LinkedIn Talent Connect Europe 2012: Talent Mining by Glen Cathey


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Boolean Black Belt Glen Cathey hosted a session where you could learn practical search techniques for recruiting.

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LinkedIn Talent Connect Europe 2012: Talent Mining by Glen Cathey

  1. 1. LinkedIn SourcingTalent MiningGlen CatheyVP, Global Sourcing, Randstad Sourceright@GlenCathey
  2. 2. IntroductionsGlen Cathey  VP, Global Sourcing and Talent Strategy  Randstad Sourceright is a global RPO leader with over 75,000 hires annually  Lead RSRs Sourcing Center of Excellence from Alpharetta, GA  15+ years in professional staffing –  I.T., F&A, Healthcare I.T., Federal, Clinical Research –  Centralized recruiting (300+ people) –  National VP of Recruiting for Kforce  LinkedIn Certified, 18th most connected globally, 5th in the U.K.  5 time LinkedIn Talent Connect speaker, 5 time SourceCon speaker TALENT CONNECT 2012
  3. 3. Connected TALENT CONNECT 2012
  4. 4. LinkedIn by the numbers  175m+ professionals around the world as of August 2, 2012  50m+ members in the EMEA region as of June 30, 2012  39m+ members in Europe as of June 30, 2012  30m+ members in Asia and the Pacific as of June 30, 2012  20m+ students & recent college grads on LinkedIn (fastest-growing demographic)  16m+ members in India as of August 1, 2012  10m+ members in the UK as of September 17, 2012  9m+ members in Brazil as of August 2, 2012  5m+ members in Canada as of January 19, 2012  4m+ members in France as of September 5, 2012  4m+ members in Southeast Asia as of January 29, 2012  3m+ members in the Netherlands as of December 6, 2011  3m+ members in Spain as of March 27, 2012  3m+ members in Italy as of September 18, 2012  3m+ members in Australia as of March 12, 2012  2m+ members in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)  1m+ members in Turkey as of February 10, 2012 TALENT CONNECT 2012
  5. 5. Unique Visits TALENT CONNECT 2012
  6. 6. Unique Visits TALENT CONNECT 2012
  7. 7. The Value of Data TALENT CONNECT 2012
  8. 8. Access is Not Enough"When every business has…ubiquitous data, the ability tounderstand it and extract value from it becomes thecomplimentary scarce factor. It leads to intelligence, and theintelligent business is the successful business, regardless of itssize. Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield itwell, the Samurai." - Jonathan Rosenberg, Former SVP, Product Management @ Google TALENT CONNECT 2012
  9. 9. The Value of Data  The value of data is directly proportional to Information Retrieval – both ease and specificity  The good news: LinkedIn is highly searchable! TALENT CONNECT 2012
  10. 10. Information Retrieval  The science of searching for documents, information within documents, and searching relational databases and the Internet.  An information retrieval process begins when a user enters a query into a system.  Queries are formal statements of information needs. TALENT CONNECT 2012
  11. 11. Information Retrieval When you search LinkedIn, what’s your information need? TALENT CONNECT 2012
  12. 12. Controlling the Match"Success in life comes from theidentification, control and elimination ofvariables."SOLAR•  Skills & experience•  Opportunity•  Location•  Availability•  Remuneration TALENT CONNECT 2012
  13. 13. Intelligent Engagement TALENT CONNECT 2012
  14. 14. The Real GoalTalent mining & analytics  Querying and analyzing human capital data for talent discovery, identification and ultimately acquisition.  Transforming human capital data into an informational & competitive advantage. TALENT CONNECT 2012
  15. 15. Competitive Advantage  LinkedIn members performed nearly 4.2 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2011 and are on pace to surpass 5.3 billion in 2012.  What’s your informational and competitive advantage when everyone has access to the same information?  All queries are not created equal! TALENT CONNECT 2012
  16. 16. IR Basics  The simplest way to construct a query is with Boolean Logic AND | OR | NOT TALENT CONNECT 2012
  17. 17. AND Java UNIX Oracle SQL Apache TALENT CONNECT 2012
  18. 18. OR1.  Conceptual search I.  Skills, responsibilities, schools, companies, industries, etc.   Develop OR developed OR developer OR developing OR development OR develops   Deloitte OR PwC OR PricewaterhouseCoopers OR "Price Waterhouse" OR "Pricewaterhouse" OR "E&Y" OR Ernst OR KPMG   Oil OR Gas OR Petro OR Petrochemical   Cambridge OR Oxford OR "City University" OR "Imperial College" OR "Kings College" OR University of Greenwich" OR "University of Westminster"2. Preferred qualifications "grab bag"   (ecommerce OR "e commerce" OR "e-commerce" OR B2B OR B2C OR ebusiness OR "e-business" OR "e business" OR ERP OR SAP OR PeopleSoft OR enterprise OR crystal OR inventory OR retail) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  19. 19. NOT/-1.  False positive/term/company exclusion •  "Project Manager" -construction •  -(sales OR account) •  -(recruiter OR recruiting OR recruitment OR HR) •  -(PwC OR "Price Waterhouse" OR Pricewaterhouse OR PricewaterhouseCoopers)2. Exhaustive and mutually exclusive search progression TALENT CONNECT 2012
  20. 20. NOT/-Hiring Manager requests Network Engineer with a mix ofCisco, Juniper and Alcatel routers1.  Ideal candidate would have all three2.  Next best would be any combination of two3.  Will consider candidates with any one of the three TALENT CONNECT 2012
  21. 21. NOT/- Cisco Juniper Alcatel Cisco –(Juniper OR Alcatel) CiscoCisco Juniper –Alcatel Cisco Alcatel –Juniper Juniper Alcatel Juniper Alcatel–(Alcatel OR Cisco) –(Cisco OR Juniper) Juniper Alcatel –Cisco TALENT CONNECT 2012
  22. 22. Search Field Lengths Why should you care? What are the limits? TALENT CONNECT 2012
  23. 23. Top Schools "Cambridge" OR "London School of Economics" OR "Oxford" OR "Imperial College London" OR "Durham" OR "St Andrews" OR "Warwick" OR "University College London" OR "Lancaster" OR "Bath" OR "Bristol" OR "York" OR "Exeter" OR "Loughborough" OR "Southampton" OR "Edinburgh" OR "Glasgow" OR "Kings College London" OR "Nottingham" OR "Leicester" OR "Sussex" OR "Surrey" OR "Birmingham" OR "Newcastle" OR "Queens, Belfast" OR "Royal Holloway" OR "East Anglia" OR "Sheffield" OR "Manchester" OR "SOAS" OR "Liverpool" OR "Reading" OR "Kent" OR "Aston" OR "Leeds" OR "Cardiff" OR "Strathclyde" OR "Essex" OR "Heriot-Watt" OR "Brunel" OR "Queen Mary" OR "Dundee" OR "Aberdeen" OR "Oxford Brookes"OR "Keele" OR "Hertfordshire" OR "University of the Arts, London" OR "Swansea" OR "Goldsmiths College" OR "Stirling" OR "Robert Gordon" OR "Lincoln" OR "Northumbria" OR "Buckingham" OR "Hull" OR "Huddersfield" OR "Aberystwyth" OR "West of England, Bristol" OR "Ulster" OR "Bournemouth" OR "Nottingham Trent" OR "Birmingham City" OR "Plymouth" OR "Coventry" OR"Bangor" OR "Chichester" OR "Chester" OR "Central Lancashire" OR "Brighton" OR "Bradford" OR "Sheffield Hallam" OR "Westminster" OR "Gloucestershire" OR "Bath Spa" OR "Winchester" OR "Portsmouth" OR "Salford" OR "Cardiff Metropolitan" OR "De Montfort" OR "Glasgow Caledonian" OR "Bedfordshire" OR "Middlesex" OR "Queen Margaret" OR "Kingston" OR "Manchester Metropolitan" OR "Canterbury Christ Church" OR "Roehampton" OR "Sunderland" OR "Liverpool John Moores" OR "Edinburgh Napier" OR "Glamorgan" OR "Buckinghamshire New" OR "Edge Hill" OR "Leeds Metropolitan" OR "University for the Creative Arts" OR "Teesside" OR "Cumbria"OR "Derby" OR "Glyndwr" OR "Northampton" OR "Greenwich" OR "York St John" OR "Trinity Saint David" OR "University of Wales, Newport" OR "Anglia Ruskin" OR "Worcester" OR "Staffordshire"OR "London South Bank" OR "West London" OR "Abertay Dundee" OR "Southampton Solent" OR "West of Scotland" OR "London Metropolitan" OR "East London" OR "Bolton" TALENT CONNECT 2012
  24. 24. First NameEden OR Fernanda OR Ivy OR Katelynn OR Kira OR Lydia OR Rosa OR Stella OR AaliyahOR Abagail OR Abbey OR Abbie OR Abbigail OR Abby OR Abigail OR Abigale OR AbigayleOR Abril OR Addison OR Adeline OR Adriana OR Adrianna OR Adrienne OR Aileen OR AimeeOR Ainsley OR Aisha OR Aiyana OR Aja OR Akira OR Alaina OR Alana OR Alanis OR AlannaOR Alayna OR Aleah OR Alejandra OR Alena OR Alessandra OR Alex OR Alexa ORAlexandra OR Alexandrea OR Alexandria OR Alexia OR Alexis OR Alexus OR Alexys OR AliaOR Alice OR Alicia OR Alina OR Alisa OR Alisha OR Alison OR Alissa OR Alivia OR Aliya ORAliyah OR Aliza OR Alize OR Allie OR Allison OR Ally OR Allyson OR Allyssa OR Alma ORAlondra OR Alycia OR Alysa OR Alysha OR Alyson OR Alyssa OR Amanda OR Amani ORAmara OR Amari OR Amaya OR Amber OR Amelia OR America OR Amina OR Amira OR AmyOR Amya OR Ana OR Anabel OR Anahi OR Anais OR Anastasia OR Anaya OR Andrea ORAngel OR Angela OR Angelica OR Angelina OR Angeline OR Angelique OR Angie OR AnikaOR Anissa OR Anita OR Aniya OR Aniyah OR Anjali OR Ann OR Anna OR Annabel ORAnnabella OR Annabelle OR Annalise OR Anne OR Annette OR Annie OR Annika OR AnsleyOR Antonia OR Anya OR April OR Araceli OR Aracely OR Arely OR Aria OR Ariana ORArianna OR Ariel OR Arielle OR Arlene OR Armani OR Aryanna OR Ashanti OR Ashlee ORAshleigh OR Ashley OR Ashly OR Ashlyn OR Ashlynn OR Ashton OR Ashtyn OR Asia ORAspen OR Astrid OR Athena OR Aubree OR Aubrey OR Aubrie OR Audrey OR AurOR a ORAutumn OR Ava OR Avery OR Ayana OR Ayanna OR Ayla OR Aylin OR Baby OR Bailee ORBailey OR Barbara OR Baylee OR Beatriz OR Belen OR Bella OR Berenice OR Bethany ORBianca OR Blanca OR Brandi OR Brandy OR Breana OR Breanna OR Brenda OR Brenna ORBreonna OR Bria OR Briana OR Brianna OR Brianne OR Bridget OR Brielle OR Brionna ORBrisa OR Britney OR Brittany OR Brittney OR Brooke OR Brooklyn OR Brooklynn OR BryanaOR Bryanna OR Brynn OR Cadence OR Caitlin OR Caitlyn OR Cali OR Calista OR Callie ORCameron OR Camila OR Camille OR Camryn OR Candace OR Candice OR Cara OR CarinaOR Carissa OR Carla OR Carlee OR Carley OR Carli OR Carlie OR Carly OR Carmen ORCarol OR Carolina OR Caroline OR Carolyn OR Carrie OR Carson OR Casandra OR CaseyOR Cassandra OR Cassidy OR Cassie OR Catalina OR Catherine OR Cayla OR Cecelia ORCecilia OR Celeste OR Celia OR Celina OR Celine OR Chana OR Charity OR Charlotte ORChasity OR Chaya OR Chelsea OR Chelsey OR Cheyanne OR Cheyenne OR Chloe ORChrista OR Christian OR Christiana OR Christina OR Christine OR Christy OR Ciara OR CieraOR Cierra OR Cindy OR Citlali OR Claire OR Clara OR Clare OR Clarissa OR Claudia ORColleen OR COR a OR COR inne OR Courtney OR Cristal OR Cristina OR Crystal OR CynthiaOR Daisy OR Dakota OR Dalia OR Damaris OR Dana OR Dania OR Daniela OR Daniella ORDanielle OR Danna OR Daphne OR Darby OR Darlene OR Dasia OR Dayana OR Deanna ORDeasia OR DebOR ah OR Deja OR Delaney OR Delilah OR Denise OR Denisse OR DesiraeOR Desiree OR Destinee OR Destiney OR Destini OR Destiny OR Devin OR Devon ORDevyn OR Diamond OR Diana OR Diane OR Dianna OR Dominique OR Donna OR DOR othyOR Dulce OR Dylan OR Ebony OR Edith OR Eileen OR Elaina OR Elaine OR EleanOR ORElena OR Eliana OR Elisa OR Elisabeth OR Elise OR Elissa OR Eliza OR Elizabeth OR EllaOR Elle OR Ellen OR Ellie OR Elsa OR Elyse OR Elyssa OR Emely OR Emerson OR EmileeOR Emilia OR Emilie OR Emily OR Emma OR Emmalee OR Erica OR Ericka OR Erika ORErin OR Esmeralda OR Esperanza OR Essence OR Estefani OR Estefania OR Estefany OREsther OR Estrella OR Eva TALENT CONNECT 2012
  25. 25. First Name(Eve OR Evelin OR Evelyn OR Fabiola OR Faith OR Fatima OR Felicia OR Felicity OR FionaOR Frances OR Francesca OR Frida OR Gabriela OR Gabriella OR Gabrielle OR Galilea ORGenesis OR Genevieve OR GeOR gia OR Gia OR Giana OR Gianna OR Gillian OR Gina ORGiovanna OR Giselle OR Gisselle OR GlOR ia OR Grace OR Gracie OR Graciela OR GretaOR Gretchen OR Guadalupe OR Gwendolyn OR Hadley OR Hailee OR Hailey OR Hailie ORHaleigh OR Haley OR Halie OR Halle OR Hallie OR Hana OR Hanna OR Hannah OR HarleyOR Harmony OR Haven OR Hayden OR Haylee OR Hayley OR Haylie OR Hazel OR HeatherOR Heaven OR Heidi OR Helen OR Helena OR Holly OR Hope OR Hunter OR Iliana ORImani OR India OR Ingrid OR Ireland OR Irene OR Iris OR Isabel OR Isabela OR Isabell ORIsabella OR Isabelle OR Isis OR Itzel OR Iyana OR Iyanna OR Izabella OR Jacey ORJackeline OR Jaclyn OR Jacqueline OR Jacquelyn OR Jada OR Jade OR Jaden OR JadynOR Jaelyn OR Jaida OR Jaiden OR Jaidyn OR Jailyn OR Jaime OR Jakayla OR Jaliyah ORJalyn OR Jalynn OR Jamie OR Jamya OR Jana OR Janae OR Jane OR Janelle OR JanessaOR Janet OR Janice OR Janie OR Janiya OR Jaquelin OR Jaqueline OR Jasmin OR JasmineOR Jasmyn OR Jaycee OR Jayda OR Jayde OR Jayden OR Jayla OR Jaylene OR Jaylin ORJaylyn OR Jaylynn OR Jazlyn OR Jazmin OR Jazmine OR Jazmyn OR Jazmyne OR JeanetteOR Jena OR Jenifer OR Jenna OR Jennifer OR Jenny OR Jessica OR Jessie OR Jewel ORJillian OR Jimena OR Joana OR Joanna OR Jocelyn OR Joelle OR Johana OR Johanna ORJolie OR JOR dan OR JOR dyn OR Joselyn OR Josephine OR Josie OR Joslyn OR JourneyOR Joy OR Joyce OR Judith OR Julia OR Juliana OR Julianna OR Julianne OR Julie ORJuliet OR Juliette OR Julissa OR Justice OR Justine OR Kacie OR Kaela OR Kaelyn OR KaiaOR Kaila OR Kailee OR Kailey OR Kailyn OR Kaitlin OR Kaitlyn OR Kaitlynn OR Kaiya ORKaleigh OR Kaley OR Kali OR Kaliyah OR Kallie OR Kalyn OR Kamryn OR Kara OR KarenOR Kari OR Karina OR Karissa OR Karla OR Karlee OR Karley OR Karli OR Karlie OR KarlyOR Kasandra OR Kasey OR Kassandra OR Kassidy OR Katarina OR Kate OR Katelin ORKatelyn OR Katerina OR Katharine OR Katherine OR Kathleen OR Kathryn OR Kathy ORKatie OR Katlyn OR Katrina OR Katy OR Kaya OR Kayla OR Kaylah OR Kaylee OR KayleighOR Kayley OR Kayli OR Kaylie OR Kaylin OR Kaylyn OR Kaylynn OR Keeley OR Keely ORKeila OR Keira OR Kelli OR Kellie OR Kelly OR Kelsey OR Kelsi OR Kelsie OR Kendal ORKendall OR Kendra OR Kenia OR Kenna OR Kennedi OR Kennedy OR Kenya OR Kenzie ORKeyla OR Kiana OR Kianna OR Kiara OR Kiera OR Kierra OR Kiersten OR Kiley OR KimberlyOR Kirsten OR Kiya OR Kourtney OR Krista OR Kristen OR Kristin OR Kristina OR Krystal ORKya OR Kyla OR Kylee OR Kyleigh OR Kylie OR Kyra OR Lacey OR Laila OR Lana OR LaneyOR Lara OR Larissa OR Laura OR Laurel OR Lauren OR Lauryn OR Layla OR Lea OR LeahOR Leanna OR Leila OR Leilani OR Lena OR Lesley OR Leslie OR Lesly OR Leticia OR LexiOR Lexie OR Lexus OR Lia OR Liana OR Libby OR Liberty OR Lila OR Lilian OR Liliana ORLillian OR Lilliana OR Lillie OR Lilly OR Lily OR Lina OR Linda OR Lindsay OR Lindsey ORLisa OR Lisbeth OR Litzy OR Lizbeth OR Lizeth OR Lizette OR Logan OR Lola OR LondonOR LOR en OR LOR ena OR Lucia OR Lucy OR Luisa OR Luz OR Lyndsey OR Lyric ORMacey OR Maci OR Macie OR Mackenzie OR Macy OR Madalyn OR Madalynn OR MaddisonOR Madeleine OR Madeline OR Madelyn OR Madelynn OR Madilyn OR Madisen OR MadisonOR Madisyn OR Madyson OR Maegan OR Maeve OR Magdalena OR Maggie OR Maia ORMakaila OR Makayla OR Makena OR Makenna OR Makenzie OR Maleah OR Malia ORMaliyah OR MallOR y OR Mandy OR Mara OR Marcella OR Margaret OR Margarita ORMaria) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  26. 26. First NameMariah OR Mariam OR Mariana OR Marianna OR Maribel OR Marie OR Mariela OR Marilyn ORMarina OR Marisa OR Marisol OR Marissa OR Maritza OR Marlee OR Marlene OR Marley ORMartha OR Mary OR Maryam OR Mattie OR Maura OR Maya OR Mayra OR Mckayla ORMckenna OR Mckenzie OR Meadow OR Meagan OR Meaghan OR Megan OR Meghan ORMelanie OR Melany OR Melina OR Melinda OR Melissa OR Melody OR Mercedes OR MeredithOR Miah OR Micaela OR Micah OR Michaela OR Michelle OR Mikaela OR Mikayla OR Mina ORMiracle OR Miranda OR Mireya OR Miriam OR Miya OR Mollie OR Molly OR Monica ORMonique OR Monserrat OR Montana OR MOR gan OR MOR iah OR Mya OR Myah OR MyraOR Nadia OR Nancy OR Naomi OR Natalia OR Natalie OR Nataly OR Natasha OR Nathalie ORNayeli OR Nevaeh OR Nia OR Nichole OR Nicole OR Nicolette OR Nikki OR Nina OR NoeliaOR Noelle OR Noemi OR NOR a OR NOR ma OR Nya OR Nyah OR Nyasia OR Nyla OROdalys OR Olivia OR Paige OR Paloma OR Pamela OR Paola OR Paris OR Parker ORPatience OR Patricia OR Paula OR Paulina OR Payton OR Penelope OR Perla OR Peyton ORPhoebe OR Piper OR Precious OR Presley OR Princess OR Priscila OR Priscilla OR Quinn ORRachael OR Rachel OR Rachelle OR Raegan OR Raina OR Raquel OR Raven OR Rayna ORReagan OR Reanna OR Rebeca OR Rebecca OR Rebekah OR Reese OR Regan OR ReginaOR Reilly OR Reina OR Renee OR Reyna OR Rhiannon OR Rianna OR Riley OR Rita OR RiyaOR Robin OR Robyn OR Rocio OR Rose OR Rosemary OR Roxana OR Ruby OR Ruth ORRyan OR Ryann OR Rylee OR Ryleigh OR Rylie OR Sabrina OR Sade OR Sadie OR Sage ORSaige OR Sally OR Salma OR Samantha OR Samara OR Samira OR Sandra OR Sandy ORSara OR Sarah OR Sarahi OR Sarai OR Sarina OR Sasha OR Savana OR Savanah ORSavanna OR Savannah OR Scarlett OR Selena OR Selina OR Serena OR Serenity OR ShakiraOR Shania OR Shaniya OR Shannon OR Sharon OR Shawna OR Shayla OR Shaylee ORShayna OR Shea OR Sheila OR Shelby OR Shirley OR Shreya OR Shyann OR Shyanne ORSidney OR Sienna OR Sierra OR Simone OR Sky OR Skye OR Skyla OR Skylar OR Skyler ORSofia OR Sonia OR Sonya OR Sophia OR Sophie OR Stacey OR Stacy OR Stephanie ORStephany OR Summer OR Susan OR Susana OR Sydnee OR Sydney OR Sydni OR Sydnie ORSylvia OR Tabitha OR Talia OR Taliyah OR Tamara OR Tamia OR Tania OR Taniya OR TanyaOR Tara OR Taryn OR Tatiana OR Tatum OR Tatyana OR Taya OR Tayler OR TaylOR ORTeagan OR Teresa OR Tess OR Tessa OR Thalia OR Theresa OR Tia OR Tiana OR Tianna ORTiara OR Tierra OR Tiffany OR Tina OR Toni OR TOR i OR Tracy OR Trinity OR Trista ORTristan OR Tyler OR Tyra OR Unique OR Valentina OR Valeria OR Valerie OR Vanesa ORVanessa OR Veronica OR VictOR ia OR Violet OR Virginia OR Vivian OR Viviana OR WendyOR Whitney OR Willow OR Ximena OR Xiomara OR Yadira OR Yasmin OR Yasmine OR YazminOR Yesenia OR Yessenia OR Yolanda OR Yuliana OR Yvette OR Yvonne OR Zaria OR Zoe ORZoey OR Zoie TALENT CONNECT 2012
  27. 27. Female Software Engineers TALENT CONNECT 2012
  28. 28. LinkedIn RecruiterDeveloping a Competitive Advantage
  29. 29. Competitive AdvantageTo have a competitive advantage on LinkedIn, you have tobe able to find profiles that others cant and dontUsual and customary searches yield usual and customaryresultsOver 100M profiles onLinkedIn may never befound or reviewed TALENT CONNECT 2012
  30. 30. Understand IR TALENT CONNECT 2012
  31. 31. Hidden Talent Every query you run includes qualified candidates and excludes qualified candidates Many profiles are not keyword/content rich How can you find people with skills and experience that dont explicitly mention on their profile?Image credit: TALENT CONNECT 2012
  32. 32. Whos the Best Candidate? TALENT CONNECT 2012
  33. 33. Hidden TalentProfiles you cant find   People with skills and experience that is stated in a way in which you didnt search for   People with skills and experience that isnt explicitly mentioned on their LinkedIn profile TALENT CONNECT 2012
  34. 34. Beyond Basic Keyword/Title SearchTerms   J2EE OR JEE OR "J EE" OR "Enterprise Edition" OR JEE5 OR JEE6 OR "Java 2"   (Global OR international OR foreign OR multinational OR worldwide OR Europe OR European OR OR EU OR EMEA OR Asia OR "Asia-Pac" OR "Pacific Rim" OR "South America" OR " Latin America" OR Americas OR CALA OR Caribbean OR "Latin America" OR "Middle East" OR Canada OR Japan OR China OR Russia OR India OR UK OR "United Kingdom" OR Countries OR Offshore OR Overseas)   Manufacturing OR Mfg TALENT CONNECT 2012
  35. 35. Beyond Basic Keyword/Title SearchTitles   ("Vice President" OR VP OR "V.P." OR SVP OR "S.V.P." OR EVP OR "E.V.P.")   (Account OR Business) (Rep OR Representative OR Manager OR Development OR Executive OR Associate)   ("Software Engineer" OR Programmer OR Developer OR Consultant")   Senior OR Snr Or Sr OR Lead   Mgr, Engr TALENT CONNECT 2012
  36. 36. Engr TALENT CONNECT 2012
  37. 37. SW TALENT CONNECT 2012
  38. 38. SW OR "S/W" TALENT CONNECT 2012
  39. 39. Snr TALENT CONNECT 2012
  40. 40. Sr = Senior TALENT CONNECT 2012
  41. 41. Company VariationsCompanies   PwC, "Price Waterhouse," Pricewaterhouse, PricewaterhouseCoopers   JPMC, JPMorgan, JPMorganChase, JP Morgan Chase   Glaxo, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK   Citi, Citibank, Citigroup   Microsoft, MSFT TALENT CONNECT 2012
  42. 42. PwC  PwC -"Price Waterhouse Coopers" -Pricewaterhouse -PricewaterhouseCoopers = 34,925  -PwC "Price Waterhouse Coopers" -Pricewaterhouse -PricewaterhouseCoopers = 6,112  -PwC -"Price Waterhouse Coopers" Pricewaterhouse -PricewaterhouseCoopers = 2,113  -PwC -"Price Waterhouse Coopers" -Pricewaterhouse PricewaterhouseCoopers = 60,496 TALENT CONNECT 2012
  43. 43. Industry Search TALENT CONNECT 2012
  44. 44. Industry Search"Aintree University Hospital, North Mersey HIS" OR "Ashford and St. Peters Hospitals NHSTrust" OR "Aspen Healthcare Solutions" OR "Barchester Healthcare" OR "Barts and TheLondon NHS Trust" OR "Barts Health NHS Trust" OR "Bedford Hospital NHS Trust" OR "BMIHealthcare" OR "Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust" OR "Bupa" OR"Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Cambridgeshire CommunityServices NHS Trust" OR "Care Quality Commission" OR "Care UK" OR "Castlebeck" OR"Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust" OR "Central Manchester & ManchesterChildrens Foundation Trust" OR "Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust"OR "Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Trust" OR "Cheshire East Community Health" OR"Circle" OR "Cygnet Health Care" OR "Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust" OR "EastLancashire Hospitals NHS Trust" OR "East London NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Epsom & StHelier University NHS Trust" OR "Follow Company" OR "Frimley Park Hospital NHSFoundation Trust" OR "GE Healthcare" OR "Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHSTrust" OR "Hallmark Healthcare" OR "Harmoni HS Ltd" OR "HCA International Ltd" OR "HealthProtection Agency" OR "Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Heatherwood &Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Helping Hands Homecare" OR"Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Hospital & Health Care" OR"Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust" OR "International Medical Corps" OR "InternationalSOS" OR "Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Liverpool Community HealthNHS Trust" OR "London Care" OR "Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS FT" OR "Maidstoneand Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust" OR "Methodist Homes MHA" OR "Mid Yorkshire HospitalsNHS Trust" OR "Newham University Hospital NHS Trust" OR "NHS" OR "NIHR ClinicalResearch Network" OR "North East London NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Nuffield Health" OR"Oasis Dental Care" OR "Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust" OR "Papworth Hospital NHSFoundation Trust" OR "Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust" OR "Portsmouth Hospitals NHSTrust" OR "Priory Group" OR "Ramsay Healthcare UK" OR "Royal Berkshire NHS FoundationTrust" OR "Royal Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Royal Brompton Hospital" OR"Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust" OR "Salford Royal Foundation Trust" OR "Salisbury NHSFoundation Trust" OR "Sanctuary Care" OR "Similar Companies" OR "Solent NHS Trust" OR"South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust" OR "Southern Cross Health Care" OR "SRCLLtd" OR "St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust" OR "St John Ambulance" OR "Surrey CommunityHealth" OR "Synergy Health PLC" OR "The Advisory Board Company" OR "The Christie NHSFoundation Trust" OR "The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust" OR "The RegardPartnership" OR "The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust" OR "Turning Point" OR "ubuHealth and Social Care" OR "University College London Hospitals" OR "University College ofLondon Hospital" OR "University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust" OR "WalsallHospitals NHS Trust" OR "Birmingham Childrens Hospital NHS Foundation Trust" OR"CareTech Community Services Ltd" OR "Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust"OR "Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust" OR "NHS Lambeth" OR "NHS South ofTyne and Wear" OR "Nottingham University Hospital" OR "Nottinghamshire Healthcare" OR"Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust" OR "UCLH NHS Foundation Trust" TALENT CONNECT 2012
  45. 45. Ghost HuntingHow do you find people with the skills and experience yourelooking for who make no explicit mention of it on their LinkedInprofile? TALENT CONNECT 2012
  46. 46. Implicit Search TALENT CONNECT 2012
  47. 47. Implicit Search TALENT CONNECT 2012
  48. 48. SWEs w/no keywords TALENT CONNECT 2012
  49. 49. SWEs w/no keywords TALENT CONNECT 2012
  50. 50. Any Group Search TALENT CONNECT 2012
  51. 51. Hidden TalentProfiles you dont find   "Too many" results, not reviewing them all   Overlooking profiles that dont look like your ideal candidate TALENT CONNECT 2012
  52. 52. Image credit: TALENT CONNECT 2012
  53. 53. Search Strategy  Target "maximum qualifications" first  Systematically progress through results from highest probability/explicit mention to lowest probability/no explicit mention TALENT CONNECT 2012
  54. 54. Example Job  Software Test Engineer –  Must have experience with SQL –  Preferred experience: Data warehouse, RUP or Agile, shell scripting TALENT CONNECT 2012
  55. 55. Basic Search – 72 ResultsKeywordsSQLTitle"Test Engineer" TALENT CONNECT 2012
  56. 56. Better SearchKeywordsSQLTitle(test OR testing OR QA OR quality OR tester) (analyst ORengineer OR tester) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  57. 57. 554 Results TALENT CONNECT 2012
  58. 58. Best SearchKeywords(sql OR Oracle OR database OR databases OR DB2 ORMySQL) (ETL OR "data warehouse" OR "data warehousing"OR datawarehouse OR datawarehouses OR "data mart" OR"data marts") (RUP OR "Rational Unified" OR Agile OR ScrumOR Scrums) (shell OR korn OR bourne OR perl OR csh)Title(test OR testing OR QA OR quality OR tester) (analyst ORengineer OR tester) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  59. 59. 6 Results TALENT CONNECT 2012
  60. 60. 2nd SearchKeywords(sql OR Oracle OR database OR databases OR DB2 ORMySQL) (ETL OR "data warehouse" OR "data warehousing"OR datawarehouse OR datawarehouses OR "data mart" OR"data marts") (RUP OR "Rational Unified" OR Agile OR ScrumOR Scrums) -(shell OR korn OR bourne OR perl OR csh)Title(test OR testing OR QA OR quality OR tester) (analyst ORengineer OR tester) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  61. 61. 35 Results TALENT CONNECT 2012
  62. 62. 3rd SearchKeywords(sql OR Oracle OR database OR databases OR DB2 ORMySQL) (ETL OR "data warehouse" OR "data warehousing"OR datawarehouse OR datawarehouses OR "data mart" OR"data marts") -(RUP OR "Rational Unified" OR Agile OR ScrumOR Scrums) (shell OR korn OR bourne OR perl OR csh)Title(test OR testing OR QA OR quality OR tester) (analyst ORengineer OR tester) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  63. 63. 4 Results TALENT CONNECT 2012
  64. 64. 4th SearchKeywords(sql OR Oracle OR database OR databases OR DB2 ORMySQL) -(ETL OR "data warehouse" OR "data warehousing"OR datawarehouse OR datawarehouses OR "data mart" OR"data marts") (RUP OR "Rational Unified" OR Agile OR ScrumOR Scrums) (shell OR korn OR bourne OR perl OR csh)Title(test OR testing OR QA OR quality OR tester) (analyst ORengineer OR tester) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  65. 65. 60 Results TALENT CONNECT 2012
  66. 66. 5th SearchKeywords(sql OR Oracle OR database OR databases OR DB2 ORMySQL) (ETL OR "data warehouse" OR "data warehousing"OR datawarehouse OR datawarehouses OR "data mart" OR"data marts") -(RUP OR "Rational Unified" OR Agile OR ScrumOR Scrums) -(shell OR korn OR bourne OR perl OR csh)Title(test OR testing OR QA OR quality OR tester) (analyst ORengineer OR tester) TALENT CONNECT 2012
  67. 67. 18 Results TALENT CONNECT 2012
  68. 68. Action Items1.  Fully leverage LinkedIns advanced search interface –  Make use of OR and -/NOT –  Dont be afraid of big searches – LinkedIn can handle 1,000s of characters!2.  Remember that the best candidates may not mention the terms you think they should, and thus can be excluded from your search results3.  Be aware of the 2 hidden talent pools on LinkedIn and develop a search strategy to exploit both4.  Take time to think about term variants5.  Be careful with company and industry searches6.  Whenever possible, start with a "maximum qualifications" search, and then run a mutually exclusive search progression TALENT CONNECT 2012
  69. 69. Questions TALENT CONNECT 2012