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We linku2 senior living services including retirement villages and homes, funeral services, senior exercise clubs and classes, out and about senior activities, nostalgia and health and medical services

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Senior Living

  1. 1.  Grandma - What’s in a name  Safety Tips to Ensure Your Home is Safe  The Language and Meaning of Flowers  NZ Nostalgia - Opo the Dolphin  How to Grow Old without Feeling Old  Handy Tips on Using a Computer  NZ Nostalgia - The 1951 Waterfront Dispute  NZ Nostalgia - The 1947 Beer Boycott  Grandpa - What’s in a name  Make Your Home Safe for an Elderly Person  Funeral Flower Favourites, Etiquette and Questions  Opo the Dolphin Video  How to see the Silver Lining in times of Loss  Tips for Using Facebook SENIOR LIVING Autumn 2013 To feature in this booklet and on our Linku2 website plans start from $25 pm. For details phone: 09 428 0204, Email: or visit | About Us | Advertise | Web and Booklet Plans (Rates subject to change - for up to date information visit the website) Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Business and Community Services are kindly sponsored by Pak n Save Silverdale helping us support our local Community Articles in this print issue - Babies and Toddlers Business Services Education and Training, Clubs and Community Getting Married Health and Beauty, Sport and Recreation Living and Leisure Motoring, Marine, Industrial and Rural Property: Real Estate, Building and Development Senior Living Shopping and Retail, Wining and Dining Visiting the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney Visit | We Linku2 for information, articles and local service links for the following - Articles on the web links -
  2. 2. We Linku2 local services, information and articles through our Linku2 website and print booklets in stands across the area. Our onsite web “We Linku2” sections and print booklets are updated quarterly bringing great information, articles and links to local services over 11 main sections from Ba- bies to Property, Health to Seniors. Visit to find everything you need locally, pick up a free booklet from one of our many stands or download a copy on site. Linku2 also provide on site information including -  Free Classified Sales  Local Events Calendar  Latest news  Bus timetables, Rubbish collections, Libraries, Emergency contacts, etc) Plus we run our own unique Fundraising Programme with paying Web and Booklet advertisers contributing back into our non-profit community. All local non-profit groups can register to receive funds. We welcome any feedback and love to be involved with our community Call us on 09 428 0204 or email LINKU2 - WHO ARE WE AND WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? SO WHAT ARE QR CODES? A QR code is a type of bar code with an embedded URL that links to the internet. By using a QR reading programme on your smart phone you can link directly through the QR code to the link. If you have a smartphone but don’t have a QR App you can download a QR code scanner free at Or text “QR” to 710 (Vodafone)
  3. 3. GRANDMA – WHAT’S IN A NAME Learning you are about to become a Grandmother is one of those moments in a ladies life never to be forgotten and one of the first questions always seems to be – so what should I be called? Care needs to be taken in choosing a name for yourself to be referred to as a grandparent to ensure you don’t conflict with other grandparents or upset any family traditions. Fortunately nowadays you can just about choose anything you please from the traditional Granny, Nanna or Grandma to more modern options which are being taken up by more trendy baby boomer grandparents such as G-ma, Mimi, GiGi or Mema. Some children nowadays will also have a number of grandparents included in step family relationships so it is good to be able to distinguish. However grandmothers mustn’t become attached or insistent on a particular name as often children will change it over time, either by mispronunciation or personal preference. Most grandparents though embrace any name mispronounced or invented by their own grandchildren. If you would like some ideas on grandmother names perhaps look at the word for Grandmother in another language to give you inspiration. Below are a few that might just appeal to you – Afrikaans: Ouma Chinese: NaiNai Dutch: Grootmoeder French: Grandmere French Canadian: Mémé German: Oma Greek: YaYa Hebrew: Savta Hungarian: Nagymama Indonesian: Nenek Italian: Nonna Japanese: Oba-chan Korean: Halmoni Latin: Avia Portuguese: VoVo Russian: Babushka Spanish: Abuela Swahili: Bibi GRANDPA – WHAT’S IN A NAME... So you have some ideas on names for Grandma, now it’s time to consider names for Grandpa. Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Senior Living - Scrolling item or Article link
  4. 4. SAFETY TIPS TO ENSURE YOUR HOME IS SAFE As you age it’s great to be able to maintain independence by remaining either in your own home or in an apartment or unit in a suitable complex. However able bodied though, it is important to remember that you are not as young as you used to be and so some basic home precautions can help to ensure you remain in your home and retain your independence. Often small things can make a big difference. Below are a few for you to consider –  Consider a medical alert or buddy system if you have a potential health issue  Remove cords from areas you will be walking across  Have good grip rails for stairs and outside the house in potential areas where you could slip  Remove or stick down any rugs that could potentially be tripped over  Put slip proof stickers inside your bath and make sure your bathmat has a non-slip bottom  Use a kettle with an automatic shut off  Store heavier objects where you can reach them at waist level, not up high  Make sure your medicines are clearly labelled – you may know them well but if someone else is helping you make sure they know the right medicine at the right dosage!  Make sure old medicines are disposed of properly and regularly  Make sure areas you are working in, for example cooking, are lit adequately  If you are able regulate the temperature of your water to avoid scalding  Make sure stairs have a non-slip surface  Install smoke detectors and ensure you have a fire extinguisher on each Tips on saving with Pak n Save, Silverdale Saving you money is so important at PAK'nSAVE that we've created some handy information to keep more money in your pocket. And don’t forget to check out our Christmas Club! Visit for details and join our mailing list for regular specials , tips and deals Pak n Save Silverdale, 20 HBC Highway, Silverdale Ph 09 421 9160  W:
  5. 5. floor and in easy reach, not stored up high  Make sure your stairs are well lit with switches at both the top and bottom Just a few simple precautions like these can ensure both your safety and your on-going independence. SAFETY TIPS WHEN VISITING... You have tips on how to ensure your own house is safe but what about when you are visiting others. See tips on how they can en- sure your visit goes smoothly, Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Senior Living - Scrolling item or Article link We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS  Hibiscus Coast Senior Citizens Association - Phone: 427 9116. The Hi- biscus Coast Senior Citizens Association operate from 43 Kath Hopper Drive, Orewa. Their aim is to provide a place for over fifty-fives to go for a little fun and entertainment. Principal entertainment is indoor bowls and cards twice a week together with trips or bingo on alternate months. The Association also organises Christmas and Mid-year lunches and a Birthday Party every May. New members welcome. For more information contact Howard Monk on 427 9116  Senior Net Computing Club, 117 Centreway Road, Orewa, 0931 - Phone: 424 1966 - SeniorNet HBC is older people helping each other. We are an incorporated club that gives people over 55 years an opportunity in a supportive environment, to learn about, and become confident in the use of computers. Our strength is our helpful support of each other.  Age Concern Rodney, P O Box 12, Red Beach, 0932 - Phone: 426 0916, Fax: 426 0917 - The Age Concern mission is “Working together to promote quality of life for older people.” Age Concern Rodney act as an information and resource agency linking older people with groups and organisations ... Find your dream bed or mattress for ultimate sleep Fabulous bargains on a complete range of NZ made Sleepyhead Beds New Range of Bedroom furniture and Manchester Shop 6, The Silverdale Centre Ph: 424 8111 Web:
  6. 6. Community Organisations cont … offering practical help, advice and support to those over sixty years of age. For more information or to contact Age Concern Rodney you can visit their offices at Westpac Plaza, Orewa.  Hibiscus Coast Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren, Red Beach Methodist Church Lounge, Red Beach Road, Red Beach, 0932 - Phone: 426 9136 - Providing support for grandparents raising grandchildren, as the primary caregivers, on the Hibiscus Coast and surrounding areas. Meet oth- ers in the same situation. Assists with benefit advice and support in whatever way possible. Meetings on the first Wednesday of the month, 11.30am at the Red Beach Methodist Church Lounge, Red Beach Road. For more infor- mation email  Rodney Health Link, Phone: 424 1492 - The objects of the Rodney Health Link is to work to be a vehicle for collaboration of all kinds between the Rod- ney community and local health and disability sector stakeholders.  Grey Power, P O Box 129, Orewa, 0931 - Phone: 426 9622 - The Hibiscus Coast Grey Power Association forms a part of the Grey Power NZ Federation which is a lobby group for those over 50 years of age. This organization mon- itors legislation being considered, or has been passed by Parliament and makes necessary submissions on behalf of New Zealanders who already are, or are approaching superannuation. The local association (Hibiscus Coast Grey Power) members make their concerns and views on such matters known to the Association. The Association passes these on to the Federation. THE LANGUAGE AND MEANING OF FLOWERS Most of us would be aware that flowers have meanings associated with them and there are often particular flowers suited, or not suited for specific occasions. For example red roses are symbolic of love and the most appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Yellow roses are known as a sign of friendship but can also hint at infidelity or zealousness. Arum lillies are traditional at funerals and modern day bridal bouquets often contain the captivating and regal calla lillies. But often we give or receive flowers without thinking or even realising that each bloom has a meaning. Here are the meanings of some of the more popular and traditional flowers (beware though as meanings below have been derived from a number of sources and can be, at times, contrary!). Take the meaning as you wish to convey – Azalea – Abundance, Fragile and Ephemeral Passion Begonia – Deep thoughts, Beware I am fanciful! Camellia – Graciousness, Excellence
  7. 7. Jasmine – Grace and elegance Lavender – Distrust, Constancy Lilac – First love, youth Calla Lilly – Regal, Majestic Beauty Magnolia – Dignity, Splendid Beauty Marigold – Desire for riches, Jealousy, Cruelty Orchid – Delicate beauty, Magnificence, Refinement Pansy – Loving thoughts, Thoughtful recollections Poppy – Consolation, Imagination, Dreaminess Rhododendron – Beware Rose – pink – Friendship, Thank you Rose – red – Passionate love, desire Rose – white – Purity, Innocence, Secrecy Freedom Companion Drivers are a step above other transportation options, with our affordable, personalised companion services. There when you need us! Dairy Flat ● Ph: 0800 956 956 ● Mob: 021 333 917 ● and Steadfastness Carnation – pink – Gratitude. Mother’s Day favourite Carnation – red – Admiration, My heart aches for you! Carnation – white – Remembrance, Sweet love, Innocence Carnation – yellow – Cheerful, Disdain and Rejection Chrysanthemum – white – Truth Chrysanthemum – red – Sharing, I love you Crocus – Foresight, Cheerfulness Daffodil – Chivalry, Unrequited love Daisy – Innocence, Gentleness Freesia – Spirited Forget-me-not – Remember me forever, Faithful love, Memories Gardenia – Joy, I secretly love you Geranium – Comfort, Friendship Gladiolus – Strength of Character, I am sincere Hibiscus – Delicate beauty Hydrangea – Perseverance, Vanity, Frigidity, Understanding Iris – Inspiration, Faith, Wisdom
  8. 8. Rose – yellow – Zealous, Infidelity, Friendship Sunflower – Adoration, Devotion Sweetpea – Shyness, Departure Tulip – pink – Caring Tulip – red – Declaration of love, Believe me Tulip – white – Forgiveness Wisteria – Steadfast, Youth NEW ZEALAND NOSTALGIA We take a moment to cast our eye back over the past and remember... OPO THE DOLPHIN For almost 12 months, from 1955 to 1956, the locals of a small and charming seaside town on the Hokianga Harbour in Northland were captivated by the attention and antics of a young female bottlenose dolphin. We’ve Made Movies CHEAPER on the coast! All 2D Tickets $9.90  All 3D Tickets $13.50 Hoyts Hibiscus Coast, 6 Link Drive, Whangaparaoa Ph: 09 488 6000 w HIBISCUS COAST FUNERAL FLOWERS... Knowing the meaning of flowers can make all the difference to when you use them. To read about what to use and how for funerals scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Senior Living - Scrolling item or Article link “You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” Michael Pritchard
  9. 9. Opononi George, or Opo, became known as the “gay dolphin” because of her playful and approachable antics. Opo began approaching locals in the summer of 1955 apparently wanting to make contact with the swimmers and people. She enjoyed frolicking in the shallows particularly enjoying the company of children and allowing them to balance on her back and for people to pat her. She also enjoyed juggling balls and balancing bottles on her snout. As news travelled of Opo and her antics in late 1955, visitors came from far and wide making the small seaside town of Opononi the place to visit that summer and filling the local campsite and small hotel. With the increase in attention locals became concerned about the fate Every wanted to travel around… Greek Islands, Turkey, Africa, South America, Italy … Imagine wandering along donkey trails in the Greek Islands... or across the African savannah with Masai tribesmen... enjoying a drink in a picturesque village square... savouring a picnic lunch in an olive grove... discovering the best of a country and it's people... sharing your adventures with a small group of like-minded travellers... Join a Prime Adventures group now! Call: 428 4874 or visit People who travel with us are generally:  Active travellers, predominantly 45 - 75 years  Not 'group tourists', but enjoy sharing experiences with a small friendly group of like-minded travellers
  10. 10. of Opo and set up the Opononi Gay Dolphin Protection Committee calling on government support for dolphin protection. This resulted in the passing of an order in council making it an offence to take or molest any dolphin in the Hokianga Harbour incurring a 50 pound fine. Sadly, Opo was found dead the day after the order was passed, her death shrouded in mystery. Messages of sympathy poured in from around the country including from the Governor-General. Opo was buried in front of the beach where she had entertained so many people and a statue was erected in her memory A song was written about Opo and she has become an important character in the history of New Zealand! Check the link below to enjoy the song and story 65 Tauranga Place, Orewa Ph: 427 0090  FreeCall: 0800 629 476 Visit Maygrove by scanning the QR code on the left, or check our current available options with the QR code on the right with your smartphone or tablet Download a QR code scanner at, or text “QR” to 710 (Vodafone) OPO THE DOLPHIN The charm of Opo took over the small town of Opononi in the summer of 1955. Enjoy a video and the song showing Opo to the world. Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Senior Living - Scrolling item or Article link
  11. 11. HOW TO GROW OLD WITHOUT FEELING OLD Have you ever sat back and just wondered where the years have gone? Ever found yourself thinking “I don’t want to grow old” and thought of getting older as a negative thing? One minute you seem to be cradling your young child in your arms and the next it seems you are being asked to babysit the grandchildren? Although the years continue to creep, or sometimes speed, by it doesn’t mean you have to feel old. Here are a few tips to help keep yourself young in mind and spirit. 1. First and foremost keep your age in perspective. It is a number and one that you can’t control. Yes, you will get older every day but so will everyone else and it’s what you do with that day that’s important. 2. Look after yourself – Make sure you get plenty of exercise appropriate to your abilities. Have goals you aim for with your exercise this helps to keep it up and even increase your fitness levels. Try something new 3. Keep your mind alert – Read a lot, become an expert in crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles or suduko. We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST EXERCISE AND FITNESS SERVICES  Inshape Studio, 55 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 2251, E:, W: - Get fit with Pilates, Boxing or Circuits or check out our massage therapists, person- al training and Osteopath to keep your body in top condition located in Whan- gaparaoa we service all fitness needs for the Hibiscus Coast.  Curves Whangaparaoa, Unit 3, 641 Whangaparaoa Rd, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 0423, E:, W: - Curves complete weight management and fitness in a fun and friendly environment!  Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale, Ph: 421 9700, E: jus-, W: - Because living a fit and healthy lifestyle is just as important at 60 as it is at 20 enjoy Northern Arena Seniors Club with discounted membership and quieter times to do what you want  The Leisure Centre, 159 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay, Ph: 424 9227, W: - Senior activities including senior yoga, cardiac club, Senior Fit, Tai Chi, Leisure Walkers and Never2Old - plenty for every- one
  12. 12. Take up a new hobby, perhaps learn a language. 4. Make a list of your goals. What do you want to achieve before you are 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100. These don’t have to be outrageous goals like climb a mountain or visit the North Pole but can just be simple things you’ve always meant to get around to, play the piano, learn to quilt, read a certain novel, study a particular subject, learn to use a computer or grow a particular vegetable you enjoy. 5. Keep yourself around happy and active people. Join a new club, volunteer at the local charity shop or library. 6. Keep up to date with the news and world around you. Read about the new president of a country, watch the latest fashion trends, find out about the latest drug treatments or advances in alternative medicines. 7. Get your affairs in order. Make sure that when a time comes and you may need to move or spend time in hospital that you don’t have people and things to worry about but don’t then dwell on when that time may be. 8. Do something different every day or week or at least month. Visit a different club or local attraction, spend time interacting with different people. 9. Be Optimistic. Everything has a bright side however difficult it may sometimes be to see. Celebrate your friend’s life, don’t lament their death. If you are struggling to see a bright side try smiling it always helps even if it doesn’t take the pain away. 10.Above all make sure you are following your dreams and living each day to the full. Enjoy the We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST FUNERAL SERVICES  Forrest Funeral Services, 39 Riverside Rd, Orewa - Phone: 426 7950 - The time you have to celebrate a life is precious. At Forrests we will help you make that time memorable.
  13. 13. simple things around you, the sun shining, the music on the radio, the people in the street, the flowers in the garden. Remember you are never too old to try anything and nothing is ever too young for you to become involved in. Be happy! HANDY TIPS ON USING A COMPUTER So the kids and grandkids have finally convinced you to use a computer. They offer all sorts of pieces of advice but with their technical (or so it seems) jargon and inability to spend more than 20 seconds on their how to tips you are still confused. Here are a few tips to perhaps fill in some of the gaps in MANAGING LOSS … So you know how to en- joy those later years but what about when trage- dy strikes, how can you continue to see that sil- ver lining. For tips on how to cope scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Senior Living - Scrolling item or Article link “Youthfulness is about how you live not when you were born.” Karl Lagerfeld
  14. 14. programme) and the closing X which takes you out of the programme. 3. Understand the little icons in your tool bar. Which is your search engine, the word icon, browser icon. This is where your files can be found. 4. Be aware you can search in the search bar just simply on keywords 5. Understand your mouse. Using the right click can bring up a different menu depending on programmes you might have open. 6. Understand your tool bar. Work through all the options under your File, Edit, Insert, Page Layout, etc menus. Most are reasonably self explanatory but play around and see which ones would be most useful to you and how to use them. 7. Have auto save enabled and make sure you save your document regularly (you can do this just by clicking the document save button). There’s nothing worse than losing all your hard work in a power cut. your technology lesson! If you really aren’t sure where to start why not enrol in an adult education class. There are often classes in basic computing designed especially for seniors where things are explained in your language and at your pace! Even though some things may seem basic you know it is always wise to start at the beginning. 1. Make sure you shut down all programmes before you turn off a computer. 2. Learn the basics of getting around the screen. The difference between the minimise button (where you may want to go back to a We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST RETIREMENT VILLAGES AND HOMES  Maygrove Village 65 Tauranga Place, Orewa, Ph: 427 0090, FreeCall: 0800 629 476, E:, W:, - Are you 55 or over? Make Yourself At Home. Maygrove has an active adult community, that establishes new standards in lifestyle, design and living environment allowing you to enjoy an 'Independent Living Style'.
  15. 15. 8. Know where you can find help sites or options for when you do have a query 9. Understand the wealth of things you can do on your computer if you just work out where to look and how to use it. 10.When trying to work out what many of the icons represent try to find some comparisons with real life, eg understand that a page on a computer screen is really no different to a page in your magazine just better as you can often see hyperlinks (blue and underlined) which will expand further on the information on that topic Once you are feeling a little more confident with the computer you can explore the world, talk to people face to face free with skype and stay in touch or find old friends with Facebook. And remember, at the end of the day, nobody was born knowing how to use a computer however competent the young kids might seem! HOW TO USE FACEBOOK Once you can navigate the computer basics why not check out facebook, find old friends and see news and photos from the grandkids overseas. For tips and hints scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Senior Living - Scrolling item or Article link We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST HEALTH AND MEDICAL SERVICES  Essential Insurances, 331 Rosedale Rd, Albany, Ph: 09 282 3959 or 0274 98 66 99, E:, W: - Essential Insurances can provide you with complete disablement cover, trauma cover and major medical cover in case of those emergencies!  Sparklewhite Teeth. Hibiscus Coast, Ph: 0800 444 233, Mob: 021 1518427, E:, W: - Are beau- tiful white teeth something you've always wanted? Has age, habits or illness discoloured that smile? Get a great smile with Sparklewhite Teeth Whitening
  16. 16. We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST OUT AND ABOUT SERVICES  Hoyts Hibiscus Coast, 6 Link Crescent, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 488 6000, Fax: 428 4358, W: - We've Made Movies Cheaper on the coast! 2D Tickets - $9.90, 3D Tickets - $13.50. Free parking, disable access and our great dining/bar make a great event out!  Prime Adventures, PO Box 804, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 4874 E:, W: - Small Group Holidays for Active over 50's! Explore the world at a slower pace on one of our small group walking holidays in Europe; cruise the Turkish Coast on a luxury wooden gulet; or get up close to nature on an amazing Af- rican safari in comfort!  The Leisure Centre, 159 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay, Ph: 424 9227, W: - Looking for a bit of fun and fitness? The Lei- sure Centre has great yoga, Senior Fit, Never 2 Old, Gentle Circuit and aq- uafit classes for all fitness types. NEW ZEALAND NOSTALGIA We take a moment to cast our eye back over the past and remember... THE 1951 WATERFRONT DISPUTE The waterfront dispute of 1951 was the biggest industrial confrontation in New Zealand’s history. Although it was not as violent as the Great Strike of 1913, it lasted longer – 151 days, from February to July – and involved more workers. At its peak, 22,000 waterside workers (wharfies) and other unionists were off the job, out of the country's “The older you get, the more you understand how your conscience works. The biggest and only critic lives in your perception of people's perception of you rather than people's perception of you.” ― Criss Jami A team of caring, talented florists with a passion for their work creating stunning designs for any occasion! Deliveries local and overseas High quality product and service 12 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa Ph: 426 5287 or 0800 268 738
  17. 17. Mobile Service, Hibiscus Coast Ph: 0800 444 233  Mob: 021 1518427 E: One of the first things people notice about you when they meet you is your smile Does your smile look good? population of just under two million. The 1951 confrontation was the culmination of decades of unrest on the wharves. The waterfront occupied a strategic place in New Zealand’s export economy and had long been a flashpoint of industrial conflict. This country’s two largest strikes prior to 1951 – in 1890 and 1913 – were both largely centred on the wharves. The dispute took place in a climate of Cold War suspicion. The opposing sides denounced each other as Nazis, Commies, traitors and terrorists. It polarised politics and split the union movement, leaving a bitter legacy that lingers to this day. The combatants could not even agree on what to call the dispute – the employers and government described it as a strike, but to the waterside workers it was a lockout. 'The 1951 waterfront dispute', URL: http:// waterfront-dispute, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage), updated 27-Feb-2013
  18. 18. You don't need to be a member of In Shape to enjoy our facilities. We have small group classes programmed throughout the week from as little as $10.00 InShape Studio, 55 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa ● Ph: 428 2251 Mob: 021 888 476 ● E: ● W: If you're worried you are out of shape, not as healthy as you'd like and not fit enough to get the most out of your life here's good news Forget boring gym workouts, Gravity Training is available at InShape Studio Using one piece of equipment (Total Gym) you can target your core and enjoy a great full body cardio and strength workout in only 30 minutes. You use your own body weight as resistance and is suitable for all fitness levels. We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST SENIOR SUPPLIES AND SERVICES  Insinc Products, Ph: 0508 467 462, Mob: 021 447 640 E:, W: - An exten- sive range of commercial strength environmentally friendly cleaning and pa- per products to meet your cleaning and hygiene needs.  Freedom Companion Driving Service, 115 Horseshoe Bush Road, Dairy Flat, Ph: 426 4334, Fax: 426 4334, Mob: 021 333 917 E:, W: NEW ZEALAND NOSTALGIA We take a moment to cast our eye back over the past and remember... THE 1947 GREYMOUTH BEER BOYCOTT In October 1947 hotels on the West Coast in- creased the price of a 10-ounce glass of beer from 6 to 7 pence (which was then the standard price elsewhere in New Zealand). Following wide- spread protests, the West Coast Trades Council (representing the major unions) called for a boy-
  19. 19. cott of hotels selling beer at the high- er price. The only hotel in Greymouth to sell beer at the old price, Revington’s Hotel, did a roar- ing business while others were de- serted. The pub has long held a special place in the culture of the West Coast. Most men identified with their local pub, where they met with friends and relaxed after the hard physical labour of jobs in mining, for- estry and farming. There were a lot of pubs and most of them were fairly small. In 1947 Greymouth had 21, and even small mining towns like Blackball had three or four. Beer was the drink of working men, and the price of beer and cigarettes was always a matter of local debate. After a four-and-a-half-month stand- off, the hotel keepers caved in, and the price was restored to its old lev- el, for the short term at least. It was a sign of the power that determined consumers and organised labour could wield, and the implications were not lost on politicians and brewery owners. When I was younger, I looked at getting older as this process of getting less interested in things and becoming colder, and of finding less joy in the mystery of things. And I've found the exact opposite to be true. I find that I'm getting warmer, and that I'm more mystified by human interactions. Jon Brion
  20. 20. Disclaimer - This Disclaimer applies to all information made available by Linku2 Hibiscus Coast in this publication. The information provided, and subject to this Disclaimer is only intended to be general information to the public. Considerable effort has been made to ensure that the in- formation provided in this publication is accurate, up to date, and otherwise adequate in all re- spects. Nevertheless, this information is made available to users of this publication and all other persons and entities STRICTLY on the basis that Linku2 Hibiscus Coast and all other persons responsible for the publication, or associated with the compilation, writing, editing, approval or publication of, or any other kind of work in connection with, the information disclaim any and all responsibility for any inaccuracy, error, omission, lateness or any other kind of inadequacy, defi- ciency, or flaw in, or in relation to, the information; and without limiting as above, fully exclude any and all liability of any kind, on the part of any and all of them, to any person or entity (whether a user of this publication or not) that chooses to rely upon the information. For further information about services in this book contact the service direct or email: For information on how to feature in this book Ph 428 0204 or 0800 LINKU2 OR email: Advertising in this booklet is included in Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Web and Booklet Plans. Details can be found at | About Us | Advertise with Us | Web and Booklet Plans Linku2 booklets and web sections change quarterly. Watch out for future editions! We welcome contributions of all kinds and would be interested to speak to people of particular interest in our local community about their stories and experiences. If you have anything or know of anyone please email us at