LinkedIn on LinkedIn: Shaping the Future of Talent Acquisition | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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Join LinkedIn’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Director, Talent Acquisition: Global Sales & International to hear how they are using LinkedIn’s own solutions to identify, segment, engage, and convert target talent pools.

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LinkedIn on LinkedIn: Shaping the Future of Talent Acquisition | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

  1. LinkedIn on LinkedIn: Shaping the Future of Talent Acquisition Brendan Browne Shannon Benjamin Director, Global Talent Acquisition Director , Sales & International TA
  2. Storytime… #intalent
  3. The World of Recruiting…Across Most Companies      Data availability and transparency has changed everything We know more about talent & candidates than ever before No one has fully maximized the value of the data and created massive recruiting leverage Low value order takers prevail Recruiting is not run like a business & getting a job in recruiting is „easy‟ #intalent
  4. #intalent
  5. I am going to nail this presentation…I am going to revolutionize recruiting 2010 #intalent
  6. 2010 #intalent
  7. Data Driven Predictive Recruiting -Predictive -Connection graph -Predictive Research -Org Mapping -Recruitment Insights -Othello -ID Fast Risers -Referral Engine candidate engagement plan created and executed -Massive leverage realized 2010 #intalent
  8. The Way We Will Change the Game “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” 2010 #intalent
  9. Enough vision…we need engineers!!!! #intalent
  10. The Opportunity The recruiting organization who figures out how to extract the value of the web‟s people data and how to then build a recruiting team model to operationalize this @ scale will define the future of talent acquisition. #intalent
  11. #intalent
  12. Using Data to Set Expectations… Keywords: "Data Center" OR "Datacenter" Location Within 50 Miles Industry: Internet Seniority: Manager Interested In: Potential Employees Company Size: 501-1,000 OR 1,001-5,000 OR 5,001-10,000, OR 10,000+ Years of Experience: 6 to 10 years OR More than 10 years Years in Position: 3-5 years OR 6-10 years Company Type: Public Company Language: English Recommendations: 3-4 OR 5-10 OR 11-20 OR >20 #intalent
  13. Search Results  Initial Search = 7  Remove Recommendation = 19  Remove Years in Position = 71  Remove Company Type = 82  Remove Company Size = 126 #intalent
  14. Data Center Operation Manager Current LinkedIn Previous Google #intalent
  15. Progress but… NOT A PLATFORM & NOT SCALABLE #intalent
  16. Identifying Candidates Is Not the Challenge #intalent
  17. Data for Supply & Demand Total Talent Pool 479,489 #intalent
  18. The Where: Big Markets vs. Hidden Gems (based on LinkedIn recruiter contact Feb-Aug 2012) #intalent
  19. More progress but… NOT THE PLATFORM
  20. Addressable Market The size of the talent pool that has the capabilities & experiences to meet your business‟s talent requirement. #intalent
  21. Operationalizing the addressable market is the challenge #intalent
  22. #intalent
  23. Addressable Market End-to-End Process Identify characteristics of internal groups Define characteristics of AM Build AM Refine & review AM Go or no go? 1-5 days for smaller markets, 1-2 weeks for larger markets Segment & Prioritize AM 1:1 approach 1:Many approach Do nothing 1-2 weeks #intalent
  24. Data at Every Step: Start by taking stock of the talent already in your organization iOS Development 25 Objective C 20 Node.js 16 Android SDK 15 Internal Talent Mobile UX 8 #intalent
  25. Data at Every Step: What are the characteristics of developers in the team today?  Software engineers  Experienced in MySQL, Hadoop, or NoSQL Internal Talent  Likely have worked at xyzCo, or Acme Software Corp  From CMU, Berkely, UIUC #intalent
  26. Data at Every Step: Define and Refine Target with Leaders Company Company Size Industry Connections Function Occupation Title Group Federation Seniority Geo Group Membership #intalent
  27. So what?
  28. Can you answer questions like this?
  29. #intalent
  30. In Sales and Marketing High Nurture “Red Carpet” Build Awareness Tele-Sales Size of Prize How Big? Low High Temperature How Likely? #intalent
  31. In Recruiting High Nurture Quality Who has expertise we need? “Red Carpet” 1: Many 1:1 Build Awareness 1: Many Outreach 1: Many Low High Temperature Which prospects are most likely engage? #intalent
  32. 1:1, Red Carpet – Highest Priority Hyper personalized – relationships, insights #intalent
  33. 1:Many – Next Priority Followers are… Engaged Focused Promoters 71% 80% 61% are interested in opportunities follow up to 6 companies will promote your brand Leverage the Opportunity #intalent
  34. Follower Ecosystem – Our Content Channel Add Warmth with Targeted Status Updates, Content Shares #intalent
  35. 1:Many – Leveraging Media Picture Yourself at xyzCo Eric Robertson Product Manager at xyzCo #intalent
  36. How are we applying the Method? #intalent
  37. Pilot: 2,000 Systems Infrastructure Engineers High 1207 699 Nurture 1: Many Quality “Red Carpet” 1:1 Build Awareness 1:Many Outreach 1:Many Who has expertise we need? 58 Low 34 High Temperature Which prospects are most likely engage? #intalent
  38. Early Returns From the Pilot Targeted updates #intalent
  39. Follower Trend Oct 1 2013: Total Followers 1st Degree Connections of Total Followers 534,675 276,314,657 10x more likely to share content #intalent
  40. Future, are we there yet? Getting closer… #intalent
  41. We‟ll know we‟ve operationalized when get to After… Before After Reactive Recruiting Model Planful and Prioritized Co-signors Keyword Searching Jockey Search Once and Manage Prioritize the Top of List Prioritize High Fit & Affinity Cold Outreach Tailored Outreach See Activity See Activity Market Intel Dispersed Market Intel Mastered #intalent
  42. Shift in Mindset Must Happen New Role: Talent Market Strategist Use the Framework Social Recruiting Create Engagement #intalent
  43. #intalent
  44. Three To Dos:  Understand the world has changed  Test drive addressable market & segmentation on one of your critical Talent Pools  By Jan 1st walk into your exec‟s office with a Segmented and Prioritized addressable market #intalent
  45. This is OUR opportunity as TA leaders
  46. It‟s a choice!