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The Best Advice LinkedIn Influencers Ever Got: Highlights


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LinkedIn Influencers reveal the best advice they ever got. …

LinkedIn Influencers reveal the best advice they ever got.

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  • 1. LinkedIn Influencers have received lots of great advice.
  • 2. The advice that made them better leaders, better innovators, better thinkers. The advice that helped shape the best minds in business. And now they’re sharing that advice with you.
  • 3. Angela Ahrendts CEO, Burberry “I know these simple truths helped form the fabric of my leadership, inspiring me and reminding me of my place and purpose.” Read More Tweet this
  • 4. Richard Branson - Founder at Virgin Group “My headmaster told me I would either go to prison or become a millionaire!” Read More Tweet this
  • 5. Jim Kim President at The World Bank “One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received sounds pretty simple: give it a shot.” Read More Tweet this
  • 6. Naomi Simson - Founder, RedBalloon “My best advice: Discover what is inside the book.” Read More Tweet this
  • 7. Brad Smith - President & CEO, Intuit “The truth is: making mistakes is actually an important part of a leader’s job.” Read More Tweet this
  • 8. Suze Orman Television host, author, motivational speaker, producer “I would rather have 50 percent of something than 100 percent of nothing.” Read More Tweet this
  • 9. Julia Boorstin - CNBC Correspondent “Say YES, no matter what the ask, and put in the elbow grease.” Read More Tweet this
  • 10. Denise Morrison President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company “Your ability gets you so far and your relationships take you the rest of the way.” Read More Tweet this
  • 11. Tweet this Steve Stoute Founder and CEO, Translation Advice from Jimmy Iovine: “When the s**t gets bigger than the cat, you’ve got to get rid of the cat.” Read More
  • 12. Maynard Webb - Chairman, Yahoo!; Former COO, eBay; Author “I’m inspired by the knowledge that my best years are not behind, but still very much ahead.” Read More Tweet this
  • 13. Read all the advice from Influencers here. And share your best advice with us on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter