Engaging in a Common Mission | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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When you’re a smaller organization, how can you use your mission and your brand to improve quantity of candidates and inform hiring decisions? In this presentation from Talent Connect Vegas 2013, talent acquisition leaders from Sungevity and WD40 share practical tips for developing an effective talent brand approach based on a common corporate mission.

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  • Engaging in a Common Mission | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

    1. 1. Engaging in a Common Mission Susan Hollingshead Chief People and Corporate Services Officer
    2. 2. Objective By the end of this discussion, you will be able to:  Understand the process by which Sungevity developed its mission  Understand basic Sungevity brand and how we drive the brand through our mission  Recognize core elements of our talent acquisition strategy  Know the impact of this strategy – facts and figures #intalent
    3. 3. Why Vision, Mission and Values Are Important  They provide a clear picture of our future  They guide us in everything we do — our thoughts, our decisions, our actions, our strategies  They help us know and explain how we’re going to reach our goals  They remind us of our shared beliefs and core values  They serve as the foundation for our employment brand #intalent
    4. 4. Our Vision SFUN! Solar for Universal Need solar + fun #intalent
    5. 5. #intalent
    6. 6. Our Mission Build the world’s most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine #intalent
    7. 7. Slide here with word bubbles  Mission #intalent
    8. 8. #intalent
    9. 9. Slide of SFUN wall art #intalent
    10. 10. #intalent
    11. 11. Our Sfunsters #intalent
    12. 12. How We Shine — As SFUNsters We self-manage for the long-haul by…  being learners, no matter how experienced we are  running toward feedback  being problem-solvers and innovators, not just issuespotters • being ―no drama‖ grownups who maintain perspective and don’t spread gossip • We self-manage for the long-haul #intalent
    13. 13. Energy Fact #1 20% of US electricity comes from nuclear sources #intalent
    14. 14. Energy Fact #2 70% of US electricity from burning stuff #intalent
    15. 15. Is it 1913 or 2013? #intalent
    16. 16. #intalent
    17. 17. #intalent
    18. 18. Our Team #intalent
    19. 19. 2010 – 50 Sfunsters 2014 – 450 #intalent
    20. 20. How We Shine — As a Team As a team, we strive to achieve greatness.  We’re underdogs in the epic battle over energy that will define our era, and so we hire extraordinary people  We are relentlessly efficient. Lowering costs makes solar attainable for more and more people #intalent
    21. 21. Our Customers #intalent
    22. 22. NPS = 80 #intalent
    23. 23. How We Do What We Do #intalent
    24. 24. 1) Mission is the Brand 1) Brand drives a. recruitment strategy b. Job profiles c. Selection Criteria #intalent
    25. 25. Careers Do you like sunshine? Does the color orange make you happy? Do you want to create a brighter future and make the world a better place? If you answered yes to any of the above, we’d love to meet you. When you work for Sungevity, you play an instrumental part in bringing affordable solar power to the people! Come join us and you could be part of this clean energy crusade. #intalent
    26. 26. The Company Sungevity is bringing affordable solar power to the people – and you could be part of this clean energy crusade. Our industry is growing rapidly, benefiting from falling costs and rising awareness. And thanks to the hard work of our team and our focus on delighting customers, we have become a leading provider of home solar energy nationwide. Culture Our mission is to build the world’s most energized network of customers, who power their lives with sunshine. We all share this passion for solar as a critical component in addressing the major global issues of our time. We take enormous pride in our unique offering in the solar industry and our customer satisfaction scores so far. Our values are to put the customer first with practical, simple, creative solar solutions that can take solar mainstream. Our signature as a team is that we strive to be collaborative, unpretentious, and driven to achieve our mission. #intalent
    27. 27. Recruitment Video #intalent
    28. 28. Key Questions to All Applicants: What do you know about Sungevity? What did you see as you walked through the office? #intalent
    29. 29. Results 2010  60  50%  20%  0%  20%  10% ―Sfunsters‖ Contract or Retained Recruiters Sungevity Career Page LinkedIn Other Job Boards Employee Referrals #intalent
    30. 30. Results 2013  370  3%  30%  25%  8%  30%  <6% ―Sfunsters‖ Contract or Retained Recruiters Sungevity Career Page LinkedIn Other Job Boards Employee Referrals Turnover #intalent
    31. 31. #intalent
    32. 32. Culture & Brand Alignment Rachelle Snook Global Talent Acquisition Manager
    33. 33. 60 years old $365M annual revenue NASDAQ (WDFC) Average tenure 8.3 years 372 employees #intalent
    34. 34. EMEA Americas Asia-Pac Sold into 187 countries #intalent
    35. 35. #intalent
    36. 36. #intalent
    37. 37. Mission Company Our purpose is to deliver unique, high value, and easyto-use solutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs of Doers, Trades, and Industrial users by leveraging and building the brand fortress of the WD-40 Company. Talent Acquisition Provide leaders with global talent acquisition services required to achieve our mission, gain a competitive advantage, and achieve our EBITDA goals. #intalent
    38. 38. Vision Create positive lasting memories by solving problems in the homes and factories of the world. Problem Solved. Job Done Right! #intalent
    39. 39. Values  We value doing the right thing  We value creating positive lasting memories in all of our relationships  We value making it better than it is today  We value succeeding as a tribe while excelling as individuals  We value owning it and passionately acting on it  We value sustaining the WD-40 Company economy #intalent
    40. 40. #intalent
    41. 41. #intalent
    42. 42. Global Employment Brand  Stability  Sense of Belonging  Sense of Purpose  Culture  Meaningful Work - Tribe  Work-Life Balance - Learning  Brand Attraction - Innovative #intalent
    43. 43. Global Candidate Profile  Values alignment  Accountability  “Can-Do” and “Will-Do”  Passion  Curious  Aptitude #intalent
    44. 44. Candidate Evaluation Funnel Applicants Test Interview Application Evaluate Phone /Video screen Review Evaluate Interview! Debrief Evaluate Interview Offer Hire! Background check Hire! #intalent
    45. 45. #intalent
    46. 46. Gaining Alignment  Mission, Vision & Values  Identify common threads  Seek input early and often  Take a global approach  Build in flexibility #intalent
    47. 47. Take-Aways  Survey the landscape  Differentiate your employment brand  Be real, be transparent, there is not faking it  Be consistent  Hire for alignment #intalent