EneE+rtr,ss.   The Sutra                 of Yisuali zttrg                  The Buddha of        Immeasurable Lengttr of Li...
9l                 ,- v -?                       -:t             ffn jur@     ?-f                                    THE S...
$q.e&*$,!E                         92   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 2H&s{nHEmWF.f-ffi El Et f,nft&tz              ...
#{,,9**oFf.s                               93   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA         34nflX.,   A##s€Eltfffi , #EX?...
,r1js€+/4.4E                       94   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 4E*E  7$ifffiiF, Erfii{dfirrH.                ...
rii$€+/&3.s                    95   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZiNG THE BUDDHA           5   46#K" mft*X6ffiK4,6EF.A +           ...
,fZ*&   *tt,t*                           96   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA              6    ,[,.HRffH   &-F,E€ FIE...
91   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA         7                    re,***0F*.s     fFlI# ! ttHeffi                     ...
ft..R€#db*s                             98   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA              8                           ...
,.n&&*tfr!.E                        99                                                                    gg   THE SUTRA O...
&,&&#t*,lE                   100       IOO THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA             10      r--+* lqx€.tr " wHtltr ...
ifi,*t*@,*.E                          IOI   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA         11fel$ . &* . +R tr#ftBB "        ...
ii,=L]{tT.&l*,."^y.                       IO2 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA            T2&ffitr , A*FEFfiX. (F7tffi#...
13                      ii:l.#,&+l*a!,9          103                                                        Io3 THE SUTRA ...
#{,,q€+r&*E                 104                                                                     to4 THE SUTRA OF ViSUA...
i?,4€+ffr3.E          t0s    I05    THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA       15      [ft{&+           ,L.tndfiF , E,L,EF€...
$r.k-t+tt ls                                   106 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA           16L   &H-|fr=#W.W4Eili;fi...
t7                            4:;,:J+:,i   :?(tr!-                  Io.I THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA           17 ...
18                       1:                              ;,LJ.   *t +   GY,.,:|:                                    108 TH...
19                ,,n   x&+tt,ts         109                                                     IO9 THE   SUTRA OF VISUAL...
iiL-.s€ ,,i+fiy,tx                                   IIO   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA        20       {4#F I*E   ...
2t                   ,iL*a+fi,!s.                       lu   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA Zl                       ...
iF"&?41t,!:!                        ttz   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA         22                    i$DH*. "      ...
qfl"*-E&tt,ts               n3   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA             23    {##F1# ,  F-e.Ftfr: [#?ft8,1,., 4.P...
ry{&a#fils                           TI4 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 24                                           ...
Iii"*-V +lt,!-g                 u5     ns   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA         25       Efl-.ftJLe,, , u,*ffnsK.,...
26                                                                 116 THE SUTRA OF VISUALTZING THE BUDDHA        26      ...
n                    iif,*",i+lt,lE                            II7   THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA        N         ...
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life
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The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life


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This is one of five of the main Buddha Dharma text books of the Buddhism Pure Land School

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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  • The new and better English translation:
Buddha Pronounces the Sūtra of Visualization of Amitāyus Buddha

    The English translation of the title of this Sutra are not the same, but the title and contents are same meaning.

    I scan this Chinese English Dharma book, all the Sutra translator's name come with the English translation text except this Sutra no translator's name, so this is the draft of translation.
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The sutra of visualizing the buddha of immeasurable length of life

  1. 1. EneE+rtr,ss. The Sutra of Yisuali zttrg The Buddha of Immeasurable Lengttr of Life --r iU rhff#* : 8tJ* BFq[e Translated into Chinese from Sanskrit by KALAYASAS tr tri+4 : REI ,Erl*tfiTranslated into English from the Chinese Versior by BHIKKHU ASSAJI
  2. 2. 9l ,- v -? -:t ffn jur@ ?-f THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA OF IMMEASURABLE LENGIH OF LIFE. frnft#effi: -.ffi Ifrfri#fiaH[Eilr+ , Thus have I heard: Once the Buddha was . staying at Rajagriha City, on the Gridhrakuta i Mountain, with a group of great Bhikshus, twelve hundred and fifty in number, and thirty-twoAAHNflJEE?ffiF-IH " thousand Bodhisattvas, among whom Manjusri, the Prince of the Dharma, was the President. ffiffiE#tfiE-t+ A[qiHE, ffi,llEffi At that time, there was a prince, Ajatasatru by name, in the great RajaSriha City, who imprisoned)&wfr.zw. " ttfltT*A*w.ffi, &ffiEtt{E his father, King Bimbisara, in a seven-walled cell,€n ftlj-#€tr -6+4.t4" ; by the wicked advice of his evil-minded friend t Devadatta, and no one of the Kings ministers was I allowed to see him in the jail. Ettr AefEA *ffit- i*fdffiF, Vaidehi, the Queen, who was greatly devotedUffi&+E*rffiWXH #ry*#, Rffiffifi ffi , to the King, washed herself, and car-ried honey and f,our close to her body, put grape juice in herDII.T o iewels, and sent them to the King secretly. The King after having taken the honeyed flour ffiffitE€Nr"pkffi. *zkffi n ffi tr SE, and drunk the grape juice, asked for some waterAS*&, HBHOMil&fgE€, Ifi{G€E , I to wash his mouth. Having done this, he joined his hands palm to palm, saluting the Buddha in;ltHffis€=wx. mF#iS , W*,xffi,J " ffi ithe direction of the Gridhrakuta Mountain, and
  3. 3. $q.e&*$,!E 92 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 2H&s{nHEmWF.f-ffi El Et f,nft&tz seid, "Mahamaudgalyayana is my intimate friend. I wish that he would be kind enough to come andfi.. ft&lr€€#€&fl, BE#* " give me the Eight Precepts." At that time, the Venerable Mahamaudgalyayarta, being invited by ihe King, flew as a falcon to his place claily and gave him the Eight Precepts. The Buddha also sent the Venerable Purna to preach the Dharma for the King. in€ffifld ffi,--t n IFPrg 4+liiji*,lt The King lived for three times seven days gr honey and flour, and thus he was enabled to , ffi&tlWo bear the Dharma. His countenance was, however, very calm and peaceful (in spite of his miserable condition). IHEf6+f1# : [i{{4#t&+itrr.l 7 ffiF the At that time, Prince Ajatasatru inquired of jailor, "Is my father, the King, still alive?"J ffi+f1AHF : trt- ! Et*494*rti The jailor replied, "Oh, Great Prince, the old Queen carries honey and flour close to her bodyry*ffiffi. f5,H-h.s ; IbflH$e.*df$#$ tt::P. and puts fruit juice in her jewels, and sends them secretly to the King as his fmd. Srmana Maha-ffiX RE#E 6oj#ftU o J FFojH{jtEflrft;Ar maudgalyayana and Srmana Purna come hereE , KFffIH : tr*tE€ffi 9qffiF,f+ ; i4fl,tq flying, to preach the Law to the King; and I am not able to keep them away." On hearing these,t, *l*IEdr ; flL#E?aTnJ ! CFf,flJftiJ words, Ajatasatru was very angry with his mother ,and said in a temper, "My mother is a thief. She, ffi#48" keeps company with thieves. Srmanas are evil they have performed magic to make this icvil king live for so long a time." Thus he tmk a sharp sword and was about to injure his mother. But there were two sagacious ministers of the w+.-traan*-, MBA&E hWE*, Court, one of whom was called Moon-Light andFEhfH , HE : IltE ! EHEJT[c;ftf;Sffi J, Jiva was the other ones name. They saluted the
  4. 4. #{,,9**oFf.s 93 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 34nflX., A##s€Eltfffi , #EX?-Hn Prince and said, "Oh, Prince, we have read the !&a, in which it is recorded, ,There were many+ *gEf,affiiHgEt " E+Bj,LL#UZ+ iT evil kings who killed their fathers and enthroned themselves, at the beginning of history, eighteen*ilftjf$, EffEf, , €rEF€ffi "*.€6F:6;ff.tr tbousand in number. But we have never heard of[L.J a single one who has killed his mother. Now you are going to kill your mother: such an unheard-of treacherous deed would stigmatize the whole Ksatriya race. We do not wish to hear that you are going to be a Candara, and we do not desire to stay in this country." ffi-7tE#tk*H. u+&ffi *[fiffiE " When they had uttered these words, they put their hands on the handles of their swords andHFlHjt EE*A : [&6F&1F HFlttgffi were about to retreat. Then Ajatasatr-u was alarmed and said to Jiva, "Are you gentlemen no7JE*AEz ftE!tEHgB!J bnger in favour of me?" To this Jiva replied, Great Prince, you must behave well and not kili your mother." EE+lIlL;* {s,ffi*& clsfF#ffi rh6*f+ On hearing this exhortation, the prince repented ard asked their pardon. He cast away his weapon" 49)#EE EFEiKE 4461 o and did not injure his mother. But he gave ord.er tbat his mother should be incarcerated in the inner - part of the palace, and should not be allowed to i oume out again. ii, Then, Vaidehi, the Queen, became very sorry Fe+efr , &wffifl #Efffit# &fiaw - ::Jd h"gg*a in the prison. She saluted the BuddhaffidrFf#ffffi ffifFftA : [fn*tk&&Ez : h the direction of the Gridhrakuta Mountain and :!raid, "fh" giesr.d One, in former times, used toF, E€m#Xtrf"i* ; ffi4VJ.N,8€.ffi,6 $;!tod the Venerable Ananda to come and see me ttly. Now I am in great lamentation and#H4+tr m€HE€#EWW#"ffiF.. ! lF& go to see the Buddha. I hope the Blessed
  5. 5. ,r1js€+/4.4E 94 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 4E*E 7$ifffiiF, Erfii{dfirrH. Qne rvill kindly send the Venerable Nlahamaud- galyayeurra and the renelable An..rrda to come and see me." She murmured these ll-olds rvith tears in her e-ves; and she saluted the Buddha again. **Eqffiffitr€&€H*,t l*-{j{ Before she had raised her head up from prostration, the LlLrddha on the (ilidhrakuta iVlountain,L,ZFfrft , EIJ IFI*..H &*E&.DJ [J *Ff€+-irlJ rh " had read her mind. So I{e sent the /enerable lVlahan-raudgall ay-ana and the Venerable Ananda to see her. They rn-ent to the palace b-v their supernatulal Porret. f iuf*ilWtlii. rEErH ffi#f.ltfriitiI I The Buddha disappeared from the (]ridhrakuta t{ssntain and reappeared in the palace where the gqi-EE€f+fu+E lfr hKl>8, 4: rllf{:-li Queen was irnprisoned. When Vaidehi had just raised her head, she saw the Blessed One,+ Eli$f+tr F*-l*Hf-+fr F+tr#itiilX tit Sakyamuni Ruddha, rvhose body was of a golden-*^4 , *ffiX+ fsHHF. purple colour, sitting on a lotus florver that was constituted of a hundred kinds of valuaLrle jewels. The Venerable N{ahamaudgalyayan:l was standing on His left, and the Venerable Ananda on His right. The gods of the Brahmin heaven and many tutelary devas were present in the air. There were many heavenly florvers pouring dorvn from the sky as offerings to the Buddha. Then Vaidehi, on seeing the Buddha, took ffi€f*a*1#1t€ H*6ry*, +!qI "w, from her neck a string of jervels, ivhich she offeredaaif r6rf# HE : ftt€ ! fiffifl5F A.tlb*i i to Him. She prostrated herself before Him and said with sobs, "Blessed One, what is the wrong? E€ l&H til+EW WtL:#l.s?j+ffir$tr/ that I must have done in my previous lives toPEffiE€, F*tH=#ftEt$tr &Hth+^ 4* have such an unfilial son? And what is the cause of Devadattas being a relative of the BlessedHi+fEi&Ktt& " tttlfrgE qUHffi E# 4.#ir+q One? I hope the Blessed One will tell me of sorne
  6. 6. rii$€+/&3.s 95 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZiNG THE BUDDHA 5 46#K" mft*X6ffiK4,6EF.A + place, where there are no sorrow and no trouble, where I would like to be reborn. For I am disgusted with this Jambudvipa, the dirty and evileftffiF*ffi" J world, full of hells, ghosts and animals and ail evil things. I wish in my future life that I shouid never hear evil sounds and never see evil persons. Now t prostrate myself before the Illessed One and I repent of my eril acts, done in the past. fuIay the Buddha, the Srrn, teach me how to visualize the Place of Pure Karma." mffi E€ffiEHYf, +Je+e Then the Blessed One emitted from the "iRW+)j middle of his eyebrows a ray, golden in colour, illuminating the numerous worlds in the ten quarters. It returned to the Buddhas head, becomingfr#tfrtFDEl-* Efttrln " *HW*- -LH.A a golden platform, on which all the Buddhas Pureffi,; IEHW*. f;f;€S#; IEHW*^ frEH&X Lands appeared. Some of (the Buddhas countries in the ray) were composed of the seven jewels;E ; rrtrHW+. rtn&Wffi,; *fiW+. , gft+ln some of them were full of lotus flowers; some of them were as happy as heavens; and some of" Hfinft€ffi8#{#E* ffiffiF]ffi +FtE# them were as clean as crystal. Such numerousflo Buddhascountries of the ten euarters appeared in the ray of the Blessed One. They were all visible, so Vaidehi was able to see them. tref,EAH IfrE z fEe I E#{.fr*., WtF. Then Vaidehi said to the Buddha, "Blessed One, although these courltries are pure and tlrilliant, I wish to be reborn in the Most Happy p$mfr€+t*,Etft, World of Amita Buddha. May the Blessed Oneff #*EP " j have compassion on me and teach me how to meditate upon that World rightly." ffitr, ft&CfiWMX Hfr&Jt 0trffin ffi Then the Blessed One smiled, and from his, --)tF,Rffi44ffiIlEi n 6F , X+W&Wffi mouth he radiated a five-coloured ray which he
  7. 7. ,fZ*& *tt,t* 96 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 6 ,[,.HRffH &-F,E€ FIE,fffH Et*&18*El4 cast upon Bimbisara, the I(ing, who was in the seven-walled ceil. Although, he was imprisoned,[Er*[.ft. his mind was free and undisturbed. He saluted the Blessed One (on seeing the ray; and at that moment) he gained the Saintly State of Anagamin. ffiffi E€€€fEfr : ftk+finzK? Fldffitri: Then the Rlessed One toid raidehi, "l)o you ,know, Vaidehi, that Amita lluddha is not apartlfr , *ttLT€, itHffft, ,*rtW&Ei$+ft# " from you, when you have concentrated your mind and have accomplished the risuaiizations that I am going to teach you and :Llso those uho, in the future, will desire to be reborr in the Pure Land? f&.eLEW# HI6=nE : -.# .48ll:l "One who w-ishes to be reborl in the Pure Land should cultivate the Three Virtues. They $$t6g #,t].4ti , Ib+#X; =8. *f.? 41s, firstly, supporting ones parents, respecting ones3ffi ntr/fflfi., 4^uffi,ffi ; a#, ftgf,ft,1. , teachers, refraining from killing living beings, and doing the Ten Good Deeds; secondly, taking theiKfFK* ffi;mt* W1rcft-E " frntb=#, f,- Three Refuges, and observing the Precepts per- fectly; and thirdly, cherishing the Bodhi-mind,€F#. J believing the Larv of Cause and trffect and encouraging others to do good. These three are called the Pure Deeds." ffifrefEfr : Vtk+*la.? rw=tfrX, rrf, The Buddha asked Vaidehi, "Do you know that these three Pure Deeds are the pure deedst$* . *X . fr.E =tr;fff iS*EEl o J and Right Causes of all the Iluddhas of the three periods-the past, the present and the future?" He then spoke to the Venerable Ananda and ffiE!{WFcefEfr: htrH !;F# ! #,Efr Vaidehi, saying, "Listen! Listenl And ponder on it2 : fin?ft4# ffi**ft*gJ#.4^ €,tF,lf;,iffiZ well. I am going to preach the I.aw of Pure Karma to ail the beings who wiil be vexed by theFnE#, ;ftFi$X , #ft€fEft , I*F€rlLS. Thief, Igrrorance, in the future. It is well, Vaidehi, You have entreated me just in time.
  8. 8. 91 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 7 re,***0F*.s fFlI# ! ttHeffi "Ananda, you must spread what the Buddha ffiffi&*E#ffi#frn says to the many. Now I am teaching Vaidehi andx+8, &E&fr k*NfrgJ*.e- &ftE all the beings in the future how to visualize thefiffixtrn , D)I#fi&., EffiH0hffil$Elf o fri Most Happy World in the West. You will see the Pure Land and its happy things by the pow-er ofWHAffi HHffi& FIEWLffiW#.# r lffi the Buddha, just as you see your ou-n figure in as-8t, ffiFma+ffi4.*K " j clear mirror. When you have seen them, you will rcalize the State of Quietude." f#treffi?F : [itEA* Lf;BH4 *& The Buddha said to Vaidehi, "You are still a worldly person, so you carnot concentrate your mind properly, and hence you have not the power of clairvoyance to see those Buddhas who are faroj away. But the Buddha has a marreilous way of making you see." Then Vaidehi inquired of the Buddha, "Blessed -#*.8+ One, now I shall be able to see the Pure Land byrt&,, F.IFWL; #ffiw&., lFsZF the help of the Buddhas power. But how will those who will be struck by the Five Sufferings be# frEFN.iE =,fEIH-F,$FJffi FIffi ffi*ftN? J able to see Amita Buddhas Nlost Happy World, at the end-period, when the Blessed One has passed away?" l##H#.fr z TlkFc*4. ffiH+itEfi-- The Buddha told Vaidehi, " You-and all beings-should concentrate your minds on one pointE f;Hrtrfi " ftiltTMT nlFM# U*E and think about the Western Quarter. How is one to think of that? Anyone who is going to think of A)F&E , HHZffi., EHEil. H€ffifi that should not be a person borr blind; and anyone who has eyes must have seen the sun sinking in the West. "Sit facing the Westerl Quarter and think about the place where the sun sinks down. Concen- , 4ffi.6& _F,H&1f , fifniffiff " hate your mind upon it without being distracted,
  9. 9. ft..R€#db*s 98 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 8 ald look at the sun sinking, resembling a hanging drum. fWF,ElEffiHFflFlffAWT" "After having seen the sinking sun, you will see it whenever your eyes are open or shut. r€trEITB AHbIJffi," "This is the Thinkirtg of the Sun, and it is ttre First Visualization. f4flzK€,, -E 7ki#r6- , /F+FX T , lsto ff "Next you think about water. Notice that water is very pure and that it is indissoluble.H. EEF,ltE HE;ktfl , _F,;kn*fff , ,fE#ffill,t When you have seen water thus, then think it is i, going to freeze. Then see that the ice is the same" ithfflrtE , _EW4Sfi[ , ru4].Rf#, TfiSffilj , ,$ as crystal, which is transparent. Beneath it there t ,t" columns, made of gold, inlaid with the seven ;!: jewels, supporting the crystal. Tirese columnsfrW , HH.ffrF" --H4 ,H+JIW o *-Jr ,1, hau" eight facets, each of them has one hundredBE AHW+tr RIgHffi fnffif F, npJF- ii,, diamonds. Each of the diamonds has a thousand " I treams of light. Each of these rays has eighty-four-tr. ffiHtr-b , l:1ffi+ilqE #Jlrilfdffi , D)-|cffi.X thousand colours. These crystals are as glittering as hundreds and thouslnds of suns shining together. , ftHftHA " --HF HfrH&tb, S*{n# They are so dazzling that one cannot see them totally. On these crystals there are golden ropes IMEE , Mffiffif-., rfi)hrfrE. ; interlaid as ornaments. They are separated by the seven jewels. Each of these jewels has five hundred colours, whose brightness is as that of flowers, of stars and of the moon, suspended in , the air, forming a Terrace of Brightness. r&ffi+H, _E.HAfr, }AHffiB , &HT| "On that Terrace, there are hundreds and tlousands of storeyed pavilions, built of a hundredffi#H, ffE**S UF#ffi " zffiEJEt , 1trJt, kinds of je.wels. At the two sides of the Terrace,EEH , frrlb**S, iH=##. *. ffffi . N*ZE- there are hundreds and thousands of embroidered tapestries and musical instruments as decorations.o There are eight kinds of mild breeze coming out
  10. 10. ,.n&&*tfr!.E 99 gg THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 9 the brightness; and it plays upon those instruments, rvhich produce the sound of the Dharma of Sorrow, of Transitoriness and of UnrealitY. f€trrkf8, Affi-M," "This the Thinking of the Water, and it is the Second Visualization. "When this Visualization is completed, see trrlhfnFlffi , -W2 ffi+T T " ffi E ljil them one by one clearly, and do not let themH 6+ffift. PEFA€ffi lEffitILS o disappear whether your eyes are open or shut at eating times. "Once having attained this Samadhi, one can F " &ffitLilffi#Eq0 " #4S3ffi frnbbffi.# clearly see the Pure Land, which is indescribable tL:rfrWffi, iT ftBA 64Fffi " by words. "This is the Thinking of the Land, and it is the Third Visualization." ffi€FI#: [itff{#;* F*X1A-aXJr.:4.. The Buddha then addressed to the Venerable Ananda, "You must hold to the Buddhas words ffiw#-N--&.*WWH " Hffi€fu# hl+ and tell those who wish to escape from suffering in the future to think of the Land. Any person whoffiUhnZE" fht)lfuE l.&isE- ,L+5lffiffi. ,thinks of the Pure Land will be exempted from rebirth for eight million kalpas of time and will rurdoubtedly be reborn into the Pure Land at his next birth. "To visualize the Most Happy World as statedVIFftW# Affif.W.; #fifi,W# hBffiW. J above is right, it is wrong to do so otherwise" The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda "Next : f{ilfffi e, 4WH.ffi f#€FilI# FcHlftfr to the Thinking of the Land is to visu alize the Jewel-trees. That is to visualize the trees that are" &Hfi{# --W2 lF-tfuft&f{S " --ffi in seven rows. They are eight thousand yojanasHn+H " &a&H.{fr {H#* ffi6F.8 " -aJ in height and each of them has flowers and leaves &ade completely of the seven jewels.
  11. 11. &,&&#t*,lE 100 IOO THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 10 r--+* lqx€.tr " wHtltr HA€, "Every flower and every leaf of those trees W a brilliant hue. A golden ray comes out fromJt; t&ffi&+ frfi€.f ; 6FdS€,+ , ,U@ffijt the agate colour; a crimson ray comes out from; ffiffi€,tr HfftE4)L ; 4BIfiffir$-+n*H.y) the crystal colour; a beryl ray comes out from the lapis lazuli colour; a green-pearl ray comes out€R€ft , Wfuq,#ffiffiffiffiL. , H:*:g-- from the beryl colour; and there are rays of coral -_.ffiI a1d amber colour shining beautifully. There areffi " --ffiW, HfrHffiW#EW. lnftTH o nets made of strings of pearls covering those trees. Seven of these nets cover each of those trees. Between the nets, there are fifty million luxurious palaces, the same as those in the Brahmin heaven. trFftXH+ H*#tr . --HT]THffiTE "There are heavenly youths in those palaces; each of them wears fifty million Muni-gems astueJtt#fiuB E UFry*" . +WEJI, fiRE H 6, ornaments. The rays of these gems shine for a distance of one thousand yojanas, like a hundredrt8frnffiAHffi H E 4FI FBE " *HFdffi , €F-h i, thousand suns shining together (as though their# , tl#HffiftntHH**t84."" rt*#.Fi rays were, interwoven. All the rays are of the finest colour. The jewel-trees are set in rowsH#tD+, +IH *H-?F.R " --{f{* #ftIH .,. opposite rows. There are wonderJul flowers and fruits made of the seven jewels between the lleaves. Each of the branches of the trees is twenty-five yojanas in length. The leaves have aH*W#, fGHl?HA€, rtnfitXffi ffiffi* thousand various colours, like heavenly pictures.fd lm&#R , inffif$ffi o There are many flourishing blossoms, golden in , like turning fire-wheels rolling between leaves and producing heavenly fruits. THJ{.JTHA, |LffiTWffi ffi.EH# " €H-,H "There is also a great light, which becomes draperies and canopies. All the affairs ofF R4,=+t+84 -gJ!fr$-" tfrl#W Buddhas, and all the Buddhas countries in the/Fr+4, . -E rrLffifE 7JFH^ffi--wz wH quarters, appear in these canopies. When you
  12. 12. ifi,*t*@,*.E IOI THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 11fel$ . &* . +R tr#ftBB " [ave visualized these trees, look at them one by dle: the stems, the branches, the leaves, the ,fowers and the fr-uits, should all be very clearly visualized. r€trffi{nAffiwW," "This is the N{editation on Trees, and it is the Fourth Visualiztion. "The next is to think of water. That is, to f4Hffi7k "ffM7k# ffi#Eli, EAru think of the Water of the Eight Virtues in the/qo Most Happy World. [--flU^ EH.FIrffi,. *H*fq , 4€{nH "This water is composed of the seven jewels, which are limpid and soft. The water flows out from the Muni-gems and distributes itself intoAtrtr, }RTHDI#€,+ffi!,l UffiEW o *-/q fourteen tributaries. Each of the tributaries has varied colours corresponding to the seven jewels,+ fixfffi-LHs+ --s+ FIHrE+f and has yellow gold as its channel. There are_H€ . SBtrAffiE#H €ffifIT diamonds of different colours at the bottoms of " these channels. In each of the water pools, there are sixty million lotus flowers, round in shape and hnelve yojanas in diameter. That Muni-water flows upwards and downwards along the trees to sprinkle the flowers. rx*#Mfu), iHffi# .29 . ffiH . ffiffifi& , "The babbling sound of the water is wonder- ful. It preaches the Laws of Sorrow, of Transi- briness and of Unreality, and praises the virtue 9f the Buddhas. The Muni-gem emits a goldenEMWJIEA N)L4LffiHHE..S frTP,EHW, ffi lay, which transforms itself into many birds of affifttfr. AIX . ftfg o |rundred colours, chattering delicately, praising the , the Dharma and the Sangha. trEffirt4ffi7ktH Affifr-W,o t: "This is the Meditation on the Water of the Figttt Virtues, and it is the Fifth Visu alization. [*HEi , --4l, AfEffiF& " 4 ! "There are fifty million Gem-pavilions on each
  13. 13. ii,=L]{tT.&l*,."^y. IO2 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA T2&ffitr , A*FEFfiX. (F7tffi# " vH**S t$ section of the Land of Jewels. In these pavilions, there are numerous heavenly inhabitants playingffiffi+^ fnXHtH 6ffi.HP,8 .ltL*E+ !#t music; and there are musical instruments hanging in the air like tapestries, sounding without beingftl#, f,E. frltft-tq. beaten or performed upon. All the sounds are praising the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. r[bffifiE &RffiHffi#E4 HffiI . F "Once having attained this Visualization, onefifi, . Hi& o sees the Most Happy World in outline: the Jewel- trees, the Jewel-lands and the Jewel-lakes. r€trfrK&ffi.affixw" "This is the Main Visualizaticrl, and it is the Sixth One. r#F.tLx, hffi€ffi*rtfiE#x fr#z "If a person has seen this Visualization, his €normous crimes of countless kalpas are annulled;&. ,il,H4ft81 "fF€ffi# &RiIEffi,; #fifr,M:A i and he will certainly be reborn in the Pure Land after his passing away. One who visualizes in this &ffifrf,W" J I way does right, otherwise one does wrong." f#f,F-l# F-H&fr: h#;9*;m{*, #,U.€: The Budha told the Venerable Ananda and Vaidehi, "Listen! Listenl And ponder it over. I2, EH€tkftntl@.rr-, Et#tEiiF ; lA+lH+-l , *rall tell you of the ways to get rid of suffering i. me by one. You should remember and practise them well and spread them for the many." Eft€;gF, ffE#,f# I+n+z+ &EE t While saying this, the Buddha of Immeasurable ,Length of Life appeared in the air. Bodhisattva#E €:t+ , t+frtrF.. )bBE**H 6HIX valokitesvara was standing on his right and Bodhi- Mahasthamaprapta on his left. Their bodily HH+W?+*H#€ , T4$FoLt " were so brilliant that one could not see them Iy. F++Efr., trffi€#0ffiE-, f*EiFir,g, AIffi Then, after having seen the Buddha of Im- rable Length of Life, Vaidehi did obeisance the feet of the Buddha (Sakyamuni) and said him, "Blessed One, now I am able to see the:#ffi , *X*,&., H;alFI&#E#{#X.=#ffi of Immeasurable Length of Life and these
  14. 14. 13 ii:l.#,&+l*a!,9 103 Io3 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 13l1 ? gwo Bodhisattvas by the Buddhas help. But how fill all the beings in the future be able to ize this Buddha and these two Bodhisattvas?" 0frE+.Wfr | tr&WMIfr#H€ffif, tA The Buddha told Vaidehi, "Anyone who wishes-r,Hfu.t, ,fFs#tfl " to visualize this Buddha, should think that in the I.and of the Seven Jewels, there are lotus flowers. "Think that each of the lotus flowers has a hundred kinds of gen-colour and eighty-fourEq+[]( tr&fnX€ . fll(AnHW+Jt 7 T ftHA tbousand veins in the petals, resembling heavenly .gictures. These veins have eighty-four thousand ts+;#H" #*zJ.*- ffiffi-Hrttfi€ " fn !16ys, all of which are clearly visible. The smaller€S+ FE^HE+* ; *-*H AHffiB petals are two hundred and fifty yojanas in length td the same in width. Each of these lotus flowers bas eighty-four thousand petals. Betrneen each of them, there are millions and millions of Muni-4nH Lffi.effi gBms as ornaments. Each of the Muni-gems emits "tffiffiifr,L" a thousand rays, which are like the canopies, beinE composed of the seven jewels, covering the whole Land. tr#ruFltffilt/nH., DJ€+E, tth$#H A "The Land has the Sakrabhilagna-gem as its ,gedestal. This pedestal is decorated with eighty. thousand diamonds, Kimsuka-gems, Muni-gems€fi" the nets of pearls. rA+E}, H*&ffiE.EqtrHB , .-HW .1 "On that pedestal, there are four columns, each of which is as high as hundreds and thousands fnE*Hffit{ffittt, E_bHttr frn&WXH Sumerus. The curtains that hang on thoseT HfrHffitWWH* DJFut€ft are like those in the Yemo Heaven. Again, " --H4- H are fifty million fine gems embedded onzH[q+)f, , -J?IFlHE{++ffi#E o Jr columns as ornaments. Each of these gems has r thousand rays. Each of the rays effuses&&, tF4H*, ffiffi&4? &rcN$H, *ffih thousand different golden colours. Each
  15. 15. #{,,q€+r&*E 104 to4 THE SUTRA OF ViSUALiZING THE BUDDHA 14 iof the golden colours extends throughout the w-hole Jewel-land, and tal<es different shapes in differentH&4, , ffi|Fffi$" ,places: some are like diamond-terraces, others like pearl-nets and nulti-coloured clouds. They change their forms variously in the ten quarters and perform the affairs of the Buddhas. rEF#EM, Affi.T&. J "This is the Visualization of the l-otus petals, and it is the Seventh One." f#€fJffi | trfintbD#, €AEffilhF-FI7: The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda, ,This kind of wonderful lotus flower is formed by the .fGlhMFfr ffi. " #&fttftLfr#, HftIFltt+Bffi power of Bhikshu Dharmakaras *ill. One who wishes to be reborn in the hrre Land, should think of those lotus petals. When one is thinking of t --JN, **S, *-rS , E+fEA " {nfffi them, one should have no other thcughts in the pind, and should visualize cne article after the+, El-F,m&" ftM.ffi#, ffiWfrffiffiUtrrUz other: Each leaf, each pearl, each t?y, each tenace, and each column, ate all as clear as# 4zftH4.ffi#84. when one sees ones own figure in a mirror. When one has completed this Visualization, one is released from rebirth for fifty thousand million kalpas, and rvill undcubted.ly be reborn into the ,Most Happy World. E +FEW#, &RFW ;FfifuWX frF,i$ ; "To visualize them in this way is right; it is wrong oLherwise."&.J The Budcrha told the Venerable Ananda and ffiffFilj# &.+fE?F : Vaidehi, "When you have seen what I have just FJi.rth-BE , zK;*ilF you should next think of that Buddha (theffi " FID)#til? #tfrrtt, €*-F h of Immeasurable Length of Life). Why? use the body of the Buddha is the Body of4.,0ffiF o ^-gJ.* Universe, and it is within the mind of all
  16. 16. i?,4€+ffr3.E t0s I05 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 15 [ft{&+ ,L.tndfiF , E,L,EF€=f:tH "Therefore, when you think of that Buddha, your mind is the One who has the thirty-two x+WVftl €,L.[ffdt €,1.€dfi " #dtrliF Magnificent Figures and the eighty Virtues. It isfii&, fft,iffiA. €ttffiH-,[#fi, FF&iA{f the mind that is to becorne a Buddha; and it is mind that is a Buddha. The Ocean of the *Wlql/irrE fl#Efl 3ffi=ffiVt " Omniscient Wisdom of all Buddhas grows up from the mind. Hence you should visualize absorbedly .tbat Buddha, the Exalted One, the Fuily Enlight- &rea On". f ffi!4fr|fr# , ftH#t* EE ElFf, El , -E --H "One who visualizes that Buddha, should think d His figure first. Whether ones eyes are open or&, frnffi.ffffi+€, M!,&#t" F.&*fl r ,11,flfl ,dlut, one sees a magnificent figure of a yellowish gOlden colour, sitting on a Lotus-seat. Having seen++ffi TTftBA. -Effi#El {H#ffHqfiH the figure of that Buddha thus seated, onesfuHfdtriFU ;&7tFtrtr ffiESr, *Hffiffi mental vision is opened and one can see the Most Happy World clearly: the Jewel-lands, Jewel-lakes, tewel-trees in rows, over which there are heavenly qrrtains, and Jewel-nets in the air. All of these are decorated with the seven kinds of gems. These things can be seen as clearly as one sees one,s ;"Own palm. trtJrlt$E,IEHF.M.-tS+ &Lfrt 8, "After you have seen the things menticned then visualize a large lotus flower, similar fnBfrs#, 4fffER "&(F-f.S#, &lfrfr the previous one, golden in colour, on the left that Buddha. And think of another one on the of Him. Then think of Bodhisattva Avaloki-fnBiiffiF" M-Jt#Egffif& , Mfr#.M" sitting on the left one and Bodhisattva aprapta on the right one. trjlbffiEtffi Iffi#ffi&, EffiJtW &Jth "When this Visualization is accomplished, the and the two Bodhisattvas will L" .""n golden rays falling on the Jewel-trees.
  17. 17. $r.k-t+tt ls 106 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 16L &H-|fr=#W.W4Eili;fiIftW . Under each of them there are also three lotus flowers on which a Buddha and two Bodhisattvas are sitting respectively. Such are seen at every- where of the Pure Land. tr lth,Iil,fi tr -.u## Wl TkrH)b FX &. #H 4f{ "When one has achieved this Visualization, one can hear the murmuring sound of the streams E[B€# , E:FkWW " Ht ft fEEii4tE, and see the rays, jewel-trees and sheldrakes andr,t#Ffif frftZF-, lHflr6f$ , hWIE9iiiA mandarin ducks, whose voices praise the Wonderful I-aut. Whether ones mind is concentrated or not, .#6o# AH*fE.; #WA# , AFuttrNl." me can constantly hear that Wonderful Law. YVhatever one hears should be compatible with the-F,ffi#EJF. Sutras, othewise it is composed of vain thoughts. If it is compatible with the Sutras, it is indeed seeing the Most Happy World. "This is the Visualization of the Figure (of that Buddha), and it is the Eighth One. tFftffi# p*ffiFffi u ErtZ+. htil* t+ "One who practises this Visualization, is , ,Rft0fr=s.*. exempteC from rebirth for innumerable kalpas of J time and will attain to the Samadhi of Visualizatoin in his present life."ffiEFnW, F-€tftfr : firtbtflFlE 4HtrirTfit The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda and Vaidehi, "When you have completed the thinking€#{# htHJffiA. FoI# ! HfiltrEi€Lfr" t;hn described above, then think of the body of theH + Hffi Ti HXH *+fig. + E Ifr r.y ffi x +,f.i i,:i rfJJ Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life, which is very bright. Ananda, you should know that thatHfUlEIli4H€ , trFdH +,frffiFtW, rtn{.irt Buddhas body is as bright as hundreds and thousands of golden rays in the Yemo Heaven. Itffir! ; lffiELrtnEt?Ft^ frg A-BA. tli#+-{L, is sixty rnillion Ganges Rivers Sands yojaqas high. His eyebrows twine rightwards, (to the length of)ffiH)Lm *nt^Wtlt "tLlffiHJt, rtnHffi=+)< five Sumer-us. His eyes are as brilliant as the I Fater of the four seas, and the pupils and white 1
  18. 18. t7 4:;,:J+:,i :?(tr!- Io.I THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 17 are distingui*iable. There are rays" --lv,$lt , lFtitlitlwwlv.#ffi tjf$i+?fr ,, his eyes out from the pores of his body. Ihe halo of. that Buddha is as large as millions of the Great (Groups of) Thousands of Worlds. And in the halo, there are hundreds and thousands of Reflections of the Buddha. Each of the Reflections has countless ttvas as his attendants. fjlt.n#idF €z,{iru{-fE ; *-fH+ ff- "The Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life has eighty-four thousand Appearances. Each of thee,(S [q +V]rltttl ; --11+ Appearances has eighty-four thousand (materialized) "IEH ^HE+tt ; Virtues. Each of the (materialized) Virtues hasFil --*tlE iFJl{iJ-fi]&tt- fttffi#..H mq{ eighty-four thousand beams of light, each of themzFfl$ shines upon all the beings of the ten quarters " who visualize that Buddha completely. "The beams of light, the Appearances of that Buddha and the Reflection-Buddhas are all soIffitfl +.,L.HR,J ntL+.E e1n+fr-gJ;ftt.fr excellent that they are beyond description. But one can see them by mental vision in the " I>)trL;;ft|frh Afrllf,.-P& " Visualizations. One who sees these things, sees all the Buddhas of the ten quarters. The sight of the Buddhas is called the Samadhi of Visualization. IFftrW# &W-+tJIfrH ; D)Wffi*tr; f "Seeing this Visualization is seeing the bodies all the Buddhas, and thus one sees the Mind7JFnlfrL, ; lfrL"E t#7S€ ; ,Dj$f*#fffi;fi * the Buddha. The Mind of a Buddha is the Great Compassion, out of which Buddhas help all$o F ltrwiln# # r,lhbfr , A.ffi{tfiBf, :F+ffi h "One who practises this Visualization, will be in the presence of all the Buddhas, and K. FefrtrX ffiHFf.,t]., o=fr.&,ft-:B#dfi . the State of Quietude, when he quits his body. Therefore the wise person should try visualize the Buddha of Immeasurable Length
  19. 19. 18 1: ;,LJ. *t + GY,.,:|: 108 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 18 of Life. rffi.4lt:.q;+ lfr.{i , f€*tHff^ lH ijfl/ii liij rr "One who visualizes the Buddha of Immeas- urable Length of Life should commence with the+ ffi+Fjl 7 " tLlfrlj+lA+tllfi A,$ l4l+-tfUtt First Appearance. That is to visualize that , H f*"#$l " u,Iffi-F+,F IN Fi Buddhas White Eyebrows clearly. When one has lfitLl--hlr,I-iii,ifi seen this Appearance of White Eyebrows, the i4ll . {$rJ,jffi-B,;#tfrfft , |;}tlfiUlffsf"l;E . eighty-four thousand Virtues will manifest them- selves subsequently. One who sees the Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life, sees all the Buddhas of the Ten Quarters, by whom one is promised (that one will become a Buddha in the future). fi€trffiiiH *qJf!,ry +L], f.Ir)rl&, . "This is the Visualization of Seeing all the Buddhas, and it is the Nineth One. ff|Ftrffi# , &ffiit:W; +;Itufln# Af:rr "To visualize it in this way is right, it is wrong otherwise."&"J The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda and t##F i# .&.jf+ftfi- : trJl,l$E#Ifr ,(i Vaidehi, "After you have seen the Buddha of ,4lrH&ffiJita-#ffi Immeasurable Length of Life distinctly, you shouldAHXE ttiT6ir.tJtl i^ then visualize Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, whose bodyHffiil(fifefi€J qX+$,, lrtE?lltk iii,ilr flll is eighty million yojanas in height and golden-purple in colour. There is a natural Small Hump in the)b rEi&-ff{-ri€t " FE{)b+ , H{Liil?,tffi ktr middle of Her head, and near Her neck is a halo, which is a hundred thousand yojanas in diameter.f+fu+lA "-ILlfr , Efr-r:ilLPiii, fitElifiii There are fir,e hundred Reflection-Buddhas, all , y)F,t+-H " WtN.k+ Ii:,l6*.!L, *UJ&,+tl like Sakyamuni Buddha, in that halo. Each of them has five hundred Bcdhisattvas and manyErtr4,. Eods as attendants. The five kinds of beings are reflected in the rays emitted from Her body. IIF-LE}TTE iIfrNWF€H. D-{FXffi o Sdffi Ii I "She is crowned with a cnrora made of Bhilagne-Muni gems. On the corona, there stands a Reflection-Buddha, who is twenty-five yojanas H-ii-l?Iffi, Fi=tfi-frhJ. {fftr*E6 trli
  20. 20. 19 ,,n x&+tt,ts 109 IO9 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 19{nP5i5t{HAft. ffifd€}H, ffitH.e,, IftHnH :Pi ntgtr. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvaras countenance isE+fq)hry . --;bffi E^ff€ftrytrAbifr i of u yellowish golden colour. Her eyebrows are of " il O" colour of the seven jewels, and they emit-iv,lffi ffqiLgffiDBt:r-A, ftEHE, iH {i 6ighty-four _thousand kinds of rays. There arej.frtrfr- " r: ountless Reflection-Bodhisattvas as Her attendants. r$ They appear in the worlds of the ten quarters. fiH{nftr$#E, H t>)R, j. "The colour of Her arms is of that of a red ^+ffi:twitw,4%" ;Rry4s+ ,ry"-gJ##tr+ "*HtEfr- , lotus flower, and they are omamented with eight 1.1 million refulgent rays, in which all magnificenttrffi*E$+& +t+F4ft , --+Fffi, EnHE I tnings appear. Her palms are colour of variegated ,t. lotus flowers. She has ten slender fingers. At the+_na BlnEtW..--HEz,-SE{*€, r *-@ ,i,top of each finger, there are eighty-four thousandfi^/;qE+)b +)h*6€, *fi{-gl . I>)bLH.T .l prctures. Each of these pictures has eighty-four thousand colours; each of these colours has eighty- +*dl/f.4." ,. four thousand beams of light, which are very soft, . and light up the whole world. It is with these hands that the Bodhisattva receives all beings. rg.EF ETF.+fiEffif€ , a*ftffifr$ "When She lifts one of Her feet, one sees the , Figure of One Thousand Wheels on the sole, ,, yhich spontaneously becomes fifty million Light-zFffilffi Terraces. There are Diamond-Muni flowers scat- " tered on the place where She puts Her. foot down. "The other Appearances of Hers are as good and perfect as those of a Buddha. Except6tE &f$tJIF,fH 6&.8€. ;the Small Hump in the middle that of Her head and .the Figure of the Invisible Cranium are slightly t from those of a Buddha r€trHffiEEgEtrHEH+H" &ffiTffi "This is the Visualization of Seeing the Realoj of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, and it is the One."
  21. 21. iiL-.s€ ,,i+fiy,tx IIO THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 20 {4#F I*E : Hiry(mfiSru:=-}jlTffi7i Hf i, l* The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda, "One who wishes to visualize Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara,ffi 6,.l{if,ir/{ ilFI4:Xli should do so as stated above. Any person who ",ff€m:a ItJ:iiiFry{ryt visualizes Her in this way will not encounter anytrrLZE" fillLli,ffE, tquij+A fftJ1$-i;ir1i;1 {rr1 calamities; he can avoid all the results of evil karma and is exempted from rebirth for numberlessitr;ffim? kalpas. Anyone who has heard the name of such a Bodhisattva gains much felicity; it is far better, if one visualizes Her. "One w-ho wishes to visualize Bodhisattva Ava- f };Htfrtflffitltl+ StrFfl fttfr1frLV!"i? lokitesvara should first visualize the Small Hump4ffiXffitsi{nfrttl ifi-l,t tWZ f-tif] i or Her head clearly, next the Corona and so forth{nBl$tr " IFR:tnE , f,,L,1tf-M; }iIbi{fl{t :" gradually. One should see them all as clearly astsFffi " one sees ones own palm. To visualize them in this way is right, otherwise it is wrong. f {ffix$4i #ffi JIb i+;tr4.L.y-htxJrl tt: tttt "The next step is to visualize Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta, whose body is the same in size&EE El)Lffi&lT:ltdltl^nJ iili- ilfh-l iit as that of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Her halo is twenty-five yojanas in diameter and it strines toH " SHJ1HI , I ji4 lF,n* fL" H{*:}i,t. Ir,F. the distance of two hundred and fifty yojanas. The lieht of Her whole body, which is golden- E#++JL. W. -++LJfi U[ tL I ij 18,J.Ith+f purple in colour, lights up all the countries of theffi -:+-;l{{#,{nfrrhl1T"r,3tilttf t]Ei,,?:f-JtSiBlt ten quarters. One can see this, if one has such an opportunity. Whoever sees the light coming out of one pore of this Bodhisattva, sees all the Buddhas of the ten quarters, all of whom are ptre and brilliant. Hence this Bodhisattva is also called the Bodhisattva of Limitless Light. "She shines with the Light of Wisdom upon [Dl€#iL g.-Ffl-+t] ]$iE=6 Itl-Jt[ r gll, enabling them to get rid of the Three Evil Ways, and attain the Supren:e Power of Bodhi. )t " f-fiftltrlt gffi: &)<9 f. "
  22. 22. 2t ,iL*a+fi,!s. lu THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA Zl Therefore She is called Mahasthamaprapta (the Powerful One). trJttgffiXffi , HfrHH# . --H+ E^ "There are five hundred jewel-flowers on the C,orona of this Bodhisattvai each of these jewel-rf trHH " --EF " tfr#trfr6.tEtr.+-, FE flowers has five hundred jewel-terraces, on which2tr8, Ert+lE " IF,LB# , frnffifiFP# " f{A all grand things of the ten quarters appear. The Small Hump on Her head is like a Padma-flower,#L H-Hffi, ffii#JtW, *!fldt$ o an which there is a jewel-bottle, full of light that shows all the affairs of the Buddhas. r##HtH, {nffiEE SffEE " "The other Appearances of this Bodhisattva are the same as those of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. "When this Bodhisattva is walking, the earthgrffifi^ftr-ffiH#. of the ten quarters trembles. Where the earth --H+, #ffiHffi fn shakes, there are fifty million gem-flowers. Eachffi*84 " rlb#ffiAffi {HEl*., -F91ffi. of these flowers is as rare and excellent as those in the Most Happy World. The earth formed of the seven jewels trembles too, when She sits down. r,1rf fi JTEAIfr.II, / 4.Lfr )VW-,Tfr*I] "The Reflection-Bodies of the Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life and the Reflection- Bodies of Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta : Bodhisattvas, which pass down to the country of the , x%E E#E#ffi*El*. , n*ry+ 4.s Buddha of Golden Rays and up to the land of the+f.r.iH#f4E E#*&" , Buddha named the King of Light, are gathered together in the Most Happy World, sitting on lohrs seats in the air, preaching the Wonderful . Iaw to all suffering beings. E |ETLW# AHWHf,#agW, EffiW "This is the Visualization of Seeing Mahastha-f%Ttrh+E " &rtLgW# &ffi*-W" , maprapta Bodhisattva, whose corporal form is as ttated above, and it is the Eleventh one. f hmtrryrlqBfrff.,EFZ9P lFftW#. 6 "One who performs this Visualization is ex-
  23. 23. iF"&?41t,!:! ttz THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 22 i$DH*. " empted from rebirth for numerous kalpas, and willEXEm HW#lf never be reborn from the womb, but in those Buddhas Pure Lands. rrl&fiF &ffiE.trffi&frFt984. " "When this Visualization is completed, it is the Completion of Seeing Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva. trE rlL+F HE AH trf WfiffiXftn, "When one has seen all the things stated above, one should think that one is being born intt$++ ffiDnH4. fGS+AtH fFS+FFJAII tlre Most Happy World, sittrng cross-legged in ao lotus flower; and imagine that the lotus is closing and opening its petals. Is+ffiF HfrHEJT f.W.H^N HR I] "One should then think that, when the lotus opens, there are rays of five hundred colours shinin8 upon oneself, and when ones eyes are open one sees that there are Buddhas and Bod-ffiFfrffiEH, WHWW, Ft:g$ffiA . hisattvas in the air. The sounds of flowing water, of birds and of trees, and rhe voices of the Buddhas, all preach the Wonderful Law, in accordance with the twelve divisions of the Dharma. r#fiftaF lHf$7F X F;fL+F. an "Even when one is not visuaiizing these things, Gle cao remember them ali without forgettingffiE#ffif6*EF. them. Seeing these things is seeing the Most Happy World of the Buddha of Immeasurable L€ngth of Life. r€tr*&ffi, Am+r& o "This is the General Visualizatron, and it is the Twelfth One. [ffi:=a#{# IU,HMW,94ffi8-E h)<4 "The Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life has numerous Reflection Figures. They come fre- quently with Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta BodhisatLvas to the person who visualizes Him."
  24. 24. qfl"*-E&tt,ts n3 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 23 {##F1# , F-e.Ftfr: [#?ft8,1,., 4.Pr.i1 The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda and Vaidehi, "One who sincerely wishes to be reborn toE trHHA-f-xl* , ftMjkL, f,nJiffrtt the Western Land, should first visualize tlrre sixteen-ffi€#{# HE:M&. )Fft,rt:&d,nffrk" f iri fothigh figure of the Buddha of Immeasurable Irngth of Lif.e, standing above the water of artnXffiWflfi Effiffi# tz+:+ffidL" itr.fflIfrI* pml, as described before. The body of that Buddha is inconceivable; the mental power of a , 4+tr€fra- W&W0fr, Rtrqffi? worldly person could not imagine it. But He performed an act of will in the past that, should any person visualize Him, he (the person) would succeed. One who visualizes only His Visage gets boundless felicity; it is still rnore so, if one visualizes His Complete Figure. fFrImfE{# ilSsfnH &rfi.tt t{trE "Amita Buddhas supernatural [nwer is limit-&"*H*.hffiffi+fr ; fr#,44, rLxAJt less; He can appear, in the countries of the ten quarters, as big as the Universe itself, or as small; FIHZM EH+B " HJtIU,Ifr &.HS+ as only eight or sixteen feet high. All these appearances are golden in colour and have haloes,frnLFF=#, " Reflection-Buddhas and Lotus-seats, as stated already. r&EE#W hXwE,t-4ffi , t-Ni "The figure of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and*&.",ltr&E+H , *ilE&EE *il€t#fl :*. that of Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva are at everywhere like that of ordinary people. One knoWs- gffi B, m {#*,{ L--ut " p-l F-c Which is Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and which is Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva by looking at the special figrrres on their heads. These two Bodhisa- &ffit=&, J [€ffi*Effi ttvas assist Amita Buddha in edifying all beings. "This is the Mixed Visualization, and it is ffi#F j# F-€.&fr: Itffi}.HX):;+i the Thirteenth One." The Buddha told the Venerable Ananda and*A.WL&E*, &=f6,1, Clt[F:.rk4-.,fn]l], i$ Vaidehi, "The first division of the highest class
  25. 25. ry{&a#fils TI4 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 24 of rebirth is this: Any person who wishes to be reborn in the Pure Land can be so if he has theF3,t)# , ,I,&MW " Three Minds. What are they? They are: firstly, the Mind of Sincerity: secondly, the Mind of Faithi and thirdly, the Mind of Vows. One who possesses these three Minds will certainly be reborn in that Land. trEH=ffi#.h. H4+1+.+.",1E1+F= ? - - "Again, there are three kinds of beings who can be reborn in that Land. Who are they? They are: firstly, those who, having a compassionate mind,g; _::ElETrXft " iEl[fiJ&m ffi&{&El ; trrL do not kill living beings and vrho obser-ve the Precepts; secondly, those who read and study theLhlE. - H l, E-t E Ell&t*.& " Mahayana Sutras; and thirdly, those who practise the Six Thoughts. Those who have these virtues and are willing to be reborn in the Pure Land can be so, within one to seven days. [4.18trF l]LAm€Bmffi. $Eldff Frlfn* "when a person is borl in that Land, on account of his diligent practice of the Dharma, g4ffittF , X%#^, ffi-W|Llfr, H*ttE & he sees Amita Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, many Reflection- Buddhas, hundreds and thousands of Bhikshus and+ffitjE, WX%4#ffi Eti#drj, Fiffi[€f4rlt Sravakas, and numerous gods and palaces made of the seven jewels, appearing before him; whileII*HE , ffift#*, 4gG&+:8+* o &EF Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva holds a Golden Terrace and comes with Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva)<ryE- 9qf$,&#ffi, ffi#:,nff ffii84,1,. o into his presence. Amita Buddha effuses refulgent rays upon him; and holds out a hand to receive him with the Bodhisattvas, while Avalokitesvara artd Mahasthamaprapta and innurrerable other Bodhisattvas praise and encourage him.
  26. 26. Iii"*-V +lt,!-g u5 ns THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA 25 Efl-.ftJLe,, , u,*ffnsK., Hn .W , *+fillU "When he has seen that, he is very happy and sees that he himself is riding on the GoldenH. W|reffit*. rtn,i+tF41 llEtr:ILNL*l " Terrace, following that Buddha. ln the flash of a moment, he is born in the Pure Land. I ]LIIF&.!] RtnRE ; trL,ifi !,i h:rfnEXd "A-fter having been born in that Land, he sees that Buddhas figure, the appearances offfitl,fFJJf.E; ttnIJF{t iii;}ttr iE. f.liirl utj the Bodhisattvas, the rays and the jewel-treesFfit4El*tr, " ft91Ht{fHJ , E$iJ{ ll1, i,FJ^fi!J{ completely; and he hears the Wonderful Law. When he has heard the Law, he attains the}Ai#f#dij , Xffi+ftiv, ffiFAFJ ?L.i1$.Aj:i T^[f Bodhisattvaship of Quietude. In a moment, he visits all the Buddhas in the ten quarters; and hef;.EICF1 . is promised in the presence of each of ttrem that he will soon become a Buddha. When he returns to his own Land (the Pure Land), he obtains hundreds and thousands of Dharanis. f trAL,i[l,. 6r " "This is the first division of the highest class of rebirth. [-# tr 4.:X 6 t,P*]ffi;* rS;lg-d{ " .; "The second division of the highest class of rebirth is this: One need not recite the Sutras,W#W, t4t-* ,t]4HEtl , iftfK-R 4,,* but should understand their meaning well and should not be astonished on hearing the Supreme Doctrine; and one should believe the Law of Cause and Effect and not calumniate the teachings of the Great Vehicle. By virtue of all these, one can be reborn in the Most Happy World. FfttLTr# ftffi#&F F IffiFeffi , 4r+#Ittl "When a person who does according to whatE try:E , ffEt*, trEEE r.+*AH is said above is about to pass away, Amita Buddha together with Avalokitesvara and Mahas-Efi#Bfr ffiA : [E+ ltkftX*MXt-+n thamaprapta Bodhisattvas, surrounded by a great number of followers, holds a Purple-Golden-Terrace, €*ifi+x{Df*li ! J gq+,ftdfi -B&T " and comes and praises him, s?ying, Son of the
  27. 27. 26 116 THE SUTRA OF VISUALTZING THE BUDDHA 26 Dharma, thou hast been practising the Great Vehicle and hast understmd the Supreme Doctrine. So I am coming to receive thee. Thus, that Buddha and a thousand Reflection-Buddhas give him their hands simultaneously. ETrfr H n4bX6H A1+1+, #,W.nft1fr "Then he sees himself sitting on that Purple- Golden-Terrace, with hands joined together and , ln-is:4I , eFIL0EW " {Hy&,F liL"tSH , praising all the Buddhas. In a moment, he is bornr4ltiE*r, fs-f6Ftjljfl " in that Country, in the Seven-Jewel Pool. The Purple-GoldenTerrace is as a huge Jewel-flower, and it opens after one night. E fr -& t* (r.*w+tr, E-FIF E|*F.,S4q "When the flower opens, such a mans body is of a purplish golden colour; and under his feetLlY lf Etd. &Wfrtyr. , FR:ti & q , Fl Etl Fii BE iri there are seven lotus flowers. At the same time, the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas emit rays whichBri{ii?4 *EiJ*4 , fit#Ei* #-#t"# " B[-j.:e light upon him; and his eyes are thus opened. lleEi iiP*iltA$ , #ffjt€ " hears that all the sounds of the Pure Land are saying thing about the profound Supreme Doctrine which he has learned already, Then he walks down from the Purple-Golden-Terrace, saluting and praising the Buddha. trf$r.{{ H XHffi CF bF4ffi&Slq --ZH,= Sti: "During the course of seven days, he attains to the State of Samma-Sambodhi and henceforth 4$6EiF{i " ffiffiE[t?Na,ty fd€ t^ h , E#;o he will never retrogress again. He is able to flyIfr . )i,,$UlFIrl6-tlt=p* , ffi,-zj.*j 4Sffi *-K. , now, visiting all the Buddhas in the ten quarters and practising all kinds of Samadhi in their$iBrt*fie . presence. After the interval of a small kalpa, he will attain the Bodhisattvaship of Quietude and be promised by all the Buddhas that he will soon become a Buddha. tr€f,}.nF4h# " "This is the second division of the highest
  28. 28. n iif,*",i+lt,lE II7 THE SUTRA OF VISUALIZING THE BUDDHA N class of rebirth. tr_E.$ITAZ- lrt€Wj*, Zni***, 4qtf "The third division of the highest class of ffi-b.€,L. UrtLU&,@[rJ, m*A.fe#Eq . rebirth is this: One should also believe the Law of Causality and have the mind to pursue the Supreme Doctrine, and should not slander the teachings of the Great Vehicle. By virtue of these, one can be reborn in the Most Happy World. Ftt#frfffgF , FJmtFt{# &.&,EE . li "When such a person is about to pass away, #E .9q;egE, f++S+ , 4TlEfrHffi, Amita Buddha, holding a Golden-LotusFlower, with Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta Bodh- ttLA o frHiLlfr, *F&f. , ffiA tiET ^{!! it isattvas and five hundred Reflection Buddhas, come to welcome him. These Reflection-Buddhas give +ffii$, &ffiriH,L.fiX{llt ! J him their hands simultaneously and praise him, saying, Son of the Dharma, thou art now pure and hast the Mind of the Supreme Dharma. We are coming to receive thee. q4b.A#+, 4b.8,+A trF,ILb+F , ClJHE "Having seen these things, he find3 himself, wfr&.&., elt4*tr4rHibtr , *[f *& , i] sitting on the Golden-Lotus-Flower that shuts its petals when he has seated himself within. And#-Irffi -t Fl 2F , Ir&HIfr " E#ELlfrH , );*t then he follows the Blessed One (Amita Buddha) to be reborn in the Seven Jewel Pool. After onetHlT "|)6DB T ft=t H.&. , TtT A E, " ffi*< day and one night, he sees the Buddha. But heE4ErHDiX Wffi+fr , ffi€:#ltfr, frnfifr carnot see His whole figure and the Virtues distinctly until after three times seven days. ThenBfr Ef,EiXE. ffi=2J.ryl 45tr6ryF1 , IIW# he sees them clearly and hears that all the sounds are saying things about the Wonderful Law. Hefifio will go to visit all the Buddhas in the ten Quarters to make offerings to them and will hear the Profound Law in their presence. After ttnee small kalpas, he will attain the Dmr of Widom of the Hundred Laws, and stay in the mental