Hibiscus Coast Shopping and Retail, Wining and Dining - Winter 2013


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We linku2 Hibiscus Coast shopping options, restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways in Orewa, Whangaparaoa and Silverdale

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Hibiscus Coast Shopping and Retail, Wining and Dining - Winter 2013

  1. 1.  Wardrobe Essentials Items You’re Better Off Buying SecondHand Pak n Save Tips and Budgeting Advice Cuisines of the World - India Pak n Save Recipes: Leek and PotatoSoup Most Healthy Foods to Eat - Fish, Meat andGrains Pak n Save Recipes: Peras Al Vino Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe Ageless Items You Should Always Buy New More Pak n Save Tips and BudgetingAdvice Cuisines of the World - Spain Pak n Save Recipes: Chocolate, Nut andMarshmallow Fudge Most Healthy Foods to Eat: Fruit andVegetablesSHOPPING AND RETAIL, WINING AND DININGwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | We Linku2 | Shopping and DiningTo feature in this booklet and on our Linku2 website plans startfrom $25 pm.For details phone: 09 428 0204, Email:admin@linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | About Us | Advertise with Us |Web and Booklet Plans(Rates subject to change - for up to date information visit the website)Articles in this print issue:Babies and ToddlersBusiness ServicesEducation and Training, Clubs and CommunityGetting MarriedHealth and Beauty, Sport and RecreationMotor and Marine, Industrial and RuralProperty: Real Estate, Building and DevelopmentSenior LivingShopping and Dining, Living and LeisureVisiting the Hibiscus Coast and RodneyVisit www.linkuhibiscuscoast.co.nz | We Linku2for information, articles and local service links for the following -Articles on the web links:Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Business and Community Servicesare kindly sponsored by Pak n Save Silverdale helping ussupport our local CommunityBonus Print Feature: Wonderful Winter Warmers … French dishes to warm you from theinside out!
  2. 2. We Linku2 local services, information and articles through ourLinku2 website and print booklets in stands across the area.Our onsite web “We Linku2” sections and print booklets are updated quarterly linking you toinformation, articles and local services divided into sections from Babies to Property, Healthto Seniors.Visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz to find everything you need locally, pick up a freebooklet from one of our many stands or download a copy on site.Linku2 also provide on site information including - Free Classified Sales Local Events Calendar Latest news Information on the local area and services (eg bus timetables, rubbish collections,libraries, emergency procedures, etc)Plus we run our own unique Fundraising Programme with paying Web and Bookletadvertisers contributing back into our non-profit community. All local non-profit groups canregister to receive funds.We welcome any feedback and love to be involved with our communityCall us on 09 428 0204 or email admin@linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nzVisit us today at www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz and support ourcommunity to - Go Local, Grow Local ...LINKU2 - WHO ARE WE AND WHAT CAN WEDO FOR YOU?SO WHAT ARE QR CODES?A QR code is a type of bar code with an embedded URL that linksto the internet. By using a QR reading programme on your smartphone you can link directly through the QR code to the link.If you have a smartphone but don’t have a QR App you can download a QR codescanner free at www.qrstuff.com Or text “QR” to 710 (Vodafone)
  3. 3. WARDROBE ESSENTIALSHow often to you look in the wardrobe, whichis full to overflowing, and yet declare youhave nothing to wear. Sound familiar!What you need to do is sort out yourwardrobe and ensure it holds the wardrobeessentials. These essentials need to have acouple of elements to them including being - Your wardrobe basis - Without theseessentials something is missing Trend proof - In other words you can wearthem to a wide range of different occasionsand still have that stylish look Flexible - They need to be able to be givena whole new look and feel just by changingaccessoriesSo before you head out and revamp yourentire wardrobe check through what youalready have.Also when buying essentials don’t just buyone. Firstly go for the neutral tones then adda couple in colours that best suit you. Varythe necklines or sleeve lengths. So what arethe things to arm your wardrobe with?Jeans that suit your style - This means thestyle that you can wear both comfortably andlooks good on you. Don’t wear hipsters ifyour waistline will get in the way of seeingthe top of them! Don’t wear skinny jeans if, inreality, you could do with losing those extrakilos. It is worth paying that little extra forthat flattering look and feel.Long sleeve white t-shirt - An obviousstaple which can then be jazzed up with youraccessories. A well cut slim fit style canmake anybody look slimmer.Short sleeve white t-shirt - As with the longsleeves, matches anything. Find a couple ofstyle that suit you and then get a couple ofvariations in the colours too. Jazz up withyour accessories.Cardigan - If you make your cardigan aneutral tone it should match most of yourother essentials.Find your dream bed ormattress for ultimate sleepFabulous bargains on a completerange of NZ made Sleepyhead BedsNew Range of Bedroom furnitureand ManchesterShop 6, The Silverdale CentrePh: 424 8111bedsruswgp@xtra.co.nzwww.bedsrus.co.nz
  4. 4. Black trousers - These can then be dressedup or down to suit your occasion. Keep thelength appropriate to wear with flatter shoesbut also where you can add your heels forstyle when you wish to. They can also bejazzed up with a glitter, sequinned orhanging belt.White button blouse - Preferably both longand short sleeveA black tank top - Can be worn witheverything and can be jazzed up whenrequired or easy wear for the beachA jacket or blazer - Often a neutral tone isgood to go with anything but also a black orwhite one is usually a good match for mostoutfits.A little black dress - Yes, this one alwaysmakes it on to an essentials list. With somany styles out there make sure you chooseone that both suits your body type but youalso feel comfortable in. Then use youraccessories to your heart’s content!ITEMS YOU’RE BETTER OFFBUYING SECOND HANDWith some products it simply doesn’t makesense to buy new at full price wheninvariably you can find the same qualitybuying second hand. By doing so you canoften see your savings quickly multiply. Hereare examples of some of the best items toconsider buying second hand.Car - Probably the first thing that springs tomind would be a car. Did you know if youbuy a new car it depreciates by up to 20% assoon as you drive out of the car yard! Evenjust going for last year’s model can be ahuge saving. Once a car is over five yearsold you can expect to get only a third of theoriginal price.Books - Both text books and reading books.Nowadays you can of course buy onlinemaking huge savings. However for thoseWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGSBeds R Us - 661 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 8111E: bedsruswgp@xtra.co.nz, W: www.bedsrus.co.nz - With over 20 years in the bedding in-dustry and the backing of Sleepyhead, New Zealand’s largest and longest serving bedmanufacturer.TIPS TO KEEP YOURWARDROBE AGELESS...Now you have some ideason what to keep in thewardrobe to match anythingwhat should you do to en-sure those items last. Scan this QR codeor visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz |We Linku2 | Section - Scrolling item or Arti-cle link
  5. 5. who enjoy the feeling of holding a book thereis an abundance of second hand book storesand book fairs. Another option is to ask yourfriends or on facebook, invariably someonewill have finished the book you are after andhappy to pass on or sell at a very good price.For text books often your college or learningfacility will have a library or rentaldepartment you can use if it is not a bookyou will need on-going.Children’s Clothing - Often you can findsome wonderful items through friends andfamily, websites for swapping or buying/selling second hand clothes and of courseshops such as your local Hospice orSalvation Army store always have somegreat bargains. In fact, while you are at itthere are often great bargains for adults aswell as a book section too!Pets - It almost seems a sin to pay thehundreds of dollars you can do for pets in astore when there is such an abundance ofabandoned and yet loving, beautiful pets atthe SPCA and other shelters. If you areconsidering getting a pet make sure youcheck these out first - you may be there lasthope for a good home!Formal clothing - Whether a weddinggown, ball gown or dinner jacket there areso many people that head out and spendthe earth to wear something just once! Youcan make some wonderful savings. Alsodesigner stores can sometimes haveseconds on sale at significant savings oftenwith flaws barely noticeable!Video games and DVDs - Once someonehas completed the game or seen the moviemore than 4-5 times it is time to move onand you can take advantage and get somegreat bargains.Home Gym Equipment - Yes, the fadcomes, the fad goes and so oftenWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST GROCERY AND FOODSHOPPINGPak n Save Silverdale - 20 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale, Ph: 421 9160W: www.paknsave.co.nz - Our policy is New Zealands lowest food prices.Get a dedicated computer expert fora fraction of the cost!Earn more. Spend less.Computer Sales  Computer ServicingBusiness Solutions1 Orewa Square, Orewa17 Neville St, WarkworthPh: 09 427 5548www.tailormadecomputers.co.nz
  6. 6. equipment merely sits in someone’sgarage or spare room collecting dust. Docheck on the condition but generally somany people lose interest before theequipment has barely been used!Hand Tools - Simple tools with few movingparts, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers,etc can last for decades if well made andmaintained and often easy to find in garagesales or online.Musical Instruments - Particularly whenyour child is starting out buying new is notwise. Either second hand or perhaps rentalcan give you an idea of how long theirinterest will last. If the interest continues andthe ability is good you can change yourstance later.Bicycles - Like cars new season bikes comeout all the time. Do check the condition ofthe bike and also ensure it isn’t stolen! Alsoif you can wait until the cooler months youcan often get better bargains on bikes fromthose who no longer want to brave theelements!So much of what we buy devalues as soonas we open the box or walk out the store sosave yourself some dollars and use it forsomething else you enjoy!Tips on saving with Pak n SaveSilverdaleSaving you money is so important at PAKnSAVEthat weve created some handy information tokeep more money in your pocket. And don’tforget to check out our Christmas Club!Visit our website at www.paknsave.co.nz fordetails and join our mailing list for regularspecials , tips and dealsPak n Save Silverdale20 HBC Highway, Silverdale  Ph 09 421 9160W: www.paknsave.co.nz
  7. 7. 65 Tauranga Place, Orewa65 Tauranga Place, Orewa65 Tauranga Place, Orewa  Ph: 427 0090Ph: 427 0090Ph: 427 0090  FreeCall: 0800 629 476FreeCall: 0800 629 476FreeCall: 0800 629 476colleen@maygroveorewa.co.nzcolleen@maygroveorewa.co.nzcolleen@maygroveorewa.co.nz  www.maygroveorewa.co.nzwww.maygroveorewa.co.nzwww.maygroveorewa.co.nzVisit Maygrove by scanning the QR code on the left, or take avideo tour by scanning the QR code on the right with yoursmartphone or tablet
  8. 8. GROCERY SHOPPINGBUDGETING ADVICEfrom Pak n SaveThe following information is found on the Pak nSave website – www.paknsave.co.nz.Budget Budget Budget!!! Setting a budget is soimportant we wrote it three times.If you work out how much you want to spendevery week and stick to it you can save a littlefortune by the end of the year.Good ways to make sure you stick to it aretaking your budget in cash to the supermarket orcounting up your costs on a calculator as youshop. Maybe use the calculator on your cellphone though.Dont eat your groceriesWell not immediately. Make sure you eat beforeyou go to the supermarket or youll end up with atrolley full of what you feel like, not what youneed. And while thats great for snacking on,theres only so much you can do with corn chips,biscuits, gherkins and wine gums for dinner.Bulk up a bitNot you personally, you look great. Bulk buy.Sometimes buying staple food items like flour,sugar, rice and pasta works out to be muchcheaper when you buy big. Think of it as a long-term investment. Or maybe a short time foodsupply. It really depends how many mouths youhave to feed.Shopping TipDo either fortnightly or monthly shopping.This saves you time, petrol, and you buyless goodies because you shop less.CUISINES OF THE WORLD -INDIAIndian cuisine is varied and fragrantreflecting a 5,000 year history of interactionbetween cultures. Blended with spices suchas cardamom, turmeric, ginger, garlic, curryand saffron plus herbs, meats, vegetablesand fruits flavours are enhanced offeringsweet, subtle, savoury, spicy and hotvariations.We Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST COMPUTER SALES, REPAIRSAND PARTSTailormade Computers - 1 Orewa Square, Orewa, Ph: 427 5548, Fax: 427 5549E: grant@tailor-made.co.nz, W: www.tailor-made.co.nz - Get a dedicated computer ex-pert for a fraction of the cost. TailorMade Computers are your one stop shop.ITEMS YOU SHOULDALWAYS BUY NEW …Now you know the bestthings to buy secondhand check out thosethings you should neverscrimp on and get new.Scan this QR code or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | WeLinku2 | Section - Scrolling item or ArticlelinkMORE GROCERYSHOPPING TIPS …For more tips on your groceryshopping budget from Pak nSave scan this QR code orvisit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | WeLinku2 | Section - Scrolling item or Articlelink
  9. 9. Many dishes are cooked in vegetable oilalthough peanut and mustard oil are alsopopular in India.Some of the most common Indian dishesinclude -Biryani - Is a rice-based dish made withspices, rice and chicken, mutton, fish, eggsor vegetables. The name is derived from thePersian word beryā which means "fried" or"roasted"Butter Chicken - Butter Chicken is amongthe best known Indian foods across theworld. The sauce can be made as hot or mildas suits your palate and so is suitable foreveryone. Butter chicken is also commonlyknown as Murg Makhani.Vindaloo - Is the hottest and the spiciesttype of curry. Introduced to the Goa regionby the Portuguese, it is famed for its heatand spice. Blending chillies with turmeric,cumin, coriander and authentic spices avindaloo is not for the faint hearted!Rogan Josh - The lovely colour of RoganJosh comes from the Kashmiri dry redchillies which are used to prepare it. Anaromatic lamb dish of Persian origin, andbrought to India by the Moghuls, Rogan Joshmeans meat cooked in clarified butter atintense heat. Sometimes lamb can besubstituted with goat meat.Tandoori - Classic tandoori chicken ismarinated in yogurt, lemon juice, and plentyof spices. The name comes from the type ofcylindrical clay oven used in preparation ofthe dish with the vibrant red and orangecolourings in the dish coming from cayennepepper and red chilli powder.Daal - Daal is the signature dish of Punjabicuisine filled with rich protein and fiber.Lentils and beans are traditionally cooked ina tangy masala with dollops of fresh creamWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST HEALTH, BEAUTY ANDMEDICAL PRODUCTSInsinc Products, Hibiscus Coast, Ph: 0508 467 462, Mob: 021 447 640E: Stephanie@insincproducts.co.nz, W: www.insincproducts.co.nz - An extensive rangeof commercial strength environmentally friendly cleaning and paper products to meetyour cleaning and hygiene needs.ROGAN JOSHTANDOORI CHICKEN
  10. 10. added to give the rich finishing touch.Naan - Are traditional flatbreads often servedwith curry. There are many variations otherthan plain including garlic, onion, roti (madewith whole wheat), paneer (cheese), aloo(potato), keema naan is stuffed with aminced meat mixture and peshawari andKashmiri naan are filled with a mixture ofnuts and raisins.These are just a sprinkling of the manyvaried and delicious dishes derived throughIndian culture and history as well as dishesIndian chutneys are full of flavour. Enjoy!PAK N SAVE RECIPES:LEEK AND POTATO SOUPDelicious leek and potato soup to warm eventhe coldest of winter nights.1. Melt butter over stove and add washedand sliced leeks, peeled and diced potatoes,garlic, sugar and herbs to a pot.2. Cover and cook gently until leeks andpotatoes are soft.3. Stir stock into water, and add to the soup.4. Taste and season if necessary.5. Bring to boil and cook over a low heat for30 minutes.6. Soup can be left chunky or pureed. Add alittle cream to each plate when serving.Prep Time:15 minutesCooking Time:25-30 minutesIngredients1-2 leeks3-4 potatoes1 clove garlic (crushed)50g butter1 tsp sugar1-2 Continental Stock Pot chicken pots2 litres waterSalt and pepper to tasteWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST RESTAURANTSThe Pioneer Bar and Restaurant - 9-13 Tamariki Ave, Orewa, Ph: 421 1053, Fax: 4211054, Mob: 021 126 7379, E: friedhelm.eurich@xtra.co.nzThe Pioneer bar and restaurant in the heart of Orewa specialises in German cuisine.Great service, great food, great beer from a top Orewa restaurant and bar.CUISINES OF THEWORLD - SPAIN...The World is full of flavourand mouth watering dishes.For some of the delicioussamples in Spanish cuisinescan this QR code or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | WeLinku2 | Section - Scrolling item or Articlelink
  11. 11. 1 heaped tsp dried herbsSmall amount of cream to garnishRecipe from Vivienne GrahamTHE TOP HEALTHY FOODS TOEAT - MEATS, FISH AND GRAINSIn our web article we discuss the mosthealthy options for fruit and vegetables. Herewe will talk about the other food groupscontaining the most healthy options.Salmon - Salmon and tuna are usually thefirst fish to leap to mind when discussinghealthy foods. The omega-3 fatty acids inoily fishnot only boost skin’s defences againUV damage it has been claimed salmon isthe richest source of the omega-3 fatty acidswhich of course are excellent protection forthe heart.Salmon is also an excellent source of proteinand contains amino acids. Amino acids arecapable of forming tissues, organs, muscles,skin and hair and their importance is oftenoverlooked.Tuna, mackerel and sardines come into thesame category as salmon for benefits.Eggs - Egg whites offer protein with minimalcalories. Often beaten off healthy food listswith claims eggs raise cholesterol however,it is like many foods, beneficial inmoderation. Eggs are not only a greatsource of protein but also contain vitamin A,potassium and B vitamins including folicacid, choline and biotin.Good for nerve and brain health plus theamino acids make the protein in eggs easyfor your body to absorb.Chicken - Chicken is a great source of lean,low fat protein. The amino acid tryptophan isfound in chicken which helps combatdepression. The protein helps prevent boneloss as well as the phosphorus being goodfor bones, teeth, kidney, liver and yourcentral nervous system.The selenium helps speed up yourmetabolism and niacin helps prevent cancerplus the vitamin A helps towards eye health.Lentils - Packed with protein and folate.Lentils contain more folate than anyunfortified plant food. Helping to protectagainst heart disease, folate also helpsprevent birth defects.Lentils also contain iron and fibreOatmeal - Full of soluable fibre which helpsin the drop in “bad” cholesterol. The fibrealso slows down the conversion of this wholefood to simple sugars. The high levels ofmagnesium nourish the body’s proper use ofglucose and insulin secretion. Also eating aCheck out our products byscanning this QR code with yoursmartphone or tabletInsinc Products LtdEco-friendly, sustainable products for yourhome,office or school that are better for you andbetter for the environment.An extensive range of commercial strengthenvironmentally friendly productsPO Box 310 140, Red BeachPh: 0508 467 462  Mob: 021 447 640E: sales@insinc.co.nz  www.insinc.co.nzCHOCOLATE NUT ANDMARSHMALLOWFUDGE...Another great recipe with allingredients from Pak nSave. Scan this QR code orvisit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | WeLinku2 | Section - Scrolling item or Articlelink
  12. 12. breakfast made with slow-releasecarbohydrates three hours before exercisehelps burn more fat.Oatmeal, like many whole grains alsocontains plant lignans, which help protectagainst breast and other hormone-dependent cancers as well as heart disease.Sunflower Seeds - One of the richestsources of vitamin E. The vitamin E helpsdestroy the free radicals. Sunflower seedsalso contain photosterols which reduce bloodlevels of cholesterol, enhance the immuneresponse and decrease risk of certaincancers. The magnesium is beneficial forasthma, helps lower high blood pressure,reduces heart attack and stroke risk andhelps prevent migraine headaches.Plus the selenium helps with cancerprevention.Most nuts and grains have similar benefits tothe sunflower seeds. The best nuts if takingyour diet into account would be almonds,cashews and pistachios with the worst nutsbeing macadamia nuts and pecan nutsalthough they still have some good healthbenefits. For your brain the best arepeanuts, the best nuts for your heart wouldbe walnuts and best for disease preventionwould be almonds.We Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST FLORISTSFlowers By Joanne - 12 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa, Phone: 426 5285E: barbara@flowersbyjoanne.co.nz, W: www.flowersbyjoanne.co.nz - For all your floralrequirements - bouquets, posies, wedding flowers and a wide range of gifts.HEALTHY FOODS TOEAT - FRUIT AND VEGE-TABLES...Now you are aware of thebest meat, fish and grainscomplement these with themost healthy fruit and vegetables. To seethese scan this QR code or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | We Linku2| Section - Scrolling item or Article linkA team of caring, talented florists havea passion for their work and cancreate stunning designs for anyoccasion!Deliveries local and overseasHigh quality product and service5 Riverside Road, OrewaPh: 426 5287 or 0800 268 738www.flowersbyjoanne.co.nz
  13. 13. PAK N SAVE RECIPES:PERAS AL VINO"Peras al Vino" or Pears in Wine is a simpledessert, made with fresh pears and whitewine. It is very tasty and an elegant endingfor a dinner any time of the year, butespecially in the Autumn.Dish type: DessertPrep Time: 15-30 MinsCooking Time: 30-60 minsServes: 3-4 PeopleIngredients4 ripe pears (firm)750ml bottle white wine1 ¾ cups water1 ¼ cups sugar1 cinnamon stickPeel the pears, but leave the stems. Cut thebottoms flat so that they will stand up bythemselves. (Note: Pears will brown ifexposed to air too long, so if youreinterrupted, be sure to submerge them inwater with a squeeze of lemon juice untilyou can return and cook them).In a large pot combine the white wine,water, sugar and cinnamon stick. Place onmedium heat on the stove top and stir untilsugar is completely dissolved. Immediatelyplace pears in the wine mixture, cover andallow to simmer on low heat for 1 hour.After cooking for an hour, carefully removeeach pear from the pot and place in thebowl or plate on which you will serve.Retirement living at its bestRetirement living at its best Quality Security Camaraderie Liberating lifestyle For the 55+ And make your future aninvestment in more waysthan oneMaygrove VillageMaygrove Village  65 Tauranga Place65 Tauranga Place  Orewa 0931Orewa 0931Ph 09 427 0090  0800 629 476  Fax 09 427 0099www.maygroveorewa.co.nz  village@maygroveorewa.co.nz
  14. 14. You may need to use tongs in one hand anda spoon in the other, since the pears will besoft. Set aside and allow to cool. Continue tocook the wine mixture uncovered on lowheat for about 30 minutes so that the liquid isreduced.Remove sauce from heat and allow to cool.If you are making this dessert ahead of time,once the pears and sauce have cooled,place them in the refrigerator and remove afew minutes before serving. Spoon winesauce over each pear and allow to poolaround the pear. Garnish each pear with asprig of mint. Serve with vanilla ice cream.Recipe from Lisa & Tony SierraBEEF AND BACONBURGER...For a yummy way to serveyour beef and bacon burgerscan this QR code or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | We Linku2| Section - Scrolling item or Article linkThe Pioneer Bar and Restaurant9-13 Tamariki Ave, OrewaPh: 421 1053Open 7 days for relaxed dining and a greatatmosphere. Specials and events. Great forfamily diningCheck our full menu byscanning this QR code withyour smartphone or tabletHappy Hour @ the PioneerMonday - Thursday 5-7 pmFriday - 4-7 pm - Saturday - All day!Happy Hour pricesAll tap beers, house wine, house spiritsand glass of bubbly - $6.00, All bottledbeer and cider $5.00Monday - Schnitzel Day Weiner, Gypsy or Jager with chips and salad - $15 inc GlassTap Beer / House wine or soft drinkTuesday - Pizza and Pasta Day (Excl Seafood Pizza) (see special board for pasta) -$15 inc Glass Tap Beer / House wine or soft drinkWednesday - Steak Special with fries and salad - $15 inc Glass Tap Beer / Housewine or soft drinkThursday - German Bratwurst or Bavarian Meatloaf with red cabbage and mash - $15inc Glass Tap Beer / House wine or soft drinkFriday - Pioneer Burger and Pint of Tap Beer - $16Saturday - All Day Happy Hour - All Tap Beers and House wines $6Sunday - Lunch Special from 12 Midday till 3 pm
  15. 15. The following are a couple of fabulous heartyFrench cuisine dishes for you to enjoy duringthe colder winter months.GRATINEE AU FROMAGE(ONION SOUP)Serves: 4Ingredients3 large onions, peeled20g/3/4 oz butter1 tablespoon flour75 ml/3 fl oz dry white wine1.4 l/2 1/2 pt water1 or 2 beef stock cubesSalt and pepper4 tablespoons port1 or 2 egg yolks4 thin slices French bread75g/3 oz grated Gruyere cheese (althoughother cheeses can be substituted)Preparation and cooking - 45 minutesFinely chop the onions. Cook them veryslowly in the butter in a large coveredsaucepan. When the onions are golden,sprinkle them with flour. Stir with a woodenspoon until the mixture browns lightly, nomore.Add the wine, water, the stock cube(s), saltand pepper and simmer the mixture for 20minutes. Meanwhile, toast the bread.Heat the grill to high. Whisk together theport and egg yolks and then pour them intoan ovenproof soup tureen. Pour in, little bylittle, the hot soup, stirring constantly.Float the toasted bread on top and sprinkleover the grated cheese. Place the soupunder a very hot grill until the cheese ismelted and lightly browned, then serveimmediately.Note: Whenever possible use homemadebeef stock rather than a stock cube.Mobile Service, Hibiscus CoastPh: 0800 444 233 w Mob: 021 1518427E: nthauckland@sparklewhite.co.nzwww.sparklewhite.co.nzOne of the first thingspeople notice about youwhen they meet you is yoursmileDoes your smile look good?
  16. 16. BOURGUIGNON(BEEF STEW IN RED WINE)Serves: 4-8 peopleIngredients2 kg/4 1/2 lb lean boneless stewing beef2 tablespoons oil25g/1 oz butter1 tablespoon flourSalt and pepper1 tablespoon tomato puree2 cloves garlic, minced1 bourquet garni1 kg/2 1/4 lb small potatoes2 tablespoons chopped parsleyMarinade1 bottle full bodied red wine1 tablespoon oil1 small carrot, slices1 onion, coarsely chopped2 shallots, coarsely chopped1 clove garlic, chopped1 tablespoon chopped parsley1 teaspoon dried thyme1 bay leaf5 peppercorns1 clovePreparation and cooking: Overnightmarinating plus 2 hours 30 mins or in apressure cooker 50 minsSlice the meat in large cubes and put in alarge bolw with the marinadeingredients. Marinate until next day.Drain meat and blot it dry with absorbentpaper. Brown in the oil over high heat. Addvegetables from the marinade and 2tablespoons butter and simmer for 15 mins.Sprinkle over flour and stir over high heat.The flour should brown lightly.Cover the meat with the marinade. Bring tothe boil. Add seasoning to taste 125 ml/4 floz water, the tomato puree, garlic andbouquet garni, cover and simmer slowelyfor 2 hours (pressure cooker 50 mins).About 30 mins before the end of cooking,peel the potatoes and drop them in boilingwater and cook until tender.Serve the stew in a bowl and the potatoesin a separate serving dish sprinkled with thechopped parsley.Note: For a more elegant stew, towards theend of cooking add pickling onions whichhave been blanched in boiling water for 2mins, drained, then lightly browned with alittle diced bacone and butter for about 5mins.Our shampoos will make your dogscoat shine beautifully and smellwonderful!Full service doggroomingsalon andselfservicebathsShop 2, 576 WhangaparaoaRoad,WhangaparaoaPh: 428 3375www.clipadog.co.nzPLUS we now stock a range of dogcoats, collars, leads and specialty items atexcellent prices - call in to view!NEW
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