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    Vesync Deck Vesync Deck Presentation Transcript

    • Onstar for smartphones| | 408.421.0315
    • Problem
      Telematics services only offered for select vehicles.| | 408.421.0315
    • Problem
      Upfront cost for telematics device and hefty subscription fees.| | 408.421.0315
    • Problem
      Exclusive, when security should be inclusive.| | 408.421.0315
    • Problem
      Telematics service not offered on smartphone (mobile) devices.| | 408.421.0315
    • Problem
      Telematics is a fairly new concept where traditional approaches have not been working.| | 408.421.0315
    • So what now?| | 408.421.0315
    • Solution
      All vehicles 1996 and up can have telematics service.| | 408.421.0315
    • Solution
      Mobile app that gives convenience of having a telematics device without upfront cost and heavy subscription fee.
      Onstar charges ($200-600) upfront & ($300) yearly sub fee.| | 408.421.0315
    • Solution
      Quick and convenient installation.
      First program to utilize smartphone platform as hardware.| | 408.421.0315
    • Solution
      Phone becomes the solution rather than the problem. (Illegal to use phone while driving/unless harnessed and use as a navigation tool).| | 408.421.0315
    • Vesync hardware and app
      Vesync OBII Hardware:
      Vesync Application:| | 408.421.0315
    • Technology
      Telematics software that interacts with OBDII connector for vehicle information.
      Smartphone technology for internal systematic software application.
      Voice activated command module, for hands free everything.
      Harmonious integration of “the cloud” and consumer reachability.
      S.P.E.E.D technology. (Security, Pleasure, Emergency, Efficiency, and Diagnostics).| | 408.421.0315
    • S.P.E.E.D technology| | 408.421.0315
    • Market Size
      5% of cars owners in the U.S. have telematics service. (12million/245.4million)
      600 million cars worldwide. (China, US, Germany, and Japan).
      Estimated over 1 billion smartphone users by 2013.
      Only 1 mobile application (mix mobile), offers non-customer service telematics.
      $35B Addressable market in U.S. alone. (233.4 x $150/year)
      10% market share = $3.51B| | 408.421.0315
    • Competition
      Major Players:
      Mobile and Aftermarket:| | 408.421.0315
    • Management Team
      Richard Lin (CEO): Entrepreneur, Webmaster of MBA club, BA from UCD
      Nathaniel Brandes(CTO): 6 years of programming, President of Computer Science club in UCD, BS from UCD.
      Young team gets edge from being fresh and innovative, whereas, competitors stick to traditional methods. (In with the new, out with the old).| | 408.421.0315
    • Sales and Marketing
      Word of mouth advertising through social networks (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Word press).
      Free Wi-Fi OBII port connector and free 3 month trial with purchase of yearly subscription.
      Market product to demographic age between 16-35 due to higher rate of users for smartphone. (Safety feature for parents to track where there children are driving).
      Once reputation is built expand to countries with high production of cars: China, Japan, Germany.| | 408.421.0315
    • Marketing
      Third| | 408.421.0315
    • Microeconomics
      IPHONE microeconomics analysis:
      IPhone SDK: upfront $99
      Data: upfront $5,000
      Website hosting: upfront $1000
      Apple Fees: for each sale 30%
      Total: upfront $6099
      Revenue Model to Break Even:| | 408.421.0315
    • Financials| | 408.421.0315
    • Funding
      Looking to raise $500,000 - $1M in early 2012.
      Funds will be focused on scaling sales, supporting infrastructure, and increase development speed.
      Exit strategy: get acquired by automotive company, specifically ones that do not offer telematics services or are new to the market (Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, BMW, etc…)| | 408.421.0315
    • Current
      Applied to early stage incubator competition: MassChallenge.
      Acquired 53 (100%) votes
      8 platinum endorsements from startups such as: and| | 408.421.0315
    • Summary
      Application that uses smartphone as hardware for telematics service, making it inclusive, rather than exclusive.
      Entering an untapped market (Full integration of telematics for smartphone).
      Takes the success of OnStar and applies it on mobile application.
      User accessibility increases consumer purchase and suitability.| | 408.421.0315
    • Contact Us
      Richard Lin
      Chief Executive Officer
      408.421.0315| | 408.421.0315