LinkedIn Influencers: How I Hire


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LinkedIn Influencers share hiring advice and perspectives on the ideal candidate.

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  • I agree with Liliana's conclusion that this slideshow is best aimed at interviewers. My experience mirrors that of Dennis and Larissa - my application and interview are vetted at a completely different level and I don't see much consideration of such arcane qualities. I adhere to the rule that most interviewers are trying to determine just three things: Can you do the job? Will you do the job? Will we enjoy having you around?
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  • Slide - 8 4. They’re nice to the receptionist. When the interview is over, I check with whoever’s manning the front desk to see how the candidate acted upon arrival. Were they polite and friendly or did they treat the receptionist poorly? If it’s the latter, I know they only relate well to those in their perceived social group. Not very empathetic or human-centered. I like this one very much in these challenging and uncertain times, it really pays to treat everyone with respect and a kind words goes a long way.
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  • It's truly awesome to read that the character of a candidate plays such a crucial role in industry leaders' decisions to hire.
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  • I like all of them. I'm really feeling #10 and #14. Thanks for sharing!
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  • I just came across this thread and thought I would add a recent observation, if you will. The majority of my career was spent with a Fortune 500 company, where, yes, you never get the chance to interview with the influencers. However, after finishing my career there, I found myself being called for interviews with privately held companies. This is where you do get to interview, at the table with CEO's, CFO's and VP's. It has changed my whole dynamic with regard to the interview process. I am more confident, more fluent, less nervous and most importantly, I've learned to just be my professional self. At the end of they day, these influencers put their pants on the same way we do.
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LinkedIn Influencers: How I Hire

  1. What do industry leaders look for when they hire?
  2. We‟ve compiled top hiring tips from the best in business.
  3. Michael Powell President & CEO, NCTA “The ability to learn from failure, not pure talent, is the greatest predictor of success.” Read More
  4. Richard Branson Founder Virgin Group “Great grades count for nothing if they aren‟t partnered with broad-ranging experience and a winning personality.” Read More
  5. Neil Blumenthal Co-Founder & Co-CEO Warby Parker “Invest time in building relationships— and always be recruiting.” Read More
  6. Jack Welch  Founder, Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University “The generosity gene is an in-the-bones, personality-deep craving—to help other people improve, grow, thrive, and succeed. If you hire candidates who‟ve got that running through their veins, amazing things will happen.” Read More
  7. Tim Brown CEO, IDEO “We look for insatiable curiosity, irrepressible optimism, deep empathy, and those who play well with others.” Read More
  8. Jennifer Dulski President & COO, “Adaptable people want to solve problems even when there is no obvious “we‟ve done that before” answer.” Read more
  9. Jon Steinberg  President & COO, BuzzFeed “If you are interviewing or negotiating with a new hire, and you like them more and more, you are making a good hire.” Read More
  10. Peter Guber CEO, Mandalay Entertainment Owner, Golden State Warriors & Los Angeles Dodgers “The candidate who shares stories of how he or she preserved and protected the organization when the chips were down, refusing to hear „no‟, will likely hear a „yes‟ from me!” Read More
  11. Padmasree Warrior Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Cisco “The deciding factor for me is what I call the X Factor, an intangible combination of exceptional talent and fit for the role.” Read More
  12. Lesley Jane Seymour Editor In Chief, More Magazine at Meredith Publishing Corporation “If they‟re still sitting across the chair from me when I‟m finished with this non-seduction, I figure they must really want the job.” Read more
  13. Kay Krill President & CEO ANN INC. “Experience, education and skill are important, but I also look for passion when I talk to candidates.” Read More
  14. Share your hiring tips: #HowIHire Get more hiring advice from LinkedIn Influencers on LinkedIn Today