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The Future of Sales



Where will sales be in 10 years. Some of the biggest names in B2B sales thought leadership share their predictions. - ...

Where will sales be in 10 years. Some of the biggest names in B2B sales thought leadership share their predictions. -

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  • The Future of Sales = Sales professionals stop SELLING and start SERVING their buyers; stop SELLING and start HELPING their buyers. We're already living in the Age of the Customer; no longer the Age of the Seller. #SellerBeware
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  • Excellent points made by Anthony, Keenan and the others - liked to hear Jill (Konrath) talk about “sales people will create value in every interaction.”

    Value is not just about delivering new insights. It comes in many forms. Financial value. Value exchanged for time. Relationship value. Value in ideas. Value in information.

    The statement about value prompted me to think about how creating value is crucial when selling to senior executives - more on http://agocluytens.com/selling-to-the-c-suite-5-questions-to-ask-yourself-before-the-meeting/
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  • he best sellers in 10 years will do an amazing job of not only staying connected with their customers and prospects
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  • Social Selling is in its infancy now, and I see that gaining momentum and really being a game changer.

    The best sellers in 10 years will do an amazing job of not only staying connected with their customers and prospects, but being completely in tune to their needs and ahead of the curve in anticipating what they need next.
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  • some of those comments apply to sales #now - not in ten years ...
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  • #In10years, we won't distinguish between traditional selling and social selling; it will all just be "sales.” @AnnekeSeley

The Future of Sales The Future of Sales Presentation Transcript

  • #in10years
  • 2We asked some of the industriesleading thought leaders in salesa simple question:#in10years
  • #in10years
  • 4#in10years
  • S. Anthony Iannarino,President & Chief Sales OfficerSOLUTIONS StaffingAnneke SeleyCEO and FounderReality WorksMark Hunter, The Sales Hunter#in10years
  • Jill KonrathCEO & Chief Sales OfficerJamie Shanks, MBAManaging PartnerSales for LifeMatt BertuzziB2B Marketing ConsultantThe Bridge Group#in10years
  • 7Jim KeenanSr. PartnerA Sales Guy ConsultingTrish BertuzziPresident & Chief StrategistThe Bridge Group, Inc.Gary HartPresidentSales Du Jour#in10years
  • 8"In the next ten years sales is going to look a lot more likeconsulting, with salespeople delivering even more value in theway of ideas, insight, and the situational knowledge that comeswith experience.” - S. Anthony Iannarino#in10years
  • 9The most sophisticated sales organizations will bethose that contribute the greatest thoughtleadership to their industry. - Jim Keenan#in10years
  • 10In 10 years, we wont distinguish between inside salesand field sales or traditional selling and social selling;it will all just be "sales.” Anneke Seley#in10years
  • 11Sales is going to look a lot more like outsourcing with salespeople and salesorganizations taking a greater share of the responsibility for deliveringstrategic business outcomes and being even more accountable for results inthat area. - S. Anthony Iannarino#in10years
  • 12In 10 years, an increasing number of customers will trust salespeople enough to post their key business needs and initiativeson social sites. - Anneke Seley#in10years
  • 13The challenge sales organizations are going to face isacquiring--or developing--the talent necessary to deliver thatlevel of value to their clients.” - S. Anthony Iannarino
  • 14“Sales people will create value in every interaction and they’realways learning.” - Jill Konrathhttp://images.wikia.com/bttf/images/e/e2/Back-to-the-future-the-game-004a_artur.jpg#in10years
  • 15“In 10 years, buyers will revert to almost exclusively buyingbased on referral + network recommendations. The entirebuying process in any industry will be open-source, yet yoursphere of influence will almost entirely dictate your buyingdecision”. Jamie Shanks, MBA#in10years
  • 16“The successful salesperson will have to be able to evaluate acustomer much faster than ever before if they expect to be ableto close a sale.” Mark Hunter "The Sales Hunter"#in10years
  • 17“The amount of time a salesperson spends with the customerwill be shortened making the overall selling process muchshorter.” Mark Hunter "The Sales Hunter”#in10years
  • 18The future sales professional will work from acommand center that manages the entire customerlife cycle. - Gary S. Hart#in10years
  • 10 years from now I would like to see sales look like a conversationbetween people who share a passion for building better businesses. Nomore dodging sales calls, no more pitching features and benefits, just agreat conversation between people who share a common goal “Let’s helpeach other be more successful”. - Trish Bertuzzi#in10years
  • 20Intra-company markets will flourish as the arc of technology &culture bend toward collaboration, wider decision making andmore inclusive reward systems. Matt Bertuzzi#in10years
  • 75% of todays successful sales people will fail and berelegated to the loser pile, replaced by new, more intelligent,more socially engaged, buyer centric, sales people. Thesesales people will be more like engaged sales engineers ratherthan relationship based sales reps. Jim Keenan#in10years
  • 22Sales will be 100% social and selling relationships will be builtthrough teaching not telling. "Telling" or promoting as a salesapproach will be dead. The product pitch will be a thing ofthe past. – Jim Keenan#in10years
  • 23In 10 years, the sales field will be dominated by business savvy,relationship-driven individuals who leverage ideas insights andinformation to help clients achieve their objectives.Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies#in10years
  • 24"In 10 years the sales process will be much shorter than it isnow due to the level of resources the customer has at theirdisposal.” Mark Hunter "The Sales Hunter”#in10years
  • 25In 10 years, Gen Y will make up the bulk ofSales Leaders. It is more likely that theyllchange business, than conform to it.– Matt Bertuzzi#in10years
  • 26#in10years
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