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ConnectIn London: From Traditional to Strategic Talent Acquisition


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This presentation is from our recent ConnectIn London event where Transport for London & Mark Group shared their story and next steps on evolving their approach to a strategic talent acquisition …

This presentation is from our recent ConnectIn London event where Transport for London & Mark Group shared their story and next steps on evolving their approach to a strategic talent acquisition model. Follow the conversation at #intalent.

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  • 1. From Traditional to Strategic Talent Acquisition How to Evolve Your Approach Gareth Taylor Recruitment Transformation Manager Transport for London, Jon Sleightholme Recruitment Director Mark Group, @JonSleightholme #intalent
  • 2. Helping our customers become energy efficient since 1974 Lose Less. Use Less. Generate More.
  • 3. Mark Group “40 years in business – from humble origins to a global leader” Presented by Jon Sleightholme Director of Recruitment & Talent Management #intalent
  • 4. • Teacher My Career • Rugby Player • Sport2Business - career transition, outplacement and strategic hiring • Mark Group - transforming a business from “old school mentality” to strategically acquiring and managing talent globally #intalent
  • 5. • Family business established in 1974 Mark Group Facts & Figures • Over 3000 employees worldwide • Turnover - £300 million (2013/14) forecast to double in the next 5 years • Market leader in the UK • Growing international presence - USA, Australia and New Zealand #intalent
  • 6. • The UK’s leading provider of Domestic Energy Efficiency Solutions - at its heart traditional and conservative Mark Group Business Overview • Economic drivers - Energy security and Energy prices • 10,000 homes/businesses a week globally more energy efficient… “taking the light from under the bushel” #intalent
  • 7. Mark Group Talent acquisition journey 2012 • Under skilled, under resourced HR team • Exclusively reliant on external agencies • Post and Pray • Multiple relationships • Take control/reduce costs 2013 • Split of HR and Talent acquisition • Investment in the team globally • More proactive approach • Utilization of social media – Linkedin/Twitter • Increase cost savings/reduction in attrition 2014 • Continuing education of line managers • Embrace case studies • Develop the employer brand • Grow the team globally - USA major focus • Further embrace social platforms • Links to local Universities • Continue to reduce cost and attrition 2015+ • Evolution of a proactive and strategic approach • Build on employer brand – why do people work here? • Employer of choice within the industry • Employee Engagement strategy #intalent
  • 8. • Embrace the doubters…. Mark Group Key lessons so far…. • Case studies are powerful! • Build on the quick wins • Fine the very best talent to join your talent team #intalent
  • 9. 0 TfL Recruitment 22 May 2014
  • 10. • TfL is responsible for the day-to-day to operation of the Capital’s public transport network, managing London's main roads and the planning and building of new infrastructure • We manage the city’s buses, the Tube network, Docklands Light Railway, Overground and Tramlink. • We also run Barclays Cycle Hire, London River Services, Victoria Coach Station, the Emirates Air Line and London Transport Museum. • As well as controlling a 580km network of main roads and all of the city's 6,000 traffic lights, we also run London’s Congestion Charging scheme. • Regulating taxis and private hire vehicles are part of our remit too. • Every day around 24 million journeys are made across our network. 1 Transport for London
  • 11. Team Hires 2013/14 Operational* 875 Head Office 1576 Temporary Labour 1610 Graduates / Apprentices 160 Total 4221 2 To deliver these services 29,000 staff – 17,000 Operational – 12,000 Head Office Recruitment team of 50.0 staff delivering * Operational recruitment services are provided by a 3rd party partner
  • 12. • £2.4 billion savings target included in 2010/11 Business Plan • The Strategic Sourcing Programme was established in 2012 to review all back office functions, to support and enable the delivery of these savings targets. • Key activity was to undertake supplier market testing 3 Transport for London Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union • To supplement the market testing we also benchmarked our services against those of similar organisations
  • 13. 4 A programme of internal transformation initiatives were identified to derive both Financial and non-Financial benefits • Performance Management • Supplier Management • Direct Sourcing Transport for London
  • 14. 5 Cumulative Trends Escalations & Exception reporting % Mark-up and Year on Year Trends Cost Per Hire Quality of Hire Performance Management Introduction of team and business performance measures to influence behaviours
  • 15. Enable robust Supplier Management through the combined tender for all Recruitment Service products 6 Supplier Management
  • 16. Strategic: Low cost Efficient Quality of hire focus Proactive pipeline-based process Reactive: High cost Labour-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process Developing Foundational Strategic Traditional 7 Direct Sourcing Talent Acquisition is becoming more strategic as organisations learn how to engage passive talent
  • 17. 8 Direct Sourcing Solutions • 25 Recruiter Licenses • 62 Job slots • Job wrapping Employer Branding Solutions • Dynamic Careers Page • Employee Profile Ads • 2 million Traffic Drivers • 4 x Lead Generation InMail campaigns Direct Sourcing Linked In Solution
  • 18. 9 Transport for London Political / Cultural Barriers to Linked In – Business case for Investment – Resistance to use of Social Media – ‘Old boys’ network – Employee Relations Team Barriers to Linked In – Resistance to change – Capability
  • 19. 10 Direct Sourcing Job Wrapping 191,488 Job Applications Average Monthly Applications Average Applications per Job
  • 20. Direct Sourcing Careers Pages Default CPD IT Commercial Surface
  • 21. Direct Sourcing Lead Generation Campaigns IM Talent Campaign • Deployed 2,500 InMails • Open rate 36.8% (above industry ave ~30%) • Response rate 9% (above industry ave 5%) • 224 leads in recruiter folder
  • 22. Direct Sourcing Employee Members Monthly Employee Profile Views Monthly Company Page Viewers Monthly Career Page Viewers Total Followers Monthly Job Viewers Talent Brand Engagement Talent Brand Index Impact of investment
  • 23. Direct Sourcing Impact of investment
  • 24. 15 Key Performance Indicators FY2013 Target FY2014 Actual FY2014 Impact Cost per hire £1,946 £1,557 £1,497 23% Hires per Recruitment Consultant 76 98 104 37% Days to fill an open position - Band 1-4 (SLA 60) - Band 5+ (SLA 90) 68 90 60 90 43 46 32% 49% Customer satisfaction survey New 80% 88.5%
  • 25. 16 The future 2013/14 targeted financial savings and productivity improvements 2014/15 is all about completing the triangle and we will be concentrating on the Quality of service provision. 3 Key improvement objectives • Candidate Experience • Hiring Manager Satisfaction • Quality of Hire
  • 26. 17 Direct Sourcing remains key to the delivery of our future objectives Using the experience of the first 8 months of our relationship with Linked In we are considering how best to build a robust and engaging model • Longer term investment in a ‘fit for purpose’ solution • Improved Recruiter license usage • Business ownership of Careers Pages and updates • Demand planning for Lead Generation Campaigns How does LinkedIn support
  • 27. 18 What can a Finance person teach recruitment? My experience of managing TfL recruitment has been very different to managing any other service function through change • 95%+ of those we engage are disappointed • High level of transactions • Lack of Commercial skills • Everyone thinks they can do it Quicker / Better / Cheaper
  • 28. 19 • You can only manage what you measure • Compliance is key in such a highly transactional environment • Need to capture and market the great stuff as well as taking remedial action on the bad • HR Delivery teams need to work closer with Recruitment and take a more commercial approach to building accurate, yet flexible, resourcing demand plans
  • 29. Any Questions? Gareth Taylor Recruitment Transformation Manager Transport for London, Jon Sleightholme Recruitment Director Mark Group, @JonSleightholme #intalent