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  • 1. · IT Consulting · Centres of Excellence · Solutions Delivery · Staffing Services
  • 2. Our mission is to innovate and excel in the creation of products and services, adopting emerging Java technologies and solutions, that are adjusted to our customers’ needs and contribute to modernization and increase competitiveness. OUR MISSION ”Linkare has consistently proved its strong commitment to becoming one of the leading Portuguese IT solution and service providers in EU’s competitive procurement framework. All the major stakeholders in Brussels are currently acquainted with its capabilities and competences, from European Commission officers to a large group of the main players in this field, and that fact is a clear indication that they are on the right path to success. ”Gonçalo Mello Economic Counsellor at the Embassy of Portugal in Brussels & AICEP Portugal Global • Trade & Investment Agency’s Brussels Managing Director
  • 3. Paulo Zenida Partner, Chief Operating Officer Senior Java consultant and architect, responsible for solutions delivery José Pedro Pereira Partner, Chief Technology Officer Senior Java consultant and architect, responsible for IT strategy and consulting services Paulo Ribeiro Partner, Chief Executive Officer Responsible for Customer Care and Business Development Francisco Sanches Partner, Chief Financial Officer Responsible for Finance and Administration, Legal Affairs and Labour Relations who we are Founded in 2004, we are an IT company specialising in the provision of Java services and solutions for both the private and the public sector. “Java Excellence”is our motto and drives us towards the development of a professional and trustworthy relationship with our customers. Since 2010 we have extended our activities worldwide from our home country, Portugal, to other European and also African countries. 01 In 2012 number of countries with active projects % capital owned by Linkare employees Years of Proven Experience and Expertise % of sales coming from international projects
  • 4. OUR FOUNDATIONS STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS Our proven expertise, excellence and innovation are guaranteed by a skilled and specialized team, embracing 4 critical success factors: Talented Skilled Professionals Rigorous recruitment process with focus on high technical skills, proper academic background and professional approach. eCademy Mentoring and training, as well as individual/ collective knowledge sharing and professional certifications by internationally recognised partners and software vendors. Facing Innovation Together Adopting emerging solutions and technologies, in partnership with our customers and universities and applying them creatively to the solutions development and services. Java Excellence Specialized services in Java technologies, geared to customers’ needs. ”OurcollaborationwithLinkarewasflawless.Thelevelof consultancy provided exceeded our expectations, which resultedinaveryfruitfulcollaborationandahappycustomer. Linkare is a reliable partner and is very committed. ”Koert Van Espen, Managing Partner, Apogado
  • 5. facing innovation together OUR TEAM Our team is composed of talented software architects, consultants, developers/analysts, testers and system administrators who are results-oriented, responsible, capable of integrating both internal and external teams (partners/clients) and always willing to share knowledge and experiences with other team members. 6.7Average Years of Experience profile academic degrees Java Certifications analyst programmers 28% 24% consultants AND architects 14% programmers 5% SYSTEMS AND DB ADMINISTRATORS 29% senior analyst programmers 57% 38% no degree 5% masters degree bachelor degree (3-5 years) Architect 31% 31% 31% 7% Business Apps Developer Programmer Web Developer
  • 6. Education Public administration international organisations private sector 20 04 Foundation 20 05 e-lab & e-escola.pt Technical University of Lisbon 20 07 e-U ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon 20 08 Portuguese Social Security, Institute of Informatics European Commission (Apogado) 20 10 20 11 Nokia Siemens Network (Randstad Technologies) 20 09 Lisbon Regional Health Authority 20 06 e-U Polytechnic Institutes of Tomar & Coimbra Business Sectors: WHERE WE ARE 02 International Organizations Proven experience providing IT services to international organizations, from consulting to staffing: Directorates-General of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Agencies and others. Public sector Broad experience with project development and service provision to public administration - namely social security, justice, health, education, agriculture and municipalities. Education and health Education is where we took our first steps through the development of e-learning, on-line academic service platforms and web portals. In the health sector we have experience with on-demand projects at regional and national level. Private sector Translating our Java expertise into our customers’ results, in several private spheres: telecoms & media, financial services, utilities, manufacturing, retail and others. ”We are very pleased with the professionalism, performance and Java skills of Linkare’s consultants working for CGI’s projects at European Organizations. ”Ben Vicca, Vice President Business Development & Sales, CGI Belgium ”Linkare is a partner that matches our requirements mainly by sharing identical values in terms of business action. This partnership has helped us provide common successful answers. ”Pedro Mota, Director, Randstad Technologies ”We were highly impressed by the technical knowledge of the staff and the reactivity of the management. ” Stefan Geier, Co-Directeur, Infeurope
  • 7. international expansion 20 12 Unitel, Angola (Logica Portugal) European Parliament (Logica Luxemburgo) European Patent Office (Infeurope) 20 13 National Communications Institute of Mozambique (MzBusiness) portugal belgium Luxembourg NETHERLANDs NORWAY SWEDEN DENMARK facing innovation together angola mozambique
  • 8. WHAT WE DO 03 Centres of Excellence These services are provided by deeply knowledgeable, highly qualified, well trained and prolific consultants equipped with valuable reference assets (code snippets and examples, case-studies, technical recipes, proofs-of-concept, frameworks, reference architectures, best practices). .: Security, Cryptography, Digital Signature and Encryption Security specs (JAAS, JASPIC, JACC, SAML, XACML, OAuth, OpenID, PKCS*), libraries (ZAS, Apache Shiro, Deltaspike - CODI, PicketLink & PicketBox) and products (CAS, EJBCA, OpenSSO, IDM), cryptography standards implementations (JRE, BouncyCastle, JCE and JSSE, OpenSSL), identity smart cards signature, authentication and encryption, from and within Java technology as well as integration with other languages/platforms. .: Java Enterprise To the boundaries of Java Enterprise standards and specs, proprietary or open source alike. Servlet, JSF and EJB in multi-modular web or enterprise, CDI extensions, RMI/IIOP/WS/ReST interceptors and handlers, JTA transactions control and coordination, JRE performance tuning for Enterprise solutions, to JMX monitoring and control, OSGI modules and JPA/JDBC/NoSQL/BigData technologies. Deep understanding of specs and concrete implementations gruesome details. .: Application Lifecycle Management Continuousintegrationanddelivery,build&test automation,releasesprovisioning&dependency management,knowledgemanagement,tasks& configurationmanagementwithcross-traceability,code review,inspectionandconformity:fromprocessdefinition tolegacyupgradeandmigrationtosolutionrollout. IT CONSULTING AND CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Our highly resourceful and technically advanced consultants,working alongside our customers, are able to drive a strong momentum on any project or team. Consultants with extensive experience and knowledge of Java technology, together with experts from our Centres of Excellence, can provide you with high-value services over the 4Ds life-cycle (Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery). These services can be provided both on a fixed-price or Time & Materials basis, on-site or off-site (nearshore or offshore depending on your location). DESIGNDELIVERY DEVELOPMENT DISCOVERY IT Consulting Services .: Advising Applications and systems architecture, user experience (UX) and layout design, Proofs-of-concept, assessments and Open Source Software. .: Training on demand Design and delivery of Java training courses and mentoring programmes, adapted to customers’ needs. .: Software Quality Assurance, Audit & Testing Over requirements, architectures, methodologies and processes. Code review and best practices compliance. Functional, stress, load and integration testing. Performance, availability, scalability, fault-tolerance and resilience analysis.
  • 9. SOLUTIONS DELIVERY Our team’s expertise and experience, timely communication, access to continuous integration tools, code quality assurance and world competitive prices make us stand out in the marketplace and mean we are the best choice for your EuroShore or OffShore (depending on your location) Java Software Factory. Custom software development Web Applications Portals Intranet and Extranet Mobile and desktop applications ”Linkare demonstrates a deep knowledge in emerging market solutions and technological trends concerning ICT, with a permanent awareness of the application of best practices, as well as the research and selection of the most adequate methodologies and tools that bring more efficiency and productivity to the development process. ”Paulo Antunes, Development Unit Manager, Architecture and Development Department, Institute of Informatics, Portuguese Social Security Systems integration Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, Enterprise Application Integration. Maintenance and support Based on ITSM/ITIL best practices: - Java applications maintenance (corrective, bug fixing, evolutive, platform upgrades and configuration) - Infrastructure maintenance (setup, configuration and monitoring) - 2nd Level Support for customers’ IT staff Open Source Software Alongside with our experience in proprietary software we have a large expertise with the Java Open Source Software, namely, the development, integration and migration. facing innovation together
  • 10. Staffing Services We have proven experience in the provision of high-skilled Java professionals, with a focus on proper academic background, personal approach and commitment to your projects, tasks and goals. All our professionals are on our payroll, having succeeded in a rigorous recruitment process. This process is continuously improved to achieve quality and time-to-market best practices. In tandem with this, we continue to invest in training, mentoring and in our knowledge-sharing network, to the benefit of all our professionals and customers. Java profiles Consultant, technology expert, software & system architect, analyst-programmer, test designer, tester, quality assurance engineer, systems and database administrators, etc. High adequacy Our focus on Java technology, our ability to understand your requirements, the rigorous recruitment process and the continuous investment in our people, all improve the integration process and the adequacy to the “job”, avoiding future needs for replacements. over 95% total adequacy IT Consulting & Centres of Excellence + =Solutions Delivery Staffing Services+ + Technology Landscape Combining solutions and technology expertise to speed up systems development, cut IT budgets and improve ROI. SOA and BPM Content & Document Management ETL and BI Web services Portals Web development Mobile & Desktop Apps Persistence and DB Cloud computing (PaaS) App & Web Servers Testing & Monitoring Software Lifecycle Management JAVA EXCELLENCE
  • 11. PRODUCTS Developed in a partnership with the Technical University of Lisbon, the e-lab allows the creation of remote laboratories, either at the client’s or at Linkare’s facilities (as a service). It is compatible with any operating system and able to integrate with any hardware used to robotize and monitor the lab’s experiments. e-lab Accessing a real experiment via the Internet or a local network, the user can remotely control the parameters for that experiment and receive its data in real time. The user can share data with others, talk in a chat room and watch the experiment being performed via live video feed. The control and remote access to the experiments allows to safely perform experiments that may involve dangerous materials. e-lab allows the creation and sharing of scientific and pedagogical multimedia contents that are truly interactive at all levels of education. e-lab allows integrated access, in one unique application, to different experiments available in one or several laboratories located in universities, museums or science promotion centres. Human Capital Management We have been creating a bundle of web applications to provide private and public organizations with the capacity to acquire knowledge about their human assets and improve performance, decision-making processes and human resources management. It is fully developed in emerging Java technologies and provides secure enterprise integration capabilities, being easily extended and integrated with other systems (LDAP, SSO, ERPs, Open Social ...). It also provides a responsive mobile interface based on HTML5 and CSS3 and it is Cloud ready. You may choose use it via Software as a Service (in our secure, hosted cloud) or install it in your own server or private cloud. Clockare No more Excel timesheets! Clockare allows users to record expenses and timesheet entries on their tasks, projects (billable/non-billable), activities, vacation or time off. Track your projects and activities budget, effort and cost. Print or export real-time reports easily. Supports multi-currency, calendar, company and language. It is a Decision Support System in human resources, for instance in recruiting, training, team & project management or performance evaluation. For individuals, it provides a common location where their professional career can be managed in an easy and intuitive fashion. Career Manager ”The challenges imposed by the development of this application, completely out of the ordinary software production, clearly demonstrate the potential of Linkare’s professionals. I more than recommend their work; visit their work at e-lab.ist.utl.pt. ”Horácio Fernandes, Professor at Technical University of Lisbon, lead of e-lab Benefits facing innovation together