Inside the World of Passive Talent


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Passive candidates account for almost 80 percent of working professionals around the world. Do you know what they want and how to maximize your chances of success in recruiting them? We share the latest LinkedIn research and ten great tips from some of our most successful corporate customers on how to win with passive talent.

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  • @hoopega Gareth, thank you for sharing your professional insight; it was much appreciated. I am still however interested in reading ONE person’s personal account describing how LinkedIn helped them gain employment. For example, years ago before I began purchasing things off of Amazon I first heard my acquaintances casually speak about the amazing selection Amazon offered. I don’t hear anyone speak of LinkedIn casually. I only hear corporate sound bites, and that’s why I’m somewhat suspicious of the company’s benefits.
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  • @ddosprotection I got none through LinkedIn.
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  • Hi ah_livia as a Recruiter in Australia who utilises Linkedin on a daily basis I can tell you that a good Linkedin account is an essential part of the job seeking process. I know 100's of people who have been placed in a new role who were first identified via their Linkedin account. In fact often roles are not advertised on job boards as consultants do a preliminary search of their network first.

    I would highly recommend developing a good profile on LInkedin that is informative and well connected to help you get noticed.
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  • I got lots of fake job offers, what about you?
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  • It seems like LinkedIn is great in theory but not application.

    Every time I view a LinkedIn presentation or read an article they are all very informative but I've yet to see them inaction outside of the theoretical sphere. I've YET to hear about ONE person who was actually hired courtesy of their LinkedIn account. And if they were hired it seems like the employers preexisting bias’s played a role in the hiring process.
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Inside the World of Passive Talent

  1. Recruiting SolutionsInside the world of passive talent Recruiting Solutions 1
  2. Passive talent rules the professional world Recruiting Solutions LinkedIn research, 2011 2
  3. What passive talent wants… 120% more likely to want to make an impact 56% more likely to wanta corporate culture that fits their personality 33% more likely to want challenging work Recruiting Solutions 3
  4. …and is less concerned about 21% less likely to need recognition for their contributions 17% less likely to need skill development opportunities Recruiting Solutions LinkedIn research, 2011 4
  5. We consulted some of our most successful customers Recruiting Solutions 5
  6. And developed these ten winning ways with passivecandidates Be a real advisor to 1. Get on the same page quickly your hiring managers 2. Be the strategic partner they want 3. Build/leverage your own hiring team Source for success 4. Find the stars beneath the radar Make a great first 5. Immerse yourself in the candidate’s world impression 6. Build relationships; avoid being transactional Build meaningful 7. Listen and adapt connections 8. Develop your personal brand – online and offline Think long-term with 9. Keep the door open your relationships 10. Mind your manners Recruiting Solutions 6
  7. Be a real advisor to your hiring managers Get on the same Be the strategic 1 page quickly 2 partner they want • Meet face-to-face • Keep in touch even when • Understand skills & there’s no role open, to personality requirements uncover business needs. • Share LinkedIn profiles to Understand your set the baseline organization. • Know what’s essential vs. • Track hire success and nice-to-have share insight on best sources • Develop a winning employee value proposition Recruiting Solutions 7
  8. Source for success Build/leverage your Find the stars 3 own hiring team 4 beneath the radar • Connect with colleagues • Go beyond initial search on LinkedIn to solicit results; give skeleton referrals and cherry-pick profiles a chance from their networks • Find ‘un-findable’ people • Make great hiring the through referrals from responsibility of EVERY their colleagues on team member LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 8
  9. Make a great first impression Immerse yourself in Build relationships; avoid 5 the candidate’s world 6 being transactional • Get industry smart – • Send fewer, more check out LinkedIn Today targeted InMails • Research your prospect’s • ‘Dangle a carrot’ – don’t current role blast job descriptions • Leverage mutual • Ask to connect and connections continue the dialogue Recruiting Solutions 9
  10. Build meaningful connections Develop your personal 7 Listen and adapt 8 brand – online & offline • Invite candidates to talk • Balance social platform about themselves activity with live • Uncover needs and conversation – on the motivations; keep phone and in person detailed notes • Be transparent, open and • Explain why YOUR positive opportunity is relevant Recruiting Solutions 10
  11. Think long-term with your relationships 9 Keep the door open 10 Mind your manners • Be respectful of • Be patient! candidates who are too • Don’t hound them – stay junior, not ready or not top-of-mind through hired indirect channels like • They may become LinkedIn status updates tomorrow’s top- • Always respond performing hire – or a • Never waste a referral source candidate’s time Recruiting Solutions 11
  12. To learn more, visit our best practices center Explore our solutions at Follow us at @hireonlinkedin Share your own tips using #passivetalentRecruiting Solutions 12