The SAVO Group Case Study


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In this case study, The SAVO Group shares with you how they achieve productive pipeline growth utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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The SAVO Group Case Study

  1. 1. Sales NavigatorThe SAVO GroupCase Study Productive pipeline growth with LinkedIn Sales Navigator“ LinkedIn Sales Navigator has enabled our sales organization to conduct prospecting Challenge faster and more precisely. It allows us to • Aggressively grow new customer business execute more effectively throughout our sales • Find accurate information about prospects and target organizations process. The net result is a higher quality • Craft sales campaigns using deeper intelligence pipeline, which helps us capture a greater • Shorten sales cycles share of our marketplace.” Eric Marcy, Director, Sales Development and Solution Performance, The SAVO Group • TeamLink • Advanced Search Better data and insights on key sales prospects Why LinkedIn? The SAVO Group, based in Chicago, has been on an active • Smarter,deeper social selling growth path as its 30-person sales team works to bring its • Currentdata and deeper insights on prospects sales enablement solutions to a wider range of customers. • Advanced Search helps identify prospects more quickly “Our strategy was to take the organization to the next level, • TeamLink expands power of sales team connections so we placed emphasis on new customer growth,” explains Eric Marcy, Director, Sales Development and Performance for The SAVO Group. “However, the challenge was finding the Results right people to approach at our target companies – • $1 million in net new revenue over 18 months information that is not easy to come by.” • Increased level of engagement with VPs – from 20% to 50% To research key decision makers at their target prospects – • More qualified leads in the pipeline for instance, identifying titles and organizational structure – Marcy and the sales team used online data mining tools. • Faster sales cycles “They have their benefits, but they are often inaccurate,” • Rapid adoption by sales team, quickly became a Marcy says. “They’re usually out of date – many sales and daily-use solution marketing leaders hold their jobs for an average of 18 months, so the information we’re gathering can’t keep current with their job changes.”
  2. 2. Marcy and his team also realized that the data mining tools The ability to gather information about prospects now playslacked rich background about prospects – information that a key role in the sales team’s social selling approach. “We’vecould help open doors to conversations, or allow salespeople crafted emails at the beginning of the college football season,to identify some commonality with their targets. “We needed referencing the schools that people have attended, as a wayto find these peoples’ interests, both professional and to get their attention,” Marcy says.personal,” explains Marcy. “Gaining deep knowledge onprospects, and crafting your pitch around this knowledge, is While garnering attention with insights like education ishow you bring these targets into the sales pipeline.” important, building relationships is also critical for the SAVO Group. LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s TeamLink feature, which shows connections to key profiles, has helped the SAVORapid adoption of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Group strengthen relationships with prospects.Nearly everyone on The SAVO Group sales team was already TeamLink, LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s feature that showsusing LinkedIn to gather information about prospects. people when someone in the sales organization has connections to key profiles, has also been an advantage toWhen LinkedIn Sales Navigator was launched, Marcy and his SAVO Group’s campaign to strengthen relationships withcolleagues took a good look at the tools it offered for social prospects. “Every day, we can reach out to other teamselling. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales professionals members to find new connections,” Marcy explains. “Thisfind, qualify and engage new opportunities by leveraging the lowers the cost of entry to converting prospects to customers.power of the worlds largest professional network. Marcy and And everyone on our team appreciates the ability to sharehis colleagues decided to upgrade to a sales department- their connections – they feel good about contributing towide LinkedIn Sales Navigator membership. overall sales goals.”“The rollout experience was very smooth, and the integration Because LinkedIn Sales Navigator has helped The SAVOwith our Salesforce implementation was easy,” Marcy says. Group speed up the sales process, it’s having a positive“LinkedIn conducted training for our team at the time of the impact on revenue. “We can quickly create morerollout to help with adoption and engagement.” productive conversations, find key stakeholders faster, and qualify them more quickly,” Marcy says. “In the past 18Adoption of LinkedIn Sales Navigator was rapid. “We knew months alone, we’ve generated $1 million in new revenue –people would quickly leverage these tools,” Marcy says. and LinkedIn Sales Navigator has been instrumental in“Once our reps became familiar with it, they began to leave it driving that increase.”open all day on their desktops.” “LinkedIn Sales Navigator has enabled our sales organization to conduct prospecting faster and more precisely,” MarcyStronger social selling adds. “It allows us to execute more effectively throughoutLinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search capabilities, which our sales process. The net result is a higher quality pipeline,allow for detailed searches by geography and job title, are the which helps us capture a greater share of our marketplace.”most useful tools for The SAVO Group sales team, says Marcy.“We can study the organization and map it, and increase thenumber of prospects we approach, including people across To learn more please visit orproduct marketing, sales and operations,” Marcy explains.“We can also take the opportunity to study new contactsbefore we make initial calls and set up meetings. This kind ofpreparation boosts our chances of success. It’s the best tool inour sales organization for prospecting.” Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-123-G 1112