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To celebrate LinkedIn's 10th anniversary and 10 years of remarkable transformation in the recruitment industry, we asked 12 industry thought leaders to share their opinions about what the next 10 years might bring for talent acquisition.

Features talent acquisition experts from Red Hat, SAP, Unilever, L'Oreal, Opower, Rapid7, First Citizens Bank, Bernard Hodes, LinkedIn, Tenfold Social, Adler Group, and PNNL.

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  • I think within 10 years the term PBMA have coined 'Neuro recruiting' or ' Neuro Recruiter' will be part of the recruitment 'language' and 'terminology'. Those leading edge companies who today identified incorporating Neuroscience as part of the recruitment process will be the most successful companies, According to the global study, hiring the wrong person single bad hire — someone who turned out not to be a good fit for the job can have serious implications for companies and more than half of employers in each of the 10 largest world economies said a bad hire has negatively impacted their business. This was in terms of a significant loss in revenue or productivity or challenges with employee morale and client relations.
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  • @stacyzapar you're welcome! And thank YOU for investing the time in thinking about this. We'll turn the conversation to hiring managers later this year - we agree they are a critical element in the mix.
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  • Love this! So incredibly honored to be included. Thank you for the opportunity, LinkedIn! :)
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  • Good. 10 years of remarkable transformation
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What Recruiting Will Look Like in 10 Years | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

  1. What Recruiting Will Look Like in 10 YearsTalent Leaders Weigh In
  2. "If companies continue to post skills-infested job descriptions, nothing willchange.If they begin to filter on performance and potential, theyll open theirdoors to a more diverse candidate pool – from returning military vets totalented older workers - and attract more top performers. This will go along way towards ending the U.S. unemployment crisis."Lou AdlerCEOThe Adler GroupRecruiting Will Save US Economy…If We Are Willing to Change
  3. “10 years from now, the candidate identification game will be over. Technologywill mean we can identify and communicate with top talent at the press of abutton. That talent will come profiled and assessed.Recruiters 10 years from now will be preoccupied with marketing, PR,community building and employment branding. The War for Talent will be aWar of Relationship Marketing.”Matthew JeffreyGlobal Head of Talent Strategy& InnovationHR Talent AcquisitionSAP UK LtdThe ‘War for Talent’Will Become the ‘War of Relationship Marketing’
  4. “Talent Acquisition will be run much more like sales organizationsand business partners than HR organizations, with incentives in placebeyond just “hires” that measure retention and impact.”Ed NathansonHead of Talent AcquisitionRapid7Talent Teams Will Work Like Sales Teams
  5. "I believe that future hiring teams, rather than relying heavily on recruiters tofind them candidates, will better understand the value of their own socialnetworks.They will take more ownership of the hiring process and know how to leveragesocial media to self-source referral candidates with niche skills, relevantindustry experience and a strong match with the companys culture."Stacy ZaparCEO, Tenfold SocialMost Connected Womanon LinkedInHiring Managers Will Turn Sourcers
  6. “When LinkedIn hits 3.3 billion profiles, and I believe it will,sourcing will be dead from a name generation sense. Our approachwill be purely a mixture of finding passive talent and sorting basedon potential, cultural fit, and business need. And the business willroutinely expect recruiters to be Talent Advisors.”Rob DromgooleRecruiting Team LeadNational Security DirectoratePacific Northwest National LaboratoryName Generation Will Disappear
  7. “Due to the changing shape of the workforce, successful recruitingorganizations understand that potential candidates will have a unified digitalpersona. Applications should be frictionless, but the most successful realize thepower of mobile also includes the telephone as a phone. Candidates will wantto be spoken with. Back to the future once more.”Paul MaxinGlobal Resourcing DirectorUnileverTechnology – Old and New School - Will Reduce Hiring Friction
  8. “With so much of our private, personal and professional information online, Ibelieve that there will be a backlash and people will become more guardedabout their data. In reaction to privacy concerns, I think US companies willpledge to delete applicant data after a certain length of time.”Jim StroudDirector of Sourcingand Social StrategyBernard Hodes GroupData Privacy Will Rise To Prominence
  9. “We will actually lead the Marketing/Communications effortsof our companies.”Chuck LotzSVP, Talent Acquisition LeaderFirst Citizens BankTalent Professionals Will Be Marketing Leaders
  10. “Corporate recruiters will become competitive intelligence tocompanies. Recruiters will know what is going to happen within competitivecompanies and talent markets before it happens. They will be a driver ofchange and help guide our business leaders to make the right decisions inareas beyond recruiting.”Jennifer BoulangerDirector, Talent AcquisitionOpowerRecruiters Will Become Competitive Intelligence Scouts
  11. “Technology will allow the creation/animation of digital talentcommunities which will change the way top companies manage talentinternally and externally”Gabriele SilvaHR Manager - International –Brand & CommercialThe Body Shop (LOréal Group)Digital ‘Talent Communities’ Will Emerge
  12. “From a technology perspective, candidates and recruiters will interactthrough mobile. From a capabilities perspective, we may see fewer full-cyclerecruiters and more specialized recruiting functions – from upfrontengagement to evaluation and closing.”LJ BrockVice President Talent Acquisition andInfrastructureRed HatRecruiting Will Embrace Mobile and Become More Specialized
  13. “Everyone is talking Big Data these days. Getting the data is just one step. Therecruiting organization that figures out how to extract and operationalize theweb’s people data in a repeatable, scalable way will define the future of talentacquisition. Cold calls, for example, will vanish. Recruiters will use online datato screen prospects and find introductions. ”Pat WadorsVP Global Talent OrganizationLinkedInBig Data Will Eliminate Cold Calls
  14. Have a prediction of your own?Join the conversation with hashtag #Recruiting10Follow @HireOnLinkedin for the latest recruiting trends and tips
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