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Materials: Week 4 - Timber

Materials: Week 4 - Timber






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    Materials: Week 4 - Timber Materials: Week 4 - Timber Presentation Transcript

    • Interior + Environmental Design MATERIALS Timber
    • TIMBER > OVERVIEW- versatile building material - can be used forstructure or for internal and external nishes- sustainable - can be grown, sourced andreplenished with little or no waste- aesthetically pleasing – can vary on tree speciesand has the ability to weather- different nishing techniques can be applied -sanded, waxed, varnished, stained, etc
    • TIMBER > THROUGH THE AGES > STONEHENGE, WILTSHIREJust a few years ago timber structures are discovered at Stonehenge. They are thought to be the remains of thebuilders’ living quarters which would have been used while the stone structures were being built. These aresome of the oldest timber structures that survive today. Stongehenge, Wiltshire, England, c.3100 BC
    • TIMBER > THROUGH THE AGES > COMPLEX FACADESAround the 16th – 17th century timber-framed facades became very complex. This was due to anaesthetic preference for extra decoration rather than a need for and additional structural pieces. Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire, UK, 1450 – 1580 : Architect Unkown
    • TIMBER > THROUGH THE AGES > TIMBER-FRAMED HUF HAUSHuf Haus specialises in creating individually crafted homes using environmentally sound building practices. All aspectsof the timber framed homes are made in a German factory andthen shipped to sites all around the world. Timber Framed Huf Hause : Peter Huf
    • TIMBER > THROUGH THE AGES > THE SENEDD, WALESThe undulating ceiling of The Senedd was designed by Richard Rogers Partnership and usestraditional Welsh materials such as slate and Welsh oak in its construction. It was designed to beas environmentally sound as possible. The Senedd (The Welsh Assembly), Cardiff : Richard Rogers
    • TIMBER > THROUGH THE AGES > MOONAH LINKS LODGESThe Moonah Links Lodges won the 2007 Australian Timber Design Awards. They use timber fordecorative effect, mixing rough sawn timber with planed timber to give a natural nish. Moonah Links Lodges, Australia, 2007 : Hayball Leonard Stent Architects
    • TIMBER > SOFTWOODS & HARDWOODSWood is commonly classi ed as either softwood or hardwood. The wood from conifers (e.g. pine) iscalled softwood, and the wood from broad-leaved trees (e.g. oak) is called hardwood. These namesare a bit misleading, as hardwoods are not necessarily hard, and softwoods are not necessarily soft. See ‘Architect’s Pocket Book’ P250 –275 for more information on softwoods & hardwoods. Softwood Tree (e.g Pine) Hardwood Tree (e.g Oak)
    • TIMBER >TIMBER GRADES & SHEET SIZESTimber is graded in different ways, and these grades determine whether the wood is used forstructural purposes or for nishes. It is also supplied in standard sizes and these are determinedby manufacturing processes. See ‘Architect’s Pocket Book’ P250 –275 for more information on timber grades & sizes.
    • TIMBER > BUILDING BOARDSThere are many different timber based building boards available which have different qualitiesand must be carefully selected to suit the application. Chipboard Plywood MDF Hardboard
    • TIMBER > VENEERSVeneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3mm, that are typically glued onto corepanels (typically, wood, particle board or MDF) to produce at panels such as doors, tops andpanels for cabinets, parquet oors and parts of furniture. Plywood Source : The Archtiect’s Pocket Book by Charlotte Baden-Powell
    • TIMBER >JOINTS > LAP & HALVING JOINTS Half lap joint Full lap joint Cross-halving joint Using full lap joint Source : Construction for Interior Designers, Roland Ashcroft, 1992
    • TIMBER > JOINTS > HOUSING JOINTS Through housing joint Stopped housing joint Source : Construction for Interior Designers, Roland Ashcroft, 1992
    • TIMBER > JOINTS > REBATED JOINTS Rebated and grooved joint Rebated joint Source : Construction for Interior Designers, Roland Ashcroft, 1992
    • TIMBER > JOINTS > MORTISE & TENON JOINTS Stub mortise and tenon Double mortise & tenon Source : Construction for Interior Designers, Roland Ashcroft, 1992
    • TIMBER > JOINTS > ‘SHRINK’ FURNITURE ‘Shrink’ Furniture : Nicola Zocca
    • TIMBER > JOINTS > BISCUIT JOINTING Source : Construction & Detailing for Interior Design, Drew Plunkett, 2010
    • TIMBER > MAINTENANCE > WOOD ROTTING FUNGI & WOODWORMWhile timber can last a long time, it is a dead material and nature has various methods of makingit decay unless it is looked after. Unless it is well maintained, wood rotting fungi or woodwormcan set in and do great damage. Wood Rotting Fungi Woodworm
    • TIMBER > SUSTAINABILITYThe world’s forests are under threat from illegal logging, clearance for agricultural expansion andpoor management. However, a tree grows to maturity in the space of one human lifetime,whereas stocks of oil, fossil fuels and minerals take millennia to produce.
    • TIMBER > CULTURAL & MATERIAL CONTEXT > SAUNA, FINLANDTimber buildings are most commonly associated with those countries that hold rich natural reserves ofthe material. The sauna of the Muuratsalo Experimental House in Finland is constructed on stonesspeci cally selected from the site and the building’s logs were obtained from trees felled nearby. Sauna of Muuratsalo Experimental House, Finland, 1952 –1954, Alvar Aalto
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > MACFARLANE HOUSE, GLASGOWTimber can be applied in many different contexts; from structure to cladding for walls, toconstruct a roof or to produce purpose made elements such as stairs. At the MacFarlane House inGlasgow, the building is covered in shingles (split wood) which blend with their surroundings. MacFarlane House, Glasgow, 2002 : Studio KAP
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > STRUCTURAL FRAMEStructural framing forms the shape of a building. It is generally hidden behind the internal andexternal cladding and so it is rarely seen except during construction. Although is can be leftexposed if the architectural idea is to celebrate the material and form of the building.
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > ROOF FRAMEA timber roof frame will comprise several elements. These include triangular truss units, rafters,joists and purlins. Source : Construction for Interior Designers, Roland Ashcroft, 1992
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > ROOF FRAME > HERBERT ART GALLERYThe Herbert Art Gallery & Museum features a partially glazed gridshell roof formed of glulam.The gridshell is designed to re ect its Coventry city centre context, by resembling the interior ofthe City’s cathedral roof. Glulam Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry : Pringle Richards Sharratt
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > FLOORINGTimber can be used for both the oor frame and as a oor nish. The oor nish can be achievedusing pieces of solid timber or wood layered on top of a composite board.
    • TIMBER > FLOORS > ART INSTALLATIONS, VINCENT LAMOUROUX Various Flooring Art Installations : Vincent Lamouroux
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > PANELLINGTimber panels can offer structural rigidity in a timber-framed building, provide support for a oorsurface or roof nish or they can be used decoratively as an interior and exterior nish. Malin + Goetz Beauty Store, New York Konyk Architecture
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > EXTERNAL CLADDINGBuildings can be clad with a range of different timber applications such as solid boards or shingles,to suit a range of functional demands, Another advantage of using timber to clad buildings is that itcan be designed to suit most environments and t most sites with a minimum of expense. Herringbone Houses, South London : Alison Brooks Architects Ltd
    • TIMBER > APPLICATION > STAIRSA staircase is a functional, structural element in a building, but it can also form a decorative feature.It may be made completely from timber or just some of its component parts, such as the treads,balusters or handrail could be made from wood. Attic Space, Prague : Sepka Architects
    • TIMBER > THE LONGEST BENCH, LITTLEHAMPTON The Longest Bench, Littlehampton : Studio Weave
    • TIMBER > FURNITURE > PALLET OFFICE FURNITURE Pallet Office Furniture : Firebase
    • TIMBER > TRONDHEIM, NORWAYTrondheim is a space designed for gathering, storytelling and laughing, in front of an open hearthof re . The shelter is inspired by traditional Norwegian turf huts and old log construction. Thecompact design features 80 layers of loosely piled pine blocks. Trondheim, Norway : Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter
    • TIMBER > WISA WOODEN DESIGN HOTEL, FINLANDTrondheim is a space designed for gathering, storytelling and laughing, in front of an open hearthof re . The shelter is inspired by traditional Norwegian turf huts and old log construction. Thecompact design features 80 layers of loosely piled pine blocks. WISA Wooden Design Hotel, Finland : Pieta-Linda Auttila
    • TIMBER > FURNITURE > WOOD PEG, ‘THE FURNITURE HANGER’ Wood Peg, ‘The Furniture Hanger’ : Studio Gorm
    • TIMBER > FINAL WOODEN HOUSE, JAPANThis idea for this Wooden House in Japan was apparently conceived by just mindlessly stacking a350mm square. There are no separations of oor, wall, and ceiling here. Inhabitants discover, ratherthan being prescribed, the various functions the wooden house has to offer. Final Wooden House, Japan : Sou Fujimoto Architects
    • TIMBER > TREE OF KNOWLEDGE MEMORIAL, AUSTRALIACalled the Memorial for Tree of Knowledge, this project marks the site where the Australian Labourparty is said to have been founded. The remaining parts of the dead tree are framed by an 18 metre-high cube-like structure of 3600 hanging timber batons, made from recycled telegraph poles. Tree of Knowledge Memorial, Queensland, Australia : Brian Hooper Architect & m3architecture
    • TIMBER > THE DOWNLAND GRIDSHELL, WEST SUSSEXThe Downland Gridshell is a workshop and education centre which is constructed from oak laths orstrips. The exterior is covered in cedar timber panels blending it with the surrounding woodland tosuch a degree that it appears to become part of it. The Downland Gridshell, West Sussex, 2002 : Edward Cullinan Architects
    • TIMBER > THE DOWNLAND GRIDSHELL, WEST SUSSEXThe Gridshell’s construction method is clearly expressed in the building. Timber pieces create theroof pattern and bolt and plate xings form part of the shell’s interior surface. The Downland Gridshell, West Sussex, 2002 : Edward Cullinan Architects
    • Questions……..? l.y.mcintosh@dundee.ac.uk