Presentation to Skills Development Committee: Tourism HRD Priorities

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  • 1. Presentation to Skills Development Committee:Tourism Human Resource Development prioritiesPresented by: Melissa Wicomb
  • 2. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW• Background of DEDAT, PGWC• Overview of Tourism HRD priorities and projects• Partnership with Skills Development committee to increase training and employment opportunities for new entrants and current workforce within the Hospitality sub-sector.
  • 3. STRATEGIC OVERVIEWPolicy Alignment [SO1] Extracted from the Cabinet approved Strategic Objective 1: Creating opportunities for growth and jobs:• A key feature of the provincial economy is “a thriving multi- dimensional international tourism industry with strong links to the creative and cultural sectors.• Tourism is a priority sector for growth and employment opportunities in the province.• It has the potential to grow the economy of the Province in a sustainable manner.
  • 4. TOURISM HRD PRIORITIES• In line with NSDS III and Strategic objective 1 for PGWC, our aim is to facilitate training and employment opportunities that is demand led and responsive to industry needs• Outcome is direct employment opportunities facilitated within this sector and related sectors.• Respond to gaps between school system and workplace• Crucial need for new entrants to gain access to career, training and employment opportunities• Current workforce to gain access to training and development to advance their skills level for career progression within the industry.
  • 5. TOURISM HRD PRIORITIESTourism Human Resources Development Partnership with Skills Development committee for the Western Cape Tourism HRD priorities and projects: – Tourism HRD sub-committee – representation on sub-committee – Provincial Sector Skills Plan with CATHSSETA – July/August 2012 – Job Shadow programme (career awareness) – Collective HEI Bursary Programme – Internship Placement Programme – FET Skills programme for new entrants and current workforce – Upskilling of current workforce Critical factor in the successful implementation in increased partnerships with Hospitality industry partners
  • 6. TOURISM HRD PRIORITIES• Seek a partnership with Skills Development committee for a focused and co-ordinated approach:  Advise on industry needs through the Provincial Sector Skills Plan  Advise on HRD priorities – skills demands and how these needs can be addressed through HRD programmes  Engaging with public FETs and HEIs to increase access for students and graduates to gain practical exposure to industry to address current and future skills needs  Access for unemployed youth to gain entry to industry – entry level positions i.e. workplace learning
  • 7. TOURISM HRD PRIORITIES• Partnership with CATHSSETA – entering into an MoA for 2012/2013 to 2015/2016 in alignment to provincial Tourism HRD priorities and projects i.e. public FET and HEI bursaries to increase accessibility for youth and current workforce• Partnership with NDT – working with NDT EPWP (Networks) to assist stakeholder involvement i.e. municipalities, learner recruitment and facilitating host employer buy-in for project roll out i.e. 1st and 2nd roll across the province.
  • 8. TOURSIM HRD PRIORITIESQuestions and Feedback Please contact us at: Noxolo Ntenetya Director: Tourism Participation Tel: (021) 483 9463 Melissa Wicomb Deputy Director: Tourism Human Resource Development Tel: (021) 483 9080 072 304 2715
  • 9. Thank you