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Portus imaging consultation

  1. 1. LinkMotion Social, LLC July 2012
  2. 2. An online marketingcampaign utilizes six SEOmajor components toincrease online visibility. Mobile BlogWhile each of these need Online Marketingto be built Campaignindependently, their Social Website Mediapower is cumulativelylarger when integrated Emailwith one another.
  3. 3.  Develop Keyword Strategy.The initial process for  Implement Keywords Into Codeassessing, analyzing, and of Each Website Page.  Add Analytic Tools to Eachexecuting an online Website Page.  Create Blog Strategy.marketing campaign  Link Blog to Auto-Post Software.  Assess Inbound and Outboundincorporates each step Hyperlinks.relatively simultaneously.  Set Up Social Media Accounts.  Building Tone-of-Voice andThe following summarizes Content Guides for Third-Party Social Sharing.the set up process:  Brand Email Campaign.  Launch PPC Campaigns.
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization,or SEO, at its most basic level,is using websiteprogramming to increase thelikelihood of being displayedhigher by a search engine(e.g. Google) when a search ismade for something relatedto Portus’ services,photographers, and clients.
  5. 5. With the depreciation of the yellowpages, increasing online visibility hasnow become necessary for business.Using commonly searched keywordsallows Portus to be seen by a greateraudience. Unfortunately, the morecommon the keyword, the morecompetition to be higher whensearched. Using less common keywordsgives way to less competition, andincreases the target market, but resultsin less overall page views. Using acombination is the most effective formof SEO, for example:Photo, Photography, Retouch,Retouching, Composing, Composition,Boutique Composition, etc…
  6. 6. The Portus blog looks great, but from  Add Word Content. Search Enginesan SEO perspective, each post should can’t see images, and thereforealso contain word content, utilizing a don’t know how relevant they are to people searching. While I can addlist of keywords that I will create. image descriptions in the code,Creating unique titles that do not using our keywords in the wordinclude “Portus” will increase search content will increase the overallengine ranking (e.g. Nike, Carlos Serrao, SEO.  Auto-Posting to Twitter. A studyHeineken) released on 7/16/12 by Hubspot, anI was not able to determine how often online marketing authority, showedposts are being made. Although not that auto-posting to social medianecessarily aesthetically pleasing, generates 50% more client leads.  Social Sharing Buttons. Allowingdating posts will increase Portus’ search blog readers to easily share theengine ranking. Portus blog with their friends andBest practice is 2-3 posts per week. colleagues increases readership, and ultimately website visitors, who already have an interest inI also recommend the following retouching.changes:
  7. 7. The two most important  Coding. Search engines read alt tagsaspects of “on-page” SEO are (picture descriptions) and meta tags, including descriptions and keywords,coding and inbound links. on websites to determine two things;Outbound links do increase relevancy and authority.ranking, but not to the same  Inbound Links. Developing a strategy to generate inbound linksdegree. The coding aspect includes SEO-streamlining the blog,includes inserting keywords social media conversations, linkinto the website code after we swapping with other industry websites, and editorial links throughdetermine which ones we’ll use. press releases.Inbound links are normal  Outbound Links. Not as effective ashyperlinks coming from other inbound links, outbound links are taken into account when searchwebsites to Portus. The higher engine robots are reading throughthe other page ranks with the website. Because of this, it is stillsearch engines, the more it important to make sure everything possible is hyperlinked.increases the Portus ranking.
  8. 8. The Portus website iscertainly gorgeous, but likethe blog, adding socialmedia buttons will increasetraffic through socialsharing.Incorporating analyticsoftware into the code willallow us to track visitors,demographics, what pagespeople are visiting, for howlong, and more.
  9. 9. The highest percentage of lead conversionsonline come from email marketing. Although itis important to have an easily accessible emaillink on the website, Portus isn’t focused onquantity of clients. Because of this, my opinion isthat pursuing a full-blown email marketingcampaign would not be cost-effective. Rather,focusing on specific, targeted, and personalizedemails will yield wanted results.
  10. 10. Around 2/3 of web users will usesocial media networks in 2012.Developing relationships withcustomers and potential clients isquickly becoming the status quo interms of generating leads andconversions. Social media is themost effective way to do this.Creating a dialog both positionsPortus as an authority in theindustry, and builds trust fromclients and prospects.
  11. 11. From content sharing to  Sharing Knowledge. This providescustomer support, using the opportunity to let people know that Portus is an authority in thesocial media is a dynamic industry.marketing outlet. Creating  Commenting. Discussingcontent and tone-of-voice techniques also positions you as an authority. Commenting alsoguides will allow Portus to establishes brand re-enforcementhave clear branding through what Portus considers interesting.without relying on first-  Customer Support. While email ishand comments, posts, still the most productive means foretc. customer support, social media provides a platform for more casualSome best practices conversation about services,include: photographers, and clients.
  12. 12. Marketing to smartphones requires  Foursquare. This location- based app can still be used bycomplex strategies, and is most “checking in” with the Portuseffective when a business profits by account to industry relatedselling products or services in locations, as well as leavingquantity. That being said, a mobile tips for relevant businesses.or mobile-optimized website is a  Mobile Pay-Per-Clickmust in this age of smartphones. I Advertising. There are nowdon’t suggest pursuing a mobile mobile-specific advertisingmarketing campaign, especially campaigns. After determining thewithout a brick-and-mortar effectiveness of a non-mobileestablishment, but there are PPC campaign from ouraspects we can take advantage of. metrics, we can explore this potential opportunity.
  13. 13. Pay-Per-Click, or PPC,  Common platforms includeadvertising uses individual Google AdWords, Facebooksearch history in order to Ads, and Microsoft/Bingadvertise directly to those Ads.who have a greater chance of  Clicking on the ad sends ausing Portus services. person directly to theDeveloping a campaign is website.similar to on-page SEO,  The most common way toidentifying keywords and pay for the ads is throughregularly honing to reach the credits that are deductedtarget audience. based on how many times the ad is actually clicked through to the website.
  14. 14. Online directories are asure-fire way to be seen bysearch engine indexes.They also speed up thewebsite page rank by nothaving to wait for robots tofind the site.An added benefit of listingwith directories is that itcreates inbound links tothe website, which willincrease the page ranking.
  15. 15. Developing a “voice” for  Identifying Tone ofPortus is an online Voicemarketing priority. We  Targeting Keywordsaccomplish this through  Social Mediaassessing the Portus ConversationsMission Statement, and  Blogintegrating the Portus  What Sets Portus Apartpurpose into the campaign.Using the following from Competitorsmethods, we will create a  Color Schemedigital understanding of  Imageswho and what Portus is.
  16. 16. While there are many  Portus’ overall online marketing presence scored 22components of any online out of 100. We’ll see this rise significantly after the on-marketing campaign, the page SEO is complete.most important is the  Using on-page analytics, we will determine where traffic isPortus return on originating and continuallyinvestment. I’ll provide reassess our campaign.  Online marketing is a buildinganalytic reports as we process, so while we will see some immediate results, trulyprogress detailing many running an effectivemetrics, but our priority is campaign is an ongoing process.acquiring new clients.