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LinkedIn Pulse Presents: Productivity Hacks
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LinkedIn Pulse Presents: Productivity Hacks


Learn how to make every minute count: LinkedIn Influencers share their top productivity hacks. Read more: http://linkd.in/1jqvJmF

Learn how to make every minute count: LinkedIn Influencers share their top productivity hacks. Read more: http://linkd.in/1jqvJmF

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  • 1. DON’T WORK HARDER — WORK SMARTER. LinkedIn Influencers know how to make every minute count. They’ve figured out how to do it all, how to balance their to-do lists with the things they love.
  • 2. NOW YOU CAN TOO. They’ve shared their favorite productivity hacks, from extra-efficient workouts to time-saving keyboard tricks. Learn how these business leaders operate, and start hacking your own workday.
  • 3. The One-Minute Rule: “It’s very simple: do, without delay, any task that can be finished in one minute.” Read More Gretchen Rubin – Bestselling Author
  • 4. “Manage your mobile, don’t let it manage you.” Read More Richard Branson – Founder at Virgin Group
  • 5. “Ultimately, the way I hack is by creating a tremendous team of people around me. I’m a human hacker.” Read More Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO Co-Founder of Vayner Media
  • 6. Arne Sorenson – President and CEO at Marriott International Hack Your Meeting 1. Use visuals “Executives are people too. They’ll get more excited about your idea if they’re excited by your presentation.”
  • 7. 2. Rethink the space “Meetings are not about tables and chairs. Envision presentations as a performance.” 3. No multi-tasking! You can actually lose the equivalent of 10 IQ points. “Nobody wants to look dumber in front of the boss.” Read More
  • 8. “When you feel like you are stuck in a workday rut, go for a walk. Chances are it will lead you all down a more creative, agreeable, and—yes—productive path.” Read More Brad Keywell – Co-Founder of Lightbank & Groupon
  • 9. Don’t multi-task. “Whatever I have taken on, I give 100 percent. That’s my quality control.” “Multi-tasking is the ruination of quality.” Read More Suze Orman – Television host, author, motivational speaker, producer
  • 10. Take a nap. “All I know is that since that day I fell asleep in the conference room many years ago, my business has grown five-fold.” Read More Paul Metselaar – Chairman & CEO at Ovation Travel Group
  • 11. Be happy. “Happy people are creative, productive people.” They’re: • 31% more productive • 40% more likely to receive a promotion • 10% more engaged at work Read More Naomi Simson – Founder, RedBalloon
  • 12. What are your favorite #productivityhacks? Tell us: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter