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We linku2 business services on the Hibiscus Coast including advertising, marketing, administration, computers, social media, accounting, legal and recruitment

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In Business on the Coast

  1. 1.  The Importance of having a Business Strategy  How Important is your Web Content  How to Write an Effective Elevator Pitch  Create Attractive Adverts in 8 Easy Steps  8 Successful Ways to Engage on Social Media  Franchising and Lisencing - What are the Differences?  How to Build a Business Strategy  Good Web Content Creation in 6 Simple Steps  Tips to Overcome Networking Nerves  Powerful Words and Phrases to use in your Adverts  Why Blog?  How to Develop your Brand BUSINESS SERVICES Autumn/Winter 2013 | We Linku2 | Business Services Articles in this print issue: Articles on the web links: Babies and Toddlers Business Services Education and Training, Clubs and Community Getting Married Health and Beauty, Sport and Recreation Living and Leisure Motor and Marine, Industrial and Rural Property: Real Estate, Building and Development Senior Living Shopping and Dining Visiting the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney To feature in this booklet and on our Linku2 website plans start from $25 pm. For details phone: 09 428 0204, Email: or visit | About Linku2 Hibiscus Coast | Advertise with Linku2 Hibiscus Coast (Rates subject to change - for up to date information visit the website) Visit | We Linku2 for information, articles and local service links for the following - Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Business and Community Services are kindly sponsored by Pak n Save Silverdale helping us support our local Community
  2. 2. We Linku2 local services, information and articles through our Linku2 website and print booklets in stands across the area. Our onsite web “We Linku2” sections and print booklets are updated quarterly linking you to information, articles and local services divided into sections from Babies to Property, Health to Seniors. Visit to find everything you need locally, pick up a free booklet from one of our many stands or download a copy on site. Linku2 also provide on site information including -  Free Classified Sales  Local Events Calendar  Latest news  Information on the local area and services (eg bus timetables, rubbish collections, libraries, emergency procedures, etc) Plus we run our own unique Fundraising Programme with paying Web and Booklet advertisers contributing back into our non-profit community. All local non-profit groups can register to receive funds. We welcome any feedback and love to be involved with our community Call us on 09 428 0204 or email Visit us today at and support our community to - Go Local, Grow Local ... LINKU2 - WHO ARE WE AND WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? SO WHAT ARE QR CODES? A QR code is a type of bar code with an embedded URL that links to the internet. By using a QR reading programme on your smart phone you can link directly through the QR code to the link. If you have a smartphone but don’t have a QR App you can download a QR code scanner free at Or text “QR” to 710 (Vodafone)
  3. 3. THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A BUSINESS STRATEGY Have you ever driven your car without knowing your destination? Or gone for surgery without a clear diagnosis? Doubtful! However so many businesses don’t have a clear and defined business strategy. So why should you have a strategy for your business? The answer is to give your business focus and goals. To give your staff objectives to achieve, to guide decision making, define direction for the business, channel resources, aim for profit goals and to allow a company to meet ongoing challenges and opportunities. In developing a strategy a company is able to clearly define for themselves and others who they are and what they stand for. Ask of your company –  What are our core values and beliefs?  What markets and customer groups will we serve?  What products and services will we offer and how profitable is each one?  What competitive advantages will cause us to succeed?  What core competencies must we have to fuel our growth?  How will we sell our products and services?  How will we market our products and services?  What infrastructure, core processes and resources must we have to succeed?  What financial results will we achieve?  Knowing the answers to these questions will mean you can define how your business conducts business to achieve your desired goals. Having a good strategy and executing it We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST ADVERTISING, PRINT AND SIGNAGE SERVICES Coffee News, Hibiscus Coast, Ph: 427 8455, E:, W: - Coffee News is a FREE weekly publication delivered to restau- rants, cafes, takeaways, hotels, and anywhere people go to have a bite to eat, or are wait- ing. Coffee News contains the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, triv- ia, horoscopes, amazing facts, and more. An excellent option for local advertising. NZ Sign Solutions, Unit 1, 70 Forge Rd, Silverdale, Ph: 427 4402 E:, W: - At Sign Solutions, we know a sign is an image-maker, the welcome mat to your customers. Our role is to leave your cus- tomers impressed with your image. NZ Sign Solutions specializes in design and wide for- mat printing of signs from cars and billboards to diecutting even the smallest labels.
  4. 4. well is not however a guarantee of success. The strategy should be frequently reviewed using a SWOT analysis and regular monitoring of the strategy and objectives should be undertaken, however the core values of the company should not be undermined in any strategy amendments. Once you have a business strategy in place however it is vital to ensure correct and on-going implementation. Make sure your strategy is clear to everyone who will be involved in its implementation and they understand their role, ensure discipline is maintained and employees are both engaged and happy to play their role in the strategic implementation of your plan. Once you understand the value of your plan, have this in place including your strategy for implementation then it should be clear who you are and why you are doing what you are doing. After all, as Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will likely end up somewhere else” and that somewhere else is probably not where you would like your business to end up … We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST COMPUTER, WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES Lume, Unit 18, 33 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay, Ph: 477 3602, Email:, Web: - The complexity of today's IT and telecommunications technology requires a high level of expertise to make efficient, cost effective decisions. Lume Man- aged Service Integration is an inside-out sourcing solution that acts like your in-house IT manager to bring all your diverse, independent vendors under one accountability in a sin- gle cost centre. Tailormade Computers, 1 Orewa Square, Orewa, Ph: 427 5548, Fax: 427 5549 E:, W: - Get a dedicated computer expert for a fraction of the cost. Tailormade Computers are your one stop shop including soft- ware, hardware, computer accessories, servicing and repairs. Shop also in Warkworth. Get a dedicated computer expert for a fraction of the cost! Earn more. Spend less. Computer Sales  Computer Servicing Business Solutions 1 Orewa Square, Orewa 17 Neville St, Warkworth Ph: 09 427 5548
  5. 5. HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR WEB CONTENT It has long been known the quality of your website and its content is important, especially with the continuous updates in the world’s biggest search engine, Google, which can cause businesses frustration with over 500 algorithm changes implemented by Google every year, including some substantial changes such as Google Panda update in 2011 and Google Penguin in 2012. However, it is important to understand Google’s goal is to serve up results that best serve the user. Therefore, if it is essential for your books, shoes or tennis rackets to be found by those users, it is important that you take the time to ensure you are giving comprehensive and useful information to the end user about those products. You do this through your content and that content has to portray to the user your passion about your product and why your product is better than the one next door. When the user can feel your confidence and love for your product through your content, which may be a combination of articles, We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST COMMERCIAL REALTY AND BUSINESS SALES Karen Franklin, c/o Harcourts Manly, 923 Whangaparaoa Rd, Manly, Whangaparaoa, Phone: 428 5635, Mob: 021 779 838, Fax: 09 428 0317 E:, W: - Experienced in business sales and commercial realty and a comprehensive knowledge of Rodney Karen is commit- ted to helping you with all your property needs, commercial or residential including rental premises. Ray White Whangaparaoa, 658 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 9170, Fax: 424 8097, E:, W: - Ray White can help you maximise exposure when selling your property and support buy- ers in their real estate decisions. If you are buying or selling Ray White can help you! For the best mortgage possible 0800 LENDER - No 1 on TradeMe Karen Franklin ...a proven professional Commercial, Business, Residential Sales & Marketing Consultant P: 09 428 5635 M: 021 779 838 E: W: HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS STRATEGY... Now you know why you should have a business strategy find some tips on how to build that strategy. Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Business Services - Scrolling item or Article link
  6. 6. bullet points, humorous facts (true or otherwise - although make sure the end user knows if you are bantering with phantom facts), photos, history, etc then they feel the affinity for you and your product over and above the one next door with just the picture in the window. The user can then feel how important their purchase is to you. Not only does your content have to be good quality and of value but it also needs to be searchable. Your meta tags are increasingly being overlooked by search engines who read the whole web page to generate their search matches. So therefore it is important to realise that it is your whole page content that will not only attract your visitors but that gives you a good site and helps in its promotion. So how and where do you get your content from? It’s a tall order to expect you to know everything but of course nowadays everything is searchable and researchable and from here you can read, research, develop understanding, find a cross section of opinions, links and experts and from this develop your own content. If you are able to do this it is by far the best way to produce your own content as you also then have your own copyright permissions when you publish that content. If you do write your own content you don’t need to be an expert before you begin but you do need to spend time gaining a clear knowledge. Get a feel for your subject so you can write effectively providing useful content to your readers which again, if they feel is good enough, they will often link to bringing more visitors to your own website. Set yourself timetables for your content creation. Try not to work on more than one subject at any given time. It is better to immerse yourself in your research and content creation and produce a shorter but more concise and valuable piece than waffle on two or three subjects. If you aren’t good at writing yourself, or simply don’t have the time, you can always get content from friends, family or local experts on topics. Depending on skills and price however this can take time to generate. Why Use Lume?  Single point accountability  Consolidated Service  Reduced Costs  Happy Staff Productivity How does it work? Lume Managed Service Integration is a new service designed for businesses that need to focus on growth, while being confident that their technology is working for them. Unit 18, 33 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay Ph: 477 3602 Email: Web: Everything in Coffee News is fun and entertaining For further information or to advertise your local business call Catherine or Brendon today! Ph: 427 8455, Mob: 021 036 9518
  7. 7. The same goes for getting your site visitors to contribute. In both these cases you do need to keep any eye on both the content, grammar and value to your user, and with visitor generated content ensure it isn’t all ‘me, me, me’ advertorial content which has neither any interest or value to your end user but which can also be seen through by the search engines. Some sites offer syndicated content such as links to news headlines or article topics from guest expert authors. Because these create links to the content generators own site often this can be linked to free. However you decide to generate your content remember that in today’s marketing content is imperative to survive with stats showing over 90% of consumers state they find custom content on a site useful. So get researching and writing! HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE ELEVATOR PITCH So what is an elevator pitch? In a nutshell it is a 30 to 60 second description of what you do and why someone should work with you which you could use to sell yourself to your perfect prospect in an elevator ride from the bottom to the top of a building. An elevator pitch needs to be simple, it is important it needs to be short and most important of all it must be clear. There’s nothing worse than somebody turning from you to the next person thinking they have no idea of what you do or who you are! Whilst an elevator pitch should be between 30-60 seconds (and, ideally, no more) keep in mind that it is in fact within the first 15 CREATE GOOD WEB CONTENT IN 6 SIMPLE STEPS... Now you know the importance of content view some tips on how to write good content. Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Business Services - Scrolling item or Article link We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST EMPLOYMENT, RECRUITMENT AND HR SERVICES Green Sky Recruitment, P O Box 687, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 021 466 737 E:, W: - Green Sky is an open market place where people who want to be hired advertise themselves. We are taking 'the wall' down so employers can view and contact people directly. Or, as an employer, are you too busy to hire the new person you need? Use our affordable, sophisticated and automated on-line tools. PO BOX 687, Whangaparaoa Ph: 021 466 737 E: W: Green Sky is an open market place where people who want to be hired advertise themselves. We are taking 'the wall' down so employers can view and contact people directly Or, as an employer, are you too busy to hire the new person you need? Use our affordable, sophisticated and automated on-line tools.
  8. 8. seconds that many people will make their initial judgement of you and your business and once formed first impressions are hard to dismiss. So how do you grab someone’s attention within 15 seconds, retain it for a further 30 or 40 seconds and then follow through to create an everlasting impression! A tall order … here are the elements which you should consider …  Be concise  Be clear – plain, simple language is much better than fancy technical terms which most people will switch off as soon as the first one is uttered.  Be powerful – grab attention  Visually create an image for your listener to instil a memory  Know your goal. You might have a good pitch telling someone who you are and what you do but do they know what you want from them?  Have a hook. You want to grab interest. Want your listener to know more.  To get these elements you should –  Write down what you do in a wide range of ways. Write freely, edit later. Get lots of We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST CONFERENCE AND CORPORATE SERVICES ATEED, Level 1, Building 1, 61 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Ph: 09 354 0059 E:, W: - ATEED facilitates tourism, major events, business and industry sector development and activities to attract investment. TEN are a series of networking events across the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney helping business grow and develop. Event Designers, P O Box 83, Orewa, Ph: 021 716 713, E:, W: - Corporate, Team Building and Business functions. To en- sure your event is great every time, call Hellen and the Event Designers team. Hoyts Hibiscus Coast, 6 Link Crescent, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 488 6000, Fax: 428 4358, W: - Hoyts ShowBusiness offers immersive experiences for your staff, brand and clients. Customised private screenings, strategic incentive and reward pro- grams and targeted meetings and events. The Hoyts showBusiness team are specialists in campaign and event management, ensuring you present your business at its very best. Queendom Gardens, 240 Monowai Road, Tahakeroa, Wainui, Ph: 09 420 3470 E:, W: - The perfect set- ting for: Parties, Corporate Meetings, Product launches, Functions and Weddings. Full cor- porate facilities. 658 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa Ph: 424 9170 Whether buying or selling Ray White ensures maximum exposure and opportunity through our large pool of properties along with a large pool of buyers.
  9. 9. ideas, descriptions and angles on paper.  Try to write about what you do in a story format, a short and simple story but one that highlights your prospects potential problem and can offer a possible solution.  Write down what it is you would like to achieve with your elevator pitch, are you looking to make a sale, gain input from someone on an idea, make a new contact.  Write down some action statements, actions that will go towards achieving your goal.  Record your pitch, or pitches.  Go away and leave for a few days.  Listen to the pitch again –  Is it saying clearly and concisely what you want?  Is it persuasive without being overbearing?  Does it have impact?  Would it be memorable once your prospect walked away?  Does it sound natural in conversation?  Does it excite you? If it doesn’t excite you it probably won’t excite your prospect.  Does it tell your prospect your unique selling point?  Does it target your potential prospects audience or requirements? Whilst your elevator pitch may not achieve all of the above, aim to hit the mark with at least three or four of the points and make sure your prospect walks away remembering who you are and understanding what you do. CREATE ATTRACTIVE ADVERTS IN 8 EASY STEPS Advertising is your tool to reach your customers but can be expensive, even online, so how do you ensure you get maximum benefit from your advertising dollars. Here are a few tips to help you on your way. Research Before you even begin do your research -  Know what you are trying to sell;  Who you are trying to sell to;  What you’d like to achieve from the advertising TIPS TO OVERCOME NETWORKING NERVES... Now you have ideas on how to write your elevator pitch you need to put it into action. If you are not sure how here are tips on how to overcome presentation nerves. Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Section - Scrolling item or Article link  Corporate Events  Christmas Parties  Special Occasions  On-Site Management  Room Dressing  Baby showers  Christenings  Birthdays For an obligation free chat call 021 716 713 For all refinancing 0800 LENDER - No 1 on TradeMe
  10. 10. In your research find out what the audience wants to see, not what you prefer. Research similar products or services to yourself with a similar target audience and dissect their adverts. What is the appeal, what is the message and where is their call to action? Plan your advert like a road map, after all you wouldn’t leave your house without knowing your destination and how you plan to get there. Your Headline Your headline can be responsible for up to 70% of the success of your advert. We are all aware of this but do we use our headline effectively? It should contain a summary of your message including the core benefit you are offering. Your benefit should be repeated in your body text giving you two opportunities to convey this to your potential customer. It is important to ensure your benefit is in the headline otherwise why would someone read on or respond to your advert? Digits for numbers have a greater impact and making things easy for people is always an attraction. The benefit is not only creating effective adverts but easily and in just a few steps! Make sure your headline is going to get attention. We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST FINANCE, BROKERS AND INSURANCE SERVICES Essential Insurances, 331 Rosedale Rd, Albany, Ph: 09 282 3959 or 0274 98 66 99 E:, W: - What happens if you lost your income? How long would it take before your lifestyle was dramatically im- pacted … the car repossessed, bank takes back your home … or other such nasties? iLender, PO Box 889, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 5333, Ph: 0800 LENDER, E:, W: - Arranging a Mortgage can be time con- suming and frustrating as it's not something you do every day. This is where using a quali- fied Mortgage Adviser comes in. We do this all day, every day, including mortgages for self -employed and no proof of income mortgages, making the process simple and easy and it doesn't cost you a cent ... 331 Rosedale Rd, Albany Ph: 09 282 3959 or 0274 98 66 99 E: What happens if you lose your income? How long would it take before your lifestyle was dramatically impacted - bank takes back your home, the car taken - or other such nasties? Get income insurance!
  11. 11. HIBISCUS COAST Hoyts showBusiness offers a wide selection of innovative products to suit every business requirement. Our offer can be further tailored to your specific project and budget. Hoyts Hibiscus Coast, 6 Link Drive, Whangaparaoa Ph: 09 488 6000 w
  12. 12. Your Lead Your headline needs to be followed by a good lead. Get straight to the point and support the headline with facts and make sure you reinforce your benefit alongside a good call to action. Include an Image Most people work visually and photos or images attract the eye. Portrait images attract better than landscape. Show your product/service in action rather than just a package. Include people in the image, your audience should be able to feel they are that person in the image. If your advert is for a specific gender include only that gender in the image and include a caption. Most people will scan the headline and any caption before turning to the advert copy. Make sure your caption wording is tailored to your advert benefit and not just a description of the photo. Appeal to people’s emotions Get a basic motivator working in your adverts. The strongest emotion is fear. Other good emotions to appeal to are greed, pain, desire, curiosity. Eliminate that fear, feed that greed, fulfil that desire or satisfy that curiosity. Offer freedom, beauty, health, economic gain. Excite your audience. Call Jeff Royle who has a wealth of experience built up over 15 years worldwide PO Box 889, Whangaparaoa - - Ph: 0800 LENDER  Self Employed  Bank Mortgages  Non-Bank Lending  Debt Consolidation  No Proof of Income  Large Loans There are mortgages for all types of people so you need to choose the right one for you The mortgage experts
  13. 13. Write a story Depending on the space you are using create a story - have an introduction, conflict, climax and end with a solution. Understand the problem of your audience and offer them the solution. Format and Style Write in the present tense and use the word “you” as often as you can. Your customer isn’t interested in what your product offers, only in what your product can do for them. Use Effective Language Don’t use lots of jargon or technical language. Keep it simple (but not to the point of insulting your audience). Psychologically certain words have greater appeal to people. There are lots of excellent words you can use in advertising, and to see some of the best words and phrases see our online article, however research shows the most effective word used in advertising is YOU. Other words offer a sense of security such as PROVEN, NEW and GUARANTEE and words appealing to the senses are also popular including DELICIOUS, SAFE and WANT. When you have finished preparing your advert leave it for a day and go back and look at it. If you were a member of your target audience and had never heard of your business before would this advert compel you to want to find out more and buy? We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST MARKETING AND BRANDING SERVICES ATEED, Level 1, Building 1, 61 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Ph: 09 354 0059 E:, W: - ATEED facilitates tourism, major events, business and industry sector development and activities to attract investment. TEN are a series of networking events across the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney helping business grow and develop. NZ Sign Solutions, Unit 1, 70 Forge Rd, Silverdale, Ph: 427 4402 E:, W: - At Sign Solutions, we know a sign is an image-maker, the welcome mat to your customers. Our role is to leave your cus- tomers impressed with your image. NZ Sign Solutions specializes in design and wide for- mat printing of signs from cars and billboards to diecutting even the smallest labels. POWERFUL WORDS AND PHRASES TO USE IN YOUR ADVERTS ... Now you know how to create an effective advert read some of the words and phrases you should use to enforce this effectiveness. Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Business Services - Scrolling item or Article link
  14. 14. 8 SUCCESSFUL WAYS TO ENGAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA As engagement and options in the social media world increase it can be hard to know what to use, when and what you should be doing. Naturally it varies on your business type but a few tips on successful ways to engage on the different social media platforms include- Share Make sure you put social sharing and follow buttons on your material. This applies both on and offline but particularly online. Put social share buttons so people can share your content with others but also remember the social follow buttons so they can opt to follow you on social media too. Interact Engagement is the key to building relationships. Respond to your fans and followers, comment on their posts, offer support and advice where you are able Try new things As new networks, features and apps appear try them. Experiment and offer your opinion and advice to others on what works for you Be Transparent Make sure you are clear and truthful, engage with honesty and put a face to your brand. Transparency not only sells but is appreciated Use Images Particularly on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ and use different options including videos, infographics and slideshare Use hashtags in Twitter Tweeting with a hashtag means others can find your tweet helping you engage and follow trending topics Post regularly You should be posting every day with interesting content, targeted to your followers. Try to incite emotion and interaction Read and Research Social media platforms change so regularly it is hard to keep up with trends and new options. New, different and exciting ways to engage are always in the pipeline so keep on top of newsfeeds and updates, research the options as, as mentioned above, try! Above all enjoy your social media engagement. It’s really no different to other forms of communication, by phone the person on the other end can tell if you are angry, bored or disinterested and the same goes on social media so maintain that excitement, tickle that curiosity, stimulate that conversation and fill that gap when a question arises. FRANCHISING AND LICENSING - WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? So if you are considering franchising or licencing your business it is important to know your obligations and the differences between the two. Below is a basic explanation on two of the most common ways you can grow your business. Franchising Franchising offers the franchisee an option to work for themselves with a proven model, eliminating the risks of starting their own business, usually with a good support structure, models and inbuilt marketing. People who buy into franchises are investing WHY BLOG? Engaging on social media is important for your business and blogging can be one of the most time consuming forms of engagement so what are the benefits to your business in blog- ging? Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Business - Scrolling item or Article link
  15. 15. in themselves and their beliefs and abilities to be successful. Because there is a personal investment and a high degree of responsibility it is important for a franchisee and franchisor to ensure the model is the right one for that investor. Franchising combines the know-how of the franchisor with the enthusiasm and abilities of the franchisee and the energy of both successfully combining each skills and strengths. How does it work? The franchisor has developed a successful business. The systems that have made it successful are developed into a blue print which is offered to the franchisee to use in a specific geographical area (unchallenged by others with the same blue print). This franchisee is supported by a training programme, potential ready-made customer base, a Check out our products by scanning this QR code with your smartphone or tablet Insinc Products Ltd Eco-friendly, sustainable products for your home, office or school that are better for you and better for the environment. An extensive range of commercial strength environmentally friendly products PO Box 310 140, Red Beach Ph: 0508 467 462  Mob: 021 447 640 E:  We Linku2 our recommended … HIBISCUS COAST OFFICE SUPPLY SERVICES Insinc Products, Ph: 0508 467 462, Mob: 021 447 640 E:, W: - An extensive range of commercial strength environmentally friendly cleaning and paper products to meet your cleaning and hygiene needs. support office and often a network of other franchisees. They are expected to follow the blue print developed for them to ensure the on-going success of the business and brand. Licensing Licensing differs from franchising as it is less stringent. A license won’t usually come with any training, marketing support or future product development options. A license will give the licensee the rights to use the trade mark and any intellectual property rights for a period of time. Guidelines will be given but a licensee is often able to follow their own practices as long as these are within the given protocols. Licensing does not have the same close relationship as between the franchisor and franchisee. Licensing is less costly than taking on a franchise because of its nature of being more of a “permission” as opposed to a “model” and it often won’t come with exclusive geographical rights. If one of these business models appeal to you ensure you do your research and then consult with the experts to make sure you have the best chances of success. HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR BRAND... Before you can consider the growth of your business you need to have established a good brand so where do you begin? Scan this QR code or visit | We Linku2 | Business - Scrolling item or Arti- cle link for tips
  16. 16. Disclaimer - This Disclaimer applies to all information made available by Linku2 Hibiscus Coast in this publication. The information provided, and subject to this Disclaimer is only intended to be general information to the public. Considerable effort has been made to ensure that the in- formation provided in this publication is accurate, up to date, and otherwise adequate in all re- spects. Nevertheless, this information is made available to users of this publication and all other persons and entities STRICTLY on the basis that Linku2 Hibiscus Coast and all other persons responsible for the publication, or associated with the compilation, writing, editing, approval or publication of, or any other kind of work in connection with, the information disclaim any and all responsibility for any inaccuracy, error, omission, lateness or any other kind of inadequacy, defi- ciency, or flaw in, or in relation to, the information; and without limiting as above, fully exclude any and all liability of any kind, on the part of any and all of them, to any person or entity (whether a user of this publication or not) that chooses to rely upon the information. For further information about services in this book contact the service direct or email: For information on how to feature in this book Ph 428 0204 or 0800 LINKU2 OR email: Advertising in this booklet is included in Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Web and Booklet Plans. Details can be found at | About Us | Advertise | Web and Booklet Plans