manager Strategy Marketing Technical Media VP NetworkingCustomize Your Company’s Settings Below Sources Status Tags This section is most likely to have updated. Which skills, roles or other attributes are most important to your team? Note that you are limited to 300 tags.
  3. 3. Status, Source, and Tags Track lead sources Track lead’s status inappear throughout the profile Add Tags to track and find individuals the pipeline so you are always in the know with key attributes Work as a team with full visibility and collaborationThey also appear in search filtersas well as search results Search the whole network or leads in your pipeline Filter by status, source, or other key criteria Show status and contact history of each leadIn Reports, key data insightsare based on Statuses Gain insight on leadSources, and Tags source success Monitor status of all leads Track project activity Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.