Storytelling for Talent Brand | InDemand 2014


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From InDemand 2014, LinkedIn's Steve Watt, walks through the variety storytelling methods to help you find which approach is best for your talent brand.

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Storytelling for Talent Brand | InDemand 2014

  1. 1. Storytelling InDemand NYC June 17, 2014 Steve Watt
  2. 2. Okay, but how? “The  greatest  story   commandment?   Make  me  care.”     -­‐  Andrew  Stanton  
  3. 3. Keep it simple Don’t take yourself too seriously Share sincerely felt emotions Know your audience
  4. 4. Archetypal Plots Rise of the underdog Renewal and rebirth From rags to riches The mission, the quest The long journey home
  5. 5. Freytag’s Pyramid Gustav  Freytag   1816  -­‐  1895     (Resolu:on)  
  6. 6. Inspire Or I won’t care Educate Or I won’t know what to do Empower Or I won’t act Why Talent Brand is Vital Strong consumer brands crush their competitors. What if you could do that with your talent brand? Here’s how you build a strong talent brand. Here are some examples of companies doing it well. Here’s how you take it to market. Here’s how to measure your progress. Passive Talent Recruiting Excellence The world is very different today vs. 50-100 years ago. This creates very different talent acquisition challenges. Here are some different ways today’s talent acquisition leaders think. Here are the different tools they use and the results they achieve. The way people are found, assessed, and hired is very different today. This creates opportunities (and risks). Here’s how to build a strong professional brand that so you can be found (and look great once found). Here’s how to network your way into a warm conversation almost immediately. Career Launch Fundamentals Three Elements of a Great Story
  7. 7. Inspire Or I won’t care Educate Or I won’t know what to do Empower Or I won’t act What About Talent Brand Stories? Be part of an elite performance environment. Every role has an impactful “wow factor”. Every employee is an ambassador. Education is personal, relevant, and authentic because it comes directly from our people across a variety of roles. Join our LinkedIn group and talk to our people directly. Feedback on your in-process candidate experience. Grow Your Own Way Much more than accounting and tax. No longer just one career path. STEM grads, millennials, entrepreneurs… Flexible Talent Network (FTN) Investment in your individualized career Showcasing diverse career paths
  8. 8. Five Storytelling Devices and Best-Practices
  9. 9. 1. The Narrative Clarity Test •  What is chapter one in one sentence? •  Chapter two? •  Chapter three? What is the story in one sentence? If you can’t state it succinctly, it’s not clear
  10. 10. •  Mobile is changing every aspect of our lives. At ABC Corp we’re pioneering a new… •  Never before has affordable, sustainable transportation been so vital. We are… •  Too many families are struggling to save for a comfortable future. We’re committed to… 2. Head-Nodding Jumping Off Points Can I get agreement on one thing to set up agreement on another?
  11. 11. 3.  Address the Elephant in the Room What are people going to get stuck on if we don’t address it directly? •  Does your company or your industry appear outdated or uninspiring? •  Is your organization very small or very large? What concerns might that raise? •  Is your firm family owned? In an out of the way location? Again, what concerns arise?
  12. 12. 4. Disruptive Data and Facts •  Some surprisingly impressive growth or market share stats? •  Some little-known facts about the origins of your organization or your lines of business? •  Something about how your industry is transforming the world or your community? What fact or data point will really capture people’s attention and interest?
  13. 13. 5. Maximize for the Medium •  A great SlideShare deck is rarely, if ever, the same deck you presented with •  A video of all talking heads is a missed opportunity to paint a vivid picture •  Your topics and tone on FB and LinkedIn will differ (but always be true to your values) How can you repurpose core content while maximizing impact?
  14. 14. Your Challenge Inspire Or I won’t care Educate Or I won’t know what to do Empower Or I won’t act Your Organization’s Talent Brand 1.  Narra:ve  Clarity:  Your  talent  brand  in  one  sentence     2.  One  powerful  head-­‐nodding  jumping  off  point   3.  One  elephant  in  the  room  you  need  to  address   4.  One  disrup:ve  data  point  or  fact   5.  One  medium-­‐specific  thing  you’re  going  to  change