Chinese new year, linh tran


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Chinese new year, linh tran

  1. 1. Chinese New Year
  2. 2. Preparing for Chinese New YearPeople usually…• Paint their doors and windows red since red is considered as the lucky color• Hang paper cuts of old Chinese art from the hang dynasty throughout the house• 2 weeks are set aside for the official celebration of Chinese new year
  3. 3. Entertainment Popular Entertainments are: • Balloon twister • Face Painting • magician • Tarot card reader • DJ • Astrologer • Drummers • Dancers
  4. 4. Other Enteratinment?• Lanterns Festivals are held in celebration of the new year• A dragon dance is also a form of celebration. Dragons are believed to bring good luck, therefore the dance is the highlight of the Chinese new year celebration
  5. 5. Tradition• The family gathering in the evening to make Chinese dumplings (jiaozi)• Do not clean for a few days after the Chinese new year, or you’ll risk the chance of sweeping away your good luck!• Give the children a money envelope (Leisee), which is a red envelope decorated with gold symbols and money inside to represent lucky money
  6. 6. • Tangerines and oranges are often passed out to children and guest to symbolize wealth and good luck• Prepare a “tray of togetherness”, which is a circular or octagonal tray that contains an assortment of symbolic foods to provide a sweet beginning to the new year.• A parade is suppose to occur on New Years eve
  7. 7. Past vs. Present• Chinese new year was originally celebrated for 15 days. Now people tend top celebrate it for only one day.
  8. 8. China’s culture mix Chinese Americans who came the U.S centuries ago merged their culture with the Chinese to create a mixed culture• They have adjusted the traditional Chinese new year celebration to make it their own.
  9. 9. All around the World• Chinese New Year is also celebrated in other Asian countries, such like Vietnam and Singapore• The traditional dragon dance that everyone looks forward to is also a from of celebration all around the world.
  10. 10. A vendor prepares for celebrations in Taiwan A street celebration in Seattle, Washington A temple worker in Malaysia places lanterns Prayers at one of the oldest temples in Indonesia. They come to the temple to offer their prayers to the gods and ancestor spirits with hopes for the coming year. Rabbit decorations in Chinatown, Singapore
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