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In a social world driven by LinkedIn and other channels, applying for a job is not the first and only way to connect with a prospective employer. EMC Corporation and TMP Worldwide have used data to create a new candidate experience.

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  • Insert infographics to describe what it is and the impact on business and personal lifeBig Data – organic, large swirling data coming from all angles – confirm with Joe 3 V’s of Big Data Volume: ton of informationVelocity; in real-timeVariety; traditionally only good at using data that was structured (Excel spreadsheet); social media is unstructured big data is about making sense of the unstructuredWhy does it matterEMC is managing these 3 V’s and has to agressively seek the right talent in order to sustain one of their core businessesWe’re going to share with you the story of how EMC needed to evolve their TA strategy in order to meet business demands
  • Nike Fuel BandDisney Coming SoonInsert others from EMC brand campaign
  • Mind-boggling facts about LinkedIn
  • Talent Management is not just about the number of apps to qual apps to hires. The candidate experience is influenced by social media conversations. You have to understand analytics from multiple social platforms and it’s difficult to determine what it all means and how it translates into a qualified hire.
  • Who We Are TargetingMeet Bob - Picture of a person that illustrates EMC’s Targeted CandidateDemographic/psychographic points highlightedAdventure junkieEnvironmentalist (projects worked on in LI, endorsements, etc,)Specialized skills that are hard to findPopulation of people in the world Key points:Top talent is not seeking a jobYou need to initiate the narrative with them in order to even get them to stop what they are doing to glance your way.If your story is compelling enough then maybe they will listen to what you have to say.Even the most active job seeker is only seeking a job online 5% of the timeIn order to get in front of them you need to understand what they are doing the other 95% of the timePredictive behaviorial modeling allows you to do that (i.e. Quantcast)LI doing great work in this space because of their ability to endorse, follow, content your sharing, your profileData scientists probably don’t consume information about data
  • Data Scientist Landscape should be described – bottom line highly competitive and not going to get better Skills ShortageWhy it is a Glimpse into Talent Acquisition’s FutureNeed to establish EMC’s situation as a glimpse into the future talent shortage that will be experienced across industries; not just high-tech as big data seeps into non-high-tech sectors(i.e. Nike as referenced earlier)According to McKinsey Global Institute, the US could be facing a shortage of 190,000 people with analytical skills by 2018.  - See more at: a separate study of 500 data scientists and BI professionals, EMC discovered that 65% of the respondents expect demand for data scientists to outstrip availability over the next five years. Moreover, 83% of respondents believe that new tools and emerging technologies will exacerbate the demand for data scientists. - See more at:
  • We use the visuals from the original EMC Me concept presentation to get across how we wanted to push the boundaries to intrigue this audience who are not seeking employment and pretty much know they can go anywhere to work
  • Explicit form of using EMC MeOpt-in with LI profileShow it implicitly learning – Big Data context to enable the personalizedJoe to talk over the recording with key highlights
  • We know Bob is the adventure bound type, this is where we will micro-target Bob to promote an exclusive opportunity to win a chance to join an expedition to the Arctic with EMC.
  • Distribution PlanSocial platformsResponsive Career siteMobile app – exclusive access for top candidates and soon to be future employeesWe know about Bob from our experience during recruitment cycle
  • We promote the opportunity to gain greater access through an exclusive connection to EMC by inviting participationWe generate content and conversations through social media specifically geared toward BobWe connect Bob with a candidate and/or brand ambassador who have common affiinities
  • TMP’s futuristic vision of how the candidate experience will look in 2015. This will include:Animated graphics/video presentation with audioEMC Me extended beyond candidate to employeeTrendsAttraction: Jobs find candidates (LI);Consideration: Candidates interview employersConversion: Employers micro-target talent communities with content marketing strategiesQualification: Application is not presented until candidate has been vetted and deemed engaged; remove the application as the first step to initiate contactOn-boarding: Exclusive access to content, internal resources, ambassadors before you start
  • Digital Candidate Experience 3.XO | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

    1. 1. Digital Candidate Experience 3.XO Joe Howell Director, Global Employer Brand and Engagement, EMC Tammy Garmey SVP Client Engagement & Strategy, TMP Worldwide
    2. 2. Welcome / Overview ! What is Big Data and why should you care ! In our world ! In our lives ! In our industry ! EMC – Our candidate experience transformation ! Meet Bob, Data Scientist Extraordinaire (aka EXTREME hard-to-fill) ! Bob’s “EMC Me” experience ! Engagement experience ! What’s next in 2015 ! How the candidate experience could evolve over the next two years ! How you can start NOW to prepare for it
    3. 3. Big Data In Our Lives
    4. 4. Welcome to Digital Candidate Experience 3.X0 EMC’s initial journey
    5. 5. Meet Bob Data Scientist Extraordinaire
    6. 6. Characteristics Quantitative Technical Critical Thinker Communicative Collaborative Curious Creative
    7. 7. How do we get Bob to stop,look and listen?
    8. 8. Create a “game-changing” Candidate Experience • Build a “DATA VISUALIZATION PLAYGROUND” that leverages EMC’s own technologies and data analytics and allows candidates to fully self-assess EMC, its culture and their potential fit as an employee. • Build the ultimate fit–finder – “a social portal” that lives in the clouds of information and delivers visually exciting content and social activity accessed from anywhere and customized to each candidate/user.
    9. 9. Most companies “talk at” and “tell” prospective candidates about their company. EMC Me customizes the EMC story around Bob.
    10. 10. Relevant Content Curation Campus Programs EMC Technical Blogs Centers of Excellence Great Place to Work Blog Diversity Circles Press Releases Sustainability Channel EMC Academic Alliance EMC ME
    11. 11. Facebook YouTube Twitter Search Social environments EMC Career Site Rich Media Mobile search Existing Social @ EMC EMC Jobs QR Augmented Reality Events Mobile environments Campus Transit Airport Siri - Voice recognition HR metrics tool Internal EMC Academic Alliance Programs EMC Programs Innovation Conferences
    12. 12. Keeping Bob engaged How we’ll maintain a connection
    13. 13. Sponsored by
    15. 15. Program Elements Big Data and Our Changing Climate EMC DataLab w/ Tableau Visualizations & Sysomos API Paid Media Social Academic Alliance Social Media Activation Kits EMC is the Platinum Sponsor of Willis Resilience Expedition 2013. Watch Parker Liautaud as he attempts to break the current world record and trek to the South Pole in the shortest amount of time, all while conducting scientific fieldwork to better understand the effects of climate change on Antarctica. Charity Collaboration Competition & Gamification Want to get involved? • • • • • Play the Game Watch the Video See the EMC DataLab Read the Reflections Blog EMC & Big Data – Learn More Internal Communication Engagement Employee Engagement Executive Speakers
    16. 16.
    17. 17. What about 2015?
    18. 18. Candidate Experience Context Attract • Media • Sourcing • Peers 2013 Engage • Microtarget • Personal connection Convert • Exclusive experience 2015
    19. 19. 2013: Source of Hire Report Job Seeker Path to Conversion! APPLY START 0%! CREDIT! 0%! CREDIT! 0%! CREDIT! 100%! CREDIT! 33
    20. 20. 2015: Influence Analytics Job Seeker Path to Conversion! APPLY START Your Site! 34
    21. 21. Landscape today. People spend more than 50% of their time online with content and an additional 30% of their time on social channels where content can be shared. (AOL & Nielsen 2012) 35
    22. 22. Content Marketing $118.4 billion will be spent on content marketing, video, and social media in 2013. (eMarketer, 2013) 36
    23. 23. It works. Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. (Demand Metric, 2013) 37
    24. 24. Bottom line... Content is king... context rules. 38
    25. 25. Bob in 2015: EMC Brand Evangelist 39
    26. 26. 2015: Micro-targeted Content Strategies Content Tech Content People Content Culture Content About EMC Connect Content Culture Content Tech Connect 40
    27. 27. 2015: Content Strategy & Influence on Call to Action 100% 90% 80% 70% Technology Location 60% People Growth 50% Culture Culture 40% Social Reputation 30% About EMC Advice 20% 10% 0% Click Talent Community Application Hire 41
    28. 28. 2015: Employee Experience Welcom e back, Bob
    29. 29. 2015: Employee Experience
    30. 30. How do you prepare now for 2015? Who? Start with a deeper understanding of who you are trying to target. Persona Development What? Decide what messages and the story that will resonate with them. • Message Segmentation How? Identify the content you’ll need to build the story and the people that need to tell it. • Content Strategy • Editorial Plan • Employee Generated Content When & Where? Determine when and where it is relevant to tell the story. 45
    31. 31. Final thoughts... Personalization begins with understanding your target. • Characteristics beyond the hard skills can create a better connection. Content is king. Context rules. • Personalization/relevance is your mission to create an optimal Candidate Experience per your targeted personas. It’s not a’s an evolution. • You must evolve and continue to evolve because the way we communicate and where will continue to change.
    32. 32. THANK YOU!