Materials: Week 8 - Colours & Textures


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Materials: Week 8 - Colours & Textures

  1. 1. Interior + Environmental Design MATERIALS Colours & Textures
  2. 2. COLOURS & TEXTURES > ‘1.51 MILES OF STRING’ TEMPORARY SHOPThis ‘pop-up’ project was part of a series of installations at Selfridges to coincide with an exhibition atthe V&A museum. Here, the length of string is determined by the distance between Selfridges and theV&A. The 1.51 miles have been tangled, hooped and slung to form a very different kind of space. ‘1.51 Miles of String at Selfridges’ : FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste)
  3. 3. COLOURS & TEXTURES > COLOURED PARQUET FLOORThis apartment refurbishment features a colour scheme that represents the changing seasonalcolours in a nearby park. The apartment features oversized parquet oors and wall panels thatmerge through shades of green, yellow, orange, red and brown to winter grey and black. Apartment Floor , Switzerland : Tham & Videgaard Hansson
  4. 4. COLOURS & TEXTURES > GRAO RECYCLED CERAMIC TILES  Grão is a project by Portuguese multidisciplinary studio Pedrita that takes surplus decorative tilesand combines them so that each one becomes a single ‘pixel’ in large-scale murals. Grao Ceramic Tiles : Pedrita
  5. 5. COLOURS & TEXTURES > JIM LAMBIE ART INSTALLATIONJim Lambie uses vinyl tape for many of his installations. Here in theGlasgow Gallery of Modern Art, he traced the shape of the room toreveal the idiosyncrasies of its architecture. Flooring Art Installations, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art : Jim Lambie
  6. 6. COLOURS & TEXTURES > TIDES RESTAURANT, NEW YORK  In this small New York restaurant, the ceiling is formed by over 110,000 bamboo skewers embeddedinto a back-lit acoustical ceiling. The skewers are composed to produce a topographical effect,evoking sea grass. Tides Restaurant, New York : LTL Architects
  7. 7. COLOURS & TEXTURES > P_WALLP_Wall was commissioned for an exhibition called Sensate: Bodies and Design. Using nylon fabric andwooden dowels as form-work, the weight of the liquid plaster slurry causes the fabric to sag, expand,and wrinkle like human skin. P_Wall, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art : Andrew Kudless
  8. 8. COLOURS & TEXTURES > NATURAL FOOTPRINT CONCRETENatural Footprint is composed of intricate patterns of laser-cut wood embossed into concretewhich begin to peel off and decompose due to pollution and weathering, creating shadowyeffects, until they nally fall off, leaving a permanent trace in the concrete surface. Natural Footprint Concrete : Alessia Giardino
  9. 9. COLOURS & TEXTURES > CONCEPTUAL FABRIC & FOAM WALLSWhat at rst appears to be a tile, brick, or other ‘hard’ modular system is actually a lightweight andbendable, interlocking interior ‘soft’ wall system made of compressed fabric and foam. Possibilitiesof colour and shape are extremely open and exible, and its also highly transportable! The Tiles (Les Tuiles): Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
  10. 10. COLOURS & TEXTURES > CASA BATLLO, BARCELONAGaudi used colours and shapes found in marine life as inspiration for Casa Batllo. Gaudi paid muchattention to detail, and he designed the courtyard so that it is covered with blue ceramic progressivelybrightening to assure the same or similar light at the top of the building and at ground level. Various Hand Painted Wood-Cut Floors : Richard Woods Casa Batllo, Barcelona : Antoni Gaudi
  11. 11. COLOURS & TEXTURES > ALGUE WALL DECORATIONSThese Algue wall decorations are reminiscent of plant life or coral. You can snap them together andbring the look of nature anywhere you like. These plastic pieces link together to create anything froma thin curtain or screen to a thick wall. Each Algue piece is made from injection-moulded plastic. Algue Wall Decorations : Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
  12. 12. COLOURS & TEXTURES > CHAIN MAIL WALLSWalls do not always have to appear to be static, xed and rigid. What would a wall of chain maillook or feel like when moving through it?
  13. 13. COLOURS & TEXTURES > LIVING WALLSThis ora-clothed multi-level building takes green roofs and living walls to another level, usingfoliage to cover both the external and internal wall surfaces. It looks as if the building is growing upfrom underneath the greenery, blurring the lines between plants as ornamentation or structure. Ann Demeulemeester Store, Seoul, North Korea : Mass Studies Architects
  14. 14. COLOURS & TEXTURES > LIQUID WALLSWith almost all-household stuff going interactive, how could the main part of home interior, thewalls, be left out? The Eltopo Liquid wall is one feature that interacts with humans besides doingthe job of enhancement. Liquid Wall : Eltopo
  15. 15. COLOURS & TEXTURES > HAND-PAINTED WOOD CUT FLOORSRichard Woods is a British designer/architect known for his cartoon-like oor patterns. He explores therelationship between ‘functionality’ and ‘decoration’, with motifs varying from simple, repetitive redbrick work to intricate oral designs, or pastiches of historical styles and artistic movements. Various Hand Painted Wood-Cut Floors : Richard Woods
  16. 16. COLOURS & TEXTURES > ‘RAINFOREST’ INSTALLATIONIn this ‘Rainforest’ installation, plants are held up of structures made very simply of thin sticks ofCorian and connected together with cable ties. It’s a basic technique of manufacturing reminiscent ofthe way of the gardener’s work. It offers a different way of using plants as an architectural material.     ‘Rainforest’ Installation : Patrick Nadeau
  17. 17. COLOURS & TEXTURES > BLACK HALL, JAPANBlack Hall is the newest addition to the a particular music college which is the rst school in Japanto offer a jazz major. The designers tried to convey a jazzy feel through the use of its neon-popcolour scheme. Black Hall, Senzoku College of Music : Terada Design
  18. 18. COLOURS & TEXTURES > ‘WHAT HAPPENS WHEN’ RESTAURANT, NEW YORK‘What Happens When’ is a restaurant that will change every 30 days. Architectural drawings andsymbols have been painted on the walls and ceiling, and each time the interior changes it will bemapped out on the oor with tape. As a Valentine’s Day installation, pink and purple triangles offabric were hung from the ceiling. ‘What Happens When’ Restaurant, New York : The Metrics
  19. 19. COLOURS & TEXTURES > CAMPER SHOE STORE, LONDONThis is a new store for shoe brand Camper. The store features a wall covered in folded arti cial redsuede.The chairs also use the tissue technique. The red ower blossoms with an emphasis on theCamper brand’s corporate colour are always in full bloom in the store.  Camper Shoe Store, London : Tokujin Yoshioka
  20. 20. COLOURS & TEXTURES > GODIVA CHOCOLATE STORE, JAPANThe idea behind this chocolate store was ‘treat thyself’. The designer’s intention was to add a breath offresh air to the more traditional image. The shop features humorous design details such as ‘meltingchocolate’ ceiling combined with the primarily classical interior design. Godiva Chocolate Store, Japan : Wonderwall
  21. 21. COLOURS & TEXTURES > HSBC PRIVATE BANK LOUNGE  The HSBC Private Bank VIP lounge re ects the designer’s preference for mixing worlds andtechniques, the lounge incorporates elements of Native Brazilian traditions to create the atmosphereand form of an “Oca” – a traditional communal dwelling from the Amazonian forest. HSBC Private Bank Lounge, Design Miami : Humberto  and  Fernando  Campana    
  22. 22. COLOURS & TEXTURES > COLOURSCAPEWithin Colourscape emotions are altered and senses adjust as you become part of this experientialenvironment. Visitors don coloured capes to wander around the labyrinth and as daylight permeatesthrough the walls, all the colours of the rainbow come alive before your very eyes. Colourscape : Peter Jones
  23. 23. Questions……..?Twitter: @linseymcintosh