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An Overview of the types and treatment of depressionThe concern regarding the treatment of depression is gradually on the ...
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Treatment for depression


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Treatment for depression
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Transcript of "Treatment for depression"

  1. 1. An Overview of the types and treatment of depressionThe concern regarding the treatment of depression is gradually on the rise as various cases of depression are having a constant increase in many of our lives. In thisscenario of the modern times, depression is gradually becoming a mental ailment that is troubling a majority of the mass of human population. Depression can seep intoour lives for several reasons such as failure in the field of work or education, humiliation, loss of a beloved person or for various other minor and major causes, makingus suffer for an indefinite period of time, if proper steps are not taken in the treatment of depression.Types of depressionsWhile trying to initiate the necessary steps for the proper treatment of depression, it is required to know of the various forms of depression that usually trouble most ofus. The two categories of depression that are seen to trouble people in most of the cases are the reactive and endogenous forms of depressions. Having a properknowledge of the types and causes of depression is of utmost necessity in the treatment of depression.Understanding reactive depression and treatment of depression in such casesThe reactive form of depression is usually the result of an incident that has made the suffering person severely upset, hence triggering the depression. Reactivedepression can occur due to incidents such as the passing away of a beloved person, having trouble to cope up with the breakup in a relationship, losing a job andvarious other of such sorts of incidents. The reactive depression is the most natural form of depression, as it is the result of the reaction that normally comes to a personafter facing a sad or traumatic incident that keeps on troubling him. In most of the cases, the reactive depression gives way after a period of time as the personbecomes successful to cope with the prevailing circumstances. In such cases the process of getting relieved of such a depression can be easily aided with regularsessions of exercises and therapies, following a specific nutritional schedule and with the use of herbs and does not require the assistance of any kind of drugs.However in the cases when the loss is very hard to cope up, and the depression is still surviving after an extensively long period of time, the use of pharmaceuticalmeans can aid the process of recovery and can provide the person with some relief. In most of the cases of the reactive form of depression, it should be kept in mindthat it is best to let the person have an emotional struggle and cope up with the circumstances of loss with their own effort and pharmaceutical means should not beapplied unless it is of utmost necessity. In these cases the person should take some time off to come face to face with the depressive turmoil that is going on in his mindand accept the loss, rather than acting normally without any outburst of emotion, which might make the depression apparently invisible, but only making it even moredeep rooted and hard to cure.Understanding endogenous depression and treatment of depression in such casesThe other category of depression is known as endogenous depression. It is a form of depression that might take place due to imbalance of chemicals in a personsbody, or other factors that comes from within the persons body and is not the effect of disappointments or traumas faced by the person. A person who is suffering fromsuch a depression might appear completely fit and fine from the outside, but in every aspect of the persons life, and he does, the person may fall a prey to depression.Endogenous depressions can be treated by natural means, but in cases when it goes out of bounds and no other method takes effect, pharmaceutical means areapplied instead.Processes that aid in the treatment of depressionThe process of treatment of depression can be helped by the following methods1. Exercises- Regular sessions of exercises release endorphins in the body of the person. The endorphins are chemicals which are considered to have significance inproviding relief to depressions.2. Diet- It is recommended that the person suffering from depression should be provided with a proper nutritional diet. Intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and other formsof wholesome and organic foods provides the body with the required vitamins and minerals thus helping quite an extent in treating depression.3. Herbs- The use of herbs are recommended to any person who are suffering in the moderate stages of depression but do not want to take the aid of pharmaceuticalmeans.4. Therapy- Therapies such as Electro convulsive therapy and Cognitive behavioural therapy are also some effective methods of treatment of depression.Learn more about treatment for depress: by TCPDF (