Leveraging LinkedIn Data: Recruiter, InMails & Talent Pool Analysis | ConnectIn Dubai


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Daoud Abu Qasheh, Recruitment Product Consultant at LinkedIn, shares how recruiters can leveraging LinkedIn data to make better hiring and branding decisions.

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Leveraging LinkedIn Data: Recruiter, InMails & Talent Pool Analysis | ConnectIn Dubai

  1. 1. Daoud Abu Qasheh Recruitment Product Consultant LinkedIn Leveraging Data
  2. 2. Objective Know how to use Data on LinkedIn Recruiter to : Plan Prioritize Put into Practioce
  3. 3. Data Use it to Make Better Hiring and Branding Decisions
  4. 4. Data How can I use LinkedIn data to set expectations with my Hiring Managers? How can I measure the size of my teams pipeline? How can I identify the most engaged LinkedIn users in my team? How can I increase my InMail response rate? How can I track the performance of my jobs on LinkedIn?
  5. 5. Let’s use LinkedIn Data to Plan, Prioritize and Put into Practice Plan Talent Pools: Identifying your target Prioritis e Pipeline Analytics: Understanding where to allocate your resources Put into practice Recruiter Usage: Understanding your team’s activity Put into practice InMail Analytics: Understanding your communications with potential hires Put into practice Job Analytics: Understanding who’s viewed your job
  6. 6. Plan
  7. 7. LinkedIn Recruiter offers more talent insight than ever before Broader 300M+ Members Deeper Breakdown by geo, function, etc. Real Time Constantly updating
  8. 8. Talent Pool Analysis • Set your hiring managers expectations and drive focus to a certain Geo area, Industry , School, age group , etc.. Talent Pool 2,503
  9. 9. Plan Data+ CheckIn. Understanding Recruiting events =
  10. 10. Prioritize
  11. 11. Talent Pipeline analysis
  12. 12. Job Analytics Understanding who viewed your jobs Are your jobs targeting the right Audience ? Can you quickly identify organizations that have employees actively seeking your jobs?
  13. 13. Are you utilizing your Inmail credits?
  14. 14. Is Talent Responding to your engagement?
  15. 15. Is Talent Responding to your engagement?
  16. 16. Put Into Practice
  17. 17. Recruiter Usage • Uncover users that might need assistant with efficient searching • Measure your team’s overall Recruiter performance • Know when to start organizing your candidaes 1 in 2 clients regularly access the Recruiter Report
  18. 18. 1 in 14 clients regularly download Recruiter Report Data Recruiter Usage
  19. 19. Data Analysis for InMail
  20. 20. Data Analysis for InPact
  21. 21. Data Analysis for Job Views
  22. 22. Thank you
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