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Xretail is a leading Cross Channel Retail platform that enables retailers to engage customers Through their online store, Mobile store, and Facebook store.
Xretail seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and RetailPRO

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Xretail - Cross Channel Retailing

  2. 2. Retailers Face challenges today Parking issues Traffic issues Competition Faster pace of life Higher Rental Costs Security issues Tendency to Lower investment
  3. 3. What do Businesses want• Businesses want to reach customers and carry out Retail through new multiple channels• Businesses want to provide customers with common business processes and a unified experience across channels and touch points
  4. 4. Retailers Must Engage Customers Through More Channels Mobile Social Outlets - Stores Call Center Online Store
  5. 5. Existing Channels Only Support Isolated Processes Price Offers &Discounts Orders Data
  6. 6. Reasons Why Companies Need ‘Cross Channel’• Companies must engage with customers across more channels and touch points• The existing channels only support isolated processes, requiring duplication• These isolated channels dramatically increase integration expense• CRM and loyalty are not leveraged by today’s cross-channel customer journeys• Frustrated customers lead to lost wallet share, loyalty and revenue
  7. 7. Isolated Channels Dramatically Increase IntegrationExpense• Integration of end-to-end processes spanning multiple systems• Replication of business logic and rules across channels• Replication of business process across channels• Replication of data across channels• Replication of business planning and management across channels $• Investment in multiple middleware systems and technology stacks
  8. 8. Frustrated Customers Lead to Lost Wallet Share,Loyalty and Revenue 59% of multi-channel customers switch vendors after a single bad experience 50% $300 Billion customers dissatisfied with Revenue lost by enterprises in 16 key cross-channel experience global Revenue lost by enterprises in 16 key global due to customer frustration
  9. 9. Customer Journeys and the role of different channels Research Shop Buy Pickup Services Visit DiffOutlets Stores Visit outlet revisit store Delivery /Online Comparison Product Details Buy Online Pickup @ store Share TroubleshootSocial Fan Club Read Reviews Experience communities BrowseMobile Catalog Product info Buy OnlineCall Center info Chat Place Order Support / CC
  10. 10. Business Want a Solution That…• Leverages customer information from all channels and systems• Manages interactions across all channels• Unifies commerce, merchandising, marketing, and service across all channels• Provides personalized, consumer experience across all channels• Integrated to supply chain management, and order orchestration and fulfillment• Enables management of the entire process from their known retail solutions with no need for extra force or trainings
  11. 11. • Deliver cross-channel sales, marketing, service and loyalty• Lower Costs of Customer Engagement• Provide cross-channel merchandising, pricing and order capture• Support integrated order orchestration, order management, order fulfillment, and intelligent supply chain management• Enables multi channel retail management from single administrative point• Reduce time to market for new products and services• Deliver seamless cross-channel consumer experience• Enable next-generation, integrated self-service channels
  12. 12. Cross Channel enabling
  13. 13. DID YOUKNOW
  14. 14. *Internet world Stats
  15. 15. *Stats • 35 years and below are spending min of 2 hrs online a day • The top 2 Facebook countries in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of users – Egypt (12MM), Saudi Arabia (5MM) • 72% of smartphone owners in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are less than 34 years old • 73% of smartphone owners in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE dont leave home without their devices 30 Million 13 MillionEgypt KSA Internet users for June/12, 35.6% penetration Internet users as of Dec/11, 49.0% penetration 12 Million 5.5 Million Facebook users on Sept 30/12, 14.1% penetration Facebook users on Sept/12, 20.9% penetration *Internet world Stats
  16. 16. *Internet world Stats
  17. 17. Mobile Retail Geo-Tagging Push Notification Segmentation
  18. 18. Social Retail Customer Profiling, Segmentation and Social Branding
  19. 19. Integration Points • Products Catalog • Inventory Details • Customers Details • Orders • Customer history • Payment options (gift cards, etc.) • Discounts - Offers • Loyalty points
  20. 20. Showcase ,, www.mobica.net The biggest office furniture ,, www.gamvevalley.com The biggest games retailer in the manufacturer in the region region ,, www.truebazaar.com An online bazaar that sells Egyptian antiques ,, www.samirandaly.com The biggest stationary retailer in the region
  21. 21. Case Study Game Valley Game Valley is the biggest game retailer in the middle east with over 14 outlets in Cairo only. Market
Egypt Industry
Games Challenge
User experience, Marketing, Promotion, unified shopping experience, and creating more retailing channels Solution Results Online Store, Mobile Store, and Facebook Thrilled Customers = 130% Growth Store By using a highly flexible unified multi-channel Game Valley created a unified multi-channel retailing platform to change the way the games retailing platform that captures the unique business works, Game Valley experienced extra essence of their brand, and replicates an in- big success very quickly in only 10 month store experience.
  22. 22. Best eBusiness Solution in EgyptAward 2007Nominated for Best eBusiness SolutionWorld wide 2007Best eBusiness Platform in Egypt 2010
  23. 23. NOW YOUKNOW
  24. 24. Thank you