Aligning Your Employer and Customer Brand | Webcast


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Companies with strong employer AND consumer brands outperform their peers on stock performance. However, few companies do both well; what is their secret? Click through this webinar led by LinkedIn and Lippincott to discover their best practices.

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Aligning Your Employer and Customer Brand | Webcast

  1. April 23rd, 2013The Secret Sauce of Top Companies:Aligning Your Employer & Customer Brand
  2. Presenters John Marshall Elizabeth Rosenberg Lippincott LinkedIn Talent Solutions 2
  3. Four key takeaways1 Your brand is a two-way street2 Talent Acquisition & Marketing are not that different3 Aligning your Talent and Customer Brands = Financial Rewards4 What you can do tomorrow 3
  4. Your brand is a two way streetDramatically enhancedcustomer powerShift from push to pull mediaAccelerating change andshrinking brand lifecyclesEvolving set of cultural andgenerational priorities 4
  6. The powerful combination of a brand story and an employee experience TRIBAL LEGENDS Experience power UNATTACHED STORY TELLERS Story power 6
  7. Increasingly, the strength of a brand lies in the Company2%Growth in total advertising spend in 201219%Growth in corporate advertising spend in 2012 Source: Kantar Media analysis 7
  8. The role of brand goes beyond the expected Highly engaged employees = brand ambassadors 480% 370% more committed to helping their more likely to recommend that a friend company succeed or relative apply for a jobPurpose Impact Enablement “I understand the “My company asks for “My company provides me overall mission of my feedback and acts with the training and the tools my company” upon my input.” that I need to be successful.” Source: Employee Engagement is Strongly Tied to Customer Experience and Productivity, According to New Temkin Group Research, 1/12 8
  9. Power of a brandStronger financialresults due tostrength ofconsumer andtalent brand 36% *Cumulative stock performance over 5 year period 9
  10. How do we measure consumer brand success today?BrandView is Lippincott’sproprietary approach to measuringbrands and identifying where abrand needs to improve in order tosucceed tomorrow4 years4 continents1,000+ brands35,000+ consumers 10
  11. BrandView Core MetricsRule 1: Rule 2: Rule 3:Beyond communications Beyond consistency Beyond customersDon’t just say something, Deliver both the Internal purpose thatbe something true and the new drives external promiseStory Power & Brand Authenticity Employee BeliefExperience Power & Brand Vitality & Employee Action 11
  12. Talent Brand n.• the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand incorporating what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work• a significant asset for both hiring/retaining great talent and promoting your corporate image to the market 12
  13. We assess two components of your brand: Reach and Engagement Talent Brand Reach Talent that’s familiar with you as an employer 30,000 members Viewing employee profiles Connecting with your employees Talent Brand Engagement 5,400 Talent that is interested in you as an employer members Researching company and career pages Following your company Talent Viewing jobs and applying 13
  14. What percent of people who know about you, show an interest? Talent Brand Reach 30,000 xyzCos members Talent Brand Index 18% = Talent Brand Engagement Talent Brand Reach Talent Brand Engagement 5,400 members Talent 14
  15. Immediate benefits for your organization Lower your cost per hire by as much as 50%  Reduce employee turnover by up to 28%  Influence the conversation — before others do  You’ll positively impact the perceptions of your brand among customers and clients Source: LinkedIn Eda Gultekin, What’s the Value of Your Employment Brand?,, (December 1, 2011) . 15
  16. A strong Talent and Customer Brand is a Powerful Combination 36%LinkedIn Talent Brand Index High 10% -6% Low 28% Low High Lippincott Customer BrandView Index *Cumulative stock performance over 5 year period 16
  17. To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cupand one neighborhood at a timeBelief• Partners know and understand Mission• Offsite where partners can learn coffee growers’ stories, shares ideas and offer adviceCatalyst• Closing stores for retraining partnersAction• Make your Mark program contributes up to 3x employee’s hourly salary for volunteering locally and bringing two friends 17
  18. To bring the style and fun back to air travelBelief• Recruit those with shared values – the “glass-half-full crowd”• Culture of “ask for forgiveness rather than permission” when helping customersCatalyst• Serving customers with on-demand food and drink orderingAction• Annual “Refresh” ritual where small mixed groups reconnect, review business performance, find better ways to serve customers 18
  19. What can you do tomorrow? Align Talent Acquisition & Marketing Understand your brand inside and out Inspire belief and enable action Turn marketing inward Measure it 19
  20.  Align Talent Acquisition & Marketing to align prospect experience (e.g., messaging, process) with overall brand story  Start at the top Your CEO and their team must get behind your brand alignment, and commit to helping promote it. Keep making the case until they’re on board.  Bring partners to the table Don’t go it alone. Your talent brand is part HR, part Marketing, part Communications - and it’ll need IT support.  Brand Task Force Leverage cross-functional expertise by including them in a cross-functional talent brand task force. With more skin in the game your colleagues will help you succeed. Unmovable Unstoppable 20
  21.  Understand your brand inside and out, and advocate for it everyday with authenticity and purpose  Listen Up! Listen to your customers, employees and candidates, and listen well. Ask questions. Gather facts, opinions, and stories - the building blocks of your brand. Put aside your own biases about what you should hear, and seek to understand their views. 21
  22.  Create an environment that inspires belief and enables action in support of your brand Are >90% of team members aware of, excited by, and empowered to execute on the mission? Do brand ideas get executed spontaneously? Do employees and the outside world notice these, in a way that they realize that it is real, the company is serious and something exciting is happening? Are the daily moments in the customer experience meaningfully different in a branded way? 22
  23.  Turn marketing inward to a forgotten audience, the employees, to create understanding, belief and employee action in support of your brand  Ensure your executives are on board. Get C-suite support to drive widespread participation.  Educate employees on your brand. The more connected they are to the brand, the better ambassadors they’ll be.  Encourage share and tell. Share authentic stories, pictures, and company events across a variety of media so your employees (and followers) can repost and drive viral discussion.  Monitor for success. Measure engagement and create action plans to build your foundation of engaged, enthusiastic brand ambassadors. 23
  24.  Measure your talent brand over time as you change your tactics, approach and messaging  In-house  Your offer acceptance rate goes up  Employee retention increases  Internal surveys confirm your employees are excited about your company as a place to work  Online  Traffic to your career site, your employee video testimonials, etc. increases  You double the number of employees with an optimized social presence  Talent Brand Index  Your Talent Brand Index score rises versus your peers and in the segments that you care most about 24
  25. Questions?Please email us with any confidential questions Brand 25
  26. Thank you for attending! John Marshall Lippincott Brand Strategy & Design @lippincottbrand Elizabeth Rosenberg LinkedIn Talent Solutions @HireOnLinkedIn 26