Transforming Cold Calls into Warm Introductions


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In this presentation you will learn how to transform cold calls into warm introductions.

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  • You can try for free. It's a connected network of every company in the world including their customers, partners, suppliers and people involved in those deals (decision makers, execs etc) their contact info and their profile info..
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  • IBM: 75% of IBM’s B2B buyers will be using social media to inform their purchase decision in the near future. 1/3 of their buyers are already using social media (source: IBM Buyer’s Preference Study, 2011)CEB: 57% of decision is made by customer before (CEB, 2011)210M – on National US Do Not Call list (source: FTC, 2011)
  • How does Social Selling impact my day to day? How does it solve for the business challenges? “Identify” – Discover the right accounts , the right decision makers. Pain points = High Staff Turnover, Org Changes. Prioritizing time and effort Solution: Lead Builder prioritizes your leads and accounts based on a number of premium search filters including social proximity. “Develop” –Acting on quality leads, gaining insights into new leads, territories and accounts and continually contributing insights for the customer. Pain Points = stale datasolution: Gain Insights into new leads and accounts with intelligence from self-authored profiles, Groups, Who’s Viewed My Profile, Company Data“Engage” –how to now engage with likelihood that you’ll receive a response Pain Points: getting responses from decision makers Solution: InMails, LinkedIn’s trusted messaging system, offers you the opportunity to deliver a personalized (and relevant) message to a prospect not in your immediate network, via a warm introduction (73% increased likelihood of a response when referencing a common connection in an InMail)“Close and Grow”: Close and grow account as trusted not transactional advisor Pain Points: long sales cycle, earning trust, competitive displacement Solution: Be recognized as a trusted advisor by continually sharing insights.
  • Transforming Cold Calls into Warm Introductions

    1. 1. Sales Solutions“Transforming Cold Calls into Warm Introductions.”LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. People buy from People, who understand their business, understand them, and they trust to solve their problems. LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 2
    3. 3. Buyers are tech-savvy, andsocially empowered. LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 3
    4. 4. Buyers have changed the game. B2B Buyers research 75% online B2B buying process 60+% happens before sales gets involved1Source1: IBM Buyer’s Preference Study, 2011 LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 4Source2: Corporate Executive Board, 2011
    5. 5. Buying process hasfundamentally changedEmergence of the Social B2B BuyerCustomers seek partnershipsCustomers are more informed & less responsive
    6. 6. Relationships have become more sophisticated
    7. 7. Along comes Social Selling! A way of life… – Mindset: a philosophy & strategy of individuals and firms – Infrastructure: technology, business rules, and processes …centered around people… – Engage the customer in a collaborative conversation – Create a trusted & transparent business environment. …creating a win-win! – Provide mutually beneficial value to buyers and sellers – Respond to the customers control of the conversation LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 7
    8. 8. The Evolution to Social Selling Then Now Find Buy Lists Leverage Professional Networks Limited to Private Rolodexes Expand to Company Social Network Spray & Pray to Find Decision-makers Target Decision-makersRelate Speed through Contacts Records Focus on Real People Limited to CRM Record Gather Intelligence from Internet Pile On More Data Discover More InsightEngage Pound through Cold Calling Leverage Warm Introductions Push the Sales Pitch Have a Meaningful Conversations Drive Cookie-cutter Sales Process Collaborate in Buying Process LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
    9. 9. Social Selling can transform your business Marketing Sales Service Find & Qualify Engage & Convert Renew & Upsell Leads Opportunities Customers• Find and target • Research & prospect • Identify stakeholders• Create targeted lists • Engage to close • Build relationships• Enrich & qualify leads • Optimize process/performance • Close renewals & upsells Find Relate Engage •Leads •Oppotunities •Renewals •Conversions •Wins •Upsells LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 9
    10. 10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can transform your business Find Relate Engage • Lead Builder • Profile Organizer • InMails • Search Filters • Sales Alerts • Introductions • Team Link • Who Viewed Me • 3rd Degree Connections • CRM Integration • Mobile LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 10
    11. 11. Proven Success “I can point to over a dozen deals that were either created or positively100% influenced by our use of LinkedIn’s 87% 81% 70% Sales Navigator”. 80% 60% “Understanding the background of our target buyers and leveraging our 40% collective network with LinkedIn helps us build relationships and 20% access executives in a whole different way.” 0% Information is Helped me Helped me only available identify achieve my on Sales decision sales goals "More than 80 percent of our reps found Navigator makers important LinkedIn information that they would not have known otherwise.”Source: CSO Insights, “Sales Navigator Research Results, 2011” LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
    12. 12. Sales SolutionsSocial Selling Self-EvaluationLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
    13. 13. Self Evaluation: How strong is your Social Selling foundation?Low High“Laggards” “Tip-Toers” “Leaders” Find Low High Buy Lists Leverage Professional Networks Limited to Private Rolodexes Expand to Company Social Network Spray & Pray to Find Decision-makers Target Decision-makers Relate Low High Speed through Contacts Records Focus on Real People Limited to CRM Record Gather Intelligence with Internet Profile Pile On More Data Discover More Insight Engage Low High Pound through Cold Calling Leverage Warm Introductions Push the Sales Pitch Have a Meaningful Conversations Drive Cookie-cutter Sales Process Collaborate in Buying Process LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 13
    14. 14. Sales Solutions“Transforming Cold Calls into Warm Introductions.”LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS